Chapter 655 Imparting the Divine Ability

Pow, pow!

“This is how you start. One heart, two strikes! Control your power naturally and effortlessly, heavy and light…”

Pow! Pow, pow! Pow! Pow, pow!

“Do you see? This is the rhythm. Four beats at a time can be transformed, becoming eight beats, sixteen beats. To make it a perfect set…”

As Long Chen explained, his hand didn’t stop. No matter how the scarred man tried to dodge, the tempo never changed. That scene dazzled everyone with its perfection.

Most importantly, each of Long Chen’s slaps caused such a loud ringing sound that was incredibly clear, and yet, they didn’t cause any injury. The scarred man’s skin hadn’t even split open. It could be seen that his control had truly reached the pinnacle.

“Amazing, absolutely amazing! Let me try it!”

Junior master Fang was delighted. He had truly met a master today. Long Chen paused and he immediately went forward, slapping the scarred man across the face.

But he only managed to slap him once when the scarred man unconsciously dodged the second.

“Fuck, you dare dodge?! If you try that again, I’ll slap you to death!” raged junior master Fang. Encountering such a master was so rare, but this infuriating fellow refused to cooperate.

Pow, pow! 

“Brother Long, is it like this?” Junior master Fang slapped the scarred man twice across the face and then asked Long Chen for his opinion.

The scarred man was fuming. How had he been so unlucky as to run into such a calamity? But now he didn’t even dare to dodge, or he really could be killed if he provoked him.

“The first attack uses the shoulder to move the arm. But in truth, it is the shoulder putting forth the power. Your second attack should use your wrist to move your hand. Use a slight rotation, and your speed will increase a great deal. Keep your posture elegant and your movements clean. That will cause anyone watching to feel refreshed and relaxed. That is what a truly high-class and imposing face-slapping art should be like,” said Long Chen.

Pow, pow!

“Hahaha, yes, this is the feeling! Too refreshing!” Junior master Fang truly was a genius. After just a bit of guidance, he immediately grasped the concept.

Those people following junior master Fang truly did feel refreshed and relaxed now.

Long Chen stealthily probed those people. Their Spiritual Strengths were extremely powerful, and a blazing flame aura came from their spiritual yuan. Those were fluctuations of Pill Flame. In other words, these had to be powerful alchemists.

It seemed this junior master Fang’s status was exceedingly high. But he didn’t put on any airs with him, so he wasn’t that bad of a person.

Long Chen was unaware that this junior master Fang was one of the masters of Pill Yang Prefecture, and the only reason he didn’t put on any airs with him was because he admired Long Chen’s divine ability.

Seeing that the others were also eager for a try, Long Chen encouraged, “Everyone, don’t be shy. If you want to try it, then go ahead. There are enough test subjects here for everyone, so don’t be courteous!”

“That’s right, that’s right! Come try it, it really is addictive!” Junior master Fang also encouraged his people. Only then did they walk over.

“You, get over here and be slapped.”


As soon as these people tried the slapping art, miserable screams rang out. These people were alchemists with grand statuses. They had never done anything like this before, and as a result, their control over their physical strength was extremely lacking. These people’s facial bones immediately shattered from one slap.

One person even accidentally killed someone with his slap, causing the others to turn red with fury. But junior master Fang simply laughed.

“Hehe, this kind of divine ability isn’t something that just anyone can learn. As for us… we should just give up.” One of them shook his head and stopped trying.

“No, no! Just treat it as accompanying me. Otherwise, it’ll be boring by myself,” said junior master Fang as he continued to focus on his practice.

An hour later, all those people’s faces were like pigs. Their heads were incredibly swollen.

The people that had come with junior master Fang were all ashamed. Despite how careful they tried to be, they were unable to perfectly control their strength.

They were alchemists. Having them control their Pill Flames was easy, but to control their physical strength was not their strong suit.

However, everyone had no choice but to admit that junior master Fang truly had exceedingly high talent when it came to face-slapping. Even after an hour of practice, the scarred man’s face had only turned slightly red and swollen. He wasn’t truly injured. Even Long Chen had to nod.

“Junior master Fang, don’t you think bothering a bunch of nobodies like them is a loss to your status?” Suddenly, a voice rang out from the sky.

Long Chen raised his head to see a violet-robed elder with an exquisite tower symbol embroidered onto his chest. A pair of wings kept him afloat.

“What does that have to do with your Huo family? Do you have the qualifications to speak to me?” Junior master Fang stopped his training. After an hour of bitter practice, he was a bit tired.

He obviously recognized this Sea Expansion expert. But from his tone, it seemed he didn’t like the Huo family. That made Long Chen smile.

