Chapter 700 Kneel


A hand flew into the sky along with a person’s scream. At the same time, a leg was cut off from the rest of the body.

The person whose leg had been severed was the man with the mole. He had only just shot forward when a saber almost cut through his neck. Despite doing his best to dodge, all he managed to do was keep his life. However, the Dragonblood warrior’s saber had still severed his leg.

Startled cries rang out. This was too ruthless! As soon as they collided, blood dyed the plaza. If that man hadn’t retreated fast enough, he would be a headless corpse now.

Long Chen nodded. The Dragonblood warriors were elites who had killed their way out of the battlefield. Although their cultivation bases weren’t high, their killing power was definitely terrifying.

He had instilled a certain principle in them: either don’t attack, or attack to kill.

This was also why he told them not to exchange pointers. It was to keep them in the habit of only using killing blows. This habit could save their lives on the battlefield.

As for this kind of ‘exchange of pointers’, it was just a senseless little test. If you did it too much, you would forget the true meaning of battle, and your techniques would become merely gaudy without any true strength.

This was also why the Corrupt path’s experts were stronger than the Righteous path’s. There was no nonsense such as exchanging pointers in the Corrupt path. As soon as they entered a fight, it would be a decisive battle of you die or I die.

“To be so vicious, there really is no saving you.”

Suddenly, an angry shout rang out and a man appeared. As soon as he came, a terrifying pressure forced back all the surrounding people. Runes filled the air. A Celestial had actually come.

As soon as he appeared, he unleashed a punch at the two of them. They hastily raised their weapons to block.

They were just ordinary people. Under the manifestation of the Heavenly Daos, their combat strength sharply fell, while their opponent’s power surged.

The two of them were immediately blown back by a terrifying force. They vomited blood, as a Celestial’s strength was simply irresistible.

However, even in the face of a Celestial, they didn’t feel the slightest fear. Instead, they were filled with battle intent. They raised their weapons toward that Celestial, their eyes so icily calm that it was frightening.

“What terrifying battle intent!” The people watching were all shocked. Even in the face of an enemy they couldn’t possibly defeat, their mental states weren’t shaken at all. Just what level of will did that require?

“Courting death!” Seeing that the two of them merely coughed up a mouthful of blood from his attack and pointed their weapons at him instead of immediately collapsing, the Celestial was infuriated.

Countless runes lit up on his fist. Space trembled as he shot toward them. Everyone’s expressions changed. Was he really going to kill them?!


The two Dragonblood warriors used their full strength to defend, but they were unable to bear his power. Their weapons shattered.

The broken pieces pierced into their bodies. The two of them wildly vomited blood as they shot back. This attack was too terrifying.

The two of them had only just crawled up from the ground when a figure appeared before them. The Celestial slammed his hands on their shoulders. “Kneel!”


Just as they were about to be humiliated, a hand came from a strange angle. It was like the hand of a phantom, and it heavily slapped across his sinister and arrogant face.


Everyone was shocked. A Celestial had been sent flying by a slap in the face. As he spun through the air, over thirty bloodstained teeth scattered around. Sparkling in the sunlight, it was truly a beautiful sight to behold.

A slim figure stood before the two Dragonblood warriors. His black robes and long hair fluttered in the wind. His expression was confident and calm.


The two Dragonblood warriors cried out with shock upon seeing that figure. Their voices were full of emotion and excitement.

The person who had interrupted was naturally Long Chen. The only reason he hadn’t taken action before was because he wanted to see what level the Dragonblood warriors had reached.

To be able to face a Celestial without the slightest discouragement or fear was something that greatly satisfied Long Chen. As a martial artist, will was just as important as talent.

“Good job.” Long Chen patted them on the shoulders. Although they were injured, their constitutions were far above average, and there was no need to worry about their conditions. This meant they had truly bitterly trained their physical bodies during this period.

“Bastard, who are you?!” roared the Celestial.

Long Chen slowly turned and looked at the Celestial. His gaze seemed like two sharp blades stabbing into his eyes.


