Chapter 672 House of Pleasures

“A low-grade brothel? What an ugly way to put it. This place is extremely high class, so don’t use such vulgar words to describe it. Others will laugh at you!” said Fang Chang hastily.

“Then what is this place?” asked Long Chen.

“It’s a place for emotions to connect with emotions, for flesh to connect with flesh, for liquid to connect with liquid,” said Chai Liehuo with a perverted expression.

Long Chen had never expected that these two grand junior masters would do such things. He couldn’t help being speechless. What was so high class about this place?

“Long San, this expression of yours is wrong. You know that we’re all youngsters. We need to occasionally release our fire. That way we’ll be able to relax. If we find women outside, we always have to have worries and it’s extremely troublesome. But this place is much better. We spend money, they make money. Both sides are willing, and most importantly…”

Chai Liehuo suddenly whispered, “Most importantly, in terms of technique, they are true experts. They can make you feel as though you’ve ascended to the heavens. We, alchemists, often play with fire. It’s easy for that to cause our own fire to flare. Plus, the last few days have been extremely tense. We’ve already set things up for the others. Today, we especially set up a peerless beauty for you. It’s said that she’s still a virgin.”

“What ghost are you trying to trick? Tell me, how is a virgin supposed to have any technique?” Long Chen was speechless.

“Why would I trick you? She really is a virgin. She hasn’t accepted any guests yet, so I won’t say anything about her technique. But her beauty, that body, just looking at it is enough to infatuate a person’s soul.

“Long San, let me tell you, don’t you dare try any nonsense with me. Your big bro spent a huge sum of money to set this up for you,” warned Fang Chang.

This newcomer was truly beautiful. She was the new top beauty of this place. The old top beauty had already been bought by the Huo family.

However, the price for this newcomer’s first time was truly beyond reason. Even Fang Chang was incredibly pained by the price. If it hadn’t been for enticing Long Chen, he wouldn’t have been willing.

“Of course, it’s also been a long time since we’ve vented. We’ve been too busy recently. We need to relax. This way, brother San will also have a companion,” encouraged Fang Chang.

Long Chen was speechless. He had Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er and Chu Yao. Which one of them wasn’t as beautiful as a fairy? Why would he come to such a place to waste his money?

But then looking at their happy and excited expressions, Long Chen could only thicken his skin and enter with them. His head was rapidly working at a way to extricate himself.

“Aiya, big brother Fang Chang, you’ve come! I’ve missed you.” As soon as they entered, a very well-rounded woman greeted them and intimately wrapped her arms around Fang Chang’s elbow.

Seeing Fang Chang exchange flirting glances with her, Long Chen immediately knew she was Fang Chang’s ‘friend’. She should have long since received news of their coming and been waiting.

The only thing that made Long Chen flabbergasted was that this woman’s aura was extremely powerful. She was actually a Xiantian expert.

What was going on? Someone actually cultivated so hard to reach the Xiantian realm just to come here?

“Hehe, sister Taohong, a day apart from you feels like three years. Your big brother has also missed you.” Fang Chang was like a prodigal son, stealthily pinching her curves.

Seeing him act that way, Long Chen felt that Fang Chang’s words had been off. It should be: a day without sex is like parting for three years.

“Taohong, hurry and call out lady Shuihua for junior master Chai. And don’t forget to set up a beautiful lady for this brother of mine. Let’s eat first.”

Lady Shuihua? As in a fickle woman[1]? As expected, every profession had its own elites. Long Chen had at least gained experience into the world.

Following Fang Chang upstairs, he saw an extremely expansive hall, and it was not a private room.

Seeing Long Chen’s shock, Chai Liehuo laughed, “Hehe, brother, now still isn’t time for that. The ladies are still preparing themselves. For now, let’s just eat, drink, and enjoy the scenery.”

The three of them found seats near a window. They saw a beautiful landscape of lakes and mountains. The scenery was extremely pleasant.

Long Chen narrowed his eyes slightly. He saw a certain scene that was familiar. He suddenly recalled that he had also been able to see this scenery from Xiao Cui’s home. But now the view was different.

Sweeping his gaze around, he saw Xiao Cui’s old home. However, it had been transformed into a new manor. In fact, a large swath of territory around it had been rebuilt with beautiful and elegant pavilions.

“Brother Fang, what’s going on over there?” Long Chen pointed.

“That place? Have you forgotten? That’s where we first met each other. That bastard Huo Wufang still decided to seize that place and built a massive bastard nest for himself to take a concubine,” said Fang Chang.

“He wants to take a concubine? And with this much ceremony?” asked Long Chen.

“There has to be at least this much ceremony. The concubine he’s marrying is a genius from an ancient family. It seems to be someone from Biluo Mountain’s Hua family. Apparently, they have some status, but I’m not sure about the details,” said Fang Chang.

Biluo Mountain’s Hua family? Wasn’t that Hua Biluo’s family? Suddenly thinking of a possibility, killing intent surfaced within his eyes.

