Chapter 678 Perfect Timing

His long hair fluttered in the air, and the flames around him continuously burned. Long Chen seemed just like a flame god. The instant Long Chen destroyed those Heavenly Dao runes, it felt like time slowed down.

Personally seeing a Celestial be killed by Long San completely stupefied everyone. A Celestial had disappeared in front of them just like that.

A new flame spear appeared in Long Chen’s hand, and he pointed it at Huo Wufang. “Contemptible brat, do you dare fight?”

“Do you dare fight?”

“Do you dare fight...?”

Long Chen’s shout echoed throughout the silent mountain valley. That voice caused everyone to tremble. They had been completely suppressed by Long Chen’s unrivaled imposingness.

The leftover aura from killing the Celestial was still present on Long Chen. His powerful will caused heaven and earth to shiver. It made it so no one could form an urge to fight against him.

Holding his spear, with his aura surging out of him, Long Chen made everyone speechless. Huo Wufang’s expression darkened while the other Corrupt Celestial by his side was trembling inside. He was actually too afraid to fight Long Chen.

The elder hidden in the crowd smiled and then silently disappeared.

 Xiao Die was filled with delight. Long Chen gave people an extremely trustworthy feeling, as if anything could be given to him to handle.

“We’re going.” Huo Wufang was furious, but he still decided to bring his people away. From start to finish, all he had done was embarrass himself. Now that this Celestial had been killed, Huo Wufang had already lost all his face.

“Huo Wufang!” Long Chen suddenly appeared in front of him. “I know that this was all your dirty little plan. To dare touch my woman, you really are looking to die. I, Long San, don’t have anything except my own life. If you want to play, then I’ll accompany you. But let me warn you, if you once more touch my woman, I will make you regret ever being born in this world.”

“Long San, are you threatening me?!” raged Huo Wufang.

“You’re wrong. I never threaten anyone. I am someone who gets things done, someone who does whatever he wants to do. If you are a real man, then don’t hide behind your schemes. I hear you once dared to face Long Chen. Could it be that after being beaten half-dead by Long Chen, your guts have shrunk and you don’t dare face people head-on anymore?” sneered Long Chen.


Huo Wufang’s aura suddenly erupted, the ground beneath his feet trembling. A terrifying pressure rose as if an ancient beast was awakening within Huo Wufang’s body.

Long Chen’s heart shook. In that instant, he felt an extremely dangerous sensation. Something was definitely off with Huo Wufang. Long Chen hastily retreated a few steps and readied himself.

“Wufang, you child, how can you get angry so easily? If you get angry even from an ant’s provocation, how will you ever accomplish anything in the future?”

Suddenly, a cold shout rang out and Huo Changsheng appeared.

“Child knows his mistake,” Huo Wufang hastily said.

“Let’s go. Your world won’t be limited to this place. The opponents here are just stepping stones for you. Your target is a much vaster sky.”

Huo Changsheng didn’t even look at Long Chen. He brought their people away just like that. Everyone was startled. Huo Changsheng had actually long since arrived but had just been watching in secret.

Long Chen was also startled. Huo Wufang was someone Long Chen had been able to play with like a child back in the Jiuli secret realm.

But just now, he had felt a chill. That was a feeling the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art would only give him when there was a danger to his life.

“Just what happened to Huo Wufang for him to give me such a dangerous feeling?” wondered Long Chen.

It seemed he had been a bit careless. Huo Wufang had completely changed. But it seemed he didn’t want to release his true strength.

“Long San, you are amazing! Even a Celestial can be killed by you!” At this time, Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo also came over. They almost prostrated themselves toward Long Chen in admiration. In fact, it was almost a kind of worship.

His alchemy skills were incredible, and his combat abilities were also terrifying. He was a monster; there was no way he was human!

“Sorry, in the Secret Tome Pavilion, I…” apologized Long Chen.

“No need to apologize. You’re a member of our Pill Tower. You can learn whatever you want. If others want to fart about it, just let them. Furthermore, any disciple who joins the Pill Tower can enter the Secret Tome Pavilion once a month, and you’ve only entered once. We didn’t break any rules.

