Chapter 701 Punishment

This bear-like man had bulging muscles that seemed to possess explosive strength. He allowed his hair to just fall randomly, making him look like a savage.

A berserk aura came from him that made Long Chen’s heart pound. This feeling was something he had only sensed before from Huo Wufang. But this person’s aura was ten times stronger than Huo Wufang’s. 

Huo Wufang was only able to become a rank two Celestial because of some transplanted bones. Although he could be said to have eighty percent of a rank two Celestial’s strength, how could strength be described that way? That strength was fundamentally not his own. It would be impressive if he could even release half of it.

As for this man, he gave Long Chen a powerful pressure. He was the strongest opponent he had met so far.

“Heavens, it’s Zhao Wuji!”

From the crowd, someone let out a startled cry. This person was someone only a few people in the Xuantian Dao Sect didn’t know.

That was because he had a nickname: Tyrant. Tyrant Zhao Wuji. As for why he had this nickname, one reason was because his temperament was so explosive, while the other was because his methods were so cruel. He had killed countless people.

Most importantly, he had the strength to back it up. He had once torn a rank two Celestial in half with his bare hands in one of the Righteous and Corrupt battles. That was what had earned him the name Tyrant.

From the muttering, Long Chen learned that this person was extremely powerful. But Long Chen still felt no fear. “Could it be that if I don’t leave, someone will treat me to a meal?”

“Do you know who you’re talking to-!?” Before Zhao Wuji could even speak, one of the Celestials behind him sneered.

Zhao Wuji waved his hand, cutting him off. “You are Long Chen?”


“So you’re still alive. But whether you’re alive or dead doesn’t matter to me. Let me tell you, those two beauties of the thirty-sixth supermonastery are mine. It’d be best for you to scram,” said Zhao Wuji threateningly.

Two beauties? Long Chen was startled. That should be referring to Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi. Thinking of that, his fury immediately soared. This bastard wanted to snatch his women?

“Fuck off!”

What shocked everyone was that Long Chen didn’t hesitate in the slightest. He directly sent a face-slap at Zhao Wuji.

This face-slap was extremely resounding, so resounding that it shook people’s ears. Some of the weaker disciples actually began to bleed from their ears.

But Long Chen was also shocked. Zhao Wuji wasn’t sent flying by his slap. All his slap did was make him stagger back. Furthermore, his own hand hurt.

Zhao Wuji had never imagined that there would be someone in this world who dared to slap him. He was at first stunned, and then with a furious roar, he smashed his fist at Long Chen.


Long Chen didn’t dare be careless. Circulating his full strength, he met the attack with his own fist. A terrifying shockwave erupted, and the surrounding people were all sent flying.

Long Chen felt a burst of pain from his wrist. At this time, he saw a yellow, earthen light over Zhao Wuji’s fist. This was Long Chen’s first time being suppressed in terms of physical strength.

However, Zhao Wuji was also startled. Let alone ordinary Celestials, even amongst rank two Celestials, he had never encountered someone who dared to compete with him in terms of physical bodies.

He also felt a burst of pain from his wrist, as if it was about to break. With a furious roar, a dirt-yellow rune lit up on his fist, and he once more punched at Long Chen.

This fist caused heaven and earth to rumble. Long Chen could sense endless energy surging into Zhao Wuji from the ground.

This was his first time encountering such a strange situation. But he had no time to think about it. Zhao Wuji’s fist had already arrived. Endless thunderforce suddenly appeared over his hand as he met his fist.


This exchange was even more vicious than the last. The entire plaza rocked as berserk energy caused the incomparably sturdy ground to crack.

This horrified everyone. Zhao Wuji was ranked number one in terms of brute strength in the Xuantian Dao Sect. He had never lost to anyone in the same realm in terms of strength.

Who knew how many years it had been. Zhao Wuji’s fame had been earned entirely through his two fists. He was practically unrivaled.

But this seemingly weak and almost scholarly Long Chen was actually able to fight on an even level with him in terms of physical power. They found this to be inconceivable.

One was a huge figure, while one was a slim figure. This disproportionate scene was extremely shocking.


Neither of them was able to suppress the other, and they both shot back.

“Brat, you have some skills. But with just this little power, don’t even think about defeating me,” said Zhao Wuji. Space suddenly trembled and endless runes condensed around him. These runes were split into two kinds. As expected, he truly was a rank two Celestial.

“Eat one of my fists!” Zhao Wuji roared. He suddenly soared into the sky and then leaped down on Long Chen.

Seeing that Zhao Wuji had summoned his Cry of the Heavenly Daos, Long Chen snorted. He was just about to summon his divine ring.


But a cold shout caused Long Chen’s expression to change. He found that the space around him had solidified, and he was unable to move.

As for Zhao Wuji, he was in an even worse position than Long Chen was. He was still in midair and in the same attacking posture. It was extremely comical.

