Chapter 697 Returning (Teaser)

Long Chen’s saber was pointed toward the sky, and a huge saber-image pierced through the clouds.

A powerful aura locked down Fang Mingyuan and the others. They were all horrified. They had never seen such a terrifying move.

Long Chen had previously used the first form of Split the Heavens. Now that he was using the second form, and the residual energy of the first form was absorbed by it.

This was Long Chen’s first time using the second form of Split the Heavens against enemies. Currently, three stars had appeared in his eyes. His saber mercilessly slashed down.

“Nine Revolution Flame Shield!”

Fang Mingyuan and Chai Gaoyang both activated the same technique, condensing all their Pill Flame into a huge shield in front of them.

Their flame shields weren’t large. They only covered the two of them. Obviously, they had abandoned the others in favor of increasing their shield’s power as high as possible. The two shields layered before them.


The huge saber-image slashed down like an apocalyptic blade. All of heaven and earth was cut in two, and a bottomless ditch appeared before Long Chen...

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