Chapter 654 Junior Master Fang

Long Chen raised his hand and directly slapped the two of them in the face. These two were only at Blood Condensation, and they were directly sent flying, crashing into the dozen people behind them. Long Chen had no time to deal with their shock, and he rushed into the courtyard.

The courtyard was still there, but Xiao Cui and her grandfather were pushed into a corner. The old man’s face was bruised and bleeding. Xiao Cui was terrified but still trying to protect him, even begging for mercy.

“Please, stop hitting my grandpa!” cried Xiao Cui.

Within their group, there was a man with a scar on his face who angrily cursed, “Idiot peasant, we’ve already said that junior master Huo wants this land. We told you to scram, but you refused to leave. Now, if you still don’t leave, we’ll directly kill you.”

“Sirs, please have pity on us! I spent my life savings in order to buy this place so I could rely on it to survive! Kicking us out is equivalent to taking our lives!” cried the elder.

“Idiots, junior master Huo has long since placed his sights on this place. Can’t you see that everyone else has already left? Why would you still buy this place? Shut up and scram! In a few days, we will be constructing a grand residence here, and you’re obstructing our work,” shouted the scarred man impatiently.

“But… but we spent money on this place! We even have the deed! How can you kick us out?” cried Xiao Cui.

“Oh? You have the deed? Then that’s easy. Show me and we’ll compensate you with the original price,” said the scarred man.

Xiao Cui was delighted and hastily ran into the room. In just a moment, she came out with a tattered page.

“This is the deed! See, we weren’t lying!”

The scarred man took the deed and nodded. “Correct, this really is the deed.”

Then he smiled and tore the deed to pieces right in front of Xiao Cui, throwing the scraps into the wind. Xiao Cui immediately became dumbfounded.

“Now where’s the deed? Scram!” shouted the scarred man.

“You… you… you bully…!” Xiao Cui had never imagined these people could be so vile. They even destroyed their deed. She began to wail.

The scarred man frowned. He impatiently waved his hand to the people behind him. “Take them away.”

“Brother Dao, if they keep screaming like this, it won’t be good,” said one of them.

“Are you an idiot? Knock them unconscious. Could it be that you don’t even know how to do something like that? Find somewhere to bury the old man. As for the brat, hehe, she’s still a female. Do whatever you want to. And hurry up, because we still have work to do. If we’re too slow, none of us will have a good ending,” ordered the scarred man.

Several people’s eyes lit up. They were just about to move when an icy voice rang out.

“I’m really curious how you can be so repulsive without the heavens doing anything to put you in your place.”

The scarred man jumped. He hadn’t even noticed that another person had appeared in the courtyard. It had to be known that he was a Bone Forging expert.

Seeing the black-robed, suntanned man with an evil smile on the face, he shouted, “Who are you?! You dare meddle in our affairs?!”

“Big brother, they’re completely unreasonable…!” Xiao Cui seemed to have seen her final hope, and she cried out.

“Xiao Cui, don’t cry. This is just a dream. Sleep, and when you awake, everything will be over.”

Following his words, Xiao Cui and her grandfather’s eyelids became heavy, and they fell asleep.

Turning back to the scarred man, Long Chen didn’t say anything. He just indifferently looked at them.

“What… what are you planning?!” For some unknown reason, the scarred man felt a chill.

“I’m planning how many pieces I can cut you into, and just which way I should do it for it to be perfect,” said Long Chen, sizing up the scarred man.

“You… you really are looking to die! Don’t think that you can resist us just because you have some insignificant abilities! We’re doing the work of the Pill Tower’s Huo family!” warned the scarred man. Mentioning the Huo family, his confidence rose.

At this time, the others outside had also charged into the courtyard. Over forty people surrounded Long Chen.

“Friend, you should leave. Although you’ve concealed your cultivation base, you’re still only an ant in front of the Huo family,” said the scarred man.

The Huo family? We really are tied together by destiny. Could it be that the heavens fated me to fight with the Huo family? I didn’t even go find them yet, but they came to find me.

This matter was a bit thorny. Right now, his best option was to bring away Xiao Cui and her grandfather. These people wouldn’t dare to make it hard on him.

But that was something against his principles. If he didn’t kill these dregs, he’d feel like it would be unworthy of their appearance.

And yet, if he immediately fought with the Huo family as soon as he arrived, it would be too conspicuous. Although these people were just dogs, a dog’s death would still draw the attention of its master.

Suddenly, a huge figure flew over in the sky. It was a Xiantian falcon Magical Beast that whistled past them.

Long Chen ignored it. Looking at these fellows, in the end, he decided to exterminate them. Caring so much about consequences wasn’t his style.

