Chapter 643 Invoking Xiantian Tribulation (Teaser)

Long Chen’s aura, which had originally been at the sixth Heavenstage of Meridian Opening, began rapidly climbing, and consecutive explosive sounds rang out from his body.


Seventh Heavenstage.


Eighth Heavenstage.

As Long Chen’s aura grew, the five Sea Expansion experts were shocked. Long Chen had actually concealed his true aura.

The Celestials were especially stupefied. Just what kind of monster was Long Chen? In that intense battle just now, he had still been holding back his power.

More explosive sounds came from his body as his aura grew stronger and stronger. It was like a volcano was erupting within his body.

“What a powerful aura! How could someone at Meridian Opening possess such an aura?!”

“Let him do as he pleases. No matter how strong his aura grows, he’ll still be an ant to us. I actually really want to see what kind of trick he has.”

In the Sea Expansion experts’ eyes, Long Chen was just deliberately trying to be mysterious. This was just a deathbed struggle, the...

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