Chapter 675 News of Yue Xiaoqian

Long Chen hastily pulled her up. “What happened with Xiaoqian?”

“The sacred daughter received a backlash while cultivating the Heavenly Devil Heart Grand Technique. Her soul was damaged, and she needs a precious medicine known as the Heaven Netherworld Soul Replenishment Roots. But our Skyscraping World doesn’t have that medicine.

“Furthermore, even in the outside world, this kind of medicine has almost gone extinct. The sacred daughter’s situation is something the entire race is helpless about. We… we…”

She suddenly paused. It was Long Chen who continued, “You are all viewed as enemies of the world and unable to walk freely. You don’t dare publicly search for it.”

As Long Chen’s cultivation base increased, he had gradually managed to come into contact with some ancient tomes. It was said that there was an extremely powerful race in this world that was called the original Devil race.

They were a bunch of fiends intended to overturn the entire world and exterminate all life. But in the ancient era, they were defeated by human’s experts and almost exterminated. However, some dregs continued to live in the cracks of this world. They were viewed as enemies of the entire world.

When he read this, Long Chen had snorted disdainfully. Intended to overturn the world? It would have been best if they had succeeded. He didn’t like this idiot world the slightest bit.

So even after knowing Yue Xiaoqian came from the Devil race, his feelings toward her hadn’t changed in the slightest. He also felt more favorable toward her race.

The woman was relieved to see Long Chen was still going to help despite knowing about the original Devil race. “That’s not all. Our original Devil race is cursed by this world. Here we will be exterminated by heavenly tribulation. If we want to come here, we have to use devil cores and refine them into special pendants that can conceal our aura from the Heavenly Daos.

“Last time, the sacred daughter secretly slipped away to gain experience, and she brought back tens of thousands of those cores. With these cores, our original Devil race can enter this world. As long as we don’t release our full strength, which would reveal the mark on our foreheads, people won’t be able to recognize us.

“This time, many of us have been sent out to search for the Heaven Netherworld Soul Replenishment Roots, but devil cores can only conceal the auras of Xiantian experts and below. It does not affect Sea Expansion experts.

“Without the support of those stronger experts, there’s no way we can take such medicine by force. That’s why I came up with the plan to get rid of the woman that was living here and take her place. I pretended to be her, hoping that I could subdue one of the three great families’ junior masters, all so that I can obtain the Heaven Netherworld Soul Replenishing Roots.”

Her face suddenly began to change. She didn’t move, but she transformed into a completely different person, one who was even more beautiful and moving.

“This is our race’s innate skill. We can change our appearance at will,” she explained upon seeing Long Chen’s shock.

“Are all your Devil race’s women so beautiful?” asked Long Chen.

“Hehe, haven’t you already seen the most beautiful one? The sacred daughter is publicly acclaimed as our Devil race’s number one beauty,” she laughed.

Long Chen nodded. Yue Xiaoqian’s face had truly reached a flawless level. That was especially true of her charm which seemed to exude from deep within her. It was a beauty that could not be refused, one that could steal away a person’s soul.

“There’s no need for you to go looking for the Heaven Netherworld Soul Replenishing Roots. I have some here,” said Long Chen. That was a sixth tier medicinal ingredient, and with Long Chen’s character, how could he have not have prepared it?

“Really? Excellent! Then the sacred daughter won’t have to suffer the pain of her soul being devoured anymore,” cried the woman. Tears streamed out of her eyes.

“Does your Devil race have any alchemists that can refine the medicine for you?”

“No. We are cursed by the world and only possess our core energy. None of the elemental energy in the world can be used by us.”

“This world really must be sick.” Long Chen shook his head, feeling sympathy for them.

Yue Xiaoqian’s entire race was cursed. But Long Chen wasn’t cursed, and yet the Heavenly Daos always wanted his life.

“If the Heaven Netherworld Soul Replenishing Roots were to be consumed on their own, they wouldn’t have that great of an effect and would act very slowly. I’ll refine a few medicinal pills that will cure Xiaoqian for you to bring back. Oh, and another thing, if you trust me, let me examine your body,” said Long Chen.

She blushed but she nodded. “Of course I trust senior apprentice-brother Long Chen. Xiao Die will listen to your instructions.”

“Hey, wait! I don’t need you to take off your clothes for the examination. Just let my spiritual yuan circulate through your body for a moment.” Long Chen hastily waved his hand.

He placed his arm on her back. His spiritual yuan flowed into her. He had to learn more about the Devil race’s cultivation method to be able to help Yue Xiaoqian better.

As he examined her body, Long Chen was shocked to find that there was a strange energy in Xiao Die’s Dantian. This was an energy Long Chen had never seen before.

It was not spiritual qi, and it was not spiritual yuan. It was completely different from any other energy in this world.

“That is our core energy. It’s completely different from the energy that you cultivate,” explained Xiao Die.

