Chapter 694 Rank Two Celestial

“Come out. After watching for so long, are you planning on passing the entire night here?” Long Chen said suddenly.

Clapping sounds rang out in the night sky, and Huo Wufang walked out with an admiring expression.

“Long San, you really surprise me.”

Long Chen wasn’t at all surprised to see Huo Wufang. He smiled. “Perhaps I’ll make you even more surprised. I don’t understand, why would you intentionally have me kill them?”

Long Chen truly didn’t understand. He had sensed that someone was watching him during this battle. But he didn’t know how this was beneficial to Huo Wufang.

“That’s because my Huo family wants to stabilize our foundation. Once these Celestials die, the powers they belong to will have to completely rely on my Huo family to survive. Once this matter is over, my Huo family will greatly support those powers, helping them to rapidly rise. We’ll turn them into my family’s most loyal dogs.

“This will show those opportunists that sway whichever way the wind blows just how stupid they were. My Huo family will help these sects by giving them the finest medicinal pills, allowing them to give birth to even more Celestials.

“This is also a reflection of strength. Even if a group of people dies, as long as you have resources, you can raise a new batch.

“But loyalty is much more difficult to obtain. We’ll use this opportunity to raise our most loyal subordinates. Now you should understand,” sneered Huo Wufang.

“This logic really is something only you idiots would think of. And only those idiots from the Corrupt path would accompany you with that. You really are a group of marvels with marvelous logic. But I don’t have any interest in this logic. I just want to know, what’s your goal here?” Long Chen shook his head.

“To kill you.” Huo Wufang smiled.


“Do you know? Last time when you took away Hua Biluo, I already wanted to kill you. But at that time, my body was very uncomfortable-”

“What? Were you menstruating?”

Huo Wufang’s expression darkened. “Long San, your mouth really is detestable. In a bit, I’ll directly tear that mouth into pieces. Last time, the reason I didn’t fight with you was because I hadn’t completely adapted to my new bones. But I finally completed that process today. So, I’ll be returning the humiliation you’ve given me a hundred times to you.”

“I see, I see. So that was the case. It seems you’re very confident in your new bones,” said Long Chen.

“Hahaha!” Huo Wufang suddenly raised his head and laughed madly. “Did you know? For these bones, my Huo family spent over half of the savings we built up over thousands of years.

“Now that this matter has reached this point, there’s no need for me to conceal anything anymore. I’ll tell you the truth. These bones of mine were from a rank two Celestial!”

“A rank two Celestial?” Now Long Chen was a bit surprised.

“Correct. This skeleton is something my Huo family spent a huge price to buy from the Central Plains’ Corrupt path. The original owner was a powerful Righteous Celestial, and he had even been a terrifying body cultivator. Most importantly, the Corrupt path sealed that Celestial’s Heavenly Dao runes into his skeleton. And so…”


A powerful pressure erupted from Huo Wufang’s body. That terrifying force surged out in waves, spreading in every direction.

At the same time, endless Heavenly Dao runes appeared behind Huo Wufang, dashing in the sky. Long Chen noticed something different about them.

For ordinary Celestials, they only had one kind of Heavenly Dao rune. But Huo Wufang had two kinds of Heavenly Dao runes that interweaved behind him.

As those two kinds of Heavenly Dao runes appeared, the ground beneath Huo Wufang’s feet began to crack. Long Chen was actually forced back dozens of meters by this powerful aura.

“This is a rank two Celestial? He has two types of runes interweaving to complement each other. How powerful!” This was Long Chen’s first time seeing such a powerful Cry of the Heavenly Daos.

Despite having activated the Nirvana Scripture, Long Chen still felt a heavy suppression. It felt like a boulder was crushing his heart, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

“Hahahaha, your current expression is really wonderful! Do you feel shocked? Helplessness? Despair?” Huo Wufang laughed heartily, his laughter filled with delight.

“Shock? A bit. Helplessness? I’ve never hoped to get any help from anyone. As for despair? Hehe, sorry, even in front of something impossible to resist, I don’t feel despair. As for you? Hehe, you’re greatly lacking,” sneered Long Chen.

Just by this aura, it was clear a rank two Celestial was much stronger. This aura was ten times greater than a rank one Celestial. But as for getting Long Chen to feel despair in front of this level, was that a joke? Even in front of heavenly tribulations, Long Chen hadn’t felt despair. How could he feel despair because of a person, especially one that he had easily beaten before?

Huo Wufang raised his arms. Rumbling filled the air as the runes behind him began to tremble. His aura soared to its peak state, and he suddenly shot toward Long Chen.

“Let’s see just how strong you are.” Long Chen smiled. If it were yesterday, perhaps he wouldn’t feel confident facing a rank two Celestial. But right now, Long Chen felt no fear.


Long Chen met Huo Wufang’s fist with his own, one covered in thunderforce. This was an exchange with no fanciness, purely a collision of power.

