Chapter 677 Nirvana Scripture vs. Cry of the Heavenly Daos


A thunderous explosion shook heaven and earth. Long Chen’s flame spear collided head-on with the Celestial’s sword.

Astral winds and raging flames erupted in every direction. The spectators were all horrified and hastily retreated.

This was too appalling. They had never seen an alchemist able to go head-on against a terrifying Celestial.

As for Long Chen, he was still standing in the center of the flame and wind. With raging flames surrounding him, he appeared indescribably domineering.

The Corrupt Celestial in front of him was filled with shock. In terms of strength, this alchemist in front of him actually suppressed him.

Currently, their weapons were still interlocked, their auras continuing to rise. The wind around the Celestial grew fiercer, and the flames around Long Chen grew taller.

BOOM! The land trembled as Long Chen was sent flying by a terrifying force. Everyone was startled. They saw a sea of runes had appeared around the Celestial, one that caused a resonance with heaven and earth.

“He actually had to summon his Cry of the Heavenly Daos?!”

The distant spectators were shocked. The Cry of the Heavenly Daos was the strongest trump card for Celestials. In other words, by using this move, it signified he didn’t have any assurance of defeating Long San without his full strength.

“You can die now!” With a furious roar, the endless Heavenly Dao runes behind the Celestial surged, causing the world to darken. His sword slashed toward Long Chen.

“Should we go? Long San probably won’t be able to block this,” said Chai Liehuo. Now that even the Cry of the Heavenly Daos had appeared, there was no need for this fight to continue. Long San had already displayed enough power. After all, he was an alchemist, not a martial artist. The power he had displayed was already shocking enough.

If this continued, his defeat was undoubted. If the two of them joined hands with him, then although they wouldn’t be able to defeat a Celestial, it would at least make him afraid of injuring them.

“Let’s just watch. This monster Long San has his own methods. We just have to be prepared if he can’t handle it,” said Fang Chang.

BOOM! The Celestial’s sword slashed down. Long Chen flashed to the side, dodging.

As a result, an immense ditch was carved into the ground. It was unknown just how many miles it extended.

Long Chen became filled with battle intent. He had heard that alchemists had endless fighting potential. He wanted to see just how strong an alchemist could be.

Suddenly, a crackling sound filled the air. The flames around Long Chen had only been three meters tall before, but now they instantly grew to ten times that size, and even the space around him seemed to be burning.

“What?!” Fang Chang, Chai Liehuo, and even the distant Huo Wufang all let out a startled cry.

Long Chen was immersed in endless flames. Countless runes were revolving around him, and a terrifying pressure erupted, one that made their souls tremble. As those runes revolved, chanting filled the air.

An old man in a conical hat was standing in the crowd. Seeing those runes around Long Chen, a touch of shock appeared in his eyes. But then he smiled. “Interesting. My trip to the Eastern Wasteland wasn’t wasted.”

“This is the Nirvana Scripture! How can you use it?!” roared Huo Wufang.

The Nirvana Scripture was a technique that possessed no inheritor in the Pill Tower. It involved extremely profound mysteries of Pill Flame, and up until now, no one in the entire Pill Tower had been able to comprehend it.

The Nirvana Scripture was not necessarily a secret technique in the Pill Tower. Any disciples who had reached the Pill Emperor rank was able to read it.

But in all the history of the Pill Tower, there were pitifully few people who had been able to comprehend it. No one had done so in the last three thousand years.

Although it was something no one currently comprehended, it was still one of the Pill Tower’s highest core techniques. The Nirvana Scripture’s name was something everyone knew.

This technique had no diagrams, no characters, and no annotations to explain it. The only things written in the technique were some strange runes.

As for the runes revolving around Long Chen, they were precisely the runes of the Nirvana Scripture. So everyone recognized it.

“Long San comprehended the Nirvana Scripture? That’s… monstrous.” Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo felt like all the shock for their lifetimes had been used up on Long San. There was no more shock to be found.

“The Nirvana Scripture is said to be endlessly powerful. It’s unknown whether or not it can resist the Cry of the Heavenly Daos,” said Chai Liehuo.


As the spectators spoke, the fighters clashed. Long Chen’s Nirvana Scripture and the Corrupt Celestial’s Cry of the Heavenly Daos collided. The manifestation of the Heavenly Daos raged and clashed with the flame runes. 

These two runic seas crashed on each other continuously. Everyone’s expressions changed. This level of power had already surpassed their imaginations.

