Chapter 659 Alchemists Battle

“Fuck your grandma!”

“You fucker!”

Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang were immediately enraged and charged at Gou Jiba. Right now, the thing they hated the most was this slogan.


Gou Jiba had yet to understand what was happening when a resounding slap on the face struck him. Chai Liehuo was even more vicious, and his kick landed at the same place his name referred to, causing an even more miserable shriek.

“Hey! Stop!” Huo Wufang was first dumbfounded. He had never expected Gou Jiba to say such a phrase. He quickly tried to intervene.

After all, this was not the place to fight. This was right in front of the Seven Treasure Jewel Tower, a sacred land of the Pill Tower. If there was a fight, it would bring on the ire of the higher-ups.

More importantly, there were also so many spectators watching. Seeing Huo Wufang move to stop them, the people in his group also followed, trying to separate them.

But Long Chen’s eyes brightened. This was an excellent chance. He furiously roared, “Brothers, they’re trying to attack our junior masters! We can’t allow them to bully us like this! Attack!”

He was the first to charge up. Without another word, seeing Huo Wufang’s butt facing him, he directly kicked him in his tailbone.


Huo Wufang had no defenses up. A burst of pain came from his butt, and his face turned from white to green, and then green to purple. In the end, he let out a miserable scream as he shot through the sky.

“Damnit, how is his butt so hard?” Long Chen had kicked Huo Wufang away, but his foot hurt a great deal. He hadn’t managed to break his tailbone, and instead ended up in pain because of the backlash. That bastard’s new skeleton was definitely strange.

But now wasn’t the time to quibble over that. Following Long Chen, the others on his side also charged forward.

How could they not? At this time, if they were to hesitate even slightly, they would appear disloyal.

This was a critical moment for them. They would rather be injured than suffer the consequences of just standing there.

In fact, many people sighed with regret that Long Chen had been the first to attack. That chance to show their loyalty had actually been snatched away by him. But they couldn’t fall behind, and they also smashed their fists into those people.

“Fuck, they sneak attacked our junior master Huo! We’ll go all-out against them!”

Huo Wufang had been kicked into the sky by Long Chen, but because the current situation was too chaotic, no one managed to see who had done it. It was definitely their opponents though, so Huo Wufang’s people also attacked.

Unpleasant screams and curses rang out, as well as the sound of various body parts colliding. They were like a bunch of hooligans fighting in the street. These people were grand alchemists, and when truly fighting, they would use their Pill Flame. They had zero experience fighting with their physical bodies.

Hair pulling, nose breaking, leg pinching, ball crushing… Some people ended up being beaten and used their most primordial weapon, directly biting others.

Long Chen was also in the crowd. However, he was extremely unremarkable, using the same clumsy fighting style as the others.

The spectators were all dumbfounded. This scene was truly magnificent. Over one hundred alchemists were fighting like hooligans. Perhaps they would never get a chance to see such a thing again.

“Everyone stop!”

Suddenly, a furious roar rang out so loudly that people’s eardrums were shaken. Some of them even began to bleed because their eardrums had ruptured, and they were no longer able to hear a thing.

Long Chen’s heart shook. An expert had finally appeared. He hastily pulled Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang out of the battle.

Previously, he had been protecting them, so their clothes were still relatively intact. Other people’s clothes had been torn to rags.

The worst was that some women’s clothes had also been torn, revealing their chests for all to see. With their hair in a complete mess, they looked like fighting hags. 

Following that furious roar, everyone hastily stopped. But there was still one person whose screaming didn’t stop.

Gou Jiba, who had previously been beaten by Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang, had been completely beaten up, and both of his arms were broken. But he was still obstinately biting down on one person’s crotch.

What he didn’t know was that the person he was biting was on the same side as him. This victim was incomparably pained as he screamed, but Gou Jiba seemed to have gone insane and he continued to bite.

Suddenly, a wave of flames flew over and wrapped around the two of them. The miserable screaming disappeared. At the same time, the two of them also disappeared. They had been directly killed.

Long Chen and the others hastily turned to see an elder with an ashen expression, killing intent radiating off of him.

“Tower administrator!”

Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang hastily bowed.

This person was not part of the three families. As the tower administrator, he had been sent directly by Pill Valley to oversee things.

If this person was just an expert from the three families, they wouldn’t be afraid. But this tower administrator represented Pill Valley, and they didn’t dare be unbridled before him.

The tower administrator was backed by Pill Valley, and he represented an absolute authority. The fact that he had just killed two people in his fury showed he was already on the edge of exploding.

BANG! Suddenly, a figure came crashing down from the sky. It was surprisingly Huo Wufang.

