Chapter 682 The Mess Grows

“Who was that?” asked someone upon seeing the carriage slowly leave.

“You don’t know who Long San is? He’s an absolute legend. He’s someone soaring like a shooting star in Pill Yang Prefecture. It’s said that he’ll definitely get in the top three of the Pill Emperor Competition, and there’s even a chance he might take first,” answered someone.

“Ah? He’s that amazing? Then what are we waiting for? We originally had no business here. If we can suck up to Long San, then if he takes first place in the Pill Emperor Competition, wouldn’t it still be the same thing for us? It would be even easier than sucking up to the Huo family!” Suddenly, someone slapped himself on the leg and chased after the carriage.

Everyone thought about it. They had originally come to curry favor with the Huo family. But the fact that someone dared to fight against the Huo family meant they were even more badass than the Huo family.

Who would believe that someone who dared to do this didn’t have any ability? The people present were all pragmatic experts. They quickly flocked over to the carriage.

Because the carriage was so slow, and the majority of these people were Xiantian experts, they almost instantly caught up. They cheered on the sides of the road while waving streamers and sprinkling flowers.

Long Chen laughed inside. He hastily took out a spatial ring. That was what had been left behind after killing the Corrupt Celestial. It was filled with spirit stones.

As people sprinkled flowers, he sprinkled spirit stones. There were all middle grade spirit stones, and these people went crazy, cheering with even greater fanaticism.

They saw that whoever shouted the loudest would get tossed a spirit stone. In an instant, the ruckus Long Chen was causing was ten times greater than before. The cheering was transmitted through the majority of Pill Yang City.

There was no way around that. These people were experts. Experts didn’t just have strong fists, they also had strong throats.

“Congratulations third master Long on your union with miss Hua Biluo!”

“Congratulations third master Long, I wish you an early son with miss Hua Biluo!”

“Congratulations third master Long, may the two of you be blessed with love and affection!”

Long Chen laughed. Anyone who screamed their blessings loudly was given a spirit stone.

“Third master, don’t you think this is a bit too much?” Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo were both pained to see Long Chen throw out middle grade spirit stones like this. Even they didn’t have that much money.

But Long Chen didn’t care. In any case, Fang Mingyuan had already agreed to cooperate. But his true identity was still a secret. Only Fang Mingyuan and Chai Gaoyang knew.

So even Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo didn’t know Long San was Long Chen. Seeing him throw out money like this, they were incredibly distressed.

“What are you afraid of? We’re boosting our momentum right now. The greater our momentum, the greater the slap to the Huo family’s face. It’s very worthwhile. Wait, where’s that woman?” asked Long Chen.

“I tossed her. Holding her was too nauseating,” said Chai Liehuo with a disgusted expression.


Suddenly, a huge fist-image smashed into the road in front of the carriage, forming a huge hole.

“Long San, you bastard!” Huo Wufang was blocking the path with a group of experts. There were over forty people, including men and women. Long Chen’s sharp eyes immediately saw Hua Jinrong’s shovel-like face.

Originally, the Huo family’s higher-ups had been waiting for the carriage at the Huo family’s headquarters. Because it was just taking a concubine, and not marrying a wife, the rules were that the groom’s side of the family wouldn’t make huge movements. That was to display their status and honor.

Only if Huo Wufang was having an official wedding with a wife would these experts come out. This was the status distinction between a wife and a concubine. So today, all the experts had been indoors. This was to avoid having the future first wife be offended.

But when the time had arrived, the Hua family’s people still hadn’t appeared, not a single one of them. That had caused the Huo family’s people’s expressions to sink.

Huo Wufang was the junior master of the family, and even if it was just taking a concubine, it was an extremely ceremonious and grand matter. But the Hua family dared to be late.

Over an incense stick’s worth of time, their expressions grew uglier. This was an insult to the Huo family.

Just as their fury was soaring, someone finally came to report that the bridal procession had been stopped halfway. When he had heard that it had been done by Long San, Huo Wufang had almost exploded. Huo Changsheng pondered it, and in the end, he decided to let Huo Wufang settle this matter on his own.

Huo Changsheng knew that the Fang and Chai families were having a trial of strength with him. If their two families only sent out juniors, then he couldn’t send out true experts, or that would say he was powerless otherwise.

Huo Wufang immediately gathered all the Celestials who had come to congratulate him. They all volunteered to go, as they wanted to see what kind of monster Long San was to dare snatch Huo Wufang’s concubine.

But they had only just left the Huo family when they saw Hua Jinrong rushing over. Hua Jinrong explained what had happened.

Of course, she didn’t mind telling some extra details to make the story more interesting. Based on her words, Hua Biluo had intentionally seduced Long San. Her words made the two of them out to be an adulterer and seductress pair.