Long Chen was shocked. What kind of power was this? He was unable to release the slightest bit of his strength! If this person wanted to kill him, wouldn’t it be as easy as turning a hand?

Was this the power of the Ancestor-level? Long Chen suddenly thought of the Tower Ancestor. Although the Tower Ancestor had been very benevolent and amicable, he knew he was a terrifying existence.

Perhaps only an Ancestor-level expert would be this terrifying. In front of this power, he was just like an ant.

Suddenly, the restrictive force disappeared and Long Chen recovered his freedom. He hastily looked in the direction of that voice.

Two people had come. One was a white-haired man with a dignified face. The other was a beautiful woman.

“Monastery head!” Long Chen couldn’t help crying out. Seeing Shui Wuhen now was truly great.

As for Shui Wuhen, she was delighted to see him, but she immediately suppressed that emotion and rebuked, “If you were alive, why didn’t you get back here sooner?! Do you know how worried we were for you?”

Of course, she had long since known he was alive. She was just saying this to conceal that fact, as if she had had no idea he had been alive.

After all, because Long Chen had ‘died’ back then, the Zhou family had been forced to compensate them with a great deal of resources.

Shui Wuhen had spent all those resources on the Dragonblood Legion. It was also because of this that she had drawn the ire of her family.

They had thought this compensation would be used for the entire Shui family, as the compensation they had paid was no small amount. But Shui Wuhen had ignored her family’s wishes and focused completely on raising the Dragonblood Legion.

It was precisely for this reason that she had drawn her family’s anger. And so when the thirty-sixth supermonastery was suppressed, the Shui family didn’t do anything.

They were using this method to pressure Shui Wuhen into apologizing to the family. After all, she was a late Sea Expansion expert, one of the pillars of the entire family. They couldn’t go too far against her.

And yet, Shui Wuhen refused to lower her head. She didn’t say a single word of apology, infuriating her family head. He had warned everyone not to help her. He wanted to see just how far she planned on enduring.

“He is the Long Chen you mentioned?” asked the elder. His gaze was electric, seeming to see right through Long Chen. “Good. He’s still in time to attend. Add his name to the registration.”

“Many thanks, vice sect master!” thanked Shui Wuhen. “Long Chen, hurry and thank the vice sect master. In truth, you’re already late. If it weren’t for the vice sect master’s words just now, you’d have lost the qualifications to attend.”

“Many thanks, vice sect master.” Long Chen didn’t know what was going on, but since Shui Wuhen ordered him, he hastily thanked him.

The vice sect master nodded. All of a sudden, he icily said, “You two really were brazen. Do you not know it is not permitted to fight here?”

Long Chen was startled. This vice sect master had turned hostile out of the blue. To tell the truth, his face was not very friendly-looking, so as soon as his expression darkened, it was truly a bit frightening.

“Vice sect master, it’s Long Chen who went too far-” Seeing Long Chen keeping his mouth tightly shut, Zhao Wuji could only try to explain.

“Shut up! I don’t care about your excuses. To fight right in front of the ancestor’s statue is a blasphemy to the founder!” shouted the vice sect master. He didn’t give him any chance to explain.

Long Chen was laughing inside. Zhao Wuji was truly an idiot. He couldn’t even tell what kind of temperament this vice sect master had. Did he think he was someone who would find justice for him?

It was precisely because he had seen through what kind of character the vice sect master possessed that Long Chen had kept his mouth shut. But as expected, this idiot Zhao Wuji didn’t understand that.

Seeing Long Chen rolling his eyes, Shui Wuhen couldn’t help sighing. When it came to slyness, perhaps there weren’t that many people who could exceed Long Chen. Zhao Wuji ended up taking quite the blow.

She had previously gone to find the vice sect master just to keep the registration open for Long Chen. The actual registration had already ended. They would be moving out for the trial region tomorrow, and the trial was to begin three days from now.

Back in the supermonastery, she had constantly been paying attention to news from the Pill Tower. She knew that Long Chen had taken first place at the Pill Emperor Competition. Theoretically, he should have quickly returned.

But he still didn’t return after all that time, and once she had brought everyone to the Xuantian Dao Sect, she had lost her connection to the outside world’s news. She could only try stalling for time with the vice sect master.

Today was the day they were to completely set the quotas. If Long Chen still hadn’t come, he wouldn’t be able to attend the trial. Shui Wuhen had been in the midst of coaxing the vice sect master when the two of them had felt the fluctuations of a battle. As a result, they had arrived just in time to stop this battle.

“Since the trial is about to start, I won’t give you much punishment. The two of you must repair all the bricks here perfectly, or don’t even think about attending the trial. And if anyone helps, you’ll all lose your qualifications,” ordered the vice sect master. Just like that, he turned and left.

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