Chapter 663 Raising Beast Flames

Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang couldn’t believe their eyes.

“You refined it in just an incense stick’s worth of time? Are you joking?”

“Maybe it’s just that my Spiritual Strength is strong enough?”

Long Chen laughed and extended his hand. The red flame began to agilely jump on his fingertips. It wasn’t the slightest bit sluggish. The two of them were flabbergasted.

“Monster. You’re definitely a monster,” concluded the two of them at the same time.

“Hehe, I have an urge to immediately go give a blow to that idiot Huo Wufang now.” Even after obtaining the beast flame, Long Chen didn’t forget to express his position. That was to avoid them getting jealous.

After all, they were all alchemists. The power he had displayed was a bit more than he should have, and it could provoke the two of them. After all, everyone had their own pride. Such an impact would cause anyone to be uncomfortable.

Hearing this, Fang Chang nodded. Long Chen was part of his camp. The stronger he was, the more beneficial it would be for him.

“Big bros, I have a small request,” said Long Chen with embarrassment.

“As brothers, there’s no need to be courteous. What do you need?” Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo patted themselves on the chest confidently.

“Umm… I suddenly realized that it’s extremely easy for me to control the Blazing Python Scale Flame. I was thinking of how I could upgrade its power. That way I’ll be able to refine even better pills,” said Long Chen.

“Upgrade? How can you upgrade it?” The two of them didn’t understand.

"I want to let the Blazing Python Scale Flame devour a few other beast flames to make it stronger. Is that alright?” asked Long Chen.

“It’s alright, but... the main question is whether or not that will work. I’ve never heard of beast flames being able to merge,” said Chai Liehuo.

“Can I try it?”

“If you want. In any case, in this place, my Chai family’s word is law. These beast flames don’t count as overly precious. I can just write down that they were used up and report it. Go ahead,” said Chai Liehuo. His eyes had truly been opened to the world. He wanted to see just what level of monster this Long San was.

“I’ll first try devouring the seventh and ninth ranking flames.”

Long Chen didn’t stand on courtesy. He directly grabbed the two flames and began to refine them at the same time. Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang’s faces twitched, but they didn’t stop him.

Finally, when Long Chen had refined the seventeenth flame and reached out for an eighteenth, Chai Liehuo couldn’t help but say, “Brother Long San, can you leave a few? If you take too many, your big bro won’t be able to give an explanation."

Seventeen beast flames, all of which were ranked near the top, had been consumed by Long Chen in just a few breaths. The two of them were completely dumbfounded, their hearts pounding madly.

The Chai family was in charge of this. However, if the loss was too big, it would be easily discovered. By then it would be troublesome. That was why he had to stop.

Suddenly, a flame appeared in Long Chen’s hand. The red flame contained a faint violet tint. Its terrifying heat caused their expressions to change.

“What… what kind of flame is this?”

“A mutation?”

They didn’t know that this was a flame Long Chen had created by merging the Blazing Python Scale Flame and the Violet Phoenix Sparrow Flame. Such a flame was something no one else had ever seen.

However, this flame could only be used to intimidate others. Its true power wasn’t even as high as the Violet Phoenix Sparrow Flame. But its power was definitely much greater than just the Blazing Python Scale Flame. Long Chen had done this to show them that he had succeeded.

He truly had succeeded. He had swindled seventeen beast flames at the same time. Adding on the Blazing Python Scale Flame and the Violet Phoenix Sparrow Flame, he had a total of nineteen beast flames now.

The nineteen beast flames were like hens locked in a cage. Under Huo Long’s tyrannical abuse, they did their best to ‘lay eggs’ for it. They devoured Long Chen’s spiritual yuan crazily in order to make up for the loss.

In an instant, Huo Long had become a farmer. It had nineteen beast flames producing crops as fast as they could. It was extremely satisfied, as it now had flames to consume at any moment.

As for Long Chen, having advanced to the Xiantian realm, his spiritual yuan was as vast as a sea. They could absorb his spiritual yuan as much as they pleased. This way, Long Chen didn’t have to spend his time raising Huo Long. Huo Long could graze as much as it pleased.

“Long San, you really are a monster,” said Chai Liehuo.

“Big bros, I also need some high tier pill formulas. I’ve only ever refined low tier pills, and I’ve never come into contact with higher tier pill formulas. To tell the truth, I don’t even know many techniques for refining high tier pills. Can you lend me some alchemy arts?” asked Long Chen.

“Lend you some? Please, we don’t need to do that. I can bring you to the Secret Tome Pavilion. As long as you don’t bring out the tomes inside, you can browse the tomes as you please. There are all kinds of alchemy arts and experiences recorded by seniors, etc.”

Upon hearing that Long Chen would no longer consume any more beast flames, Chai Liehuo was rejuvenated. He directly brought Long Chen to the Secret Tome Pavilion. There were huge bookshelves filled with alchemy arts. Long Chen went wild with delight and began to study them.

Seeing Long Chen was like an obsessed pill maniac, Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang didn’t disturb him. They left, waiting for the time when Long Chen would leave.

Once the two of them had left, Long Chen tossed aside the alchemy tomes he had picked up. How could anyone write down such trash principles?