“What is it Long San?” asked Fang Chang upon seeing the change in him.

“Big bros, you once mentioned Long Chen. Later I asked around and I heard that Huo Wufang suffered a great deal because of this person.”

“Of course. He really was a vicious person. Unfortunately, he didn’t just kill Huo Wufang, or we’d have much more peace,” said Chai Liehuo.

Long Chen nodded. “I’ve heard a bit about what happened in the Jiuli secret realm. I heard that someone called Hua Biluo helped Long Chen to face the Righteous and Corrupt paths, which was clearly going against Huo Wufang. Now, it’s said that Long Chen has already fallen. Huo Wufang has only just recovered, but he’s gone to Biluo Mountain’s Hua family to take a concubine. Do you think…?”

Fang Chang slapped himself in the leg. “That’s right! Now that you mention it, I heard that the Huo family seems to have run over to the Hua family several times. Now I understand. This Huo Wufang is definitely trying to release his anger on other people. Long Chen’s dead and the others are being protected by the Xuantian Dao Sect. They can’t spread their hands that far.

“Right now, the only one they can target is Hua Biluo. As long as they apply some pressure on the Hua family, then with an ancient family’s character, they probably wouldn’t offend the ones in charge of selling pills for the Pill Tower, especially not for some Chosen-level disciple.

“That bastard’s taking Hua Biluo as a concubine just to torment her. What an absolutely despicable man! Unable to do anything to Long Chen, he actually released his fury on his friends. Such idiots are the most contemptuous!”

Chai Liehuo suddenly said, “I remember now. In the Jiuli secret realm, Huo Wufang actually used the threat of taking her as a concubine. But Hua Biluo still took action. So he’s getting revenge.”

Long Chen smiled slightly. But that smile contained a touch of iciness. Normally, when people targeted Long Chen, there was still room for discussion. But if they dared to target the people by his side, that would be enmity of no rest until death. Huo Wufang, if I don’t play you to death this time, then I won’t be Long Chen.

At this time, a group of three women, including Taohong, walked over. Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo were their old clients, and they naturally didn’t want to lose their business.

One of them walked over and sat beside Long Chen, gently saying, “Master Long San, let me pour you some wine.”

This woman was not bad, and she was very cute. Even if she was acting, the fact that she could bring her acting to this level was definitely not easy.

“How old are you?” Long Chen smiled. In any case, the money had been spent. Teasing her would be fine, and then the money wouldn’t be wasted.

“Eighteen,” she answered bashfully.

“Really? How coincidental. I’m also eighteen.”

“Master Long, you really are a tease!” she cried bashfully, her face red.

Profound, truly profound! This acting ability has also reached a divine level. For her acting skills to be so profound, then her bed skills… It’s no wonder Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo would rather come here than take a concubine.

People with status like them would normally have to find appropriate women with their own status to marry. For them, their women would have to be alchemists with pure bloodlines. That was to have the finest offspring possible.

It was forbidden for them to copulate with just any beautiful woman they met. If those women weren’t alchemists, then their offspring’s talent would be extremely lacking, and it would affect the family traditions. If they really did end up having a child, it would normally be directly executed. This was extremely harsh.

Although Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo were noble heirs, they weren’t bad people. They would rather come here than take concubines like that. That made Long Chen have a favorable opinion of them.

The three of them ate and drank with the three women accompanying them. Even after several drinks had entered her stomach, that woman’s acting was still so perfect. A naughty smile suddenly appeared on Long Chen’s face. They really thought he was inexperienced. 

The number of men this woman had sated was even greater than the members of his legion. By acting as if she had such a pure and innocent heart, she was looking down on him.

“Lady Zhenzhen, can I ask you a personal question?” After talking this long, Long Chen had finally learned her name.

Long Chen’s face already had a constant naughty feel to it. Now that he smiled, it seemed naughtier than ever. Even the experienced Zhenzhen felt some nervousness. She bashfully said, “Please ask, master Long. But don’t make it too embarrassing for me.”

Long Chen waved his hand. “How could I do something like that? I, Long San, am a pure person. I just want to ask, do you know how to use a carrot?”

Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo were dumbfounded. They had definitely been tricked. They had thought Long San was a good person, but now they realized he was practically a brute.

A lost expression appeared on Zhenzhen’s face. “I don’t.”

“What about a cucumber?”


“What about an eggplant?”


“What about a steamed bun?”

“Even a steamed bun can be used?”

As soon as she said this, Zhenzhen tightly covered her mouth. But it was too late. Her bashfulness became a rage, and she hit Long Chen. “Master Long, you really are evil!”

Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang were already rolling on the floor in laughter. Even Taohong and Shuihua were laughing, huge waves appearing on their chests.

“Such a thing can make you laugh so hard? Be careful of your laughter turning to sorrow.” Just as Long Chen and the others were laughing, an ear-piercing voice rang out.

[1] 水花 = Shuihua. These are characters found in the expression 水性杨花, meaning fickle. As a side note, Taohong means pink or red peach.

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