Chapter 645 Human-Shaped Lightning

The Huo family expert had assumed the heavenly tribulation had ended. He was just about to attack Long Chen when he sensed something was wrong.

The others were all looking up at the sky in horror, their eyes filled with shock.

When he raised his head as well, he saw the tribulation clouds had been concealed by countless lightning monsters. The lightning monsters blocked the clouds, making him think that the clouds had already scattered.

Each one of these lightning monsters was over three hundred meters long. There were wolves, tigers, leopards, jackals, etc. 

These weren’t true Magical Beasts. They were merely what thunderforce had transformed into. And yet, the endless destructive aura released from them made it seem like they could destroy the entire world.

“What kind of heavenly tribulation is this?!”

The five Sea Expansion experts were all appalled. Even when they had undergone their tribulations, the thunderforce itself had only been slightly stronger than this. Furthermore, no lightning monsters had appeared.

The lightning pythons had already been extremely shocking to them. But now that they saw these lightning monsters, they all turned numb.

“Is it because we exposed our auras?” guessed one of them.

“That’s absolutely impossible. We didn’t use any of our true abilities. There’s only one possibility: this lightning is all because of Long Chen, and we’re only being implicated,” said the Huo family elder.

“But how is that possible? How could a Xiantian tribulation menace Sea Expansion experts?!”


The lightning monsters didn’t give them time to ponder that question. They began to surge down.


A Celestial smashed apart one of them, only to be knocked back, wildly vomiting blood. Even Celestials could only destroy one lightning monster at a time, and they would be heavily injured as a result. These lightning monsters were too terrifying.

The most terrifying thing was that the black clouds in the sky were like incubators for these monsters. An endless stream of them came crashing down on the Corrupt path’s experts.

“AHH! No!”

One of the lightning monsters slipped through into the midst of the Corrupt disciples. Even with five Sea Expansion experts and six Celestials, they were unable to block these endless lightning monsters.

As soon as one of them slipped through, it underwent a violent slaughter of the Corrupt disciples. Miserable screams rang out incessantly.

Long Chen was also surrounded by lightning monsters. Lei Long devoured them frantically, but there were too many, and some of them still managed to reach Long Chen. His saber released blood-red waves; any lightning monsters would be killed with a single slash of his saber.

Having frequently had to deal with thunderforce, Long Chen had long since become accustomed. He had an extremely high resistance to it, so while the Celestials couldn’t block the backlash, Long Chen could essentially ignore it.

Furthermore, Lei Long had already grown past three thousand meters. It was becoming more and more terrifying. The lightning monsters might be powerful, but they didn’t know how to defend. They were devoured one by one.

Long Chen only had to handle any that slipped through. In comparison to the Corrupt path, he had it extremely easy.

The Corrupt path was in a complete mess now. There were too many lightning monsters and too many Corrupt disciples, causing their defensive perimeter to be too large to defend.

Lightning monsters would occasionally manage to slip through. By the time a Sea Expansion expert could destroy it, hundreds of Corrupt disciples would die.

In less than an incense stick’s time, there were less than ten thousand Corrupt disciples remaining.

Furthermore, they continued to be slaughtered. The Corrupt experts’ expressions were incomparably gloomy. This time, they really had brought disaster upon themselves. If this continued, how were they supposed to give an explanation to the sects that had participated?

“Everyone, work together and endure! This is definitely the last wave!” ordered a Sea Expansion expert furiously.

Seeing his elite disciples be turned to dust, he was incredibly anxious but also helpless to do anything.

These lightning monsters were too powerful. Each one of them could be compared to a half-step Sea Expansion expert. Furthermore, they were formed from thunderforce, making them even more terrifying.

The Sea Expansion experts didn’t dare release their true power to fight. Handling a few dozen lightning monsters at one time was already each of their limits.

As for the six Celestials, they had truly been abandoned by the heavens. They no longer received any protection from the Heavenly Daos. They were ruthlessly attacked by the lightning monsters, constantly vomiting blood.

Fortunately, they had their Heavenly Dao Recovery. They could use their core energy to heal. Otherwise, they would have already died.

This heavenly tribulation was too terrifying. In just a few more minutes, the Corrupt disciples numbered no more than five thousand.

However, with fewer people, it became easier for them to defend. Their defensive perimeter shrank, and it was no longer so taxing.


