Chapter 664 Shameless Old Thing (Teaser)

“It’s already been a month?” Long Chen was surprised. The time had passed too quickly. He had only comprehended a dozen flame magical arts.

But that kind of speed would cause chaos if the outside world learned of it. Magical arts were not ordinary Battle Skills. They required profound comprehension skills to use. Furthermore, they were still very dangerous to use. If you were unable to control it well enough, you would end up injured by your own attack.

Although it was said that magical arts were for Xiantian experts and above, it was better to say that they were for Sea Expansion experts and above. Most Xiantian experts did not dare to use them.

Only once they reached the Sea Expansion realm would they have high enough comprehension of heaven and earth, and only then would they dare to use them. Furthermore, even Sea Expansion experts had to be careful with magical arts. The slightest mistake would cause a backlash. That was the heartlessness of the Heavenly Daos.

They could bestow you with great strength, or they could exterminate you. Different from Battle Skills, the majority of magical arts were released outside the body.

Back in the chaos region,...

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