Chapter 679 Putting All the Cards on the Table

“Long San, get out here and die!”

Suddenly, a clear shout rang out. A figure charged through the gate to Long Chen’s courtyard. The door was directly blown apart by his palm.

Long Chen rushed out to see a black-robed man wearing a mask. He obviously didn’t want others to know who he was.

“Who are you?!” Long Chen accompanied this person’s act. Normally, Long Chen wouldn’t be so stupid as to ask such a question when someone barged through the door like this.

But to give this person an opportunity, he had to accompany him. That person sneered, “The person who will kill you.”

He suddenly flashed into motion, punching at Long Chen. He was incomparably quick, and this fist caused space to shake intensely. He was actually a powerful Celestial.

“Kill me? You’re still lacking… you bastard!” Long Chen’s expression ‘suddenly changed’, as when he went out to face this person, another seven figures rushed into his room.

Long Chen ignored the person in front of him, hastily charging back and shouting, “Careful!”

“Care about yourself.” That person sneered and runes erupted from his body, instantly locking down Long Chen. He didn’t want to kill Long Chen. He just needed to stall him.

“Idiot.” Long Chen cursed inside. But he had to act extremely panicked. He continued to try and charge into his room.


Dust filled the sky. The entire courtyard was blown up, gone.

“Bastards, what did you do?!” roared Long Chen.

But the experts that had charged in were also dumbfounded. They hadn’t done anything, but the room had just exploded.

“She’s not here?”

Those people were all startled. They had clearly sensed two life auras a while ago.

They didn’t know that the second life aura was simply a pill that Long Chen had brought out to trick them.


Following one person’s order, the other seven also rushed away. Long Chen raged, “Do you think you can just come and go as you please!?”


Long Chen had only just moved to stop them when four of them turned back, attacking him. Long Chen hastily blocked, and he was sent flying as a result.

“Hmph, as expected, you can’t rely on rumors. Long San only has this little ability,” sneered one person before disappearing into the night.

These people had come suddenly, and they left suddenly. In just a breath’s time, they disappeared.

“Long San, what happened?!”

At this time, the Fang family’s experts finally arrived. Fang Chang saw Long Chen lying on the ground and hastily helped him up.

“I’m fine. But Xiao Die was taken,” said Long Chen hatefully. 

“What?! Intolerable!” Fang Chang’s rage soared. To actually barge into his family’s territory to snatch Long San’s woman, that was definitely a slap to the Fang family’s face.

“Let’s chase,” said a Sea Expansion expert.

Only at this time did Long Chen see that the Fang family actually possessed over ten Sea Expansion experts. He hadn’t seen any of them before.

Then thinking about it, he realized these had to be the Fang family’s guests. To put it in an uglier way, they were simply the Fang family’s bodyguards. The Fang family were alchemists, and they needed some martial artists as fighters.

“There’s no need. The eight of them were all Xiantian Celestials. They’ve long since gotten away.” Long Chen shook his head.

“What? Eight Celestials?!”

Fang Mingyuan’s expression was grave. “It should have been done by the Huo family. Tomorrow is the day Huo Wufang is taking a concubine.

“The Huo family has created close relationships with countless Righteous and Corrupt sects. Those sects sent their strongest disciples to congratulate him. One reason is to bribe the Huo family, and one is to show their own strength.

“According to some reliable information I obtained, there are over thirty Celestials that came. Other than the Huo family, no one else has the power to cause this many Celestials to appear. Furthermore, they have nothing to fear. Long San’s already said they were masked. Without evidence, we can’t do anything to them.”

“Then… are we just supposed to allow them to dishonor Long San’s woman?!” Fang Chang’s expression changed. As a man, even if you had to die, you still couldn’t allow such a thing to happen. Huo Wufang was truly intolerable.

“Long San, what do you say?” Fang Mingyuan looked at Long Chen.

Long Chen’s expression was dark, but he was extremely calm. “Family head, I have something I want to discuss with you in private.”


Within a private room of the Fang family, Long Chen suddenly smiled toward the family head. “Since matters have reached this point, I no longer need to conceal anything from you. My original goal in muddling my way into the Fang family was to borrow the Fang family’s strength to handle the Huo family.

“I trust that senior has already sensed that. But since you didn’t say anything, you must have your own plan. But now things are becoming clearer and clearer. The Fang and Huo family are like water and fire. If the Huo family wins, then your two families will either have to leave or be exterminated.

“I need your strength to handle the Huo family, and you need my strength as well. It can be said that we both need each other.”

“Continue.” Fang Mingyuan sank into thought for a moment. His face didn’t reveal any expression.

Long Chen nodded inside. As expected, Fang Mingyuan had long since sensed something. If he had always thought this scheme of his had been completely flawless, then he really would be an idiot.

