Chapter 660 Unexpected

It was the same location as last time. But now there were even more spectators. They were squeezed so tightly together that not even a drop of water could get through them.

“What do you think, will they fight again today?”

“I hope so! I heard they were incredibly wonderful yesterday. Just hearing the story from you was satisfying. I got up in the middle of the night just to get a good spot today.”

“Who doesn’t hope for that? I heard that some of the female alchemists’ chests even got exposed. Today, I want to open my eyes to the world. I’ve seen countless women, but this would be my first time seeing the body of a female alchemist. I pray for the heavens’ blessing. Let the battle be even more intense than yesterday.”

When Long Chen heard these people’s words, he almost passed out. As expected, there really were all kinds of people. That battle yesterday had already become famous.

Luckily, the tower administrator had been smart and gathered all the photographic jades. Otherwise, the Pill Tower’s name would truly resound throughout the four seas.

However, some women in the group now began to act unnaturally.

“Wow, they’ve really come out! Look, that blue-robed girl. Yesterday, she was completely exposed. Her chest was so big that even two hands wouldn’t be enough to hold them!” A man suddenly cried out excitedly, using his hands to express what he was saying.

That woman’s expression immediately became ugly.

“Oh, Huo Wufang also came out. What happened to that girl with the violet gold phoenix pin?”

“I see her. What about her?”

“Yesterday, her clothes were completely blown apart. But only later did I realize she was a woman.”

“What do you mean?

“Her chest is so small that I didn’t even notice.”

Following that person’s words, many gazes landed on that woman. As he said, it really was a flat plain.

As more and more people arrived, the hostility in the air grew denser.

“Huo Wufang, how is your butt today?” Fang Chang took the initiative.

“Hmph, don’t get so pleased with yourself. We still have a long future in front of us to see who the final winner is,” snorted Huo Wufang.

“Fuck your mom! And you said that you didn’t come up with that!” Fang Chang immediately became enraged.

“Hmph, does saying something like that have any meaning now? Don’t bicker like your mother. If you have the ability, prove yourself on the stage. At that time, we’ll see just whose subordinates make it to the finals, and just whose family will have the championship.” After the last battle, everyone had dropped their pretenses. Huo Wufang was too lazy to quibble anymore.

The fact that he no longer argued caused Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo to be even more sure that he had been the one to come up with that slogan and that he was just intentionally trying to anger them.

Suddenly, the large gate in front of them opened and a group of people slowly entered the arena. These were all registrants who hadn’t managed to get in the good graces of the three families. There were actually over seven hundred of them. 

They were very sullen. Yesterday, after passing the various tests, they had finally arrived in front of this door. But the door had refused to open. It was only later that someone came to tell them that the opening round had been changed to the next day.

Now they finally came out, but no one had a favorable opinion of them. The elites had already been pulled out of them. Furthermore, most of these people weren’t participating in the Pill Emperor Competition to get the final prizes.

This competition only occurred once a century. Furthermore, you had to be under a hundred years old and have Spiritual Strength that had reached the Earth class. The requirements were extremely stringent.

This was practically a sacred competition to alchemists, and just managing to participate in it was a great honor.

As long as they appeared on the competition’s stage, that would raise their reputation and status. Many people had come just for that.

As for the finals, they were well aware of their own skills. The majority of them had just come to join in on the fun, as well as to gain some experience.


The tower administrator appeared and a cold shout from him cut off the clamor.

“We’ll begin by distributing number plates. Once you obtain your number, go find your spot.”

Many disciples in Pill Tower robes now walked out, all of them carrying square tiles with numbers on them.

These number plates were all random. They matched the numbers on the one thousand stages before them.

Long Chen was given his number. After that, he found his stage and sat. This thirty-meter square refining stage was extremely expansive.

“In accordance with the rules of the opening round, you can choose your own medicinal pills. There are no requirements, and failure doesn’t matter. Just familiarize yourself with this environment to prepare yourselves for the preliminaries. You have six hours!” The tower administrator’s voice rang throughout the entire arena.

“Let the opening round begin!”

All the competing alchemists hastily took out their pill furnaces and medicinal ingredients, organizing them on the refining stage.

The first thing they had to do was get used to the exact size of the refining stage. The arrangement of medicinal ingredients was extremely important. They had to have a plan for how many medicinal ingredients they could put in order. That was to avoid making an error during the sequence of refining.

The higher the tier of the medicinal pill, the more stringent would the refining process be. Some medicinal ingredients needed to be put aside and left to cool for a long time after being refined into powders. There were also some powders that were extremely volatile and began to dissipate into the air after being refined, so those medicinal ingredients were refined last, which would keep the quality of the refined pill higher.