One was someone who had merged with a rank two Celestial’s skeleton, the other was someone who had just condensed the Enlightenment Palace Star’s cyclone.

The land trembled and shattered. This berserk energy formed a huge domain. If someone were to look from the sky, they would see a spherical domain rapidly growing, covering everything within a thousand miles.

It was like the apocalypse had come. The entire ground was sinking. It was fortunate that Long Chen had rushed far enough away enough and there was no one else present. Otherwise, even Xiantian experts would immediately be blown to pieces by the shockwaves.

But even if there was no one present, the landscape was enough to show their power. The surrounding mountains shattered and the terrain had completely transformed. The place they were standing over was rapidly subsiding.

The two of them were both shocked by the other’s strength. They poured in all their energy, wanting to suppress their opponent.

As the ground beneath them sank, the surrounding ground actually began to rise, forming a huge basin with the two of them at the core.

Furthermore, this basin was growing deeper as the two of them increased their power. In just a few breaths, it was already hundreds of miles deep.

Suddenly, the two of them stopped descending. They had gotten so low that they had run into a certain kind of rock. That rock instantly burst upon being struck by their force.

Following that rock’s shattering, lava erupted. A terrifying heat enveloped the two of them.

The lava incessantly spurted out, quickly filling the basin. But the creators of the basin had already disappeared.

Two figures wrapped in flames shot out of the lava, soaring into the sky.

Huo Wufang’s Heavenly Dao runes had formed two wings behind him, allowing him to fly in the sky.

As for Long Chen, flame runes rapidly condensed behind him forming a pair of thirty-meter wings.

With those raging flame wings, Long Chen looked just like a flame god. He seemed incomparably domineering.

“Flamecloud Wings!” Huo Wufang’s expression became slightly envious. He had once trained in the Flamecloud Wings, but his Spiritual Strength hadn’t been enough to keep up with the exhaustion of using it.

Not only was Long San’s alchemy talent greater than his, but his Spiritual Strength was also miles ahead. Now, he had already merged with a rank two Celestial’s bones, but he was still unable to suppress him. That made him go almost crazy.

“DIE!” The more Huo Wufang thought about it, the more furious he became. His wings suddenly trembled, and he shot forward at Long Chen. His fist became covered in runes.


Long Chen hastily blocked. He didn’t know what magical art Huo Wufang had used, but Long Chen was smashed back hundreds of meters away.

Huo Wufang continued pressing his advantage, another fist coming for Long Chen.

“This fist is strange.” Long Chen’s heart shook. He changed his fist into a palm, using technique instead of brute strength. Slamming his palm into Huo Wufang’s wrist, he forced his attack to miss.

Originally, Long Chen had been planning on giving Huo Wufang a vicious kick to his abdomen to injure him.

But when he saw Huo Wufang’s sinister and tray-shaped face, he instinctively swung out his hand, sending him flying with a slap.

As soon as he did that, Long Chen felt regret. This was truly an occupational disease. What was the point of slapping him now? It didn’t hurt him. It would have been so much more beneficial to kick him in the crotch!

“Long San!”

While Long Chen felt regret, Huo Wufang went crazy with rage. Only one person had slapped him in his life, and that had been incredibly shameful to him. Later, that person had died in the chaos region and he had forgotten that humiliation. But now, this slap immediately sparked that old fury of his.

With a furious roar, his wings trembled and his body became covered in runes. It was as if he was wearing runic armor as he shot at Long Chen.


Long Chen was shocked. Now that Huo Wufang had summoned this runic armor, his strength had grown explosively. Long Chen was sent flying, and a burst of pain came from his arm. His bones had been broken.

Consecutive explosive sounds rang out. Long Chen was forced back repeatedly by Huo Wufang. This was his first time fighting someone with such terrifying strength.


Long Chen was once more sent flying. These repeated exchanges made Long Chen feel like his entire skeleton was about to shatter. Huo Wufang’s bones were truly too hard.

What Long Chen didn’t know was that Huo Wufang was using a powerful Battle Skill, the strongest Battle Skill the original owner of his skeleton had trained in. Back when this skeleton had been merged into Huo Wufang, its master’s soul had also been merged into it. That was so he could obtain all the Battle Skills he had possessed.

Then during the finals of the Pill Emperor Competition, Huo Wufang had sacrificed that soul. At that time, he had already absorbed all that soul’s useful memories, so it had been useless to him.

Furthermore, this skeleton’s master had been a body cultivator. All his life’s cultivation had been focused on his bones. So after merging with this skeleton, Huo Wufang had gained at least eighty percent of its original master’s combat strength.

“Long San, you can die now!” Huo Wufang’s face was twisted in a sinister expression. It seemed like he wanted to viciously bite Long Chen to death.

Long Chen sighed. “Fine, I admit that fighting as an alchemist is too sullen. I’ll change back to my old profession. Divine ring!”

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