Chapter 661 Continuous Slaps in the Face

“What? Has there been some kind of mistake? Is he refining pills or making stew?”

“Does he even know how to refine pills? He doesn’t even understand he has to purify the ingredients first. Isn’t he just messing around?”

“Hey, little fellow, you should add some more water and salt, or the flavor won’t be so good!”

The spectators immediately began to make a ruckus. They were extremely dissatisfied that someone like Long Chen could make his way into this competition.

The tower administrator ignored their shouts. The only thing against the rules was for people inside the arena to disturb their competitors.

The shouts from the spectators were also a kind of test for alchemists. It had to be known that alchemists would always refine pills in a private room. They wouldn’t allow anyone to disturb them.

But now that countless people were watching and shouting, it made refining pills that much more difficult. If you were unable to calm your heart, the odds of a failure would be extremely high.

This competition sought this kind of tempering experience. Other than having talent, an alchemist also had to have a calm heart. Only such a person could walk further on the pill path.

If your heart became chaotic just because of someone’s random shouting, there was no way you could have any major accomplishments.

In the face of the insults and ridicules coming from all around, Long Chen’s expression was still calm. His Spiritual Strength circulated and his flame rapidly rose.

“This… this is…”

“Is this real life?”

Following Long Chen’s actions, the sound of the crowd’s shouting quieted. In the end, everyone’s expressions were lifeless. Even the tower administrator’s pupils shrank slightly.

The seven medicinal ingredients in Long Chen’s pill furnace had already begun to slowly be refined. But they were still separated from each other and hadn’t fused.

“He’s used his Spiritual Strength to keep the medicinal ingredients apart. But the exhaustion to his soul energy must be terrifying!”

Everyone was incomparably shocked. Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was wrapped around seven different medicinal ingredients, refining them at the same time. That was insane. They had never seen someone waste their precious Spiritual Strength like this.

Suddenly, the seven medicinal ingredients were refined into powder at the same time, and they began to merge.

“What?!” Finally, people understood what he was doing.

Normally, people would refine pills step by step, turning each ingredient to powder one by one, and then refine them into pills.

Long Chen was too lazy to do that, and he directly threw them in like he was cooking vegetables. After refining their essence, he directly began to merge them.

To save time, he had actually wasted his precious Spiritual Strength to keep the medicinal powders separated from each other. That was definitely only showing off. When others refined pills, each bit of Spiritual Strength was precious and used as sparingly as possible.

If their Spiritual Strength ended up running out toward the end, then the entire furnace of pills they were working on would be trashed. So Spiritual Strength was extremely precious to alchemists.

Suddenly, Long Chen closed the lid on his furnace. Following that, no one could see what was happening inside.

“Hmph, he’s just showing off. That’s just a second tier pill, and we could refine it with our eyes closed. For him to try and use such a thing to show off, he really is ignorant… what?! The refinement is finished already?!”

A person was in the midst of mocking him when Long Chen’s pill furnace suddenly shook. Medicinal fragrance spread everywhere. It was a clear sign the pill was about to form.

“That’s… that’s way too fast!” Everyone’s jaw dropped. Was this refining pills, or cooking meat?! He had only just closed the lid and it was finished?

Crack. Long Chen’s pill furnace suddenly became covered in cracks.

“This idiot, he pushed his flame too much. Hehe, there’s about to be a furnace explosion.”


As expected, the pill furnace exploded, drawing out jeers and laughter. But that laughter was cut off midway as if a knife had severed it.


All they saw was that although the pill furnace had exploded, a translucent pill furnace had appeared and wrapped around the liquid that was on the verge of turning into a pill.

“This is… the legendary… spiritual furnace…”

“Just how monstrous is his Spiritual Strength?!”

Everyone was dumbfounded. Using pure Spiritual Strength to form a cauldron only existed in legends. The crowd had never seen such a thing.

Even the tower administrator stood up, filled with shock. This was his first time seeing such vast Spiritual Strength.

The registration test only tested the quality of a person’s Spiritual Strength. It didn’t test the amount they had.

That was because the majority of people had around the same amount of Spiritual Strength. Even if there was a difference, it would be extremely minor. So the more important aspect was the quality.

But the amount of Spiritual Strength Long Chen had displayed was enormous, so enormous that it was terrifying. He was actually able to condense a spiritual pill furnace. Just the exhaustion to do so would be enough to refine a fifth tier pill.

The crowd was silent. But Fang Chang was filled with wild delight. Long Chen’s vast soul energy was practically monstrous.

Who cared if he didn’t have a pill furnace? His Fang family had that. Who cared if he didn’t have a beast flame? The Pill Tower had many. But Long Chen’s abnormal, practically endless soul energy was too terrifying.

Huo Wufang’s expression turned ugly. He felt a trace of unease. For some unknown reason, he had always felt like this Long San was an extremely dangerous fellow.

