Chapter 649 Ugly Face (Teaser)

The news that the chaos region had been destroyed within a single day rapidly spread. As soon as Shui Wuhen returned to the supermonastery, she alerted the Dao Sect that the Corrupt path had publicly broken the agreement, and their experts were currently bathing the chaos region in the blood of the Righteous path.

The Xuantian Dao Sect was completely infuriated. They immediately transmitted this news to the various large Righteous sects. They also immediately dispatched experts to join Shui Wuhen in killing their way into the chaos region.

But the chaos region was located in an extremely isolated and far off region of the Eastern Wasteland. It took several transportation formations as well as a great deal of travel to get there.

As a result, it was already the next day by the time they arrived. The Righteous path had been filled with killing intent and just been about to settle the bill with the Corrupt path when they saw everything within a range of ten thousand miles had been turned into an abyss.

They were all shocked. How was this the chaos region? Even Xiantian experts wouldn’t dare to enter this place due to the lingering destructive...

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