Chapter 648 New Journey

“This is Phoenix Blood Black Gold? I’ve truly struck it rich.”

The Phoenix Blood Black Gold appeared as if it had been made from blood. The red light that came from it made it seem like the entire world was bathed in blood.

The ore was in the shape of a phoenix. Long Chen couldn’t help but wonder. Had a phoenix truly died here?

“Ah, I can’t leave you just lying all alone here.” Long Chen grabbed the Phoenix Blood Black Ore, but he found that he was unable to even budge it. “What the fuck? I can’t take it?!”

Long Chen was immediately flabbergasted. This Phoenix Blood Black Ore was too heavy. There was no way for him to absorb it into the primal chaos space.


Suddenly, Blooddrinker let out a cry. Its blood-colored marks lit up, shining on the Phoenix Blood Black Gold.

Long Chen was startled to see that it seemed like it had met some kind of summoning, and it slowly came out of the ground.

He was delighted, and not bothering with why such a thing was happening, he hastily absorbed it into the primal chaos space.

With it floating in the air, it was easily absorbed. But as a result, it thudded into the ground of the primal chaos space, causing everything to shake.

Only now did Long Chen notice that the primal chaos space had grown from three hundred miles to three thousand miles wide. It was extremely expansive.

But now wasn’t the time for that. Jumping on Little Snow’s back and picking a direction, he fled.

Long Chen held onto Little Snow. He was already completely exhausted, and he fainted. This battle had been too dangerous.

By now, all the life energy in the primal chaos space had been used up. Even the little bit in the medicinal ingredients hadn’t been spared. It could be said that Long Chen had truly pushed himself to his breaking point.

If it hadn’t been for Lei Long, in the end, he would have had no assurance in being able to defeat the final human-shaped lightnings. Although the Sea Expansion experts had died, the lightning had still been extremely terrifying.

If Long Chen had been in his peak state, then he wouldn’t have had to be afraid. But by that time, he had been completely exhausted and hadn’t had the strength to fight them.

It was all thanks to the fact that Lei Long came from the same source as the heavenly tribulation. The nine human-shaped lightning hadn’t possessed any intelligence, and so they hadn’t attacked their ‘brother’. That was the only reason why they could be devoured so easily and slowly refined.

It could be said that Long Chen’s tribulation this time had been like dancing on the tip of a blade. Luck had played a major role in his survival.

After he fainted, endless darkness appeared before him. It was like the entire world had been devoured by it.

Long Chen was extremely familiar with this scene. It had appeared several times now. As expected, after the darkness appeared, that voice once more rang out.

“I’ve sensed you again, meaning your strength has once more risen. However, the world barrier grows weaker and weaker. I can barely sense you now.

“Perhaps I will never be able to communicate with you through the ten planar worlds again. All you need to know is that the fate of millions of lives is in your hands. You have to…”

Suddenly, Long Chen felt a powerful vibration within this dark world, and somehow the darkness grew even darker, so dark that it caused despair. The voice also came to a sudden stop.

He didn’t know how much time had passed before he finally opened his eyes. Little Snow was still running. Only after asking him did he learn that it had already been three days.

Long Chen had Little Snow stop by a fresh stream. Drinking some water, he rested, adjusting his condition.

After this slumber, many things had appeared in his head. What made Long Chen delighted was that the formula for the fourth star, the Enlightenment Palace Star, had finally appeared in his head.

The only thing that made him a bit depressed was that the pill formula required 136 sixth tier supplementary medicinal ingredients, 28 of which he did not have.

There were also nine main sixth tier ingredients, of which he was lacking one. It had to be known that Long Chen had long since entrusted Zheng Wenlong with gathering all kinds of rare medicines for him. But even with Zheng Wenlong’s efficiency, he was still unable to obtain those medicines. That meant these ingredients were incredibly rare, rare to the point that even the Huayun Sect would require a long time to find them.

Refining the Enlightenment Palace Pill was one problem. But he had a bigger problem. That was that voice.

Now, Long Chen had confirmed this voice was not the voice of the dragon expert. He didn’t know where it was coming from. But each time it appeared, he would feel like his head was lost in a haze.

He felt more and more pressed for time, but as for why, he was unable to tell. That made him extremely vexed.

If he knew what the reason behind this was, perhaps he could come up with some way to handle it. But Long Chen had no idea what the danger this voice kept speaking of was. That was what irritated him the most.

“Pill Sovereign memories? Nine Star Hegemon Body Art? Ten planar worlds? What are they…?”

Long Chen rubbed his head bitterly. This was a complete muddle, and there was nothing for him to form a good theory on.

Furthermore, having cultivated to this point, he had felt that he was getting closer to having the qualifications to find out about the origins of his parents.

But after hearing about the structure of the Martial Heaven Continent, he realized he was far too minute. There was still a long journey before he could stand at the peak of the martial path.