“I truly do think of Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang as brothers. Although this friendship was a bit insincere in the beginning, after going through some trials, that insincerity has disappeared. So right now, I want to discuss things openly with you. Huo Wufang’s conduct today has completely infuriated me. I want to know, if I go all-out against the Huo family, how much help can you and the Chai family head give me?” asked Long Chen.

Fang Mingyuan’s hand tapped on the table rhythmically. For a long time, he didn’t say a word. Long Chen also didn’t say anything. He was waiting for a response.

Finally, Fang Mingyuan said, “Cooperating is fine. But I need proof, proof that you won’t betray my Fang family.”

“The proof is very simple.” Long Chen brushed his hand over his face, revealing his original appearance. “How is this for proof?”

Fang Mingyuan’s pupils shrank. Looking at Long Chen, it was a long time before he finally exclaimed, “Long Chen! Hehe, hahahaha! Good, very good! When it comes to craziness, no one can compare to you. I never imagined that you were still alive.”

“Of course, I’m still alive. If I died, wouldn’t the Huo family be free to do whatever they wanted?” laughed Long Chen. He pointed to his face. “How is it? Is this proof enough?”

Fang Mingyuan nodded. “It is enough. Your reputation precedes you. I already took note of you when the news of what happened in the Jiuli secret realm spread. I even investigated you, learning that you always stay loyal to your friends and family. There were even several times where you risked your life to save your companions. Such a person is someone I can trust.”

Long Chen said, “Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo aren’t bad. They’re good brothers. I was originally planning on inciting conflict between your two families and then jumping in at the last moment to give the Huo family a vicious blow. But since they’re my brothers, I have no choice but to change that plan. I’ll help you eliminate the Huo family. 

“Today, Huo Wufang sent out eight Celestials to capture Xiao Die. There are two reasons I didn’t chase. One is because I couldn’t catch up, while the other is that even if I chase them to the Huo family, the Huo family would come up with all kinds of excuses to bar me at the gate.

“If I’m alone, there’s no way for me to handle the Huo family. So I need to lay all my cards on the table for you to see. Although Xiao Die was just a woman from a brothel, she was still my woman. I can’t just accept this humiliation. So I’ve decided to give Huo Wufang a vicious blow. I need your help for that.”

“What’s your plan?” asked Fang Mingyuan.

“What’s my plan? Don’t you know my temperament? He snatched my woman today, so tomorrow, I’m going to snatch his woman.” Long Chen rubbed his fists.

“You want to snatch his concubine?!” Fang Mingyuan gasped. Long Chen was crazy.

“Yes. He snatched my woman, so I’ll also snatch his woman. Then we’ll be even, and this matter can end here,” said Long Chen shamelessly.

Fang Mingyuan was speechless. How could snatching women be calculated like this? Furthermore, his woman had just been a prostitute, while Huo Wufang was undergoing an official wedding ceremony with a concubine. How was that the same at all?

The Huo family had already sent out the invitations, and countless Righteous and Corrupt experts had come to attend the ceremony. If Long Chen really managed to snatch her, wouldn’t the Huo family’s people have no choice but to kill themselves in shame? Just what level had Long Chen’s craziness reached?!

“The Huo family is very powerful. In truth…” Fang Mingyuan tried to persuade Long Chen to give up this thought.

But Long Chen shook his head. “Family head Fang, this is something I must do. That Hua Biluo is someone who helped me at a critical moment. If I can’t save her, then I wouldn’t be a man. If you refuse to help, I can only think of some other way tomorrow. I won’t just watch as she is humiliated.

“It seems my only choice is to capture Huo Wufang as fast as possible and use his life to exchange for Hua Biluo’s safety. But even if I succeed in that, it would expose my identity, and I would no longer be able to participate in the Pill Emperor Competition. I also won’t be able to kill Huo Wufang, so he will easily take first place. As for what will happen later, I’m sure there’s no need for me to explain.”

Fang Mingyuan sighed. “Long Chen, you are forcing me!”

“Isn’t that because I have no other choice? Helping me is also helping your Fang family. Furthermore, I can promise you that if I attend the finals, Huo Wufang will definitely be suppressed.” Long Chen tossed out another enticement.

“Do you really have that confidence?” Fang Mingyuan’s eyes brightened.

“I, Long Chen, never speak any empty words.”

These words were a bit arrogant, but they were even more moving than a thousand promises to Fang Mingyuan. He hesitated for a moment before clenching his teeth, saying, “Alright, since you have such confidence, I’ll bet everything on you!”

“Haha, don’t worry. I guarantee you will make back your investment. Let’s discuss what will happen tomorrow…” Long Chen began to explain his plan.

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