Just as Long Chen was about to attack, the falcon returned and a dozen people jumped off its back.

There were both men and women. They were in luxurious clothes and were young Xiantian experts. The person at the lead had thick eyebrows and large eyes. He wore a golden crown on his head.

“Oh, why would the Huo family’s dogs come to bite people here?” That person disdainfully looked at the scarred man.

“Junior master Fang…” The scarred man immediately turned pale and began to sweat.


A large hand slapped across the scarred man’s face, and that junior master Fang angrily shouted, “Fuck off! My name sounds so vile coming from your mouth.”

Long Chen’s eyes brightened. This junior master Fang was actually also an expert face-slapper! This slap in the face had been too beautiful. It was clean and efficient. It seemed he was also a generation’s genius, and Long Chen couldn’t help but have a good feeling toward him.

The scarred man didn’t dare get angry. This slap in the face hadn’t contained much power, but the humiliation of it was much greater.

Suddenly, the sound of Long Chen’s clapping rang out.

Junior master Fang’s expression sank, and he icily stared at Long Chen. “What are you doing?”

“Sir’s face-slap was simply too perfect. Your slap was smooth, while the arc was graceful. That handsome posture is truly admirable.” Long Chen smiled.

“Oh? Not bad, not bad. You were actually able to see that. Could it be that you’re also proficient in this Dao?” Junior master Fang’s eyes brightened.

“I don’t dare say that I’m proficient. I just know a bit,” said Long Chen modestly. Long Chen was extremely enthusiastic to discuss this shared interest.

“How about you try it? In all my years, this is my first time seeing a slap cultivator.” Junior master Fang looked at Long Chen excitedly.

Slap cultivator? Was he referring to cultivating face-slaps? This junior master Fang was truly a genius.

“Then I’ll give a display.”

Long Chen smiled. When it came to face-slapping arts, it seemed his ability in that regard surpassed even his alchemy and combat skills. It was the divine ability he was most proficient in.


Seeing that Long Chen was walking over to him eagerly, the scarred man was both startled and infuriated. When Long Chen’s slap came, he immediately raised his hand to block.

Pow! Pow! Pow, pow!

But what startled the scarred man was that although he had clearly blocked, he was still struck. In fact, he was repeatedly struck four times.

Junior master Fang’s eyes almost popped out. This was practically a divine ability! He clearly saw that when the scarred man tried to block, Long Chen’s hand would move in a strange arc and avoid his block.

It was soft like cotton, but quick as the wind. That strange curve in his technique was practically one that could shake heaven and earth, and cause gods to sob. Most importantly, his slaps came in a steady rhythm that was invigorating, giving people an urge to dance.

“A divine ability! This is definitely a divine ability! Brother, you must teach me this!” cried junior master Fang. He had never seen such a face-slapping art.

It wasn’t just him. The others behind him were also shocked. This face-slapping art was too graceful.

“Haha, no problem. Since we all have this grand interest, well, I wouldn’t dare say I could teach you, but we can compare notes and share our experience,” laughed Long Chen.

“Brother, you really are my brother! What should I call you?” Seeing that Long Chen didn’t keep his technique secret, he couldn’t help feeling extremely favorable toward him.

“Long San.”

“Haha, brother Long San! I’m bigger than you, so you can call me big brother Fang. In Pill Yang Prefecture, as long as you mention my name, I guarantee no one will dare to bully you!” said junior master Fang confidently.

Long Chen was startled. This confidence and the fact that he dared to beat the Huo family’s dogs… could it be that he was from the Pill Tower’s Fang family?

Thinking of that, Long Chen couldn’t help slapping his leg in excitement. This was practically perfect. He had just been thinking of how he was supposed to muddle his way into the Pill Tower. This blessing had come too suddenly.

Long Chen had already asked around. Pill Yang Prefecture had three families that controlled it. They were the Huo family, the Fang family, and the Chai family[1]. They were the ones that controlled the Pill Tower.

“Alright. Big brother Fang, seeing how courteous you are, let me put on a show for you. First of all, a face-slapping art seeks to strike like the wind, to be as fast as lightning, to be as hard as a mountain, to be soft like cotton, to come in waves like the waves of the sea, to be completely unblockable. This Dao is truly limitless, and each advancement you make is merely a grain of sand in a desert…” As Long Chen spoke, junior master Fang seemed drunk. He hadn’t imagined that face-slapping arts were backed by such profound principles.

“Brother Fang, look closely. I’ll give you a demonstration of what it means to be swift.” After saying that, Long Chen smiled sinisterly at the scarred man.

[1] Huo=fire. Fang=the word for formula in pill formula. Chai=firewood. 

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