Chapter 681 Conquered Just Like This

“Third master, don’t misunderstand. We’re talking about the others. The one in the carriage is yours,” said Fang Chang hastily.

Seeing Long Chen’s group of three blocking the carriage, Hua Jinrong was dumbfounded. She had never expected that there would be people who dared to block the Huo family’s bridal carriage.

“Who are you?! Could it be…” Hua Jinrong hastily jumped off the carriage and walked forward.

“Haha, junior master Chai, you’re the one who said you wanted the women. This… hehe, this is definitely peak grade,” laughed Fang Chang upon seeing Hua Jinrong.

Long Chen also laughed. But Chai Liehuo was dumbfounded and he raged, “Who are you?! How did you manage to sneak into the bridal carriage?! Don’t you feel embarrassed to come out in public when you’re so ugly?!”

Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo were both very handsome, and they liked beautiful women. According to reason, the bridal carriage procession should have quite a few beautiful maids. But this Hua Jinrong wasn’t up to par.

“You!” Hua Jinrong was enraged. Ever since she had become a Celestial, the entire family had treated her as a treasure. How was she supposed to accept such an insult?

“What you? Get the fuck out of here! Just look at your own face. The top is wide and the bottom is narrow. If you tied a string to your nose, we could use your face as a plow. Don’t nauseate others here.” Chai Liehuo’s mouth was truly vicious.

Fang Chang and Long Chen both had admiring expressions. Chai Liehuo was actually an expert curser. He had truly hidden his skills well.

“Fuck off!” Hua Jinrong’s face twisted in fury. She unsheathed her sword and stabbed it toward them as quick as lightning.


Just as Long Chen was wondering if this was the time to use his divine face-slapping technique, Fang Chang had already struck. His hand swung in a graceful arc, smashing onto Hua Jinrong’s face.

There was no need to doubt his talent when it came to this. Fang Chang was the first genius Long Chen had seen who possessed this kind of comprehension and control. Due to her fury, Hua Jinrong was easily struck and sent flying.

“Bitch, how dare you block my path! You think I don’t dare teach you a lesson?” snorted Fang Chang.

To send a Celestial flying in such a graceful, beautiful, smooth, and calm manner was truly amazing. If he could erase the excitement in his eyes, then it would definitely be extremely badass.

Long Chen had hesitated because he felt this woman was a bit too ugly to be slapped. But it seemed Fang Chang wasn’t picky.

Suddenly, a hand brushed open the curtains of the carriage, revealing a face that caused startled cries.

“Wow, what a beautiful woman! Hahaha, I really profited this time!” Long Chen suddenly let out a strange cry upon seeing Hua Biluo.

Hua Biluo had originally thought that she was dead. She had essentially ignored everything happening outside. But then she had heard Long Chen’s voice. That tone felt familiar.

Then seeing his face, she couldn’t help being disappointed. This person was familiar, but it wasn’t him.

However, then Long Chen had let out that strange cry which caused Hua Biluo to stiffen. That voice was Long Chen’s original voice. It sounded a bit odd to others, but Hua Biluo immediately recognized it.

She was sure. It had to be him. Although his face had changed, his figure was the same. And that wild aura of his was the best tell.

Seeing Long Chen stealthily wink at her, Hua Biluo immediately suppressed her excitement. Although she didn’t understand what was going on, she knew that she was saved. In this world, was there anything he was incapable of doing?

Thinking of that, her heart warmed. She hadn’t expected that when the rest of the world had abandoned her, Long Chen would be the one to save her. She wasn’t able to stop her tears. She hastily closed the curtains so that others wouldn’t suspect anything.

“Wow, she really is beautiful. Third master, you really profited.” Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo were stunned and envious.

Although it had only been an instant, the surrounding people had still seen her face. They were flabbergasted.

“Bastards, who are you?!” Hua Jinrong was no longer so stupid. Within Pill Yang Prefecture, who didn’t know that today was Huo Wufang’s wedding day? So they definitely knew what they were doing. That startled and angered her. She cursed at the carriage, “Slut, was this done by you?”

Long Chen’s expression sank. He immediately realized this sharp-faced woman was no good person.

He flashed into motion, arriving in front of Hua Jinrong and giving her a slap on the other side of her face.

Seeing this, Fang Chang immediately concentrated. He had always prostrated himself toward Long Chen’s divine face-slapping ability. He had to take advantage of any chance to learn. But this time, the thing he didn’t understand was that Long Chen’s slap this time was clearly slower than usual. Hua Jinrong instinctively dodged.

But just as she dodged, a large hand grabbed her throat, and a berserk energy directly sealed her cultivation base.