His voice was not loud. But it contained endless killing intent, as well as an unquestionable determination.

The Celestial immediately felt a terrifying will lock onto him, and he felt like a mountain was crushing him. A feeling of incomparable terror welled up within him.

He felt like heaven and earth had changed. It was like within the entire world, the only ones remaining were him and Long Chen, while Long Chen was a death god who had pressed his scythe against his neck.

It seemed like as long as he willed it, his soul would dissipate. 

When Long Chen had spoken, he had concentrated all of his killing intent into his voice, and he had used his Spiritual Strength to lock down the Celestial.

This was a spiritual constriction, as well as a competition of wills. Since this person dared to humiliate his brothers, Long Chen had expressed his will: either kneel, or die.

If he really did dare to resist, Long Chen would immediately unleash a thunderous strike and kill him. As for the trouble that would come, he didn’t think too much about it. His only thought was that his brothers absolutely could not be humiliated.

This ruckus drew countless people. As they rushed over from all directions, all they saw was Long Chen standing with his arms clasped behind his back, and a Celestial before him incessantly quivering in absolute terror.

In front of everyone’s stunned gazes, the Celestial was unable to bear the pressure Long Chen gave him. Just like that, he knelt on the ground. Everyone felt like their hearts had stopped pounding. What kind of monster could make a Celestial kneel with just a word?

Long Chen’s will and killing intent were all concentrated on the Celestial, and so others were unable to sense it. All they saw was that with one order, the Celestial knelt without even resisting. Everyone felt cold sweat on their backs. Just how terrifying was this black-robed man?

After he knelt, Long Chen’s terrifying will dissipated. The Celestial was shocked and infuriated. In front of everyone’s disdainful gazes, he suddenly roared and smashed his fist toward Long Chen.

In his fury, he directly used his full strength, and his runes erupted around him. A powerful pressure made it so the spectators could barely breathe.

Long Chen unhurriedly also sent out a fist.


The Celestial let out a miserable shriek. In front of everyone’s flabbergasted eyes, his arm directly exploded. He himself was sent flying, unconscious from the impact.

The two Dragonblood warriors behind Long Chen looked at him fanatically. Their boss truly was their boss. Each time they saw him attack, they would feel their blood boiling.

The spectators all looked at Long Chen like he was a monster, especially those female disciples that had teased him before.

They had never imagined this cute little brother wasn’t the slightest bit cute. He was absolutely terrifying.

A powerful Celestial was nothing in front of him. It was like an adult beating a child. This wasn’t even a fight.

As for those people who had been finding trouble for the Dragonblood warriors, the situation immediately reversed. For him to be able to practically cripple a Celestial with a wave of his hand, without even releasing the slightest bit of his aura, he was an unstoppable monster.

“I know! He must be the thirty-sixth supermonastery’s monster: Long Chen!” someone cried out suddenly.

“What? Didn’t he die? How could he appear here?” 

The Zhou and Shui families had done their best to suppress the news that he had died. After all, this news was extremely embarrassing to their two families, as well as their Xuantian Dao Sect. But there was naturally no way to keep this news secret. The fact that Long Chen and the Corrupt experts had died under heavenly punishment was still exposed.

Now that Long Chen had appeared, adding on the fact that the Dragonblood warriors were calling him boss, and then adding on his incomparably terrifying strength, they immediately thought of him.

“Let’s go back and have a drink with the rest of our brothers,” laughed Long Chen, patting the shoulders of these two brothers.

The two of them were completely ecstatic. During this time, it was Tang Wan-er who had been leading them. To keep them focused on cultivation, she didn’t let them drink. The taste had almost faded from their memory. Their eyes immediately began to shine at the thought of a drink.

“Stop! Do you think you can just leave after injuring people?”

Long Chen had just been about to leave when a cold shout rang out. Long Chen turned back to see six Celestials led by a large man.

This large man had the build of a bear, and he kept his sideburns grown out. When Long Chen sized him up, his heart clenched.

“Rank two Celestial.”

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