Chapter 646 Dark Gold Assassins

In his desperation, a Sea Expansion expert had finally released his powerful aura. The nine human-shaped lightnings immediately blossomed with boundless light, looking like nine suns. Endless lightning runes raged in the sky, covering the entire battlefield.

“Damnit!” The Huo family’s expert’s expression changed. Now that one of them had released their aura, it was immediately sensed by the Heavenly Daos. The current tribulation was no longer targeted at just Long Chen, but one targeted for someone at the Sea Expansion realm.

They had already undergone their Sea Expansion tribulations. This new tribulation was a ruthless test for peak Sea Expansion experts attacking a higher realm. If this continued, they would all definitely die.


Suddenly, everyone realized that at some unknown time, over thirty black figures had appeared out of nowhere, looking as if they had sprouted from the ground.

Even after fighting this long, not even the Sea Expansion experts had noticed that there had been this many people hidden within the battlefield.

Furthermore, it was impossible to sense these people’s auras. In fact, these people had even managed to avoid being sensed by the heavenly tribulation so far. But now that a sea of lightning filled this entire space, they had nowhere to hide.

Suddenly, a sharp dagger stabbed toward Long Chen’s back. A figure had already crept behind him without anyone noticing.

“Children from the Bloodkill Hall, you’ve finally come to play? I’ve been waiting for a long time!”

Long Chen sneered. Ever since this battle had started, he had felt a bit uneasy. He had forgotten to include the Bloodkill Hall’s fellows into his calculations.

He hadn’t expected them to be this daring. They actually dared to try and assassinate him in the midst of his tribulation. Furthermore, they actually had some kind of secret technique to keep themselves hidden from the tribulation. It went without saying that the Bloodkill Hall was truly powerful.

Long Chen blocked the dagger with his saber. He was just about to give the assassin a vicious blow when he felt an intense danger, and he hastily slashed his saber to the side.


Long Chen’s saber collided with a human-shaped lightning’s fist. He shot back like a shooting star.

He was horrified inside. This human-shaped lightning’s power had increased by at least ten times. Now it was troublesome.

“Quickly kill Long Chen! Otherwise, every one of us will die!” cried one of the Sea Expansion experts. At the same time, he was sent flying by a human-shaped lightning, madly vomiting blood. He appeared miserable to the peak. However, he immediately escaped from his human-shaped lightning and shot toward Long Chen.

Such a heavenly tribulation was something even Sea Expansion experts wouldn’t be able to endure for long. But as long as they killed Long Chen, the heavenly tribulation would disappear. They had to kill him as fast as possible.

As for those Celestials, they could no longer care about them so much. If they didn’t kill Long Chen, all of them would die. As for whether or not the Celestials could survive, it would be up to their luck.

The Bloodkill Hall’s assassins had originally been hiding in the battlefield. Not even the Heavenly Daos had been able to sense them. They were extremely patient killers, and they had been waiting for the best opportunity to kill Long Chen in one blow.

But now, they would no longer be able to obtain any better opportunities than this one. The endless lightning had exposed them, and with the change in the tribulation, they had to kill Long Chen quickly before they all died.

“Heroes from the Bloodkill Hall, we’ll be in charge of attacking directly. You should focus on attacking from the sides. Try and kill him with a single blow,” ordered the Huo family’s expert. After escaping from his human-shaped lightning, he shot toward Long Chen.

He saw that these assassins were all in the Meridian Opening realm. Otherwise, no matter how amazing their secret art was, there was no way they could have stayed hidden from the Heavenly Daos.

Their defensive strength was low, but their killing power was exceedingly terrifying. Their exquisite assassin arts were incredible. Furthermore, the Huo family’s expert’s sharp gaze saw that these assassins had a dark gold badge hanging on their waists. That was proof of their status: dark gold rank assassins.

In order to kill Long Chen, the Bloodkill Hall had actually sent over thirty dark gold assassins at the same time. This was a first in the history of the Bloodkill Hall. It could be seen that Long Chen had completely infuriated them, and they had to kill him to retrieve the dignity of the Bloodkill Hall.

The Huo family expert sent out his orders, but the assassins completely ignored him. They didn’t say a word. It was unknown whether they had consented or not.

Seeing everyone charging at him, Long Chen felt a chill. There was no way he could beat five Sea Expansion experts at the same time.

“I can’t keep holding back any longer. Three Star Battle Armor!”

Clenching his teeth, three stars appeared in Long Chen’s eyes. An aura that caused heaven and earth to change color soared, causing a loud rumbling.

