Chapter 662 Selecting a Beast Flame

Long Chen followed Fang Chang into the Seven Treasure Jewel Tower. But this time, they didn’t go through the main gate, but through a side door.

There were a dozen guards in front of that side door. Fang Chang solemnly warned Long Chen that he couldn’t cause any trouble here.

Although the Pill Tower was jointly controlled by the Huo, Fang, and Chai families, the Pill Emperor Competition had caused some of the Pill Valley’s experts to come and watch. They had to pay more attention to the rules than ever.

Only now did Long Chen have a chance to ask what this Pill Emperor Competition truly was. This competition had gathered the elite Pill Emperors of the Eastern Wasteland. It was to pick out the most talented people. The top ten would have the qualifications to enter Pill Valley to cultivate.

Furthermore, it was said that the reward for the first place was exceedingly high. It was something that would make countless geniuses go mad. But the reward was different each time. In any case, everyone would go all-out to get the first place.

A reward that would make anyone go crazy? Hehe, I like that. The heavens have finally opened their eyes. Seeing how far I had to come to get here, they didn’t feel right letting me leave empty-handed.

When they reached the door, Fang Chang gave them his badge to examine. Although they all recognized him, they couldn’t be the slightest bit sloppy with this procedure.

After passing through, they entered the main hall. When they stepped onto a round disc, the disc slowly rose through the air. There was a formation carved into it that allowed it to be used for traveling up and down the tower.

“The Seven Treasure Jewel Tower’s first floor is a large hall used to receive visitors, as well as handling various matters.

“The second and third floors are where high level alchemists can refine pills. There are tens of thousands of alchemists refining pills there each day. Only those who have at least reached the Pill Emperor rank have the qualifications to enter here,” explained Fang Chang.

Tens of thousands? The Pill Tower really was enormous. It was no wonder it was said that almost all medicinal pills were monopolized by them. That kind of strength was truly immense.

“The fourth and fifth floors are soul nourishing regions. There are special formations that can nourish a person's mind and soul. If you’re tired after refining, you’ll only need to rest for two hours there before being completely refreshed.

“The reason the Pill Tower can refine so many pills in a day is definitely in part due to the soul nourishing regions. Furthermore, the soul nourishing regions can allow a person’s soul to advance. Many alchemy geniuses join Pill Tower to cultivate in the soul nourishing regions. If you cultivated there for a long time, it would be extremely beneficial to your soul. But to do that, you need to contribute a great deal to the Pill Tower. 

“The sixth floor is the region the Chai family is in charge of. That is the Pill Tower’s Treasure Pavilion. There are pill furnaces, precious medicines, beast flames, and all kinds of alchemy inheritances there. There are even flame attribute secret arts.” Fang Chang smiled with pride. This was something all the Pill Tower’s disciples were proud of.

“Long San, I’ll go help you pick a beast flame now. Your soul energy is terrifying, but your Pill Flame is trash. There’s still a month until the preliminaries. During this time, you have to increase your strength as much as possible. People will be washed out during the preliminaries,” warned Fang Chang as he brought Long Chen into the sixth floor.

“Haha, you’ve arrived.”

Chai Liehuo had already come ahead of them. The Chai family was in charge of this place, so he had come in advance to make things more convenient for Long Chen.

“Come. I’ll bring you to our beast flame repository.”

They followed Chai Liehuo down a long passageway. At the end, there was an iron gate. This gate had to be over three meters thick, and it required a special mechanism to open.

Passing through three such gates, a terrifying heat suddenly attacked them. A large room appeared in front of them.

The room had been made of steel. There were niches in the walls, with each having a bottle in it. Each bottle contained a beast flame.

“Wow, there are so many beast flames!”

Long Chen jumped in shock. There were hundreds of bottles here, each sealing a kind of beast flame.

“Hehe, this is our Pill Tower’s beast flame repository. All of these are ranked in the top hundred of the beast flame rankings. Other than the top three beast flames, we should have every single one. We even have multiples,” said Chai Liehuo.

Long Chen’s arm suddenly heated up. He hastily grabbed that arm. Huo Long had almost flown out. It was like a Magical Beast that had been starving for countless years and now finally saw meat. It wanted to swallow all of it in one gulp.

“Huo Long, endure it for now. Now isn’t the time. I promise you, if you’re patient, these will quickly be yours,” Long Chen comforted it.

He knew that Huo Long needed energy to grow. But the amount of energy Long Chen was able to offer it was limited.

The most important thing was that he needed to cultivate. How did he have that much time to feed it? That had made Huo Long starve this entire time, so seeing this many beast flames, it immediately became agitated.

It was a good thing Huo Long listened to him and endured it. That made Long Chen sigh with relief.

“Long San, you can pick any beast flame here. But let me warn you that while the more powerful the beast flame, the more efficient your alchemy will be, a stronger beast flame requires a longer time to suppress. If you choose the Blazing Python Scale Flame, you have to be prepared. If you aren’t able to suppress it within a month, you might end up being washed out during the preliminaries,” warned Chai Liehuo.

Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang both used the Blazing Python Scale Flame. It was ranked fourth on the beast flame rankings, and it was extremely powerful. Although it was one rank lower than Long Chen’s Violet Phoenix Sparrow Flame, it was still extremely powerful.

Long Chen didn’t dare reveal the Violet Phoenix Sparrow Flame, as that would expose his identity. Using the Blazing Python Scale Flame would be much more convenient.

As for suppressing it? That was just a joke. With an Earth Flame present, how could it not be suppressed?

“I’ll choose the Blazing Python Scale Flame. Don’t worry, with my powerful soul energy, I should be able to suppress it quickly,” said Long Chen confidently.

As he said this, Long Chen went to grab the Blazing Python Scale Flame’s bottle. There was only one bottle of it left.

“Wait a moment!”

Suddenly, a cold shout rang out. A group of people rushed into the repository. Long Chen saw that it was actually Huo Wufang leading three others.

But Long Chen acted as if he hadn’t heard him, and he directly picked up the bottle. What kind of joke was that? The things that he settled on were his.

“Put down the Blazing Python Scale Flame! I already reserved it yesterday,” raged Huo Wufang.

“You reserved it? How come I didn’t know about that?” said Chai Liehuo.

Huo Wufang suddenly took out a piece of paper. “Yesterday, I applied to have it, and today I came to get it. What, do you dare abuse your public position?”

Fang Chang’s expression changed slightly. Now it was troublesome. If Huo Wufang had reserved it, then this Blazing Python Scale Flame would have to be given to him.

That was one of the rules of the Pill Tower. Once a disciple managed to reach certain standards, they could make applications to the Pill Tower to ask for certain beast flames.

It was most definitely Duan Tianqiao. Huo Wufang was trying to get it for her. With her ninth tier Earth class soul energy, she truly could apply for the Blazing Python Scale Flame.

“The date really does say yesterday. However, I’m very sorry, but I can’t give the Blazing Python Scale Flame to you,” said Chai Liehuo.

“You dare? If you don’t give it to me, I’ll immediately report you. Do you dare break the Pill Tower’s rules?” sneered Huo Wufang.

“Go ahead and report me. But let me tell you, it won’t have any use. Three days ago, there was already an application for this Blazing Python Scale Flame. So unfortunately, you’re still too late. Isn’t that right Fang Chang?” Chai Liehuo winked to Fang Chang. His meaning could not be more obvious.

Fang Chang ‘suddenly recalled the truth’ and said, “That’s right, that’s right. I reserved it three days ago. So sorry, hehe.”

“You! I don’t believe you! Bring out your application!” raged Huo Wufang.

“The application is with my family. I forgot to bring it. I can show you the application later.” Chai Liehuo smiled.

Huo Wufang was enraged. Chai Liehuo was definitely doing this intentionally. But it was their Chai family that had this authority.

All Chai Liehuo had to do was make up an application and put the date as three days ago. Thinking of that, Huo Wufang’s face turned green with rage. But he was also powerless.

“Fine! Just wait! Tianqiao, Qifeng, you guys pick out a beast flame.” Huo Wufang could only let his people pick out a weaker beast flame.

When Huo Wufang left with an ugly expression, Long Chen’s group of three looked at each other and laughed. That was especially true of Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo. It had been a long time since they had been this happy.

“Long San, we’ll protect you. You can refine the Blazing Python Scale Flame here.”

Long Chen nodded and directly took out the beast flame. He began to refine it. Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo were shocked.

The wild and berserk Blazing Python Scale Flame seemed like an obedient rabbit. It simply allowed itself to be absorbed by Long Chen without the slightest resistance.

They weren’t aware that Long Chen had an Earth Flame. In front of an Earth Flame, beast flames were like ants in front of a dragon. They wouldn’t dare to resist.

Long Chen had originally been planning on refining the Blazing Python Scale Flame and then feeding the Violet Phoenix Sparrow Flame to Huo Long. But suddenly he had a thought. He wondered if it was possible for him to keep both beast flames.

As a result, Long Chen was shocked to see that with Huo Long’s suppression, the two beast flames didn’t dare struggle. They didn’t dare to fight with or devour the other.

“Haha, Huo Long, congratulations. In the future, there will be two chickens laying eggs for you,” laughed Long Chen inside.

Although instantly devouring a beast flame would be extremely beneficial to Huo Long, in the long view, killing the chicken to get its eggs was not worth it.

Long Chen had Huo Long lightly suppress the two beast flames. The two of them were shivering in terror. Then under Long Chen’s guidance, they began to release some of their energy to Huo Long.

Their lost power was immediately recovered with Long Chen’s spiritual yuan. Long Chen was delighted to see this. In the future, he could have Huo Long look after them and get a constant stream of food for itself.

Long Chen gently breathed out and opened his eyes. A scarlet flame appeared in his hand. The ripples coming from the flame looked like scales.

“That’s too exaggerated, isn’t it?!” cried Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang.

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