Chapter 684 Tower Ancestor

The person he had expected to come had come. But what was not within Long Chen’s expectations was that while the tower administrator had come, the person speaking wasn’t him. It was a lean elder whose eyes released a warm light. Instead of looking strict and icy, he seemed like a kind senior.

But what shocked everyone was that the tower administrator was actually behind that elder. He seemed extremely solemn, and he didn’t say a word.

When Huo Changsheng and the others saw the design on the elder’s robes, their expressions completely changed and they hastily bowed.

“Disciple greets Tower Ancestor!”

Seeing this, everyone was dumbfounded. They hastily followed their footsteps and bowed.

Long Chen was also stunned. The tower administrator had once warned him that the Tower Ancestor was coming.

Long Chen had thought that everyone would know when the Tower Ancestor arrived. But now he realized that none of them had been aware. He suddenly realized that Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang had probably forgotten to warn their family heads.

Just as Long Chen was hesitating over whether or not he should bow, the Tower Ancestor waved his hand. “You can dispense the formalities. It really must be nice to be young. Seeing your attitudes today, it seems that if I didn’t appear, you were prepared to raze the Pill Tower to the ground.”

Huo Changsheng hastily explained, “Tower Ancestor, please help disciple obtain justice! My Huo family’s bride was forcibly snatched by someone, and we had no choice but to counterattack!”

The Tower Ancestor smiled. “Oh? So such a thing happened? How interesting. Who would be so brazen as to snatch your Huo family’s bride?”

“Reporting to Tower Ancestor, it was this little one,” said Long Chen.

“Why would you do this?” asked the Tower Ancestor.

“Well, there were two reasons. One was that he snatched my woman yesterday,” said Long Chen slightly awkwardly.

“And the other reason?”

“Cough, the other reason... Damnit, it really is irritating. Huo Wufang’s woman was actually even more beautiful than mine, so I had to take her,” said Long Chen.

Hua Biluo stiffened. Just what was Long Chen doing? Although that elder’s cultivation base was hidden, the pressure that came from him was something that made it so others weren’t even able to look him in the eye. For Long Chen to dare say such words, was he trying to make a joke?

“Long San, pay attention to your words!” shouted the tower administrator. This was for Long San’s own good, as the Tower Ancestor possessed a grand status.


No one had expected that the Tower Ancestor would suddenly laugh. “It really is nice to be young. You dare to do anything.”

Seeing that the Tower Ancestor wasn’t angry with Long Chen and actually praised him, Huo Changsheng had a bad feeling. He hastily said, “Tower Ancestor, Long San is simply spouting shameless nonsense. My Huo family never ordered anyone to go to the Fang family.”

The Tower Ancestor said, “How interesting. One of you says the other snatched their woman, while the other says the former is shameless. I don’t know how many years it has been since someone dared to lie in front of me. Well then, let me be the judge for this. Are you willing to take the test?”

The Tower Ancestor’s meaning was extremely obvious. He was going to use the same kind of Soul Heartask Thorn Art that Long Chen had used. That was the simplest way of finding the truth.

Long Chen suddenly said, “How could this kind of small matter be worth you personally doing? I can give you a very simple proof.” 

Long Chen pointed to Huo Wufang. “Did you send eight of your Huo family’s guests out yesterday?”

“Hmph, no.” Huo Wufang naturally wouldn’t admit it.

Long Chen threw out a medicinal pill, and it exploded in the air. Seeing the particles slowly blowing away in the wind, everyone was confused as to what he was doing.


Suddenly, people let out startled cries. They saw that seven of the people behind Huo Wufang had turned black. Their skin was as black as the bottom of a pot.

What was going on? It wasn’t just their face. Their hands, their necks, any part of their skin that was exposed was pitch-black.

“Idiots, you dared to be unbridled in an alchemist’s home. Did you think I wouldn’t be able to catch you? Did you think alchemists don’t put up any defenses? 

“When you barged into my room to kidnap my woman, you activated the Nine Color Spirit Pill I set up in advance. This pill isn’t for consuming, but for defense. It affects anyone who breathes in its scent. Even holding your breath has no use, because it will enter through your pores. There, it will lie in wait for the next year.

“I don’t know about other alchemists’ habits, but I always set this up where I live. I know people always like to sneak into my room when I’m not there.

“Just now, what I used was the special color powder. It has spread onto everyone here, and it’s silent and odorless. Of course, it’s not some poison. It’s just that anyone who has breathed in the powder of the Nine Color Spirit will have their skin turn pitch-black.

“Hmph, most importantly, this color sinks deep into your flesh. Even scrubbing off your skin has no use. Your new skin will still be black.

“But don’t worry, the medicinal effect doesn’t last that long. It will fade in just ten years. But for the next ten years, you had best accustom yourselves to being black,” said Long Chen.