High tier pills had extremely complicated pill formulas. Any detail could affect the odds of a successful refinement. So although there would be no one eliminated this time, everyone still treated it extremely seriously.

These people were all Pill Emperors. They all chose to refine fifth tier pills. Because the difficulty of that was rather high, they couldn’t mess around. Although this wasn’t a true competition, a failure would still be humiliating.

“Hm? What is that little fellow doing? What kind of broken pill furnace is that?”

Suddenly, an uproar came from the crowd as people’s gazes landed on Long Chen’s stage. Other people’s refining stages were filled with medicinal ingredients. There were at least over seventy kinds of medicinal ingredients on each of the stages, and some people even had over a hundred.

But Long Chen’s stage only had seven medicinal ingredients, and they were extremely low tier ones.

“Damn, no way! Isn’t that a second tier pill furnace? And it has a nick in it? Is he really that poor?”

Seeing Long Chen’s pill furnace, everyone’s eyes almost popped out. What was he doing?

A second tier pill furnace could only refine second tier medicinal pills. Then looking at the medicinal ingredients he had laid around him… was he really planning on only refining a second tier pill?

“Long San, what are you doing? Why don’t you refine a fifth tier pill? And what is that chamberpot for?” asked Chai Liehuo. He was on a stage beside Long Chen.

“I… I only have these medicinal ingredients… And this pill furnace is my only one,” said Long Chen helplessly.

He had to act like a poor alchemist raised by a Pill Master. He naturally couldn’t use his main pill furnace, as that had been Huo Wufang’s.

Chai Liehuo almost coughed up blood. If he didn’t have a pill furnace, why hadn’t he said so earlier? He could have easily gotten him one. Bringing out a trash chamberpot like this was too embarrassing.

“Don’t make a racket!”

The tower administrator suddenly shouted and Chai Liehuo could only shut his mouth.

Suddenly, countless flames began to soar from people’s hands. They had already taken out their Pill Flames. All kinds of colorful and magnificent beast flames appeared.

“Ranked thirty-one on the beast flame rankings, the Blue Heart Flame!”

“Ranked twenty-nine on the beast flame rankings, the Scarlet Blaze Flame!”

Startled cries rang out from the crowd. These beast flames were all ranked in the top hundred of the beast flame rankings. These people were truly being shown a whole new world.

“Junior master Fang and junior master Chai’s beast flames are the same. It’s the Blazing Python Scale Flame, fourth on the beast flame rankings!!”

“Heavens, isn’t junior master Huo’s flame the first rank beast flame, the Earth Dragon Golden Blaze?”

There was a golden flame in Huo Wufang’s hand that caused the crowd to shout in shock. Even Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang were filled with shock.

They hadn’t expected Huo Wufang to have obtained the first rank beast flame. The Huo family had once more spent a huge sum on him.

That Earth Dragon Golden Blaze had come from a Xiantian Magical Beast known as the Earth Dragon. This kind of Magical Beast came from ancient times, and it had almost gone extinct.

It was said that the Earth Dragon possessed a trace of a true dragon’s bloodline. Although its body was more like a lizard and seemed to have nothing to do with a dragon, just that trace of a dragon’s bloodline was enough to make it an overlord amongst Magical Beasts. It was said that a matured Earth Dragon was something even a Sea Expansion expert would have to flee from.

“Hehe, looks like I win this one.” Huo Wufang smiled arrogantly. He glanced at Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang, his provocation obvious.

The two of them merely snorted but their expressions became a bit ugly. Huo Wufang had taken the advantage in terms of Pill Flames.


Suddenly, mocking laughter rang out as everyone looked at Long Chen. There was a light yellow flame in Long Chen’s hand. That was no beast flame but just an ordinary Pill Flame.

It was something he had condensed from his spiritual yuan. Long Chen wasn’t a true flame cultivator, and he had no core flame runes. He could only condense this simple Pill Flame.

“Has there been some mistake? How did such trash make it into this competition? Did someone sneak him in through the back door?” sneered someone.

“Idiot, if you don’t know, then don’t speak. He’s only eighteen, but his Spiritual Strength has reached the first tier Heaven class. It’s just that… just that… he comes from a poor origin. What right do you have to laugh at him?” Someone recognized Long Chen and defended him.

Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang were extremely vexed upon seeing Long Chen take out this trash pill furnace and trash Pill Flame. Why hadn’t he said any of this earlier?

Suddenly, Long Chen smiled slightly. Extending a hand, all of his medicinal ingredients flew into his pill furnace at the same time, and his Pill Flame entered the bottom of the furnace. His soul energy circulated, and his Pill Flame explosively grew.

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