Chapter 650 Consequences

Shui Wuhen was filled with grief when she returned to the Xuantian Supermonastery. The only thing in her mind was his warm, brotherly smile. It was like the sound of him calling her big sister was still echoing.

She wished she was overthinking things and that he hadn’t died. But within the chaos region, the Righteous experts had found quite a few Enchanted item fragments. Those were weapons of Sea Expansion experts.

If even such weapons had shattered, then it could be seen just how terrifying that heavenly punishment had been. Even Sea Expansion experts would have to die. Just how was Long Chen supposed to survive?

In other people’s eyes, it had been extremely worthwhile for Long Chen to sacrifice himself to bring all those people to the grave with him.

But in Shui Wuhen’s heart, it didn’t matter how many Corrupt experts he had brought down. Not even all their lives added up together were worth Long Chen’s. Seeing other people’s barely concealed expressions of joy, she felt like needles were stabbing into her heart.

The Xuantian Dao Sect had sent down word that Long Chen was a hero of the sect and that they had carved his name onto their stele of heroes, an extremely rare honor. But so what?

Seeing Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi’s hopeful gazes, Shui Wuhen could only tell them that he had disappeared, and they were doing their best to search for him.

Now, ten days had passed. She didn’t even dare leave her room, afraid of seeing Meng Qi or the others, afraid of them asking her for news about Long Chen.

As for Zhou Qingyi, she had spent these days doing her best to fawn over Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er. The two of them had become Celestials, and she had received orders from her family to pull them to their side.

As a result, the two of them didn’t say a single word to her, which caused Zhou Qingyi to feel dejected and infuriated. But she didn’t dare release that fury, and she could only thicken her skin, continuing to suck up.

In the end, Tang Wan-er directly announced that they were going into seclusion, and only then did they escape from her harassment. Zhou Qingyi’s actions actually ended up helping Shui Wuhen, as it was only now that she dared come out of her room.

“Reporting to the monastery head, the Huayun Sect’s Zheng Wenlong wishes to see you.”

Shui Wuhen was startled. Wasn’t Zheng Wenlong someone close to Long Chen? Why would he come to see her? With the Huayun Sect’s power, they should have long since received word of what had happened.

A possibility popped into her mind, and she didn’t receive Zheng Wenlong in the large hall, instead meeting him in a private room.

When Zheng Wenlong gave her the letter Long Chen had personally written, she could not be more emotional. She didn’t even know when Zheng Wenlong left.

“This little scoundrel! As expected, his life really is hardy. Even the heavens can’t take it.”

Shui Wuhen sensed Long Chen’s specific spiritual imprint on the letter. She was now absolutely sure he was fine. She felt incomparably relaxed, feeling like she had immediately returned to her maidenhood.

“He wants to go to the Pill Tower to pursue his studies? Hmph, if a hooligan like you goes to the Pill Tower, it’d be strange if some kind of disaster didn’t befall them.”

Seeing his tactful words, Shui Wuhen bitterly smiled, shaking her head. She felt some sorrow for the Pill Tower.

In this world, there were things that you couldn’t imagine, but there were no things that Long Chen wouldn’t dare do. Long Chen’s mind was always filled with the wildest thoughts. The most frightful thing was that he didn’t just think of those thoughts, but he also dared to do them.

Thinking of Long Chen’s previous experiences, it seemed he had never done anything like an ordinary person would. And whatever he did, he also caused such a huge commotion.

“Fine, go be a disaster over there. Our supermonastery can have some peace.” Shui Wuhen smiled. That smile was one delighting in someone else’s misfortune.

Long Chen had sent her a total of three things: a letter, a photographic jade, and a spatial ring. The spatial ring was for Tang Wan-er, so she didn’t touch it. She activated the photographic jade instead.

“What? The Zhou family was actually this involved?”

Shui Wuhen was startled. The photographic jade had a record of Zhou Kun’s words from back then. His admittance to the Zhou family being used by the Pill Tower, colluding with the Corrupt path, and trying to kill Long Chen were all clearly recorded.

Even the death of the Zhou family’s elders, the Corrupt Celestials, and the Huo family elder that had been exposed were recorded. Everything was extremely obvious and indisputable.

“Hehe, Zhou family, let me see just how you will try to quibble this time!”

Shui Wuhen personally went to give the spatial ring to Tang Wan-er. Now she no longer had to have so many worries, and she was practically in glowing spirits.

Tang Wan-er received the spatial ring and saw another photographic jade inside, as well as a letter. The letter said that Tang Wan-er should tell everyone not to rapidly cultivate. The Xiantian realm was a realm for comprehending the Heavenly Daos.

Mental realm and comprehension were more important in this realm. Only once they could perfectly control natural energy could they release the strongest possible attacks. Just having their cultivation bases rise without that comprehension would have no meaning.

When she activated the photographic jade, Tang Wan-er bitterly laughed. Long Chen had found himself another beauty.

But then hearing Zi Yan’s zither music, she felt like her heart had been cleansed, as if her soul had been purified. Her mind became completely at peace.

“This is a legendary soul calming song.” Even Shui Wuhen was greatly startled.

This kind of soul calming song only existed in legends. It was said that a single soul calming song could cause a person to become completely relaxed and allowed their mental realm to advance as much as it would through a thousand days of cultivation. After hearing it, even Shui Wuhen felt like she had entered a special state, and her mental realm had advanced a trace.

“This sister has amazing zither arts,” praised Meng Qi.

