Chapter 674 Same Race as an Old Friend

“I want a stalk of Heavenly Star Dragon Saliva Grass. As long as you can take that out, I’ll immediately release this person,” said Long Chen.

In the medicinal ingredient repository, Long Chen had clearly seen a spot for the Heavenly Star Dragon Saliva Grass. But that space had been empty.

It was later when he asked around that he learned the Pill Tower had had this ingredient half a year ago. But it had been taken away by the Huo family.

It was unknown whether or not the Huo family still had any left, but Long Chen wanted to try it.

“Fine, I’ll get someone to bring it immediately.” Huo Wufang took out a badge and whispered a few things to one of his subordinates. That person immediately rushed off.

“Fuck, the Huo family really is intolerable! Last time, they took all ten stalks of the Heavenly Star Dragon Saliva Grass with the excuse that another Pill Tower urgently needed it. But it was all a lie! Not only do they bribe others with pills, but they even pull tricks with medicinal ingredients! If it wasn’t for Long San, we still wouldn’t know we had been deceived!” raged Chai Liehuo.

He suddenly recalled that the Huo family would often find excuses to take ingredients from the storagehouse. The Chai family was only in charge of keeping track, and everything always had to be accounted for. But he hadn’t expected the Huo family would actually dare do something like this.

Now Long Chen had exposed them. These fellows had definitely colluded with the ones in charge of accounting, or they wouldn’t dare to be so obviously corrupt.

“Long San, why would you want a Heavenly Star Dragon Saliva Grass? Although it’s precious, Pill Valley will send us a bit to make up for what we used. Why didn’t you ask for something else? Their Huo family has the money,” said Chai Liehuo.

He had no idea that this Heavenly Star Dragon Saliva Grass was more precious than anything else to Long Chen. He wouldn’t exchange it for any other treasure.

“I just made something up. I figured that if it wasn’t in the medicinal ingredient repository, they wouldn’t have it either. I was trying to make things hard on them. Who would have thought that they actually had it? And now that I’ve already said it, I can’t just change my demands, or that would make me lose face,” explained Long Chen perfectly.

“True, true. Tch, we really let this bastard off easy,” said Fang Chang hatefully. He was unhappy at not being able to give Huo Wufang a vicious blow this time.

Less than an incense stick’s worth of time later, the person Huo Wufang had sent had returned. There was a jade case in his hand with the width of a palm and two feet long.

Huo Wufang directly threw the case to Long Chen. “You have your demand. Now release him.”

Long Chen didn’t need to open the case. With just his divine sense, he could see something similar to a sword lily, and there were seven drop-like fruits on it. This was definitely the Heavenly Star Dragon Saliva Grass.

Even with his calm, having obtained this, his heart involuntarily pounded. His ultimate goal in coming to the Pill Tower had been achieved.

With this, he could condense the Enlightenment Palace Star. With four stars, who would be able to fight against him?

“Don’t worry, I’m not someone untrustworthy.” Long Chen brought the Heavenly Star Dragon Saliva Grass into the primal chaos space and then tossed the Celestial out.

The Corrupt experts hastily went to receive him, and they gave him a healing pill.

“AH!” As soon as that person woke up, he let out a heaven-shaking roar and a terrifying pressure erupted.

“Senior apprentice-brother Yaoqi, calm down! Now isn’t the time to fight.” One of the Corrupt experts hastily held him back.

“Long San! Just wait, I will sooner or later tear your corpse into ten thousand pieces!” The Celestial pointed at Long Chen, his eyes almost spitting flames.

“If you have good stuff next time as well, then come and find me at any time!” Long Chen waved the empty case out of the window amicably.

Huo Wufang’s expression sank. This time, his plan had been ruined. These people were his guests, and he couldn’t just remain unconcerned about them. 

Once Huo Wufang and the others left, Long San, Fang Chang, and Chai Liehuo couldn’t help but laugh. Huo Wufang had wanted to give Long Chen a blow, but as a result, he had left with a vicious slap on his face. That had been all too satisfying.

After drinking for a while longer, lanterns had to be lit. Fang Chang pulled away Taohong. “Brother Long San, about that… hehe, I won’t be accompanying you. In a bit, someone will come to bring you to see your partner. Your big bro won’t disturb your fun, as I’m afraid I’ll regret it if I see it. Hehe, if I started to fight with you, that would damage our relationship.

“Having repeatedly refined pills, I have a stomach full of fire right now. For cultivation, for the great cause of alchemy, for upholding the inheritance of the Pill Tower, I’m going to release some of my fire now.”

After some righteous words, Fang Chang pulled away Taohong. As for Chai Liehuo, he just directly pulled away the girl whose name was something fickle.

“Tch, screw Chai Liehuo, damn Fang Chang. What an appropriate phrase,” Long Chen cursed inside.

The woman accompanying Long Chen left, and then two prime maidens came to invite Long Chen to another room. He could only follow them.