A green scale appeared in his hand. Right now, the power of the scale was completely locked inside it. That was something the dragon expert had done to maintain the essence blood inside it.

“Having advanced to Xiantian and undergone the baptism of the lightning tribulation, my physical body has grown much stronger. But I still sense a great danger from the scale. I’m still unable to refine it.”

Long Chen didn’t know exactly what level his physical body had reached, but he knew that he had undergone a complete transformation this time.

The energy within him was like a volcano that wished to explode. Long Chen trusted that with his current strength, he no longer needed to fear early Sea Expansion experts.

However, one discovery angered him. It was true that he had gotten stronger, and his spiritual qi had transformed from a gaseous state to a liquid state, becoming spiritual yuan. But no matter how he tried, he was unable to use his spiritual qi to control the natural energy like others. He was unable to form a resonance with heaven and earth. He cursed in fury.

His cultivation path was completely different from others. He couldn’t try cultivating like others.

But fortunately the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was so powerful. Who cared if the heavens rejected him? He could refine his own pills and forge his own path. He didn’t need the damn energy of heaven and earth.

Long Chen sank into thought. He needed to be cool-headed right now. He pondered his future cultivation path.

Currently, the Corrupt path would definitely do whatever they could to kill him. They had sent five Sea Expansion experts, nine Celestials, and eighty thousand Xiantian elites, but they had all been exterminated because of Long Chen. If news of that got out, the entire Eastern Wasteland would be shaken.

That was too dangerous. He could become the target of the Corrupt path as well as the Righteous path. Furthermore, the Bloodkill Hall wouldn’t leave things as they were either.

The Bloodkill Hall’s assassins were too terrifying. Their concealing arts were monstrous, as even the Heavenly Daos had been unable to sense them. Even Long Chen hadn’t imagined that they would dare hide right beside him while he underwent tribulation. If the Sea Expansion expert hadn’t released his aura, perhaps Long Chen really might have suffered from their sudden attack.

Right now, Long Chen could be considered to be surrounded by enemies. This was no good. He had to think of something else.

The Dragonblood Legion had just advanced to Xiantian, and this perfect advancement had laid down a solid foundation for their future path. Their future prospects were unlimited.

Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi had now become Celestials. That would definitely shake the Xuantian Dao Sect, and they would be given special care. He had no need to worry about that side.

“Damnit, after all this thinking, aren’t I the only one who needs to be worried about?”

He realized that everyone else’s paths had already been set up perfectly. Only he had to choose something unorthodox.

If he returned to the Xuantian Supermonastery, he would also be given great care by the Xuantian Dao Sect. He would most likely be directly sent through the supermonastery to the branch sect. It went without saying that he would end up joining the Shui family.

Once he joined the Shui family, he would once again be at the heart of the struggle. The Zhou family and the Shui family were like water and fire. Long Chen disliked that kind of idiotic inner strife, so he decided returning was not an option.

“Oh, how could I forget about that?”

Long Chen suddenly thought of a certain thing. That was a tablet he had obtained in Phoenix Cry. Grandmaster Yun Qi had bestowed it to him.

This was a token of Pill Valley. Grandmaster Yun Qi had once said that only someone who had reached the Pill King rank before eighteen had the qualifications to use that tablet to join Pill Valley.

Later, Long Chen had asked around and found that his words had been off. It was true that you could join Pill Valley with this tablet. But first, you had to go through the Pill Tower’s selection.

Pill King only represented that someone could refine fourth tier medicinal pills. Long Chen had already advanced to the Xiantian realm, and his Spiritual Strength was as vast as an ocean. His refining arts were especially so exquisite that he could look down on anyone else. 

If he went to the Pill Tower, there were many things he could do. One was to gather all the medicinal ingredients for the Enlightenment Palace Star. Of course, the more kinds of medicinal ingredients the better. He had more than enough space.

The other thing to do was to prepare a gift for the Huo family. Not doing so wouldn’t be in accordance with his style.

The most important thing was that if Long Chen didn’t condense the Enlightenment Palace Star, he wouldn’t be able to bring his body to its peak state and refine the green dragon essence blood. With the Green Dragon Body Tempering Art, his power would leap to a whole new level.

For all these reasons, after carefully thinking about everything, Long Chen decided to go be an obedient student at the Pill Tower.

Following that decision, he borrowed the stream water to dissolve a high tier appearance-changing pill. Applying that mixture on himself, his skin quickly changed color to become slightly dark, glowing with a healthy light.

He adjusted portions of his face, but he didn’t need to make too many adjustments. There were far too many people in this world, and there were many people who looked alike.

His brow ridge was now slightly raised, and the corner of his eye was slightly sunken. Two dimples appeared when he smiled which made him appear handsome. But no matter how a person looked at him, he wouldn’t seem like a good person.

“Hehe, this is the best. It won’t draw other people’s jealousy.”

Long Chen looked at himself in the mirror. With a pleased smile, he led Little Snow away from the stream.

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