Such abnormal soul energy was something even he had never seen before. If Long Chen gained the assistance of the Fang family, he would definitely soar and pose a large threat to him. A cold light appeared in Huo Wufang’s eyes.

Long Chen’s Pill Flame didn’t pause. Within the translucent spiritual pill furnace, the medicinal pill was rapidly taking shape. In less than a breath’s time, it had become solid.

“The rings have appeared! One… two… three…”

“Five rings!”

“Heavens, they’re still increasing!”



What?! The… the ninth ring also appeared!”

Suddenly, the spiritual pill furnace faded, and a gorgeous medicinal pill appeared in Long Chen’s hand. Brilliant light shone from it, making it appear like a lantern in the night.

“Nine-ring pill!”

Everyone was shocked. If they hadn’t personally seen it, they wouldn’t have believed that such low-tier medicinal ingredients could be refined into a nine-ring pill. That was the peak of high grade pills.

“However, it’s essentially useless. If I’m not wrong, isn’t that just a bug expelling pill commonly used by adventurers? When they set up camp, they use it to avoid being bitten by poisonous bugs.”

“It is useless. But it definitely was badass. I have to admit that all of our faces have been slapped rotten,” said one person bitterly.

Each time they had ridiculed Long Chen, he had used his actions to give them a slap in the face. In refining this one pill, he had essentially slapped the people insulting him multiple times.

The worse a person had insulted him, the more vicious that slap in the face would be. The fact that Long Chen had refined a nine-ring pill from those trash ingredients caused countless people to be furious. He had definitely done that on purpose, just to slap them in the face.

“This Long San really is a badass. Not only are his physical slaps amazing, but even his mental slaps have reached a divine level. Admirable.” Fang Chang practically had to prostrate himself in admiration towards Long Chen. 

Long Chen’s refinement had drawn everyone’s attention. Those people who had been planning on dazzling others with their skills ended up giving up. They decided to just use the simplest way to finish their pills.

As a result, this opening round had been completely upset by Long Chen. It ended just like that, without anything else that compared to Long Chen’s display.

“Hmph, a derogatory act to please the crowd is all it was.”

Just as Long Chen was leaving with Fang Chang, one of Huo Wufang’s people couldn’t help sneering at him.


A large hand slapped across his face. Long Chen had tried to slap him, but he had been a step too late and ended up striking nothing but air.

“Haha, I got him first,” laughed Fang Chang.

Fang Chang’s face-slaps had almost become a reflex for him. As long as a person came to provoke him, it would naturally follow. He struck so fast that it even surpassed his reaction.

“Fang Chang!”

Huo Wufang’s expression sank. Fang Chang was becoming more and more shameless. Without any regard to his status, he would attack anyone as soon as he had an urge. If Huo Wufang simply allowed his subordinate to be struck like this, he would appear too cowardly.

“What, you want to fight again? Then let’s fight! This isn’t the competition region. If we fight here, no one will care,” said Fang Chang, pointing at Huo Wufang’s nose.

Following his actions, it was like gunpowder had filled the air. Long Chen laughed inside. He rubbed his fists, ready to attack at any moment.

“Heavens, the good show is still developing! Everyone, hurry and find a good spot to watch from!”

Those spectators had thought that the show they wanted to see wouldn’t appear today. They had been a bit depressed, but now sensing this sudden hostility, they immediately celebrated.

“I’ve already activated my photographic jade. I’ll definitely get a good look at a female Pill Empress’s chest, or I won’t be able to die in peace!” cried one person, licking his lips.

Huo Wufang was completely infuriated. Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo were acting like complete hooligans, not caring the slightest bit about their status. If they really did fight here, both parties would suffer.

After all, this wasn’t a true fight. They couldn’t summon their Pill Flames, or it would be too dangerous. If someone lost their life, then this would immediately become a major matter.

Furthermore, many people were watching. Fighting like this would only serve as a method to lose face. However, Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo were so shameless as to act as if they were unrivaled and wanted to fight.

“Hmph, all you have is a pack of marketplace brawlers. We’re leaving.”

In the end, Huo Wufang decided to bring his people away, which disappointed Long Chen. He had lost a chance to kick Huo Wufang in the butt again.

Furthermore, he was extremely curious about what kind of bones Huo Wufang had for it to cause him such pain when he kicked him. What was he hiding?

“Hahaha, we’re also going. Let’s continue our celebration!” Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo laughed. Looking at Huo Wufang’s sullen expression as he left, they felt incredibly refreshed.

Everyone ate and drank their fill in a restaurant. Having viciously slapped Huo Wufang in the face twice now, Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo were filled with delight. They had finally managed to curb his arrogance.

“Long San, let’s go. I’ll help you pick out a pill furnace and get you a beast flame. Your big bro has high hopes for you.” After drinking and eating, Fang Chang brought Long Chen back toward the Seven Treasure Jewel Tower.

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