Although he had no intention of doing this, it wasn’t that he looked down on them. Long Chen had never been against this kind of thing anyway.

After all, gambling houses and brothels were the oldest businesses since mankind existed. The former embodied humanity’s greed, and the latter embodied humanity’s lust.

No matter what your opinion was, visiting a prostitute could at least relieve a person of their lust, and it didn’t harm anyone. It was much better than those experts who liked to go around bullying the weak. So Long Chen actually admired Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo for this. The two of them rarely used their status to bully others.

On the highest floor of the House of Pleasures, there was a grand and luxurious room. This room was large and decorated very comfortably. The main color was pink, making the atmosphere charming and gentle.

Long Chen sat on a chair in this room, thinking of how he should explain to that woman that he was an upright gentleman.

If he hadn’t changed his face, then perhaps he really could convince her of that. But his current face didn’t seem the slightest bit related to an upright gentleman. This face made it seem more like something else would be up.

Just as Long Chen was thinking, a beautiful maiden walked into the room. She was tall, almost reaching Long Chen’s nose. Her figure was both lithe and curvaceous. There really was nothing to complain about in terms of her body.

Then he looked at her face, and she was truly as beautiful as a crescent moon. Her skin was like jade, while her lips were purplish red. Her black hair fell to her waist.

Not only was she beautiful, but there was something else about her that drew people in. It was like there was a charm that came from within her that could draw in a person’s soul, making it so that a person couldn’t possibly resist.

She slowly walked over to Long Chen and reached out an arm, hooking it around Long Chen’s neck. Her body pressed into Long Chen’s, and he could even smell an intoxicating scent from her.

Long Chen didn’t have the slightest panic toward this sudden change. On the contrary, he said with a faint smile, “You are doing something very dangerous.”

The beautiful woman was surprised, but she quickly calmed down and icily said, “With your death imminent, you can still smile?”

Long Chen shook his head. “You aren’t able to kill me. If you didn’t have a familiar aura on your body, you’d already be a corpse now.”


Suddenly, Long Chen’s hand reached toward the woman’s neck. She was startled and increased her force, wanting to crush Long Chen’s neck.

But she was shocked to find that Long Chen’s neck was incomparably sturdy. It was like a dragon’s body, and she was unable to shake him. By the time she realized this, Long Chen had already latched his hand onto her neck.

At the same time, a fierce energy charged into her body, and she hastily circulated her greatest strength to resist.

Suddenly, Long Chen released his grip, allowing the woman to escape. She was dumbfounded. Just now, she had clearly felt Long Chen’s terrifying power. As long as he had desired it, her entire body would have exploded. But he had released her.

“As expected, you really are from the same race as her.” Looking at the mark on the woman’s head, a trace of warmth surfaced in Long Chen’s eyes.

Just now, Long Chen’s energy had provoked the woman into releasing her full strength. That was an instinctual release upon being invaded by foreign energy.

In that instant, Long Chen had seen a faint mark appear on her forehead. That was the Devil character. It was the same mark as the one that had appeared on Yue Xiaoqian’s forehead back then.

Yue Xiaoqian’s practically flawless face once more surfaced in Long Chen’s mind. There was also that enchanting charm of hers that could not be refused.

“Who are you?!” The woman’s expression changed completely.

“There’s no need to be nervous. I’m not your enemy. I want to ask, do you know Yue Xiaoqian?” asked Long Chen.

“How… how do you know the sacred daughter’s name?” she asked with shock.

“Sacred daughter? It’s not good to carelessly raise a person’s status with such a title. In my eyes, she was just a girl with no battle experience,” laughed Long Chen.

“Could it be… you’re Long Chen? But the sacred daughter released images of Long Chen, and he doesn’t look like you.” The woman shook her head vigilantly.

“You know me?” Long Chen was a bit surprised. Hesitating for a moment, he gently brushed his hand over his face, returning to his original appearance. “How about now?”

The woman’s eyes popped up, and she suddenly cried with delight, “You’re Long Chen, you’re really Long Chen! About before, I’m sorry…”

“It’s fine. In truth, I recognized your status as soon as you walked in.” Long Chen smiled.

“How is that possible? I planned for a long time to get in here, and I didn’t leave any clues,” she said.

“The reason I knew had nothing to do with that. The first thing is that the feeling I get from you is similar to Yue Xiaoqian. But just that wasn’t enough for me to be sure. The reason I was certain is because of that pendant on your neck.”

Long Chen pointed to her pendant. “This pendant should have a devil core sealed inside it. Back then, Yue Xiaoqian and I got so many of them that I’m already completely familiar with their aura. So with those two points, I knew you were from the same race as her. I’m very curious. If you’re viewed as villains by the entire world, why would you appear here?”

A helpless expression suddenly appeared on the woman’s face, and she actually knelt, begging, “Master Long, please help the sacred daughter.”

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