Suddenly, the lightning monsters disappeared, which made the Corrupt experts sigh with relief. Some disciples directly collapsed on the ground, gasping for breath. They had finally managed to escape with their lives.

The Corrupt experts saw Long Chen standing in the distance, his saber resting on his shoulder. He was smiling at them. That smile… it could only be described as wretched, incredibly wretched. Just looking at it would make a person feel like they might explode.

“Long Chen, hand over your life!!” One of the Sea Expansion experts was just about to charge at him.

Long Chen waved his hand to him and then pointed his finger at the sky, winking.


When they looked at the sky, they were all filled with despair. The tribulation clouds had yet to scatter. They were gathering together, and endless lightning runes were condensing. A terrifying pressure fell on all of them.

“Is there ever going to be an end?!” roared an unwilling Celestial.

Long Chen sneered. Just this was enough to make them mad? He had started undergoing these annihilation tribulations since Blood Condensation, and he hadn’t even complained.

Well, the main point was that complaining didn’t have any use.

Good things should be shared with others. The true tribulation began now.


The explosive rumbling coming from the sky was the only sound that could be heard. The heavenly might made even the Sea Expansion experts’ expressions change. They sensed mortal danger.

Suddenly, nine figures appeared in the sky. It was nine human-shaped lightnings.

Their faces weren’t clear, but they had a pair of wings on their backs, and they were three meters tall. They made everyone feel endless terror.

One of those human-shaped lightnings shot toward the Corrupt path. A lightning prong actually appeared in its hands, which it stabbed down.

One of the Sea Expansion experts slammed his hand toward it, and as a result, he was sent shooting back, vomiting a mouthful of blood.

Any disciples unfortunate enough to be behind him ended up being smashed apart by the impact. A long line of death appeared in their midst, as the Sea Expansion expert only managed to stabilize dozens of miles away.

Hundreds of Corrupt disciples had died from this one exchange. That was more than a tenth of their number. There was no way around that, as they were too gathered together. They didn’t even have a chance to dodge.

Following the first human-shaped lightnings, the other eight also flew down. What made the Corrupt path the most infuriated was the fact that only one went after Long Chen. The other eight charged into their midst.

PFFT! A Celestial exchanged blows with one, and as a result, he was sent flying, cracks appearing all over his body. He had been just the slightest bit away from instantly dying.

“Don’t look after the ordinary disciples anymore! Focus on protecting the Celestials!” cried one of the Corrupt experts. He began a fierce battle with one of the human-shaped lightnings.

The ordinary disciples despaired. They had been pitilessly abandoned.

In just a few breaths’ time, those ordinary disciples were all slaughtered. The five Sea Expansion experts and six Celestials were doing their best against the eight human-shaped lightnings, but they were still in a dangerous situation.

“We can’t continue like this. If we don’t go all-out, we’ll also die,” roared one of the Sea Expansion experts.

But if they did release their full power, the lightning tribulation would immediately sense them and release even more terrifying lightning tribulation based upon their cultivation base.

Long Chen was in the Meridian Opening realm attacking the Xiantian realm, which drew down Xiantian tribulation. In other words, if the Sea Expansion experts were sensed by the tribulation, it would send down tribulation for when they attacked the realm even higher than Sea Expansion. They were only at the early Sea Expansion realm, and such a heavenly tribulation would definitely kill them.

One of the laws of heavenly tribulation was that it wouldn’t allow experts to interfere, or it would attack them. But if the people interfering were not stronger than the person undergoing tribulation, the tribulation would still be set to the power level of that person.

In other words, amongst all these Xiantian experts, Long Chen’s power was at the peak. Otherwise, an ordinary Xiantian tribulation would not be even close to this level.

Long Chen was also fighting a fierce battle now. These human-shaped lightnings were too terrifying. But with Lei Long’s assistance, it still wasn’t extremely dangerous for him.

Furthermore, his high resistance to lightning was something that even Sea Expansion experts could not hope to match.

So those Sea Expansion experts were battered and bruised, but he was still fine. The only thing that made him depressed was that Lei Long was unable to devour the human-shaped lightning. It could only help him fight it.

Finally, a Sea Expansion expert once more vomited blood from being struck by a human-shaped lightning and was about to die. In his desperation, his aura erupted and an illusory sea appeared behind him.

“Die!” He was finally unable to endure it. If he still didn’t release his full strength, he would definitely be killed.


His punch sent the human-shaped lightning flying. But in that instant, everyone’s expressions changed, including Long Chen.

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