Long Chen’s kick had been too vicious, and it had directly sent Huo Wufang flying into the sky. Only now did he fall back.

When Huo Wufang landed, he didn’t say a word. He held his butt and rolled on the ground. He was in so much pain that he couldn’t even scream.

The tower administrator kicked Huo Wufang below his waist. Long Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly. This tower administrator was truly skilled. That kick of his had severed Huo Wufang’s pain nerves.

The instant he was freed from his pain, Huo Wufang stood up. Although he was filled with fury, he didn’t dare release it. He bowed and said, “Greetings, tower administrator.”

The death of the two alchemists shook everyone. They obediently stood there, not daring to say a word.

The tower administrator’s face was as black as the bottom of a pan. Killing intent soared out of him as his icy gaze swept over everyone.

Their hearts trembled. They were afraid that he might go crazy and directly kill them.

“You disgraceful fools! Do you think this is a place for you to fight?!” the tower administrator roared furiously. He was a grand Sea Expansion expert, but his whole body was trembling. Even his voice was hoarse. It could be seen what level of fury he had reached.

“Do any of you even care about face?! You’re alchemists! How can you scuffle like hooligans?! Grow up! Even if you had to fight, why did you do it in front of the Seven Treasure Jewel Tower and right before the opening round?! Were you trying to show off your fighting skills to the tens of thousands of people who came just to watch? Should I sell tickets for this show?!”

The mass of alchemists outside nodded. He was right, such an incredible scene should have cost money to watch. No matter how expensive the ticket would be, they would pay.

“The opening round is canceled for today! We’ll change it to tomorrow. Other than that, everyone hand over your photographic jades!” shouted the tower administrator.

A mass of experts immediately surrounded the spectators. One by one, they investigated them. If they allowed those photographic jades to circulate, the Pill Tower would become the cultivation world’s laughingstock.

“You people, get in here!” ordered the tower administrator, bringing them into the Seven Treasure Jewel Tower. Then the doors shut. When the outsiders were no longer present, he continued to furiously roar, “Speak, what happened here?!”

“Reporting to tower administrator, it was Huo Wufang who brought his people to provoke us. Furthermore, he even had one of his subordinates curse us, making us lose face. It was only because of that humiliation that I attacked. Disciple is young and impetuous, causing him to go too far. Please give me your punishment,” said Fang Chang respectfully.

His words had been very well said. First, he said it was Huo Wufang who had provoked him. He was the victim. But he still admitted his mistake.

“What nonsense! You were the one who attacked first!” raged Huo Wufang.

Screw Chai Liehuo, damn Fang Chang. Pill Yang Prefecture’s sole master is Huo Wufang. Hmph, Huo Wufang, you are actually so malicious as to make such a senseless phrase to humiliate us. Tower administrator, I can’t accept such humiliation. Tell me, if a person stood right in front of us and cursed us right in the nose, would we even be men if we just endured?” said Chai Liehuo.

The tower administrator’s furious expression twitched upon hearing this phrase. That was from wanting to laugh but suppressing it. He had no choice. If he laughed, there would be no way for him to handle this matter. At the same time, he cursed inside. Just who had come up with such a thing?

“Don’t slander others! I never told him such a thing!” said Huo Wufang.

“But he said it and everyone heard it clearly. He’s someone from your camp, so if you didn’t teach it to him, why would he say it?” sneered Long Chen.


“That’s enough!” shouted the tower administrator. “I don’t care which one of you was right or wrong, nor do I care what reasons you have. To fight in front of the Seven Treasure Jewel Tower is an insult to the Pill Tower. Right now, the opening round is coming up, so I won’t punish you. But I’ve remembered every single one of you. Once the competition is over, I’ll slowly settle this debt with all of you. Now scram. Remember, you better be more obedient tomorrow, or else… not even your families will be able to protect you, understand?”


How could they not understand? Two alchemists had already been turned to ashes by him.

Once they returned, Fang Chang and Chai Liehuo directly arranged a feast to celebrate their victory today.

“That was too refreshing! Brothers, you really are heroic! I can see just how dependable and cohesive you all are!” Fang Chang raised his cup to them.

“It’s brother Long that was mighty. With one kick, he sent Huo Wufang flying into the sky. Seeing his twisted expression… that was too fucking refreshing!” laughed Chai Liehuo.

“Cheers to victory!”


It went without saying that this victory today had raised everyone’s morale. It had also united everyone even more. They drank all the way into the night before resting.

The next day, Long Chen and the others were full of energy. Humming a nameless tune, they walked toward the arena for the opening round.

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