Chapter 701 Punishment (Teaser)

This bear-like man had bulging muscles that seemed to possess explosive strength. He allowed his hair to just fall randomly, making him look like a savage.

A berserk aura came from him that made Long Chen’s heart pound. This feeling was something he had only sensed before from Huo Wufang. But this person’s aura was ten times stronger than Huo Wufang’s. 

Huo Wufang was only able to become a rank two Celestial because of some transplanted bones. Although he could be said to have eighty percent of a rank two Celestial’s strength, how could strength be described that way? That strength was fundamentally not his own. It would be impressive if he could even release half of it.

As for this man, he gave Long Chen a powerful pressure. He was the strongest opponent he had met so far.

“Heavens, it’s Zhao Wuji!”

From the crowd, someone let out a startled cry. This person was someone only a few people in the Xuantian Dao Sect didn’t know.

That was because he had a nickname: Tyrant. Tyrant Zhao Wuji. As for why he had this nickname, one reason was because his temperament was so explosive, while...

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