If he didn’t take the initiative with this first attack against the five Sea Expansion experts, he wouldn’t even be able to last a few breaths. He had to go all-out.

“Split the Heavens 2!”

Long Chen’s spiritual qi crazily surged, immediately going through nine acupuncture points. Normally, that would be the moment he would release the first form of Split the Heavens.

But now, all the power of Split the Heavens stayed within his body and surged through another nine acupuncture points.

If the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect’s disciples were to learn about this, they would definitely crap themselves in terror. Split the Heavens was too terrifying, and if they wanted to use the second form, then they would have to discard eighty percent of the power of the first form, and then use only the remaining twenty percent to activate the second form.

Even retaining forty percent of the first form’s power would cause their bodies to explode. That was just asking to die. But now Long Chen had retained all of the first form’s power.

He cultivated the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, which made his physical body incomparably powerful. He was just barely able to endure this terrifying impact.

But in the instant he activated the second form of Split the Heavens, cracks appeared on his body, and blood seeped out of his skin. He had already reached the limit of his physical body.

An immense bloody blade pierced into the sky, looking like a divine weapon that could split apart heaven and earth. It instantly enveloped all five Sea Expansion experts. This was the strongest attack Long Chen had ever executed with his own strength.

The instant that bloody blade appeared, the five Sea Expansion experts, six Celestials, and thirty-plus dark gold assassins were all horrified. They had never seen such a terrifying attack. The valiant will within it was something even heaven and earth would have to lower their heads to.

“Endless Blood Sea!” A Corrupt Sea Expansion expert used a secret art to push his power to his peak.

“Raging Flames Incinerate the Heavens!” The Huo family Sea Expansion expert no longer bothered hiding his identity. A huge flame blade appeared in the sky.

The other Sea Expansion experts also brought out their strongest techniques. They definitely couldn’t give Long Chen any breathing room.

If they couldn’t kill him with this exchange, they would die to the lightning. Even if they couldn’t kill him with this move, they had to heavily injure him to give the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins the chance to kill him.

According to reason, in such a battle, Meridian Opening cultivators were nothing. But the Sea Expansion experts placed high hopes on them because they were dark gold assassins.

The six Celestials also used their strongest attacks, working together with the Sea Expansion experts to kill Long Chen.

They had less than a single breath of time before the human-shaped lightnings caught up to them. Today, life and death would be decided by this one exchange.


Long Chen’s saber slashed down, seeming to break apart the sky, colliding with their attacks. This was truly a world-shaking collision.

A blinding light lit up the sky. The world seemed to have lost all its color, as a huge ball of light rapidly expanded. The ball of light devoured everything within ten thousand miles. 

There were still a few people in Chaos City that were watching this. Many of them had activated photographic jades to record everything. These few remaining people were the members of the restaurant, brothel, and gambling house. Their powerful backgrounds had allowed them to escape from the slaughter.

“Crap, run!”

These people suddenly realized something was wrong. They turned to flee, but it was too late for them. Terrifying astral winds directly razed Chaos City. Broken fragments of the city dashed in the air.

The terrain had completely changed. A huge hole had formed in the ground, and terrifying astral winds still raged. Even the human-shaped lightnings were blown into the distance by the winds.

The five Sea Expansion experts were sent flying. Out of six Celestials, five of them almost exploded from the impact. However, one of them did actually explode; another Celestial had died.

Long Chen didn’t have it any better. His body was covered with cracks. Blood streamed out of him. In some places, his bones were already sticking out. He hastily circulated the primal chaos bead to heal.

At the same time, he grumbled inside. This attack had exhausted all of his spiritual qi. As expected, the more powerful it was, the more exhausting it would be to use.


Suddenly, a cold shout rang out. Long Chen was shocked to see the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins appear in front of him without having taken any damage.

The Sea Expansion experts were also shocked. They had never imagined Long Chen’s attack would be so terrifying that even five of them were still injured after having worked together.

However, they were also delighted inside as Long Chen was also heavily injured. The Bloodkill Hall’s dark gold assassins had already gone to reap his life.

The dark-gold rank assassins of the Bloodkill Hall were all given a life-saving measure. That was the badge on their waist.

Once it was activated, they would be able to temporarily ignore any attack, which would give them time to flee. Dark gold assassins were too valuable, and they couldn’t be allowed to be killed. 

“Hehe, everything’s over,” sneered a Corrupt Celestial as he climbed up from the ground.

“You want to kill me? Hopefully you still have more life-preserving measures.”

Long Chen suddenly formed a hand seal, and a spiritual fluctuation spread. A large white figure appeared by his side.

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