BOOM! With a final intense collision, the two runic seas parted. Long Chen and the Celestial fell back hundreds of meters. Neither of them had taken an advantage in this exchange.

“The Nirvana Scripture is so powerful. It’s actually able to resist the Cry of the Heavenly Daos. Long San is truly heaven-defying.”

The spectators were shaken. This was their first time seeing someone capable of resisting a Celestial’s Cry of the Heavenly Daos.

“This Long San is just like that legendary Long Chen. He’s clearly not a Celestial, but he’s still able to suppress Celestials,” said someone.

“Huo Wufang really is unlucky. I heard that last time when he tried to target Long Chen, Long Chen took half of his life. If the Huo family hadn’t brought out their wealth, he would already be dead. Now he’s fighting for the Pill Emperor Competition’s first place, and this Long San appears. Could it be that the Huo family is fated to be restrained by people surnamed Long?” sighed someone.

Huo Wufang finally couldn’t hold back and shouted, “Long San, you aren’t the Pill Tower’s disciple, but you actually dared to secretly learn the Pill Tower’s divine technique!”

Fang Chang interrupted, “You’re wrong. The first day Long San met me, he promised to join the Pill Tower. The formalities are being personally taken care of by junior master Chai. How can you say he’s not a disciple of the Pill Tower?”

“Correct, I’m in charge of handling this. If there are any problems, you can come to find me,” said Chai Liehuo.

“You two…!” Huo Wufang was about to explode. These two fellows were constantly using their authority to give Long San benefits, but he was helpless to do anything about it.

Long Chen ignored the words from the outside. He had already become a member of the Fang and Chai families. No matter what happened, the two families would protect him. He didn’t need to conceal anything.

However, it was truly curious. When he had seen the Nirvana Scripture, Long Chen had jumped in shock. The runes in the scripture gave him a very familiar feeling.

Just with a glance, the profundities contained in those runes poured into his mind, and he had instantly comprehended it.

Long Chen had only taken a few breaths’ time to learn the Nirvana Scripture. He even felt like he had already learned the technique before, but had forgotten it. Now that he displayed the technique, that feeling of familiarity increased. Long Chen suspected that the Nirvana Scripture was related to the Pill Sovereign memories.

But now wasn’t the time to think about that. The fact that the Nirvana Scripture could resist the suppression of the Cry of the Heavenly Daos made Long Chen incomparably delighted.

Previously, he had always been worried that without the divine ring, he wouldn’t be able to fight a Celestial. But now he no longer had that worry.

With a cold cry, he raised his flame spear. And like a phoenix coming out of the flames, he shot toward the Celestial.

The Celestial was shocked. He had never dreamed that the Cry of the Heavenly Daos, which had never failed him, would actually be suppressed.

Seeing Long Chen charging at him with a chilling killing intent, a trace of fear entered his heart. He hastily slashed his sword at Long Chen.

Their endless runes collided once more. Each one of their exchanges shook the land. This chaotic power caused everyone to tremble.

“I’ve pretty much gotten used to it.” The two of them fought for an hour before Long Chen felt that it was enough. Gripping the flame spear with both hands, he suddenly attacked with his full strength. 

Long Chen might be unrivaled when it came to alchemy, but he was still a novice at fighting with his Pill Flame. He might be confident in his control over his Pill Flame, but magical arts were extremely profound. Even with the assistance of the Pill Sovereign memories, Long Chen had still needed some time to get used to it.

That was especially true when it came to using flame weapons. They didn’t have any weight on their own, but through his Spiritual Strength, he could adjust the runic energy within the weapon. He could make his weapon as light as a feather or as heavy as a mountain.

This entire time, Long Chen had just been practicing and figuring out how to use this kind of weapon to his advantage. Although the fight had seemed intense, he hadn’t used any true killing blows. Now he was done with that.

BOOM! With an explosive sound, a huge crater was blown into the ground, and endless waves shot out.

The Celestial had no idea that Long Chen had still been holding back so much. Caught off-guard, both his arms broke and he vomited blood. In terms of physical strength, he couldn’t compare to Long Chen.

“Heavenly Dao Recover-” The Celestial hastily tried to heal.

“I don’t have time for you to recover. Just die.”

Taking advantage of his injury, Long Chen’s flame spear once more shot forward. It smashed into the Celestial’s body, filling the air with blood.


The Heavenly Dao runes had only just begun to scatter when Long Chen’s flame spear became a sphere that exploded in the air, disintegrating those runes. The entire crowd was deathly silent.

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