Chapter 698 Xuantian Dao Sect

Following Long Chen’s roar, the disciples guarding the Xuantian Supermonastery were all alarmed.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”

“You… you’re still alive!”

Those disciples all recognized Long Chen. In the entire supermonastery, it seemed there wasn’t anyone that wouldn’t recognize him.

But everyone knew that Long Chen had ended up running into heavenly punishment with countless Corrupt experts, and they had all died. Now seeing him, they didn’t dare to believe it.

“How refreshing. If I were dead, then are you all seeing a ghost now?” laughed Long Chen.

But Long Chen found something a bit odd. His shout had definitely rung out throughout the entire supermonastery, but he didn’t see Shui Wuhen, Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, or any of the Dragonblood warriors.

“Long Chen… you’re alive!”

The person who had come was actually one of the Elders from way back in the 108th monastery. After they had been attacked in the first monastery, there had been too many things to do and the construction of the new first monastery had been temporarily stalled. Thus, the old 108th monastery’s Elders had stayed within the supermonastery. Normally, they would help out with a few random tasks. Long Chen remembered this person to be surnamed Qi.

News that Long Chen had died was already common knowledge in the supermonastery. The only ones aware of the truth had been Shui Wuhen and the Dragonblood Legion. Everyone else had truly thought he was dead. Now seeing him return, they were delighted.

This encounter made Long Chen extremely emotional. He recalled his time in the 108th monastery. This kind of feeling was exceptionally precious to him after experiencing the betrayal of Fang Mingyuan and Chai Gaoyang.

“Elder Qi, sorry I came back late,” said Long Chen a bit guiltily.

“I’m just glad that you’re back.” Elder Qi hastily wiped his eyes and smiled. “Ah, when people are old, it really is easy to get emotional.”

Long Chen was about to reply when a cold shout rang out. “What person dares to disturb the supermonastery’s peace?”

A middle-aged man suddenly appeared. A pair of wings allowed him to float in the sky as he looked down on them.

“Greetings monastery head!” The surrounding disciples immediately bowed.

“Monastery head, this person is-” Elder Qi tried to give an introduction.

“Shut up! I don’t care who he is. Someone come and take him away!” ordered the middle-aged man.

Over ten experts immediately shot forward, just about to capture Long Chen. These people were Xiantian Elders. But Long Chen didn’t recognize a single one.

“Wait a moment! Who are you?” Long Chen asked icily. How was it that everyone was so foreign now?

“Long Chen, this is our new monastery head,” explained Elder Qi.

“What about monastery head Shui?” asked Long Chen.

“Monastery head Shui, she-”

“Shut up! You brazen brat, you dare to pretend to be my supermonastery’s disciple? As I see it, you’re tired of life! Capture him!” ordered the middle-aged man, cutting off Elder Qi’s words.

The Xiantian experts directly charged at Long Chen without a word. A cold smile was present on their faces. But just as they were about to reach him…


A thunderous roar rang out, and a powerful aura directly blew back all those Xiantian experts and caused them to vomit blood.

“Xiantian! Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen has also stepped into the Xiantian realm!”

This aura was clearly the aura of the Xiantian realm. But Long Chen’s aura was incredibly fierce and berserk. Just through his aura, he was able to knock other Xiantian experts unconscious.

Elder Qi stood behind Long Chen. Seeing that Long Chen had grown to such a shocking point, he couldn’t help feeling delighted.

“How brazen! You dare to injure my people in front of me? Be suppressed!” The middle-aged man extended his hand, and a huge palm-image smashed toward Long Chen. This was an attack from a Sea Expansion expert.

Space trembled intensely from this attack, and the disciples with lower cultivation bases felt like a mountain was crushing them. Their faces were pale as paper, and they almost coughed up blood.

Long Chen’s expression darkened. This bastard was definitely doing this on purpose. With a cold shout, he slammed his palm towards this attack.

BOOM! What shocked everyone was that the monastery head’s palm-image was directly blown apart by Long Chen.

The monastery head was completely shocked. He had never imagined that Long Chen’s power had reached this level. Suddenly, he realized Long Chen had vanished.

In the next instant, a figure appeared in front of him. Before he could even react, a palm viciously slapped across his face.


An incredibly resounding sound rang out. Anyone in the supermonastery could hear it. In front of everyone’s horrified gazes, the middle-aged man was sent flying like a shooting star, smashing into the ground.

A huge crater was blown into the ground. Everyone was dumbfounded. This new monastery head, a grand Sea Expansion expert, was forced to submit by a slap from Long Chen.

“Bas-” The middle-aged man roared and crawled up, but before he could say any more, Long Chen’s second slap struck.

This time, the power was even greater than before. His jaw was directly broken. But he wasn’t sent flying. That was because this time, there was a hand clenching his throat.

