Chapter 691 First Place

Seeing Huo Wufang rushing over, Long Chen immediately rolled up his sleeve and sent out a vicious slap.

But what Long Chen didn’t expect was that his slap would miss. Before Huo Wufang could get close, he was sent flying back by a powerful force.

“It is forbidden to fight within the arena!” shouted the Tower Ancestor, his expression dark.

Only now did Huo Wufang wake up from his fury. With a terrified expression, he hastily bowed. “Tower Ancestor, please punish me! Disciple was impetuous!”

Only now did Huo Wufang become aware again that this was the Pill Emperor Competition. The Tower Ancestor represented Pill Valley. This was not somewhere where his Huo family could control everything.

“Because it’s your first offense, I will spare you this once. Bring up everyone’s pills!” The Tower Ancestor’s last sentence was toward those experts in charge of maintaining order. Someone immediately came up and carefully took out Long Chen’s pill.

“What, they’re not even punishing him? At the very least, they should let me slap him a hundred times.” Long Chen was a bit displeased. Just now, hadn’t Huo Wufang maliciously attacked him?

This Tower Ancestor was truly too nice. But there was nothing Long Chen could do about that. He could only walk over to stand with Fang Chang and the others.

“Long San, nice job. You really won us face.” Chai Liehuo gave him a thumbs-up.

Although they were the future leaders of their families, it was their first time personally seeing a giant pill being refined in front of them.

There was no way around that. Perhaps in this world, only Long Chen possessed the qualifications to refine a giant pill. Even if a hundred people gathered up their Spiritual Strength, they wouldn’t be able to refine a giant pill.

At this time, all the completed pills were being passed along to the old alchemy elders. One reason was for them to determine the pill’s quality, while the other reason was to see if anyone had cheated.

But if anyone dared to cheat here, then they really had to have been looking to die. There was no one who dared to act like that. These old fellows had refined more pills than they had ever even seen.

“The results are in. I’ll now announce the top five. Fifth place is Zhao Guanghui!” announced the Tower Ancestor as he read off a piece of paper.

One man immediately became so excited that he cried tears of joys. By getting in the top five, he had earned the right to join Pill Valley, becoming a formal Pill Valley disciple. That was something that brought honor to his ancestors.

That person was part of the Huo family’s camp. He had been pulled in by Huo Wufang. That made Fang Chang and the others a bit irritated.

“Fourth place: Qi Dejiang.”

This was another person from the Huo family’s side. That made Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo’s hearts sink. They looked at each other helplessly.

Now, only the top three remained. The results were obvious. They definitely hadn’t made it.

“Third place: Duan Tianqiao.”

Duan Tianqiao cried tears of excitement. Now, three of the top five had come from the Huo family’s side.

“Second place is…”

Everyone’s hearts tightened, especially the people from the Huo, Fang, and Chai families. They all stopped breathing. This was something that related to the future of their families.

“Huo Wufang.”

These words came out of the Tower Ancestor’s mouth. Huo Wufang collapsed, sitting on the ground. He was filled with unwillingness and hatred.

“First place…” 

Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo began to throttle Long Chen’s neck, feeling so excited that they might explode. They didn’t know just what to do to release their emotions.

“First place is Long San.”

Although there had been no suspense, hearing these words caused a heaven-shaking roar from the Fang and Chai families’ experts.

“Everyone but the top five can leave now.”

Following the tower administrator’s orders, the curtain closed on the Pill Emperor Competition.

Long Chen and the others were brought into the Seven Treasure Jewel Tower. The Tower Ancestor looked at them. “Here are the rewards.”

The tower administrator personally handed each of them a Pill Valley badge.

Long Chen saw that his name was carved onto it: Long San. The badge felt extremely heavy in his hand, and there was also a powerful aura that came from it. This was most likely something that could not be imitated.

Long Chen, Huo Wufang, and Duan Tianqiao were also given a spatial ring. Long Chen didn’t even look at it before putting it away.

As for Duan Tianqiao, when she examined what was inside, her whole body trembled. She had an expression of disbelief.

Huo Wufang also looked inside his spatial ring and became filled with delight. But then he became filled with endless fury. He had obviously thought of what kind of treasures had to be in Long San’s ring.

“Long San, you don’t want to know what your reward is?” The Tower Ancestor smiled.

“This little one comes from a small mountain village. It would be a shame if I was so shocked upon seeing it that I peed myself. That would be too embarrassing. I’ll wait until no one is watching to look inside,” laughed Long Chen.

Duan Tianqiao looked at Long San curiously. She really was unable to understand this fellow. He was actually able to resist such a strong enticement. She was definitely unable to do the same.

