Chapter 670 The Secret Behind Refining the Pill (Teaser)

But when that person had just opened his mouth and his throat had just begun to tremble, before he could even make a sound, a large hand viciously slapped across his face.

With an explosive sound, that person’s facial bones broke and he strangely flew in an arc toward the distant Huo Wufang.


Everyone was startled. They saw Long Chen was still in his slapping posture. That slap had come from him.

They hastily looked back onto his stage and saw a translucent hand holding the furnace lid. Under his Spiritual Strength’s control, there wasn’t the slightest impact on his refinement.

The thing that shocked the people the most was that Huo Wufang’s position was behind Long Chen, but while Long Chen had slapped this person from the front, he strangely flew behind him.

Originally, when that person had been about to leave, Huo Wufang had stealthily given him a meaningful glance. That person had immediately understood, and he had just been about to use his full strength to let out the loudest possible roar.

But it was impossible for such a trick to escape Long Chen’s eyes. What kind...

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