“An insignificant early Sea Expansion weakling dares to try abusing me? I really have to admire your courage. I’m also curious, how did you manage to live until today?” Long Chen looked at the miserable fellow in his grasp.

Seeing this, everyone’s jaws dropped. It was practically possible to see their stomachs through their mouths.

This was too exaggerated, wasn’t it? Long Chen had only just returned, but he directly beat up the new monastery head? He really was worthy of being the strongest monster in the history of the supermonastery.

“Who are you?” asked Long Chen coldly.

“How brazen! Do you understand what you’re doing- AH!”

The middle-aged man actually still wanted to threaten Long Chen. But as a result, Long Chen’s foot landed on his crotch. Two round things slipped out from his pant legs and fell to the ground. Every male immediately felt a chill and clamped their legs.

“I don’t like wasting words. I asked, who are you?” Long Chen acted as if he hadn’t done anything at all and continued his questioning.

The middle-aged man’s expression was incredibly twisted now. This was his first time tasting this kind of pain.

From Long Chen’s icy gaze, he sensed a fatal danger. That made a chill run through him, and he immediately became much more clear-headed. He knew if he infuriated Long Chen any more, he would definitely die.

“Zhou… Chuji…” he stuttered.

“You’re from the Zhou family?” Long Chen narrowed his eyes.


Long Chen wanted to continue questioning him, but seeing that he was already sweating from the pain, he realized questioning him would be too much work.

“Elder Qi, what’s going on?” asked Long Chen.

From Elder Qi, Long Chen learned that Shui Wuhen had brought all the supermonastery’s elite disciples to the Xuantian Dao Sect a week ago.

The Xuantian Dao Sect was having a great gathering. This gathering was also a trial for their disciples. Therefore, the supermonasteries were to send all their finest disciples over.

So right now, only the weak disciples remained in the supermonastery. This was also why Long Chen didn’t see his people.

Since Shui Wuhen had left, and since it was unacceptable that there would be no Sea Expansion expert standing guard over the supermonastery, the higher-ups had sent over an interim monastery head.

But as soon as this monastery head arrived, he began to abuse his power. He made life hard on anyone he found displeasing.

They all knew that this was because the Zhou family had lost so badly to the Shui family this time. They were intentionally trying to lower their morale.

So right now, the supermonastery’s atmosphere was extremely listless. Everyone hoped that the Xuantian Dao Sect’s gathering would end soon and that Shui Wuhen would kick this bastard out.

Out of the people here, there were only a few who didn’t hate this irritating fellow who was constantly finding trouble for them. Long Chen’s slaps just now were so refreshing that they almost cheered.

Hearing all this, Long Chen smiled coldly toward the middle-aged man in his grasp. “No wonder you dare to target me like this. Not bad, you really do have guts. Due to those guts, I’ll spare your life.”

Long Chen could slap him, but he couldn’t kill him. After all, he was a Sea Expansion expert and currently had the status of a monastery head. Killing him would cause a great deal of trouble.

Of course, the prerequisite was that he didn’t touch upon Long Chen’s bottom line. If he did, then even if he was backed by a god, he still wouldn’t be able to keep his life.

POW! With one final slap from Long Chen, the middle-aged man was sent flying. He tumbled into the distance before stopping.

“LONG CHEN!” The middle-aged man’s aura immediately erupted. He was both infuriated and shocked. He wanted to clench his teeth, but he was unable to because his jaw was broken.

The reason he hadn’t done anything before was because Long Chen had had a grip on one of his vitals. He had been defeated only because he had been careless, but he wouldn’t give Long Chen a second chance.

“What, you want to continue fighting? I’ll welcome you at any time, but let me warn you. If you do attack me… I will kill you!” said Long Chen.

After saying that, he didn’t give him a second glance. He entered the supermonastery with Elder Qi. Long Chen needed to borrow the transportation formation inside to get to the Xuantian Dao Sect.

The middle-aged man’s expression sank. He almost lost control several times and attacked, but his intuition told him that if he did, he wouldn’t have a life anymore.

But then if he didn’t attack, what about his prestige? To be slapped in the face before this many people and not do anything back, how was he supposed to stay in control of the supermonastery?

While he was at a loss, Long Chen had already disappeared. In the end, the middle-aged man didn’t dare to attack.

In truth, even if he had, Long Chen wouldn’t have taken his life. He would only take half his life. But when Long Chen left someone with half their life, it was often extremely uncomfortable for them. So his choice had definitely been correct.

In the end, he didn’t go find Long Chen for trouble. But Long Chen came to find him. “Get me an identity badge immediately.”

In just a few minutes, Long Chen obtained a new identity badge. He needed this badge to enter the Xuantian Dao Sect.

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