“Haha, that’s fine. I was looking forward to your expression of shock, but it seems there won’t be a chance now. 

“Getting to business, since you’ve all obtained a Pill Valley disciple badge, you can all join Pill Valley. I will be returning to the Pill Valley later today, so you have to choose whether you want to come with me, or wait and think of another way of getting there on your own,” said the Tower Ancestor.

“Disciple wishes to leave immediately!” Duan Tianqiao was the first to speak.

This caused Huo Wufang’s expression to become slightly ugly. Having obtained the third place, Duan Tianqiao was actually planning on cutting ties with his Huo family.

“I also wish to leave with Tower Ancestor!” The other two hastily followed Duan Tianqiao’s lead.

“What about you, Long San?” asked the Tower Ancestor.

“Me? I still have some things to handle. You also know, I only just snatched… cough, I only just married my wife. As newlyweds, I want to stay for one or two months so we can get to know each other better. Is it alright for me to leave later?” asked Long Chen

“Yes. You have Pill Valley’s badge. You can use it anytime within the next ten years. 

“But let me warn you, Pill Valley is located in the Central Plains, and it is very far. You’ll have to go through dozens of transportation formations, and you’ll also need to pass through the chaotic sea. It’s extremely dangerous. It’ll be much more convenient for you to leave with me,” said the Tower Ancestor.

“Disciple understands. But disciple still has to do a few things before leaving. Please forgive me,” apologized Long Chen.

In truth, he really was enticed. If he went to Pill Valley, wouldn’t he be able to get any medicinal ingredients he wanted? But what about the Dragonblood Legion? What about Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi? He couldn’t just think about himself.

“Alright. Then what about you, Huo Wufang?” asked the Tower Ancestor.

Seeing that Long Chen wasn’t immediately leaving, Huo Wufang’s eyes brightened and he hastily said, “Disciple also has some secular matters to handle first. Please forgive me.”

The Tower Ancestor smiled slightly, but that smile contained a profound meaning. “Alright, up to you. You can leave now. Remember, you have to get to Pill Valley within ten years, or your badges will become invalid.”

Long Chen and Huo Wufang left the Seven Treasure Jewel Tower together. Huo Wufang suddenly sneered, “Long San, just wait!”

“Idiot, who has time to wait for you?”

Long Chen was too lazy to bother with him. He saw Fang Chang, Chai Liehuo, as well as Hua Biluo waiting for him. Tossing out a final insult, he rushed over there.

“Haha, Long San, congratulations on getting first place!” Chai Liehuo was the first to extend his arms and go toward Long Chen, wanting to give him a fierce hug.

Long Chen also laughed and spread his arms. But he dodged Chai Liehuo and actually hugged the laughing Hua Biluo. Hua Biluo immediately blushed.

“Fuck, Long San, you little brat!” raged Chai Liehuo.

The four of them laughed and returned to the Fang Manor. They had only just entered when Long Chen was called over to Fang Mingyuan.

“Well done, Long Chen.” Within a private room, Chai Gaoyang praised Long Chen. Long Chen’s display had truly been too shocking today.

“Are there any movements from the Huo family?” asked Long Chen.

“Hehe, what movements could they make? As soon as they announced that you took first place, over half of the Huo family’s guests immediately left.

“The era of their Huo family being number one has passed, and it will never return. Some people have already seen some clues and begun to drift apart from the Huo family, taking the attitude of spectators. In just this short time, the Huo family has become much lonelier. There are even some small powers that have already joined sides with my Fang family.

“Those opportunists are useless, but even some of the loyal dogs of the Huo family have begun to sway. That’s the real prize.” Fang Mingyuan smiled.

“Do you think the Huo family will be driven to a desperate action?” asked Long Chen.

“Most definitely. Their Huo family won’t just wait for their death. But now, they won’t have much manpower for anything. Don’t worry, our two families aren’t weak, or how could we have defended against the Huo family? It’s just that we don’t easily reveal our fangs,” consoled Chai Gaoyang.

“Then I’m relieved. I’m going to rest and drink with the other two junior masters.” Long Chen smiled.

“Haha, go. You should celebrate.” Fang Mingyuan smiled.

But when Long Chen left, his smile disappeared. “Are we really going to do this?”

Chai Gaoyang said, “Of course. The Huo family’s destruction is set in stone now. Furthermore, we’ll pull them up by their roots.”

“I was talking about…” Fang Mingyuan felt a bit distressed.

“Don’t worry. As long as we keep the information airtight, who will know? Those who want to accomplish big things can’t be so overcautious,” said Chai Gaoyang.

After a long moment, Fang Mingyuan finally sighed. “Fine. Since you’re so in favor of this, I’ll listen to you. It’s time to be ruthless.”

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