Chapter 676 Blaze Eruption Art

“What happened?”

“Three days ago, we set you up with their top beauty. But as a result, a Corrupt Celestial asked for her to accompany him in a drink today. However, she refused. Those bastards actually forcibly snatched her away. They even said that if you, Long San, want your woman, you have to take a trip to the west of the city,” said Chai Liehuo through clenched teeth.

When they had received this news, they had immediately rushed to the House of Pleasures. But they had still been too late.

They didn’t care about that woman. But she had had relations with Long San, and so she could count as Long San’s woman.

If she had willingly gone to accompany them, then they wouldn’t have said anything. But to forcibly take her away was a slap in Long San’s face.

They had received this news from their own intimate partners, but by the time they had gotten there, she had already been taken away. That was why they had now come here to find Long San.

“It was obviously done by that Celestial idiot from the other day. Let’s go. If I let him live to see tomorrow’s sun, I won’t be surnamed Long.” Long Chen immediately rushed off.

“Long San, calm down! This is clearly a trap!” Fang Chang hastily caught up.

“Any traps are useless in front of absolute strength. You two only have to cheer for me. I’ll handle it.” Long Chen was filled with killing intent. Xiao Die was playing the role of an ordinary Xiantian woman. In front of a powerful Celestial, she had no chance.

If she really resisted, it would expose her racial mark. Then it would be extremely troublesome. Death would become something exceedingly luxurious.

Even if you used your butt to think, it would be obvious that this was something Huo Wufang had controlled from behind the scenes. As expected, the scene might change, but people didn’t.

Long Chen had let him off with his life in the Jiuli secret realm. He had only been recovered for such a short time, but he had once more placed his sights on his people. Good, very good!

Seeing Long San had his own cards up his sleeve, Fang Chang didn’t stop him. After all, they were all men, and they could understand his emotions. He summoned a Magical Beast, and the three of them rushed off.

To the west of Pill Yang City, there was a wilderness. A bit further from that was a gully between two mountains. 

Thousands of experts had gathered there, watching a group of people from a distance. That group of people was only comprised of just over ten people, but their leader was Huo Wufang.

Huo Wufang was sitting, and there was a bed not far from him. On that bed was a beautiful woman who had been tightly bound. It was a pale-faced Xiao Die.

A man from the Corrupt path was standing in front of the bed, looking avariciously at Xiao Die. This was the Celestial that Long Chen had half-killed in the House of Pleasures back then. He sinisterly laughed, “Long San’s woman? Hehe, that short-lived brat has such luck with women. Today, I’ll play with his woman in front of everyone, haha-”

Suddenly, the sky darkened as a huge flying Magical Beast appeared in the sky. At the same time, an icy voice rang out, “You dare place your sights on my, Long San’s, woman? Good, in a bit, I want to see just how big your guts are.” 

Long Chen jumped off the Magical Beast. Seeing how Xiao Die was bound to the bed, his blood began to boil.

His arrival caused startled cries amongst the distant spectators. Their kidnapping of Xiao Die from the House of Pleasures had caused a ruckus that made it so that many people were aware of it. They all knew this matter was not so simple.

Huo Wufang smiled coldly upon seeing Long Chen. Everything was under his control.

Xiao Die was filled with terror, but she didn’t dare to struggle. With her strength, there was no way for her to face a Celestial. All fighting would do was expose her status.

She wasn’t afraid of death, but she was afraid that once she was dead, these people would imprison her soul and search through her memories. Then even ten thousand deaths wouldn’t be enough to absolve her guilt.

Seeing Long Chen arrive, for some unknown reason, Xiao Die suddenly became calm. It was like that figure could give her endless comfort.

“Haha, Long San, you actually came. Excellent. Do you want your woman? Fight me! If you win, you can bring this woman away,” laughed the Celestial.

Long Chen ignored him and began walking directly to Xiao Die, as if he didn’t even see him.

“Brat, you really are arrogant!”

Seeing Long Chen ignore him, the Celestial was enraged, especially when he thought of how Long Chen had humiliated him. His killing intent erupted, and he appeared in front of Long Chen in an instant, punching him with his full strength. This time he was smarter and aware of how strong Long Chen’s physical body was. His spiritual yuan caused the space around him to shudder. 

His fist ended up smashing into Long Chen’s body. But everyone was shocked to find that it had just been an afterimage.