There were three kinds of tomes here. One kind contained alchemy arts that the seniors had written down. The other kind contained pill formulas. They were all high tier pill formulas. But they weren’t truly peerless formulas, and Long Chen wasn’t interested in them.

He was most interested in the flame attribute Battle Skill section. Long Chen had his Pill Sovereign memories, but they were incomplete. Other than alchemy, there was nothing else. So Long Chen might be a powerful alchemist, but he had come into contact with very few Pill Flame Battle Skills. He might have an incomparably terrifying Pill Flame, but he could only use it in the most superficial way when fighting. Even Long Chen had to blush in shame.

“Flamecloud Wings, Pill Flame transforming into wings, allowing you to soar into the sky. Damn, this isn’t a Battle skill, but a magical art. I have to learn it!” Long Chen went crazy with delight. He had found a magical art secret tome.

Ordinary Battle Skills and cultivation techniques were split into Heaven, Earth, and Mortal classes. But these three classes referred only to Xiantian experts and below.

Xiantian experts and above could use their energy to control the energy of heaven and earth, transforming it into all kinds of runes that could release mountain-toppling power. Such attacks had broken through the limit of Battle Skills and were called magical arts.

Magical arts were not split into high or low grades. There was no system to measure that. Their power depended mainly on whether the user could control it properly.

At the Xiantian realm, people fought by using their energy to control heaven and earth’s energy. That allowed them to release an even more terrifying power. Magical arts were what allowed them to control that energy. If you wanted to control more energy, it would depend on your abilities.

“With this, then even without advancing to Sea Expansion, I could still fly through the sky. Hahaha, summoning a pair of flame wings when I fight would definitely be amazing!”

Long Chen’s smile threatened to split his face. Coming to the Pill Tower had definitely been worth it.

Originally, his goal had been to get the ingredients to condense the Enlightenment Palace Star. But currently, he had only just gotten familiar with Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo. He couldn’t just directly charge into the medicinal ingredient storeroom. He didn’t have a suitable reason for that yet.

However, everything was still going very smoothly. Not only had he obtained a mass of beast flames, but he could also cultivate in flame attribute magical arts. That almost made flowers bloom in Long Chen’s heart.

Suddenly, Long Chen rushed back to his original position, acting as if he hadn’t moved. He was still completely focused on studying the alchemy arts in the tomes.

Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo walked back in. “Long San, how about you stay here. We still have matters to attend to.”

But Long Chen was like a statue. It seemed he hadn’t even heard him. The two of them looked at each other and just left.

“This Long San is not just a monster, he’s also so hardworking. He’ll definitely have amazing accomplishments in the future. Most importantly, he’s someone who cares about relationships and gratitude. For just a minor favor, he even dared to make enemies of the Huo family. We really did pick up a treasure,” said Fang Chang.

They left Long Chen in the Secret Tome Pavilion, ordering others to stand guard outside. If Long Chen came out, they were to bring him to Fang Chang’s residence.

They still had many others who they needed to make good relationships with, and they also had to report certain things to their families. They were busy and couldn’t just accompany Long Chen.

“You’re the one who picked up the treasure. Tch, I can’t even describe how jealous I am,” said Chai Liehuo.

“Tch, what do you need to be jealous of? With our talent, seventh tier Earth class soul energy, there’s no way for us to get into Pill Valley. The only thing we need to do is to use Long San to get rid of the arrogant Huo family.

“They refuse to just carry out their marketing duties and have stretched their hands toward our territories. If we still don’t counterattack, we might be destroyed.

“But now that Long San has come, if he can take the first place in the Pill Emperor Competition, the glory will be our two families’. Once he enters Pill Valley, we can work together with him. Then wouldn’t eradicating the Huo family be a simple matter?

“Why are we suppressed by the Huo family? Isn’t it just because they have people in Pill Valley? But if Long San also joins Pill Valley, we can expose all the shameful acts the Huo family has done.

“At that time, wouldn’t the Pill Tower be our two families’? Tch, at that time, who will dare say screw Chai Liehuo and damn Fang Chang? If I didn’t break their head and stuff the pieces into their ass, I wouldn’t be Fang Chang,” raged Fang Chang.

“Ah, that’s enough. Don’t say those words again. Just mentioning it makes me angry. This Long San really is not bad. He’s dependable and trustworthy. We’ll definitely make back a hundred times what we invest in him,” said Chai Liehuo.

“Tch, those Huo family bastards. They swindled so much money these years, but they refuse to give us a single copper. Didn’t you notice? Whether it was replacing his skeleton to get rid of his poison or that Earth Dragon Golden Blaze, both are so expensive that we would have to sell everything we own to do the same as them. But they were able to do it, and they seem fine. Fuck, and they’re even looking down on us for the preliminaries. They sell the medicinal pills we work so hard to refine and then look down on us?! Fuck them!” raged Fang Chang.

“Calm down. I’m mad too. But there’s no way around that. Let’s go back and properly work out a strategy. Let’s see if we can use the blade called Long San to stab the Huo family to death…”

Time passed quickly. Long Chen was studying the flame magical arts as fast as he could when Fang Chang’s voice interrupted him.

“Long San, come out. The preliminaries are about to start.”

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