Huo Wufang’s head almost exploded. His woman hadn’t just been taken away, she had even gone willingly.

When Huo Wufang finally rushed over and saw the carriage, despite being prepared, he still coughed up blood. The procession hadn’t changed. The person inside the carriage hadn’t changed. The gaiety and cheer in the air hadn’t changed. The only thing that had changed was that Hua Biluo had turned into Long San’s wife.

“Huo Wufang, you’re the bastard! Today is a great day of celebration for me. Fuck off while you still can!” shouted Long Chen. You dare place your sights on my woman? If I don’t play you to death, how would I be worthy of being a new and improved scoundrel?[1]

The cheers immediately stopped. Some people even fled to watch from a distance.

Huo Wufang’s face was truly a sight to see. His face was as green as a leaf, and his eyes were as red as blood. His thirty-two teeth were all clattering. It seemed that he wanted to bite Long Chen to death.

“Long San, Hua Biluo is to be brother Huo’s officially wed concubine. Your actions today are even worse than a beast,” cried a Celestial behind Huo Wufang righteously. He was the one wearing the scholarly headband.

“Screw your mother! If you hadn’t farted just now, I wouldn’t have recognized you. You fucker, you were the one who kidnapped my woman yesterday!” As soon as this person opened his mouth, Long Chen recognized his voice. He was one of the eight people from yesterday. Out of the eight, he had been the one to speak the most.

“Long San, don’t slander others. If you want to accuse someone, bring out your evidence,” he sneered.

“Fuck off, I’m not a prosecutor. Don’t bother playing this stupid game of evidence with me. Huo Wufang snatched my woman, and now I snatched his woman. Now everyone’s even,” sneered Long Chen.

Hearing this, the spectators were dumbfounded. This Long San really was a straightforward and logical man. If you took one from him, he would take one from you. Did all the Pill Tower’s people play around like this?

Long Chen waved his hand disdainfully, continuing, “Don’t waste your words with me. Right now, we’re even, and neither side owes the other anything. You snatched my woman? Well, I don’t want her anymore. I’ve snatched one back, and it’s enough to break even.”

Inside the carriage, Hua Biluo had been shocked to see Huo Wufang bring so many experts. She had panicked, but then seeing Long Chen wasn’t the slightest bit nervous and even dared to curse back, she was much more relieved.

The only thing she was confused about was how Long Chen’s woman had been snatched. According to his character, if someone dared to touch his woman, he would take that guy’s life without saying another word. She didn’t understand.

“What nonsense! Yesterday, they didn’t even manage to snatch-” Huo Wufang quickly realized his mistake and shut his mouth. But it was too late.

“As expected! Huo Wufang, you bastard, you’ve finally admitted that you actually sent people to kidnap someone in my manor! Do you treat the Fang family as a soft persimmon?!”

Fang Chang immediately cursed Huo Wufang. He had already gotten used to acting the same way as Long Chen. Originally, he and Chai Liehuo had paid a great deal of attention to their status as junior masters of their families. But under Long Chen’s guidance, they had finally learned to spout profanities as well.

After all, the three of them were a team. They couldn’t allow Long Chen to be the only one in the spotlight. Furthermore, Huo Wufang had no way to reply now.

Huo Wufang was at a loss for words. He had an urge to slap himself in the face. How had his mouth become this stupid? He had essentially admitted he had sent people to do that crime.

“Do you think someone’s accidental slip of the tongue is enough to accuse them? Long San, as expected, all you know how to do is twist people’s words,” sneered the scholarly Celestial. He was giving Huo Wufang a way out.

But did he think everyone here was stupid? Just from Huo Wufang’s expression, it was easy to see what had happened.

It seemed Huo Wufang truly had gone to snatch Long San’s woman. Now, Long San was snatching Huo Wufang’s woman. The spectators anticipated watching the imminent battle very much. Who would win? And would Huo Wufang hand back Long San’s woman?

Since Long San’s woman had been snatched for a night, would Long San also keep Huo Wufang’s woman for a night and only then return her?

If he were to only give her back to him after a night, the question was, would Huo Wufang even want her?

Just at this moment, Long Chen unexpectedly disappeared. When he once more appeared, he was in front of that scholarly Celestial.

POW! With an incredibly loud sound, the Celestial was viciously slapped by Long Chen.

Huo Wufang’s people were all infuriated. This was completely intolerable. They were just about to attack when Long Chen had already retreated. But now he was holding the scholarly Celestial’s throat. The Celestial was filled with terror.

But at this moment, one of the Corrupt Celestials’ expression changed and he shouted, “Speak! Where did you learn the Netherworld Ghost Steps?!”

[1] Recall Long Chen’s grand dream of becoming a new and improved scoundrel from chapters 160-161.

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