Chapter 67 Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf

Within the guest room was a woman in a long white skirt who was currently laughing at the stupefied Long Chen. “What, do you not recognize me after just this little time?”

Long Chen had never imagined that the guest looking for him was actually this woman. He felt as if he were dreaming.

That woman was precisely the maiden who had protected him from crap-brother Xi when he had attacked him on Sunset Mountain.

“No, no. I still haven’t thanked elder sister for your help back then,” said Long Chen hastily.

“Don’t call me elder sister; it sounds weird. I’m sister Meng Qi’s junior apprentice-sister. My name is Lu Fang-er, so you can call me sister Fang-er,” she laughed.

“Haha, then little brother Long Chen greets sister Fang-er,” laughed Long Chen. He had a kind of friendly feeling towards this Lu Fang-er.

Seeing her made him feel that the distance between and Meng Qi was no longer as great as before. He also had a way to pass on the soul nourishing pill. 

“Haha, your mouth really is skillful. No wonder you’ve become the idol in the hearts of all the Phoenix Cry Empire’s maidens.” Lu Fang-er held out a drawing of him and laughed.

Looking at that drawing, Long Chen immediately felt embarrassed. That was the cover of the comic depiction of his battle with Huang Chang, the Phoenix Cry Divine Battle.

“Cough, that was just a joke some merchants made.” 

“You confessed your emotions to a princess and then used your strength to defeat a powerful opponent; that was a joke?” Lu Fang-er teased.

Long Chen immediately felt his heart drop. If that matter was heard by Meng Qi then…

“Long Chen, this isn’t acceptable. My big sis is a fairy in human form. For her to have a favorable impression of you, do you not know how to treasure that?” Lu Fang-er was dissatisfied. “Since we know each other a bit, I’ll give you some advice. Immediately break things off with that princess and I won’t have to tell my big sis about it.”

His expression immediately changed when he heard this. Thinking about the warmth and tenderness Chu Yao currently felt for him, he shook his head and sighed, “Sorry, I can’t do that.”

As he said that he felt as if needles were stabbing into his heart. That decision was extremely difficult to make.

Meng Qi’s beauty and kindness had been deeply imprinted into his heart. She had given him his first taste of love.

As for Chu Yao, she would sacrifice everything for him. Asking him to leave Chu Yao at this time was absolutely impossible for him.

“How can you be so stubborn? You aren’t even satisfied with just my big sis; you actually have to play around with the women here too. If you choose her, then don’t ever think about seeing my sister again,” warned Lu Fang-er angrily.

Long Chen took a deep breath. In the face of his complicated feelings, he was completely helpless. He refused to give on either of them. But now he had to choose which one.

Seeing that Long Chen remained silent, Lu Fang-er continued, “Are you really going to give up on my sister for some princess?”

“I’m not giving up. I cannot give up on either one.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Ha, your face really is thick. You actually want to monopolize two beauties for yourself.” The angry Lu Fang-er actually laughed when she saw Long Chen act so confidently and shameless.

Long Chen was startled at that. He didn’t quite understand just what Lu Fang-er was saying.

“Ah, whatever. This is how a true man should act. If you really did give up that pitiful princess just to appease me, then you really would have had to say goodbye forever to my sister,” laughed Lu Fang-er. “How could a man who is fickle in love possibly enter my sister’s eyes? That was a small test just now. I suppose you’ve barely managed to pass.”

A bead of sweat silently rolled off Long Chen’s forehead. A feeling of exhaustion rolled over him. He would rather have a huge battle with someone than endure such a test again.

“However, you’re also celebrating too early. That test was just one I did from a personal point of view. As for my big sister, whether she will let you have another beauty along with her is something only she knows,” Lu Fang-er laughingly warned him when she saw him relax.

His nerves which had only just relaxed immediately tightened again. Lu Fang-er continued, “But from what I understand about my sister, you should have the greatest chance out of all men. And with me helping you, your chances should increase even more.”

“Then, I’ll thank sister Fang-er for the help,” said Long Chen hastily.

“Haha, I won’t disturb you anymore. I had business to do in coming here. After flying for seven days and nights, I’m already completely exhausted. Plus, you didn’t even pour me a cup of tea,” sighed Lu Fang-er discontentedly.

“Oh, I’ll immediately pour some tea for sister Fang-er.” Long Chen quickly and carefully poured a cup of tea for her. There was no way around it. He definitely had to give her a good impression for the sake of Meng Qi.

Lu Fang-er took the teacup with a somewhat strange expression. “Does your Long family normally like to use cold water for tea?”

Only then did Long Chen realize that the pot was already completely cold. But he thickened his face and said, “This is cold tea that’s supposed to be drunk cold. Sister Fang-er can try it.”

“It’d be strange if anyone believed you,” scolded Fang-er.

“If sister Fang-er doesn’t want to drink cold tea, then I’ll immediately steep some hot tea for you.”

“Ah, forget about it. As long as you have the right heart, then it’s fine. Coming and going like this is actually quite annoying, but if I didn’t, then I’d feel too sorry for you.”

