Chapter 644 Someone From the Huo Family

Long Chen was sitting leisurely. A lightning python was coiled around him, protecting him from the lightning. It crazily devoured any lightning pythons that came toward him.

Furthermore, Long Chen had even taken out a table. He sat in a chair, occasionally sipping some hot tea. His legs were crossed as if he was just watching a show.

“AHHH! Fucking hell!” Gui Zong roared furiously. Long Chen was the one who had brought on this disaster, but he was going through it so leisurely, while they were practically working themselves to their deaths to protect their people. This was too infuriating.

“Gui Zong, be careful! Don’t release your aura!” warned one of the Corrupt experts.

With that person’s reminder, Gui Zong’s expression changed. He hastily suppressed his fury, focusing on blocking the lightning pythons.

“Oh? How fishy.”

Long Chen gulped down some Queen Bee Honey, narrowing his eyes. It was no wonder he had felt it was odd. Just now, he had been chased down miserably and hadn’t had time to ponder it, but now he realized the truth.

According to reason, heavenly tribulation would set its power according to whoever was strongest within its scope. 

There were clearly five Sea Expansion experts here. According to reason, that should have brought on a furious torrent of lightning.

But Long Chen found that the heavenly tribulation was acting according to its old order. That meant it was still matching its power to Long Chen. Could it be that the heavens truly were blind and couldn’t see these five Sea Expansion bastards?

“I get it. This is how you cheat the heavens.”

Long Chen suddenly clapped himself on the leg, realizing the crux of the matter. These five wiley foxes definitely knew how to fool the Heavenly Daos.

It was the same with how he had helped Little Snow undergo tribulation. He hadn’t released his aura during the tribulation, which had caused it to be duped.

It was no wonder he had felt these old fellows’ attacks had been a bit strange. Those attacks had been powerful, but they lacked a certain kind of energy. It was like they had form, but no power. That was because they were afraid of being sensed by the Heavenly Daos.

Hehe, interesting. But do you think that just enduring this one wave of attacks will mean passing the tribulation? Long Chen smiled sinisterly. He lazily stretched.

Long Chen ignored the lightning pythons. In just the first wave of the tribulation, the lightning arrows, he had absorbed quite a bit of thunderforce.

The lightning python, which had exhausted all of its energy, had quickly recovered by eating the thunderforce Long Chen had absorbed for it.

Now it was still in a weak state, but it still managed to come out of Long Chen’s body and devour the lightning crashing down around him.

The heavenly tribulation’s lightning pythons were merely dozens of meters long, while Long Chen’s lightning python was over twenty-five hundred meters. These lightning pythons weren’t even enough for it to feed on.

If Long Chen didn’t need it to protect him, it would have already flown out to devour as many as possible.

“Calling you lightning python is kind of boring. I feel like there will sooner or later come a day when you become a dragon. How about I call you lightning dragon? Since my surname is Long, we can share that character. I’ll call you Lei Long for lightning dragon and the fire serpent Huo Long for fire dragon,” laughed Long Chen.

What excited Long Chen was that Lei Long actually let out a loud roar. From that roar, Long Chen sensed the lightning python had grown even closer to him emotionally.

Long Chen rubbed the blue flame tattoo on his right arm. Huo Long was still in slumber. That attack just now had used up all of its power. Huo Long was much weaker than Lei Long.

Lei Long had always had food to eat, but Huo Long only had Long Chen’s Pill Flame to snack on. It had been in a hungry state since the beginning.

It couldn’t be said that the Earth Flame wasn’t powerful, but simply that Long Chen hadn’t given it enough food for it to mature. That made Long Chen feel guilty. He had to think of a way to increase Huo Long’s power.

Seeing the bustling figures in the distance, Long Chen smiled ‘apologetically’, shouting, “Corrupt brothers, people must be brave. Perseverance is victory. The heavens are nothing, and lives are just dogshit! This great heavenly tribulation is something we only managed to receive after hundreds of reincarnations. Our slogan is: don’t give up, don’t look back, cheer on, stand firm! I look favorably on you!”

Long Chen’s impassioned cry rang out in every single one of the Corrupt experts’ ears. Gui Zong clearly knew that he was doing it on purpose, but his fury still soared, and he actually vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Careful! Don’t release your aura!” cried one of the Corrupt experts. If Gui Zong released his aura in his fury, all their disciples would be done for.

“Aiya, Gui Zong, you’re coughing up blood! Hurry and rest!” cried Long Chen with concern.

Gui Zong once more vomited blood. His aura was like a volcano that had been suppressed for countless years and might erupt at any moment.

“Gui Zong, shut your ears and calm yourself!” cried an elder. He threw a medicinal pill at Gui Zong. This was the only mid Sea Expansion elder.

Gui Zong consumed the medicinal pill and felt his spiritual yuan, which had been on the verge of erupting, finally calm down.

“Many thanks Huo-” thanked Gui Zong.

“Focus on the lightning pythons!” said the elder coldly, cutting off his words.