Long Chen nodded, and going through her body structure, he gained a fundamental understanding of her spiritual fluctuation. Other than that core energy being different, everything else was similar to a human. There would be no problem consuming a medicinal pill.

“You should rest and take care of yourself for the next few days. I’ll add a few ingredients to refine the Heavenly Star Soul Replenishing Pill and also refine a few other pills for you to bring to Yue Xiaoqian.”

After saying that, Long Chen directly returned to the Fang family. Entering a private room, he locked the door and hastily took out the ingredients for the Heavenly Star Soul Replenishing Pill.

This was a sixth tier pill, and its difficulty was middling for its tier. It was still a bit difficult for the current Long Chen to refine it.

But that was fine. With the assistance of an Earth Flame, it was no problem. Currently, Huo Long was looking after a group of beast flames and rapidly growing.

Now that Long Chen summoned it to refine pills, it was like adding wings to a tiger. Because Long Chen’s mind was connected to Huo Long’s, their cooperation was seamless.

BANG! Less than six hours later, a furnace of Heavenly Star Soul Replenishing Pills was completed. Other than one eight-ring pill, the rest all had nine rings.

“How regretful. The medicinal ingredients don’t possess enough spirituality, or with Huo Long’s strength, I could even refine top grade pills,” sighed Long Chen.

With Huo Long’s assistance, Long Chen’s refinement had been extremely relaxed and easy. Most importantly, Huo Long possessed its own spirit. The second time, Long Chen didn’t even need to control it. Huo Long was able to refine on its own, causing Long Chen to be incomparably excited.

“Huo Long, try it by yourself.” Long Chen directly stopped doing anything at all. Huo Long turned into a three-meter-long flame dragon and wrapped around the pill furnace. The flame control was exactly the same as when he had controlled it.

BANG! When the furnace lid popped open, Long Chen saw that they all had seven rings. Although it wasn’t the same level as when he had refined them personally, this was already shocking enough.

“Huo Long, you really are amazing.” Long Chen laughed. Having obtained this praise, Huo Long excitedly wrapped around Long Chen’s body.

“Haha, you can actually control the temperature on your own. In the future, you can help me refine pills when you’re bored.” Long Chen gently rubbed Huo Long’s head, filled with delight. Now he had a truly reliable helper. “Help me refine pills in the primal chaos space. I have some other things I have to do.”

Long Chen placed Huo Long, the pill furnace, and the medicinal ingredients into the primal chaos space. Now he would have a steady supply of pills even without doing anything.

“Xiao Die said that Yue Xiaoqian has also reached the late Xiantian realm. I should refine her a few Bloodfiend Sea Expansion pills.” Long Chen suddenly took out a fist-sized, blood-colored fruit. That was the Bloodfiend Vermillion Fruit.

But it was not the same fruit that he had obtained in the chaos region. That one had been turned into a seed and given birth to a large tree filled with such fruits. It went without saying that the primal chaos space was too heaven-defying. No matter what seed it was, no matter what kind of living environment the plant needed, it would grow rapidly.

Currently, there were seven medicinal fields near the center of the primal chaos space. Those corresponded to first tier to seventh tier ingredients.

Although first tier ingredients weren’t very useful, there were some higher tier medicinal pills that required the assistance of some low tier ingredients to neutralize certain medicinal properties.

An incense stick’s worth of time later, there were now over a hundred freshly-picked medicinal ingredients around Long Chen. Such fresh ingredients contained the densest energy.

Long Chen called Huo Long out of the primal chaos space to refine these ingredients to powder, and then began refining the Bloodfiend Sea Expansion Pill.

This was also a sixth tier pill, but it was the peak of mid sixth tier pill. It was extremely difficult. Even with Long Chen’s abilities, he failed at the final moments of the refinement in his first try.

But he didn’t get discouraged. He had as many ingredients as he needed. Without even taking a break, he tried again. That was the confidence that came with being a pro.

The second time, he succeeded but it was not ideal. Out of nine pills, two of them were trash, three had no rings, and out of the remaining four, the best one only had three rings.

“It really is worthy of being the peak of mid sixth tier pills. This level of difficulty is truly abnormal,” muttered Long Chen before continuing to practice his refinement. After seven tries, he finally refined a nine-ring Heavenly Star Soul Replenishment Pill.

This nine-ring pill was for Yue Xiaoqian, and the other fifty-something pills would be given to Xiao Die for others.

As for his own people, there was no rush. Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength grew with his cultivation base. And the stronger his Spiritual Strength, the higher quality the pills he could refine.

Furthermore, the Dragonblood Legion was still at the early Xiantian realm, and there was still quite a bit of time before they attacked the Sea Expansion realm. 

After tidying up, Long Chen left the room. Only then did he realize he had spent two days refining pills. It was already noon on the third day. He hastily rushed toward the House of Pleasures.

But he had only just left his residence when he saw a gloomy-faced Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo.

Fang Chang said, “Long San, something’s happened.”

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