“What?!” The Celestial hastily turned to see that Long Chen had used some sort of unknown technique to appear on top of the bed. Flames covered his hand, and using it as a blade, the tough beast tendons were all severed. Xiao Die jumped up and hugged Long Chen.


Xiao Die had only just opened her mouth when Long Chen hastily gave her a kiss on the lips. If she ended up calling out Long Chen in her excitement, then it would be over for them.

Xiao Die trembled upon being kissed. Long Chen gently stroked her hair and said, “Leave this to me.”

Xiao Die blushed, immediately understanding her mistake. She obediently nodded as Long Chen pulled her off the bed, still not looking at the Celestial. He walked off as if that guy didn’t exist.

“Die!” The Celestial roared furiously, suddenly unsheathing his sword. A bitterly cold Sword Qi slashed down on Long Chen. This attack was filled with killing intent, and it locked down Long Chen so he couldn't dodge. This attack’s goal was to kill Long Chen along with Xiao Die.

Long Chen smiled icily. A flame spear appeared in his hand.


The land trembled, and everyone’s eardrums shook from the explosive sound. Everyone’s expressions changed. Such a collision could essentially kill any Xiantian alchemist instantly.


When the dust settled, it revealed Long Chen. Countless runes revolved within his flame spear, incinerating the air. However, Xiao Die had disappeared. People hastily looked around to see that Xiao Die was already by Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang’s side. She had been sent out in an instant by Long Chen just now.

Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang were both nervous. They regretted bringing Long San here. To do all this for a woman was not worth it.

But after interacting with Long San for so long, they were aware that his character was just this straightforward. Such a person would not tolerate being deceived. If they tried to trick him, Long San would very likely turn hostile toward them.

But for an alchemist to go against a Celestial? Their hearts rose into their throats.

Xiao Die was also nervous. She had no knowledge of Long Chen’s strength. She only knew his name from Yue Xiaoqian.

Now, Long Chen was willing to fight a Celestial for her. She couldn’t help being moved. In all these years, the people in the outside world were enemies. She had never had an outsider treat her so well.

Long Chen pointed his flame spear at the Celestial and icily said, “Idiot, do you know why I let you off last time? It’s because since I can crush you once, I can crush you twice. Seeing you’re unconvinced, I’ll give you a display so you understand just how terrifying an alchemist is.”


Suddenly, endless flames began to rage around Long Chen’s body. It was as if he had changed into a flame god, and a terrifying heat came from him.

“This… this is the Blaze Eruption Art! Long San was actually able to train in such a berserk Pill Flame magical art!” Fang Chang was shocked.

It wasn’t just Fang Chang. Every alchemist present was shocked. That Blaze Eruption Art was an extremely berserk magical art for alchemists.

Through the suppression of soul energy, a person’s Pill Flame would be transformed into the most berserk and chaotic attacking flame. It was completely different than the flame used when refining. It was a destructive flame whose only goal was to burn this world to nothing.

The Blaze Eruption Art was something that, in principle, anyone at the Pill Emperor rank and above could use it. But in reality, only Pill Ancestors had reached the necessary level of control. A Pill Emperor’s Spiritual Strength was not enough to cause the transformation of the Pill Flame.

Even Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo, whose families had gone all-out to groom them, would only barely be able to use this ability. But its power would be limited, and it wasn’t suitable for battle.

But Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was as vast as an ocean, and with it, he could use the Blaze Eruption Art at its optimal level, causing everyone to be shocked.

In that instant, Long Chen’s aura became chaotic and berserk. It was like a sheep had suddenly become a terrifying Magical Beast.

Feeling the change in this Pill Flame, Long Chen snorted coldly inside. Since he couldn’t use his own strength, then he would just use an alchemist’s strength.

“Die!” Long Chen roared, his voice like thunder. He had already turned into a blazing shooting star, shooting at the Celestial. At the same time, his flame spear released an ear-piercing boom as it pierced forward.

The Celestial’s expression immediately changed. He sensed endless pressure from Long Chen. A blood-colored mark lit up on his forehead, and his Blood Qi soared. An image appeared behind him.

That was an image of countless souls struggling. It was even possible to hear their mournful howls, like the sound of ghosts wailing for lives, a sound that made a person’s blood turn cold.

With a cold snort, the Celestial’s sword slashed down. In that instant, the image behind him disappeared, and the souls reappeared around his sword as he slashed it toward Long Chen.

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