Gui Zong trembled and immediately shut his mouth. At the same time, he cut off his sensation of sound.

Long Chen’s gaze shifted, and he icily said, “Huo? So you were actually someone from the Pill Tower’s Huo family! Hm, the color of your face doesn’t match your neck. This kind of appearance-changing technique is far too lacking.

“Hehe, I know. You must have applied face-changing medicinal water. There was no problem before, but your mixture contained the Ninewood Poplar’s flower. Ninewood Poplar is extremely weak to thunderforce. Even just getting infected by a trace of its aura will cause it to break down. It’s no wonder your face has become so ugly.”

The elder’s expression didn’t change, but he was incomparably shocked inside. This face-changing liquid he had used was an extremely particular formula. Even the people closest to him wouldn’t be able to tell who he was.

But Long Chen had managed to see through him. And his words were entirely right. This formula truly did contain the Ninewood Poplar’s flower.

Ninewood Poplar was most afraid of lightning. It was unable to survive outdoors, and only grew in covered places like caves. It was an extremely unknown kind of medicinal ingredient.

Although he couldn’t see his own face, he knew he was exposed. But he still didn’t say anything.

“Tell me, how could your Huo family be so shameless? You’re part of the Pill Tower, the representative of Pill Valley. But again and again, you participate in the struggle between the Righteous and Corrupt paths. Are you really not afraid of Pill Valley’s investigation?” asked Long Chen.

“Hmph, I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“Keep acting. Just how long can you keep acting? The Huayun Sect already has the Meridian Opening Pill-” Long Chen hastily shut his mouth.

“You… you know about the Meridian Opening Pills?! Speak, where did the Huayun Sect obtain the Meridian Opening Pill’s formula?!” raged the elder.

But then seeing Long Chen’s sinister smile, he immediately realized he had fallen for a trap.

“Hehe, as expected. The Huayun Sect’s Meridian Opening Pills haven’t been revealed to the outside world yet, because the Huayun Sect always sets things up in the best way possible, and they have to make all kinds of preparations.

“However, there are some people aware of it in the Huayun Sect. Considering how classified this secret is, who else could you be but someone from the Pill Tower? Who do you think you were trying to trick? Wasn’t it your spies in the Huayun Sect that told you this?” sneered Long Chen.

Considering how enormous both parties were, it only made sense for them to have spies between them. Long Chen had intentionally acted as if his tongue had slipped, and as a result, this old fellow really had taken the bait and exposed himself.

“Brother Huo, there’s nothing to worry about. Even if Long Chen could grow wings, he can’t fly away today!” said one of the Corrupt Sea Expansion experts. He no longer bothered trying to cover it up.

The expert from the Huo family didn’t say anything. He simply helped the Corrupt experts block the lightning pythons. It went without saying that Sea Expansion experts were incredibly powerful. Long Chen didn’t know how they were doing it, but each wave of their hands released powerful astral winds that caused the lightning pythons to explode. They didn’t even have to use their true strength.

“Is Huo Wufang still alive?” Long Chen asked suddenly.

“Long Chen, your mouth is truly detestable!” raged the Huo family expert.

“Oh, it seems Huo Wufang has a close relationship to you. If you aren’t his daddy, then he’s your father.” Long Chen suddenly realized he had misspoken, and corrected himself. “If you aren’t his daddy, then you’re his father.”

“Long Chen, when this heavenly tribulation is over, I’ll definitely make you live a life worse than death, one you’ll beg me to end!” Killing intent erupted from the Huo family elder. He was clearly truly infuriated.

“Alright, then I’ll wait for you.”

Long Chen smiled slightly, no longer saying anything. This elder had not been able to control his fury when he had mentioned Huo Wufang, meaning the two had to be closely related.

That made this matter extremely clear: everything that had occurred had been urged on by the Pill Tower’s Huo family from behind the scenes. As for Long Chen, he was someone the Zhou family, the Corrupt path, and the Huo family wanted dead.

Only the Huo family could use their status as part of the Pill Tower to give some pressure to the Xuantian Dao Sect. The Xuantian Dao Sect would also not wish to offend the Pill Tower over one disciple.

Sending a disciple to serve a penal sentence for three months in order to give face to the Pill Tower was worth it. To the Xuantian Dao Sect, this was just a minor matter. Furthermore, the four families had all been given benefits by the Pill Tower. The Shui family also considered this a small matter, and so there was no need to offend the Pill Tower. Even Shui Wuhen hadn’t had any solutions.

As for the Corrupt path, they were the ones who had killed all the Righteous disciples and stolen all the ore. In the end, all the guilt would be placed on them.

The Corrupt path was naturally not afraid of that. As long as they could kill Long Chen, they would be willing to do anything. Unlike the Huo or Zhou families, they wouldn’t need to give an explanation for their actions.


Suddenly, the lightning pythons began to lessen. The Corrupt experts almost cheered in relief.

“Long Chen, get ready to die!”

The Huo family elder was just about to attack when he suddenly became absolutely still. He then slowly raised his head to look up at the sky.

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