Chapter 683 Imminent Battle

“Idiot, I’m using the Gale Inferno Steps. Are you blind? Do you not see the flames beneath my feet?” sneered Long Chen.

But Long Chen was startled inside. Just now, he truly had used the Netherworld Ghost Steps. It was an extremely peculiar technique, and he couldn’t tell whether it was a Battle Skill or a magical art.

As his strength increased, the speed of the Netherworld Ghost Steps also increased. He truly could move like a phantom, making it so people couldn’t even defend. When it came to close-range attacks, it was truly a great assistance.

But Long Chen was smart. When he had used it, he had summoned some flames on his feet. Then it would seem very similar to the Gale Inferno Steps, a technique of the Pill Tower.

Despite doing this, it had still been recognized by the Corrupt Celestial. But all Long Chen had to do was refuse to admit it, and he wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

Long Chen was too lazy to bother with him. A faint cyan fluctuation appeared on the scholarly Celestial’s forehead. A powerful spiritual spike slowly condensed over Long Chen’s forehead and began to drop down toward the Celestial’s head.

“Right now, in front of everyone, I will use Soul Heartask Thorn Art. In front of my spiritual thorn, you don’t have the ability to lie. Because if you do, my spiritual thorn will sense it from your spiritual fluctuations and immediately stab into your soul, turning you into a corpse. Of course, if you think your soul is stronger than a Pill Emperor’s, you can try lying.”

The spiritual thorn arrived just above the Celestial’s forehead. He immediately felt like his soul was almost frozen.

In this situation, he had to reply to whatever Long Chen asked him. Any lie would release a fluctuation that would be sensed by the spiritual thorn. Even Long Chen wouldn’t be able to stop the thorn from killing him. So right now, his life and death were up to himself.

“Long San, you are courting death!” raged Huo Wufang. If this continued, he would be completely exposed.

Long Chen ignored him. Icily staring at the Celestial, he asked, “Did you go to the Fang Manor yesterday?”

The Celestial was sweating, but in the end, he couldn’t muster the courage to lie. He nodded.

“Did you go to capture a woman? Was the one who told you to do that Huo Wufang-”

Suddenly, a black light shot toward Long Chen’s head. It was incredibly fast, and even Long Chen was shocked by it. He hastily dodged, flinging the Celestial in his hand toward it.

The black light pierced straight through the Celestial’s body, leaving a black hole.

The curious thing was that no blood came out. That hole was black as coal. Long Chen’s expression changed, and he hastily tossed the Celestial into the air.

Everyone was appalled to see that the Celestial had already died. The hole was rapidly growing. Before his body landed on the ground, he had been corroded to nothing.

The air was filled with a disgusting stench now, one that made people want to vomit. Everyone’s expressions changed and they hastily retreated.

The Corrupt path was truly vicious. It was unknown what that black light had been, but it had been able to one-shot a Celestial.

Long Chen was shocked. That black light was too strange that even he didn’t know what it was. All he knew was that it had come from an extremely strange-looking man standing beside Huo Wufang.

That person’s eyes were white and black. The black one was completely black, and the white one was completely white. It was extremely frightening.

Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo jumped in fright. This was their first time seeing such a strange attack. Even a Celestial could be instantly killed by it.

“Enchanted weapon.” Long Chen’s heart shook. This was definitely an attack from an Enchanted weapon, or there would be no way it could release such a power.

But that person had used it silently, and he hadn’t seen what kind of weapon it was. It was truly chilling.

Following the death of the Celestial, the spectators who had just been watching for fun all turned cold. This was no competition of strength. Even a Celestial could be instantly killed!

It had to be known that Celestials were incomparably high existences in their eyes. But here, one had noiselessly fallen.

Long Chen suddenly began to clap, breaking the silence. “Not bad, very beautiful. What a good way of silencing someone. Not only did you silence the witness, but you even cut down a future enemy. You even have won a favor from Huo Wufang! Amazing, truly amazing!”

Now that Long Chen said this, the Righteous Celestials by Huo Wufang’s side all looked suspiciously at the attacker.

“Idiot, I, Wu Ming, would disdain doing such a thing. Do you think I’m as stupid as the Righteous path?” sneered the odd-looking Corrupt Celestial.


The Righteous Celestials immediately became enraged. The Corrupt path’s people truly went too far. Even in front of this many people, he dared to insult them.

“Don’t fall for Long San’s provocations,” Huo Wufang hastily shouted upon seeing a quarrel about to start on his side. He pointed at Long Chen. “Long San, release Hua Biluo and this matter can end here. Otherwise…”

Not waiting for Huo Wufang to finish speaking, Long Chen smiled and opened the carriage, pulling out Hua Biluo.

