Chapter 647 Phoenix Blood Black Gold

Little Snow appeared in front of Long Chen. Opening his mouth, a dozen fist-sized wind blade spheres shot out.

Those spheres then erupted, releasing streams of wind blades at the assassins.

“How is this possible?! Didn’t the reports say Long Chen only has a fifth rank Magical Beast?!”

One of the assassins only had a chance to cry out before he was submerged by a current of wind blades and completely blown apart. These assassins didn’t have a second badge, and all thirty of them were slaughtered.

The wind blade streams didn’t stop. They pierced into the ground, creating endless gulfs.

This was Little Snow’s first time releasing his full strength since advancing to the sixth rank. Even Long Chen was stupefied.

Suddenly, a ray of light soared into the sky, and a huge light figure appeared.

It was an ancient phoenix. Its golden wings spread in the sky. It was noble, sacred, and irresistibly grand. It even made people have an urge to kneel in worship.

Phoenixes were divine beasts that had only ever existed in legends. However, now this image had appeared in the sky, and it was the exact same as the ancient images and carvings. This world actually did contain the existence known as the divine phoenix.

The image of the phoenix circled in the sky and then slowly disappeared. However, the light still remained in the sky.

Everyone’s gaze followed that light down to its source, and their pupils shrank, wild delight appearing on their faces.

Little Snow’s attack had destroyed the land, revealing a huge chunk of ore thousands of meters long.

This ore was the same shape as the phoenix image just now. Compared to that immense image which had been thousands of miles long, it was much smaller. However, this ore shone with endless light. Everything within thousands of miles was bathed in a blood-red light.

“Phoenix Blood Black Gold!”

One of the Celestials shouted with a crazed joy and shot toward it.

Phoenix Blood Black Gold was Treasure class material. Furthermore, it was a peak grade material amongst Treasure class material. No one could resist its allure.


That person only just shot out when a human-shaped lightning appeared beside him. With one punch, it directly blasted him to smithereens. Another Celestial had fallen.

Everyone’s hearts shook. This bloody reality told them that they were still in the midst of the heavenly tribulation.

“Little Snow, we’re running.”

Long Chen suddenly jumped onto Little Snow’s back. They quickly darted away. Two of the human-shaped lightnings had already locked onto him.

Right now, his tribulation was no longer his own, but the tribulation for the realm above Sea Expansion. Since even Sea Expansion experts would be killed, there was no way he could face it.

His only option was to rely on Little Snow’s speed to stall until the Sea Expansion experts were all killed. Then the heavenly tribulation would return to normal.

The Sea Expansion experts wanted to kill Long Chen, and Long Chen also wanted to kill them. But he didn’t have the power right now, so he could only stall like this.

A human-shaped lightning shot toward him. Although Long Chen hastily slashed out with his saber, he didn’t dare to take it head-on because Little Snow wouldn’t be able to take the impact.


As a result, Long Chen and Little Snow were sent flying. It was fortunate that Little Snow had advanced to the sixth rank and his constitution had greatly improved. After being sent flying, he quickly stabilized in the air and then continued fleeing.

Suddenly, another lightning figure shot over. Lei Long quickly wrapped around it.

BANG! Lei Long was blown apart by the human-shaped lightning, turning into lightning runes.

After being blown apart, Lei Long’s runes once more condensed into its old form, and it continued to entangle the human-shaped lightning.

“Lei Long, don’t face them head-on. We just need to last longer,” said Long Chen. He clearly saw that after Lei Long had been blown apart, it had shortened and its strength had dropped.

Lei Long had been personally raised by him. As the two of them were connected mentally and Lei Long had also gained some spirituality, it could understand his meaning.

Long Chen fled miserably. However, he didn’t run very far as there was no point. The heavenly tribulation was locked onto him.

If he ran too far, it would end up drawing the lightning tribulation with him. Then wouldn’t he have ended up helping these fellows? Long Chen wasn’t the kind of person who did good deeds without leaving his name. Even if he had to die, he would bring them down too.

Long Chen appeared battered and miserable, but the Corrupt path was in an even more dangerous situation. The remaining seven human-shaped lightning were all attacking them.

“AHH! No!”

Suddenly, a woman’s mournful shriek rang out. The soul cultivator was finally unable to endure it and was killed.

There was no way around it. Soul cultivators possessed the weakest physical bodies. Previously, there had always been a Sea Expansion expert to protect her, which was the only reason why she had lasted until now. But now that the Sea Expansion experts could barely protect themselves, she was the first one to die.