“Junior master Chai, this woman is yours. Weren’t you the one who said you came to snatch women? A man must keep his word.” Long Chen flung Hua Jinrong to him.

Hua Jinrong was pale now. Her cultivation base was absolutely nothing in front of Long Chen. She was unable to resist at all.

She had only just advanced to the Xiantian realm, so this was a huge blow to her. In the Hua family, she was the number one junior expert. But here, if someone wanted to kill her, she would be crushed like an ant.

Yes, it was true that Hua Jinrong was a Celestial. Yes, it was true that Celestials were incomparably powerful. But Hua Jinrong’s actual combat experience could not compare to Hua Biluo.

She had only been lucky to obtain a Heavenly Dao inheritance and become a Celestial. Furthermore, she had not yet reached the point where she could summon the Cry of the Heavenly Daos.

When it came to fighting ordinary experts, she naturally would crush them. But as for Long Chen? What kind of joke was that? Long Chen had killed more Celestials than she had ever seen.

Chai Liehuo caught Hua Jinrong. Noticing that her spiritual yuan was sealed and she was unable to move, he couldn’t help but feel bad. “Long San, it’s not that I’m against stealing women, it’s just that… are you sure she’s a woman?”

“Ah, junior master Chai, your words are a bit off. Who knows? Maybe once you blow out the lanterns at night, she might really be a beauty,” laughed Fang Chang.

At this time, everyone was dumbfounded. Someone as powerful as Hua Jinrong, a grand Xiantian Celestial, didn’t even have the slightest ability to resist before being caught.

Long Chen was too lazy to bother with Hua Jinrong. He turned to the carriage. “The beauty inside, don’t be shy. I’m not a bad person.”

No one could endure it. After robbing a carriage, he now said he wasn’t a bad person? Did he even believe himself?

Hua Biluo almost laughed. Long Chen was always like this. Huge matters were all treated lightly by him as if they were insignificant.

“Come out and chat. What are you doing here?” asked Long Chen.

Hua Biluo held back her smile and walked out of the carriage. “You can’t tell? I’m here to marry someone.”

Although she didn’t know what drug Long Chen had taken, she knew that since he had come, he would definitely save her. She directly accompanied Long Chen in his act.

“Marrying someone? Huo Wufang? You should stop while you still can. That fellow is just a brute. For a beautiful woman like you to marry someone like him is like throwing a flower in a pile of crap.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Brother, the expression is sticking a flower into a pile of manure[1],” said Fang Chang.

“Tch, is Huo Wufang even fit to be manure? Manure at least has a few nutrients to grow more flowers. But at best, he is just dogshit, shit without the slightest use.” Long Chen then turned to Hua Biluo. “Miss, let’s discuss this. Since you came to marry someone, well, aren’t I someone? You should just marry me. No matter how you look at it, at least in figure, I’m human, not shit.”

The others were speechless. This Long San was truly talented. He was clearly kidnapping the bride, but he could still say such grand and righteous words. Just how shameless was he?

Despite knowing she shouldn’t and trying to hold back as hard as possible, a chuckle still escaped Hua Biluo’s mouth. “Haha, alright.”

Hearing this, the crowd became deathly silent. Had the world gone insane? The Huo family bride had been snatched away by someone just like this?

“Hahaha, miss, your eyesight really is good. Let me tell you, by marrying me, you’ll definitely wake up from laughter every morning,” laughed Long Chen.

He then went over to those people from the Hua family who had been her escorts. “Because it’s our first time meeting, I don’t have anything good for you. Each person will get ten middle grade spirit stones. Please, don’t cry about it being so little. Just take them for now, and in the future, once we enter the bridal room, there will be even greater rewards…”

This action of his stunned everyone. This Long San really had too much money.

“Many thanks, son-in-law!”

The people in charge of escorting Hua Biluo immediately changed their tone. What kind of joke was this? The majority of them were merely at the Bone Forging realm. They had never even seen a middle grade spirit stone before. Let alone calling him son-in-law, if he wanted them to call him daddy, they wouldn’t hesitate.

Whether it was the guards or the servants, they were all given ten middle grade spirit stones. Each of them was so excited that they almost went crazy. They felt like they were dreaming.

“Alright. Let’s start the music again. Everyone, work hard! We’re returning home,” ordered Long Chen. The procession’s musicians immediately began to play again, this time even louder than before.

“Wife, get in the carriage. We’re returning.” Long Chen smiled and pulled Hua Biluo in. The procession changed directions, now going toward Fang Manor.

All the experts that had been hoping to curry favor turned into statues. They just watched as the bridal carriage went off in another direction.

[1] This is an actual expression. 鲜花插在牛粪上.

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