“Hua Biluo is my wife. You want to snatch my wife? Your brain must have been eaten by maggots.” Long Chen intentionally wrapped his arm around Hua Biluo’s waist, acting completely unbridled.

Despite knowing he was doing this to infuriate Huo Wufang, Hua Biluo still turned red. Her body became limp, and she actually leaned against Long Chen’s body.

But in other people’s eyes, the two of them were clearly being intimate. This made it seem like they were the true couple.

“You slut!” raged Huo Wufang. He charged forward.

Long Chen coldly snorted and placed Hua Biluo behind him. He smashed his fist forward.


The entire road shattered. Both Huo Wufang and Long Chen were blown back dozens of meters.

Long Chen was shocked inside. Although he had forced back Huo Wufang, his own hand was sore. Huo Wufang’s strength didn’t lose to his own. What was going on?

“Everyone attack! Kill them!” Huo Wufang waved his hand, and the Celestials following him all charged forward.

Although Hua Biluo had confidence in Long Chen, seeing over thirty Celestials charging forward made her heart rise to her throat.

Those Celestials all summoned their Heavenly Dao manifestations. They knew they couldn’t be careless against Long San.

“Wall of Raging Flames!”

Suddenly, a huge wall of flames appeared, and it blocked the Celestials.

Those Celestials had to hastily stop. These were no ordinary flames. This was a magical art used by a Sea Expansion expert. That terrifying heat was irresistible.

“Do you think you can use numbers to win? Do you think my Fang family lacks people?” Fang Mingyuan appeared in front of the flames.

That caused startled cries from the spectators. The Fang family head was someone many people recognized. That was a powerful overlord of this region, and he was supporting Long San!

Following Fang Mingyuan, Chai Gaoyang also appeared. It wasn’t just them. Dozens of Sea Expansion experts also appeared.

Long Chen smiled slightly. This was something he had planned with Fang Mingyuan.

Just now, Long Chen had had an urge to kill all these Celestials. In his eyes, they weren’t Celestials, but many Heavenly Dao Fruits.

Currently, only Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi were Celestials. He also had another eight Heavenly Dao Fruits. However, he didn’t dare give them to others to use.

Just the fact that Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi had awakened as Celestials was shocking enough to the Xuantian Dao Sect. If that many more Celestials also appeared at the same time, it would be strange if no one found it suspicious.

Currently, quite a bit of time had passed since the Jiuli secret realm. But the primal chaos bead had not been completely forgotten.

On the off-chance that someone connected the new Celestials with the primal chaos bead, then Long Chen would be in grave danger. So he decided to temporarily not use them. This kind of thing wouldn’t spoil no matter how many he collected.

Seeing this sudden change, Long Chen pulled Hua Biluo over to the side to watch the excitement.

“Fang Mingyuan, Chai Gaoyang, are you planning on fighting to the death with my Huo family?”

Suddenly, a cold shout rang out. Everyone hastily turned to see hundreds of experts walking over. They were all Sea Expansion experts with Huo Changsheng leading them.

“Fight to the death? Why would you say something like that? Long San is a member of my Fang family. Since his woman was snatched, he naturally has to snatch one back. Everyone’s even, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Why harm our amicability?” asked Fang Mingyuan.

Long Chen also laughed, “Exactly, exactly! Games are only there to be played. Don’t laugh when you win but then rage shamelessly when you lose. That would make the Huo family seem too tasteless. You snatched my woman, and so I don’t want her anymore. You should learn from me. Look at how magnanimous I am. This is what it means to accept both wins and losses. Do you understand?”

Everyone was speechless. By now, many people had already asked around and learned what had happened. Long San’s woman had just been a whore bought from a brothel. But Huo Wufang’s woman was someone he was to be officially wed to, a concubine. How was that the same?

Furthermore, if the Huo family really allowed their woman to be snatched away, considering how many guests the Huo family had invited, how were they supposed to face them?

“Stop twisting logic. Hua Biluo must be returned to my Huo family. Anyone who tries to stop me will be killed!” roared Huo Changsheng. He definitely couldn’t allow this matter to continue.

“Alright, since you want to be so stubborn, we can only accompany you to the end. The people watching, you should run for your lives while you still can. A life and death battle is about to occur here!” shouted Fang Mingyuan. Following that, all the Fang and Chai families’ experts released their powerful auras, ready to fight.

“Everyone stop!”

Suddenly, a shout rang out. Long Chen smiled. He had known he would come.

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