Following her cry, in less than a breath’s time, another Celestial couldn’t hold on and died.

The only Celestial remaining was the muscular one with the spiked club. But once the people by his side were killed, he immediately became the focus of two human-shaped lightning.


Although he was extremely unwilling, his life was mercilessly harvested. After killing him, the two lightning figures charged toward the closest Sea Expansion expert.

As soon as those lightning figures left, Long Chen arrived at the place where the Celestials had died. Their Heavenly Dao runes were just about to fade.

“Since you’ve come, don’t leave! Come to my tree!”

Long Chen slashed with his saber, destroying the Heavenly Dao runes. He sensed those runes being absorbed by the primal chaos bead. Long Chen was delighted; as expected, the more brazen a person was, the greater the gains they could make. He had truly made a killing this time.


Long Chen had just begun feeling pleased with himself when he was struck by a thunderforce attack. He vomited blood, tumbling back with Little Snow.

“Little Snow, run! Now’s the most critical moment. Whoever can last longer will live!”

Under Long Chen’s urging, Little Snow focused completely on running. It was fortunate that these human-shaped lightnings only contained a simple destructive will, and they didn’t know many battle techniques. Long Chen relied on his combat experience to keep them at bay, stalling for quite a bit of time.

As the battle continued, the lightning grew even more terrifying. In the end, Long Chen could only flee. There was no way for him to exchange any blows with them.


Just as Long Chen felt like he might really die, a shrill shriek came from the Corrupt path. But in Long Chen’s ears, it sounded like the music of the heavens, sounding just as wonderful as Zi Yan’s zither playing. It was truly a sound that could make flowers bloom within his heart and cause all his pores to cheer.

One of the Sea Expansion experts was finally unable to endure and was killed. But as his physical body was destroyed, a soul flew out and was about to escape.

However, even Sea Expansion experts were not capable of that. The lightning runes released by the human-shaped lightnings filled this entire space, and when his Spiritual Strength touched that sea of runes, it instantly exploded.

Let alone him, even that soul cultivator with her terrifying Spiritual Strength had been unable to escape her fate.

Following his death, the other four Sea Expansion experts immediately despaired. The four of them were now dealing with seven human-shaped lightnings. The pressure immediately multiplied.


Another Sea Expansion expert was killed, his corpse blown to bits and his soul scattered.

The two of them dying was like the breaking of a dam. The Sea Expansion experts had fallen into despair.

Almost immediately, the other two Corrupt Sea Expansion experts were also killed. The only one remaining was the Huo family’s elder.

Previously, he had relied on his mid Sea Expansion cultivation base to just barely keep himself alive. But now that the other four had died, he had no chance against seven human-shaped lightnings.

He despaired. He felt regret. He regretted ever plotting this operation. In order to kill a Meridian Opening rookie, he had ended up causing his own downfall.

“Long Chen, I won’t let you off! Just wait!”

He suddenly shouted, and his body became covered with endless flames.

“Raging fire, blazing cycle, abandon my body, protect my soul! Raging Flame Soul Rebirth Art!”

Following a furious roar, the Huo family’s Sea Expansion expert was instantly burnt to ash. A soul enveloped by flames shot through the sea of lightning runes and disappeared.

“As expected, the Huo family’s foundation is truly thick. He actually has such a secret art. However, once such a technique is used, his Spiritual Strength will be half-crippled. But I suppose it’s not a bad exchange for preserving his life.”

Long Chen watched as he left. The endless lightning rune sea suddenly dissipated, and the aura of the human-shaped lightnings dropped a great deal.

Suddenly, Lei Long let out a furious roar and actually devoured one of them in one gulp. Seeing that, Long Chen was delighted.

“Split the Heavens!”

The eight human-shaped lightnings were blown back by Long Chen’s attack. Lei Long opened its mouth and devoured all of them.

It then turned into a ray of light that returned to Long Chen’s arm. The tribulation clouds scattered, revealing a starry sky. During this battle, the day had silently passed into night.

“Hahaha, Lei Long is actually so powerful! Even without my help, it can still refine them.”

Long Chen had originally thought he would have to do the same thing as last time and help it suppress the lightning runes. But unexpectedly, Lei Long’s strength had already risen to the point that it could suppress the nine human-shaped lightnings on its own. However, to fully refine them would require some time. But Long Chen trusted that once that was finished, Lei Long would definitely become incomparably terrifying.

Seeing that Lei Long was fine, Long Chen hastily rushed toward a certain place. A pillar of light was still soaring into the sky from there. A priceless treasure was waiting for him!

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