Ten years? Not a long time?

Seeing those black figures, everyone’s expressions were odd. How would they go out to see others with such appearances? The only things white on their bodies were their teeth and their eyes. This was too evil. How could Celestials, with their grand statuses, go out like this?

But there was one benefit for them: they would be less noticeable at night. 

“Yesterday, eight of you came. Just now, you killed one of them, so there are only seven left. Junior master Huo, please give me an explanation for this,” said Long Chen to Huo Wufang.

“Uh...” Huo Wufang was immediately speechless. He hadn’t expected Long Chen had long since obtained proof. Now that it had been exposed in front of the Tower Ancestor, he didn’t have any opportunity to make a comeback.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? You can say that they have nothing to do with you,” reminded Long Chen.

“I had no idea about this matter!” raged Huo Wufang.

“You didn’t know about it? Didn’t you already admit to it just now? Everyone heard it. Furthermore, weren’t they all at your Huo family yesterday?” sneered Long Chen.

Huo Wufang began to sweat. This move of his was too vicious. He had no way to admit to this.

“Cough, those children are just too young and not sensible enough. It’s common for them to do foolish things in their hotheadedness. Wufang had no idea about this matter. Let me take his place to apologize to you,” said Huo Changsheng.

“Tch, does an apology have any use? Stretch your neck out here and let me cut it with my blade. Then I’ll apologize to you,” said Long Chen disdainfully.

“Long San, all things have their reasons. My Huo family might have been in the wrong this time, but you also went too far. Don’t try to act like the victim. Don’t go too far!” Huo Changsheng had a stomach full of fury, but in front of the Tower Ancestor, he didn’t dare release it. However, the threat in his words was obvious.

“Don’t go too far? Hahaha, just how laughable is this phrase when it comes from your Huo family’s mouth? Your Huo family has committed so many atrocities, but who dares to bully you? If anyone tried, wouldn’t they be killed by you? It’s just like Long Chen. In the chaos region, your Huo family secretly incited the Corrupt path into killing him. Just who is going too far?”

“What nonsense! Don’t slander others!” Huo Changsheng was infuriated, but also incomparably shocked. This matter was something only the higher-ups of the Xuantian Dao Sect knew of. To protect this secret, the Huo family had paid a huge sum of hush money.

The Xuantian Dao Sect was an enormous existence. It was so powerful that they didn’t even need to send someone to Huo Wufang’s wedding.

In reality, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s headquarters had relationships with Pill Valley. They could simply ignore the Huo family. The Xuantian Dao Sect had required compensation for what the Huo family had done to Long Chen. But this compensation was mostly for the Shui family, or the Shui family might continue to make a huge deal out of this.

After making the Huo family pay a painful price, the Xuantian Dao Sect hadn’t mentioned this topic again. It was completely unexpected for Long San to raise it now. Not only was Huo Changsheng shocked and infuriated, he was also a bit panicked.

It had to be known that the Tower Ancestor possessed an extremely high status and authority. The Tower Ancestors were in charge of selecting talented people to bring to Pill Valley. Although this Tower Ancestor wasn’t in charge of disciplinary actions, if he were to report this, their Huo family would be doomed.

“Slander others? Am I, Long San, someone who would do that? I’m sure everyone will understand once they see this.” Long Chen directly activated a photographic jade.

When a scene appeared in midair, Huo Changsheng’s expression completely changed. That scene was the same one the Xuantian Dao Sect had shown him.

Space suddenly trembled. That scene had only just appeared when the Tower Ancestor waved his hand. The image froze and then faded.

“We’ve gone off-topic. Continuing like this will have no end. I’m rather old, and my time is precious. Let’s handle this matter quicker. I understand the general situation. Your Huo family truly did kidnap Long San’s woman.”

“Tower Ancestor, we didn’t-!” cried Huo Wufang.

The Tower Ancestor waved his hand. “Whether or not you did, Long San has proof that you kidnapped her, while you have no proof that you didn’t. Yesterday, you snatched Long San’s woman, and today, Long San snatched your woman. The result is that Long San is satisfied, but you are displeased, feeling like you lost out.

“Then how about this: we will follow the traditional rules of the world to settle this. This is what it means for a champion to have beauties. You two can have a decisive battle, and the winner will obtain the beauty. Do you accept?”

“I accept! I’ve long since found this fellow to be displeasing. This time, I’ll give him a proper beating!” said Long Chen. This situation was all too perfect. To give Huo Wufang a vicious beating at this time, what could be better?

Huo Wufang glared at Long Chen, his eyes practically spitting flames. “I also-”

“Huo Wufang accepts his defeat.”

Suddenly, Huo Changsheng’s words caused everyone to be stunned.

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