“And about that… Long San, are you sure you’re human? To have learned this much from entering the Secret Tome Pavilion once, are you sure you aren’t a monster?” asked Chai Liehuo.

“Alright, don’t spout nonsense. This isn’t the place to talk. Let’s go back. Lady Xiao Die, I’ve already sent someone to buy you from the House of Pleasures. You’ll be your own person in the future,” said Fang Chang.

“Brother Fang… really, thank you,” said Long Chen. In truth, Long Chen knew that this was just his way of pulling him onto his side even more.

“No need to thank me. Brother Chai and I might be junior masters of our families, but we actually get very little income. It can’t even make up for a month of Huo Wufang’s expenses. This bill is something my family’s old man paid for,” said Fang Chang.

Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo were both treated extremely strictly by their families. They had to make their own money through refining pills.

Alchemy was one of the greatest money-making tools in the world. But the two of them had it different. Their families’ goal was to temper them. They only allowed them to make money off refining extremely difficult pills with high odds of failure.

Sometimes they might spend a month refining without earning a single copper coin. In fact, they would even owe money for the ingredients. It was only in the past few years that their alchemy had improved enough that they managed to repay their debt and get some savings.

Long Chen approved of this method. At the very least, the two of them didn’t have the same vile habits as Huo Wufang. The feeling they gave others was completely different.

“I’ll have to thank him.” Long Chen smiled. This matter was now over. Long Chen pulled Xiao Die back with him to the Fang family.

The Fang family head was truly worthy of being a leader. He directly made a large courtyard available for Long Chen and Xiao Die. They had a large house with their own servants.

Long Chen’s relationship with the Fang and Chai families had grown even more intimate now. Now they no longer called him the same thing. Instead, they called him junior master Long, a name on the same level as Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo.

First master Chai, second master Fang, and third master Long. Now their three names rang throughout Pill Yang Prefecture.

A large disturbance erupted on the day Long Chen killed the Celestial. However, while the Corrupt path might feel fine abusing the Righteous path, they didn’t dare to do anything to the Pill Tower.

Later that evening, the Fang family held a grand feast as a celebration. Fang Mingyuan was growing more and more pleased with Long San.

But after that feast, Fang Mingyuan told Long Chen he should focus on alchemy. Although he didn’t say it directly, his meaning was very obvious. He didn’t want Long Chen wasting his energy on Xiao Die. If a problem occurred during the finals because of that, it really would be a joke.

Long Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But he immediately patted his chest and guaranteed he wouldn’t do such a thing before the finals.

That satisfied Fang Mingyuan. To be so sensible at such a young age and to possess such shocking abilities but still be low-key was truly rare.

When the social niceties were finally over, Long Chen returned to his residence. Xiao Die was already there, but her expression was a bit unnatural from nervousness.

Long Chen smiled slightly. Perhaps Xiao Die had misunderstood. “Xiao Die, I’ve refined the pills already. They’re in this ring. Do you need to use a transportation formation to leave or do you have another method?”

Hearing that Long Chen had prepared the pills this quickly delighted Xiao Die. “I don’t need a transportation formation. We have our own secret technique. As long as I activate it, I’ll immediately be sent away.”

Long Chen handed the spatial ring to her. “Then you should leave quickly. Remember to tell Xiaoqian that I… um… just tell her that I miss her.”

“Thank you, brother Long. I’ll definitely pass on your words.”

Xiao Die quickly took out a dozen strange bones. Those bones had mysterious carvings on them that possessed powerful spatial strength.

“Will this be sensed by others?” asked Long Chen.

“No. Our original devil race’s secret technique causes almost no spatial fluctuations. The people outside this room won’t be able to sense a thing.”


The bones began to glow. Xiao Die was enveloped by a gentle light, and then her body slowly faded.

“Brother Long, thank you for everything. Goodbye.” Xiao Die waved all the way until she completely disappeared.

The bones disintegrated, turning into a fine powder.

“Xiao Die’s gone now. I’ll have to think of an excuse.” Long Chen rubbed his chin, thinking. Suddenly, he felt almost ten powerful auras creeping into his courtyard.

“Damn, what perfect timing!” Long Chen smiled with delight.

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