“You’re the Fang family’s junior master, the future family head. Of course I don’t have the qualifications to criticize you. But your actions are a loss to your status,” said the Sea Expansion expert as he slowly floated down to the ground. His words weren’t overly rude, but his tone did have some ridicule.

“Tch, you’re bored, so you want to be a pain in my ass? If I want to teach a lesson to a few dogs that bullied people, so what? You have an opinion?” sneered junior master Fang.

“This is junior master Huo’s new residence. He’s in the process of building it, and all they did was clean out the stragglers who had no business being here. Junior master Fang, your actions are a bit overboard,” said the elder. A threat had already crept into his words.

Seeing that, Long Chen laughed inside. It seemed the Huo and Fang families were quite hostile to each other. In fact, they were openly antagonistic without any fear. That was definitely good.

He suddenly interjected, “If your junior master Huo wants to make a grave for himself where other people are living, he should compensate the house owners, don’t you think? Can he really just take other people’s property without giving a single copper coin?

“When your dogs came to randomly bite others, bullying the innocents and defenseless commoners in broad daylight, they lost the face of the Pill Tower. Do you even understand that?

“Your dogs humiliated and insulted the name of the sacred Pill Tower. Junior master Fang is an upright man, and seeing the crimes these people committed, he stood up for justice and gave them their due punishment.

“That is what a real hero should do! He beat these dogs to protect the Pill Tower’s radiance! Tell me, just where did he go overboard?”

Long Chen’s righteous words made junior master Fang laugh inside. He had only attacked because he found the Huo family’s people to be displeasing to the eye. But now that Long Chen put it this way, he had become a hero of the Pill Tower, protecting it from shame. He puffed his chest with self-confidence.

“What nonsense! Who do you think you are to interrupt when I’m talking?!” raged the Sea Expansion expert.

He didn’t dare release any fury on junior master Fang, but not just anyone could speak to him. He now released his fury on Long Chen.

Junior master Fang was just about to speak up for Long Chen when he saw Long Chen’s shoulder move ever so slightly.


Long Chen’s hand slapped across the elder’s face. This time, his strength was shockingly high, and the elder was sent flying.

BOOM! Xiao Cui’s little house was blown apart, wooden fragments filling the air. Everyone was shocked.



While everyone else was stupefied, junior master Fang cheered. This slap had practically reached a supernatural level.

“Bastard, die!”

The Sea Expansion expert roared and charged at Long Chen furiously, his palm crashing down.

Space trembled intensely. This was a terrifying attack that made it so no one else could breathe.

Just as Long Chen was still undecided over whether or not he should continue slapping him, junior master Fang stood in front of him, blocking the elder. “Old ghost, if you have the guts, you can try it!”

The elder’s fury had soared after being slapped in the face by Long Chen. Being slapped by a junior almost drove him crazy with fury.

So he hadn’t held back at all with this attack. He wanted Long Chen dead immediately. But seeing junior master Fang appearing in front of him, his expression completely changed, and he hastily pulled back his strength.

If anything happened to junior master Fang, not even a hundred deaths would make up for it. The Fang family would be furious.

He was both startled and infuriated, and as a result of this sudden retraction of his own strength, his aura fluctuated tumultuously and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

“You really want to shield him?!” raged the elder.

“Doesn’t that go without saying? Why wouldn’t I protect my brother?” Junior master Fang had, of course, expected this result.

“Good! Good! Good!” After spitting out three good’s, the elder’s wings shook and he disappeared from their gazes.

“What are you still doing here? Scram! Looking at your ugly faces makes me nauseous. Or do you want to start anew?” said junior master Fang at the Huo family’s people.

They hadn’t been allowed to leave before, and staying had been misery. So hearing this, they were delighted and they hastily fled.

“Long San, your face-slapping divine ability is truly unrivaled. You have to properly teach me. Don’t worry, I won’t treat you unfairly. Let’s go find a place to eat.”

Junior master Fang was extremely excited. Seeing Long Chen slap the Sea Expansion expert in the face almost made him prostrate himself in admiration. That move had been too amazing.

Long Chen first woke up Xiao Cui and her grandpa. He took out a few hundred gold coins for them.

He didn’t dare give them too much, or it might cause others to become jealous and kill them. A few hundred gold coins should be enough for them to live for many years. And if they saved it properly, it would be enough for their lifetime.

Xiao Cui was incomparably grateful to Long Chen. It was only after Long Chen advised them to go quickly that they left.

After handling Xiao Cui’s matter, Long Chen, junior master Fang, and the others all flew back to the treasure tower region.

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