Chapter 672 House of Pleasures (Teaser)

“A low-grade brothel? What an ugly way to put it. This place is extremely high class, so don’t use such vulgar words to describe it. Others will laugh at you!” said Fang Chang hastily.

“Then what is this place?” asked Long Chen.

“It’s a place for emotions to connect with emotions, for flesh to connect with flesh, for liquid to connect with liquid,” said Chai Liehuo with a perverted expression.

Long Chen had never expected that these two grand junior masters would do such things. He couldn’t help being speechless. What was so high class about this place?

“Long San, this expression of yours is wrong. You know that we’re all youngsters. We need to occasionally release our fire. That way we’ll be able to relax. If we find women outside, we always have to have worries and it’s extremely troublesome. But this place is much better. We spend money, they make money. Both sides are willing, and most importantly…”

Chai Liehuo suddenly whispered, “Most importantly, in terms of technique, they are true experts. They can make you feel as though you’ve ascended to the heavens. We, alchemists, often play with fire. It’s easy for...

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