Chapter 648 New Journey (Teaser)

“This is Phoenix Blood Black Gold? I’ve truly struck it rich.”

The Phoenix Blood Black Gold appeared as if it had been made from blood. The red light that came from it made it seem like the entire world was bathed in blood.

The ore was in the shape of a phoenix. Long Chen couldn’t help but wonder. Had a phoenix truly died here?

“Ah, I can’t leave you just lying all alone here.” Long Chen grabbed the Phoenix Blood Black Ore, but he found that he was unable to even budge it. “What the fuck? I can’t take it?!”

Long Chen was immediately flabbergasted. This Phoenix Blood Black Ore was too heavy. There was no way for him to absorb it into the primal chaos space.


Suddenly, Blooddrinker let out a cry. Its blood-colored marks lit up, shining on the Phoenix Blood Black Gold.

Long Chen was startled to see that it seemed like it had met some kind of summoning, and it slowly came out of the ground.

He was delighted, and not bothering with why such a thing was happening, he hastily absorbed it into the primal chaos space.

With it floating in the air, it was easily absorbed. But as a result, it thudded into the ground of the primal chaos space, causing everything...

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