“It’s not just her zither arts that are amazing. She’s outrageously beautiful. That bastard.” Tang Wan-er was clearly a bit jealous. The bastard she was referring to was naturally Long Chen.

Long Chen had repeatedly said that he had been completely obedient outside and hadn’t done anything impure. But then what was this photographic jade?

“Wan-er, a single photographic jade can’t represent anything. This soul calming song is practically godsent for us, so don’t be petty.” laughed Meng Qi.

“I’m not being petty!”

“Then why are your eyes so red?” teased Meng Qi.

“Sister… you’re also evil now.” Tang Wan-er blushed. She really was unhappy that Long Chen had hidden this matter from them.

Shui Wuhen shook her head. “You two really are like children. This woman’s mental realm is exceedingly high, untouched by mundane affairs. How could she get involved in romantic matters? Music Dao cultivators are extremely special. The majority of them are women, and it’s said that in all their lives, they will never involve themselves in such affairs. Your worries are for nothing, Wan-er.”

“Monastery head, I… I’m just mad that Long Chen didn’t tell us. I’m not jealous.” Tang Wan-er turned even redder.

“This soul calming song is truly a priceless treasure. Take care of it, and don’t let anyone else find out about it. I will set up a private room for you all so that no one can disturb you. In the Xiantian realm, comprehension is more important than cultivation. Use the soul calming jade to cleanse your minds every day, and your mental realms will advance rapidly. I’ll also profit from this soul calming song. Perhaps I can find an opportunity to break through with its assistance.”

By Shui Wuhen’s realm, breaking through wasn’t just a matter of hard work. It needed comprehension, or you would never break through within your lifetime.

Anyone who could cultivate to the Sea Expansion realm was a genius among geniuses. But to take the next step not only required perseverance and talent, but also luck and opportunity.

“Monastery head, do you want to go into seclusion with us?” asked Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen had always been cheeky toward Shui Wuhen, but that was limited to when it was the two of them alone. Normally, when others were present, Long Chen would maintain a certain distance from Shui Wuhen. After all, she was the monastery head, and when there were outsiders present, Long Chen would always act extremely respectful.

Tang Wan-er and the others only knew that Shui Wuhen had always been looking after Long Chen. They didn’t know just how close they were.

“I also want that, but I need some time first. I have an extremely important matter to handle. Remember, don’t let anyone know about Long Chen.”

After warning them, she directly brought Zhou Qingyi to the Xuantian Dao Sect. Zhou Qingyi was extremely curious, but all Shui Wuhen said was that something big was about to happen.

Something big really did go down. When the four families and the vice sect master were present, Shui Wuhen revealed the photographic jade Long Chen had given her. The Zhou family immediately became paralyzed with terror.

Colluding with the Corrupt path was punishable by the extermination of their entire family. The vice sect master’s expression had immediately turned dark. He icily stared at the Zhou family’s people with fury.

“I’ll give you one chance to give me a satisfactory explanation.” The vice sect master’s roar caused everyone to jump.

However, the Zhou family’s people were truly worthy of being wily old foxes. There was no direct proof that they had truly done this. After all, they couldn’t just listen to one side of the story, and one person’s word was not enough to say anything.

The Zhou family’s patriarch immediately underwent a thorough investigation of this matter. ‘The truth’ quickly surfaced: it was Zhou Qingyi and her son who had received a bribe from the Pill Tower to secretly collude with the Corrupt path to kill Long Chen.

In order to prove the Zhou family’s position, they executed Zhou Qingyi and her son that very day. When Zhou Qingyi’s head, with its terrified and unwilling expression, fell to the ground in front of everyone, everyone sighed inside. Why bother?

For an inner sect competition, they had actually thrown in a Sea Expansion expert. It had to be known that the entire Zhou family only had eight Sea Expansion experts.

The happiest one would have to be the Shui family. The Shui family had truly completely defeated the Zhou family. Furthermore, the Zhou family patriarch had personally gone to ask the Shui family for lenience. He asked the Shui family to not continue pursuing this matter. This way, they could turn this major problem into a minor one, and then make it disappear altogether.

Of course, the Zhou family also prepared a special gift that even the Shui family hadn’t been able to refuse. For at least a short time, the Zhou family would not dare to fight against the Shui family again.

Other than this, there was also the matter of the Pill Tower urging things from behind. That infuriated the Xuantian Dao Sect, and they immediately sent people to the Pill Tower for an explanation.

Although they knew the Pill Tower would definitely not admit to anything, at the very least, it would tell them not to treat others like idiots. They shouldn’t go too far. Of course, the Dao Sect would definitely demand some compensation, or if this matter was announced, the Pill Tower’s prestige would drop to the ground.

The Zhou family had suffered a serious blow, but although they said that they admitted their defeat, in reality, they were like a poisonous viper that had retreated into its cave, just waiting for a chance to inject their fangs into the hearts of their opponents.

After handling the Zhou family, Shui Wuhen also reported the news that Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi had awakened as Celestials. 

The vice sect master had immediately ordered her to groom them with her fullest capabilities. Whatever they wanted, they would get.

Only then did Shui Wuhen return to the supermonastery perfectly contented. Now, the thirty-sixth supermonastery was truly about to rise. They would quickly be able to compete with the other supermonasteries for the qualifications to enter the Immemorial Path. Shui Wuhen was filled with expectations.

It had to be known that she not only had Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er in her hands, but she also had a person whose name was enough to strike terror in the hearts of his enemies. He was currently ‘pursuing his studies’, but who could tell what kind of disaster he would cause in the Pill Tower? She was very much looking forward to that. All she needed to do was wait for the news.

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