For a moment, Long Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This Fang-er truly was mischievous. But she still gave off a very innocent and lively feeling. She said whatever she wanted to. It really was easy for people to feel friendly toward her.

The Wind Spirit Pavilion was many thousands of miles away from this place. Even if she was riding a Magical Beast, traveling for seven full days and nights was still extremely exhausting. So he could understand her teasing of him.

“Next, I’ll tell you some good news. My sister gave me a gift for you.” Lu Fang-er pointed to a small trunk to the side.

Only then did Long Chen realize there was a two foot tall rectangular trunk.

When the trunk was gently opened, Long Chen was astonished to see that there was a small furred creature inside.

It was a small wolf cub only the size of a palm. Its body was completely snow white. Only a small section of fur at the middle of its forehead was a fiery red color. It was extremely adorable.

This small cub had yet to even open its eyes after being born. It was blindly searching around, appearing to look for food.

“Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf?”

Long Chen was extremely startled. This was the cub of a Magical Beast that he had read about before.

The Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf – its body was completely snow white with only a small lock of fur that was a blazing red color. It was extremely easy to recognize.

But most Scarlet Flame Snow Wolves weren’t of a completely pure bloodline. Their fur would be of a duller color and would even have some spots sometimes.

But this Snow Wolf cub didn’t have a single spot. That meant it was an extremely pure-blooded Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf.

Such a Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf that was completely pure would grow to become an overlord third rank Magical Beast when matured, and it could even contend against fourth rank Magical Beasts. That was an existence that surpassed the Tendon Transformation realm.

“Correct, this is a pure-blooded Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf that has just been born. It was given to my sister as a gift from her master, but she instead wanted me to fly through the night to give it to you.” Lu Fang-er looked at Long Chen with a complicated expression.

His heart shook. Not only had Meng Qi not forgotten about him, but she actually worried about him. Such pure feelings from a beauty caused Long Chen to feel an urge to tear up.

“Originally, sister wanted it to be a weak housepet for you, but she definitely never thought that you’d have already become a Pill Adept. Your Spiritual Strength isn’t low, so I can impart a couple of techniques to control beasts to you. Then, this Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf can become a battling housepet,” said Lu Fang-er.

Ordinary martial artists would always have Beast Tamers use their martial force or other techniques to gradually tame the Magical Beast, letting it become a housepet.

But such a housepet wasn’t perfect. After all, Magical Beasts had a violent and brutal aura that could not be removed. A housepet devouring their master was a common occurrence.

But even so, Magical Beast housepets were still extremely precious. Although it was a bit dangerous, once it was properly trained and if it was used properly, a Magical Beast was definitely an extremely terrifying addition to your combat strength.

What was special about a battle housepet was that it could be controlled much better. However, to have such control over a Magical Beast required an extremely strong Spiritual Strength. Ordinary people were absolutely incapable of that.

Using Spiritual Strength to connect and communicate with the Magical Beast, both beast and human could work together.

Not only was the power of a battle housepet much greater, but the chance of it betraying its master was also much lower. However, it also required having your Spiritual Strength connected to the Magical Beast for a long time, which was exhausting.

Meng Qi didn’t know about Long Chen’s current strength. She had sent the cub in hopes that the Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf would follow Long Chen as it grew up and be an extra life-preserving measure in the future.

But the current Long Chen was already a Pill Adept. Lu Fang-er directly imparted a few techniques for controlling Magical Beasts to him.

What surprised Lu Fang-er was that Long Chen was able to comprehend the techniques with just a quick explanation. He would then ask a couple of questions that went right to the core of how the technique functioned.

But there was a limit to how much Lu Fang-er could pass on to Long Chen. She could only teach him the common beast controlling techniques that circulated in the public. As for the core techniques of her sect, she didn’t dare pass them on without permission.

Long Chen’s intelligence had completely won over Lu Fang-er. She realized Long Chen was definitely a monster. He remembered every word and comprehended everything almost immediately. He even asked her questions about ideas that she hadn’t ever thought of.

She stayed for half a day at the Long estate. After Lu Fang-er saw that Long Chen had completely comprehended all the techniques she passed on to him, she directly left.

But before she left, Long Chen gave her the precious soul nourishing pill to give to Meng Qi.

Once she left, Long Chen looked down at the little cub he was holding to his chest and couldn’t help but feel a burst of warmth. The existence of this Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf was proof that he was present within Meng Qi’s heart.

Long Chen couldn’t help but feel extremely grand knowing that Meng Qi cared about him. He hoped to resolve everything in the capital as soon as possible so that he could step out of these uncivilized lands and enter that vaster sky.

That was because he knew there was an unmatched beauty waiting for him. Thinking of Meng Qi, Long Chen felt his blood burn hotter. He had to quickly rise.


Suddenly, the small cub in his arms let out a loud cry and started crawling all over his body.

Looking at that little fellow, Long Chen smiled. But at that moment, he suddenly felt an extremely indistinct killing intent.

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