Chapter 642 A Truly Peerless Move

Following that voice, four figures appeared in their sky, huge wings on their backs.

Shui Wuhen’s expression changed completely. Out of these four, three of them were at the early Sea Expansion realm, while the other one was at the peak of the mid Sea Expansion realm.

“Shui Wuhen, this clone of yours will have to be left behind. Hehe, the clone and the true body’s souls are connected. I really want to leave something special behind in this clone of yours,” laughed one of them pervertedly.

“Nine Celestials and five Sea Expansion experts? Haha, you really do look favorably upon me.” Long Chen suddenly laughed.

“Of course we look favorably upon you. The Righteous path’s idiots might not understand, but we know you are a terrifying talent. 

“In the beginning, we didn’t care too much about you. As a result, that mistake caused an irredeemable loss, and Yin Luo died. If he hadn’t died, he would definitely have been able to at least accept a Dao seed from a senior to become a terrifying Celestial.

“It was at that time we realized that you really are a monster, a monster that surpasses people’s imaginations. We knew we couldn’t let you mature. So we attacked the Xuantian Monasteries. Unfortunately, even with that many Xiantian experts, you still managed to get out alive, making us miss our best opportunity.

“Later, your battle with Yin Wushang caused your name to finally reach the ears of our Corrupt path’s higher-ups. Haha, I really have to congratulate you. Our Corrupt path’s higher-ups knew that if we were careless again and if you managed to get away, we would no longer have such a good opportunity in the future.

“So, just to kill you, we organized this large scale movement of our elite disciples and even set up this immense formation so you can’t run.

“No matter how many reinforcements you bring out, they will all be useless. Unless you can surpass five Sea Expansion experts, any people you bring out will just be sending themselves to their deaths.

“But according to our information, your thirty-sixth supermonastery only possesses two Sea Expansion experts, and they don’t even get along.

“Speaking of which, I greatly admire your Righteous path. You fight amongst yourselves all day, and you suppress your geniuses instead of grooming them, but somehow you have still managed to survive to this date. The heavens really are blind,” sneered the Corrupt Sea Expansion elder.

As the elder confidently spoke, Long Chen stealthily took out a disc with ancient runes carved into it.

“Sister, I’ll stall them. You activate the transportation formation disc. This is something I bought from Zheng Wenlong, and it’s a priceless treasure from the ancient era. Once it’s activated, it can bring all of you back to the supermonastery,” he transmitted to Shui Wuhen.

Last time when he had seen Zheng Wenlong, he had asked for a life-saving treasure. That decision had been greatly supported by Zheng Wenlong.

Zheng Wenlong wasn’t afraid of himself dying, but he was absolutely terrified of Long Chen dying.

It went without saying that the Huayun Sect was extremely powerful. They possessed all kinds of rare and ancient treasures that could no longer be created in modern times.

In order to allow Long Chen to live for a few more years, Zheng Wenlong had increased his debt even more, obtaining this formation disc from the ancient era.

Although it was incredibly ancient, the energy within it had been preserved extremely well. It was more than capable of long-distance transportation.

The other portion of this disc was a coordinate stone that Long Chen had buried beneath the Xuantian Supermonastery’s plaza. Once the disc was activated, they would all be teleported there.

“But then you…”

“I have to stall them. Don’t think that I’m such a noble person that I’m sacrificing my life for everyone. I have my own way to protect myself,” said Long Chen.


“No buts. Do as I said and bring everyone away,” said Long Chen.

“Then have Wan-er activate the formation disc. I’ll stay with you. I’m just a clone, so it’s fine,” said Shui Wuhen.

“There’s no need. Just do as I said and it’ll be fine. They’ve already sensed our conversation.”

Although a spiritual clone did not possess a physical body, it was something that exhausted endless mental energy and Spiritual Strength to form. Losing a clone would cause the true body’s power to immediately drop for a while. As for Shui Wuhen, who was at the peak of her realm, she could not afford to lose her clone at this time, or it would make advancing to the next realm much more difficult.

“I don’t know what you’re mumbling back there, but our Corrupt path has always believed a certain phrase: in front of absolute strength, all schemes are useless. Don’t bother stalling for time, because that has no meaning. Are you going to kill yourself, or do you need this old man to take action?” asked the Corrupt Sea Expansion elder.

Long Chen smiled and slowly walked forward. Shui Wuhen sighed helplessly and began to secretly activate the formation disc.

But this formation disc required a certain amount of time to activate, and due to how many people it had to transport, it exhausted a great deal of energy.

Furthermore, she had to do so extremely carefully, not letting the slightest fluctuation be exposed for fear of them noticing. This kind of transportation device was extremely easily interrupted at the beginning. They would be doomed if the Corrupt experts were to notice.

That was the main reason Long Chen had Shui Wuhen do it. No one else had the ability to silently activate it.

“It’s Gui Zong, correct? I’ve met your brother.” Long Chen walked out almost a mile, shaking his head at the distant Corrupt Sea Expansion elder.

“Are you trying to stall?” he asked icily.

“Go down through YongQuan, up through XuanDan, converge at ZiFu, erupt at ChongShan…” Long Chen began to recite a mnemonic.

Hearing it, the Corrupt elder’s expression completely changed. “How… how do you know my Netherworld Sect’s footwork mnemonic?!”

“Now you should believe that I saw your brother before, right? This mnemonic was something he taught me,” said Long Chen.

“Impossible! He would never transmit my Netherworld Sect’s mnemonic to the Righteous path!”

“Don’t get angry. In truth, it was like this: after I met your brother, your brother felt that I was of pure face and mind, of fair complexion and soul, a martial genius seen only once every ten thousand years. As a result…”

“He wanted to take you as a disciple?!”

“No, he wanted to take me as a master.”

“What nonsense! My brother was a mid Sea Expansion expert in his life! How could he take you as a master?!” raged the Corrupt elder. He clearly respected his brother greatly.

“You know, to tell you the truth, even I didn’t believe he would do something like this at the beginning! But then later he said he wanted me to take his soul out of the cave, then take me as his master and bestow all his life’s learning to me,” said Long Chen.

“And then?”

“Then, he begged me to learn his Netherworld Ghost Steps. Seeing such an old man kneeling on the ground, crying his eyes out, I didn’t feel right saying no,” sighed Long Chen.

“Get to the point! What happened?!”

“He continued to kneel on the ground, begging me to learn a few more techniques. That enraged me, and I viciously slapped him in the face for two days, cursing him for not appreciating my kindness and trying to take advantage of me…”


Just as Long Chen’s saliva was splashing everywhere as he babbled, an intense spatial fluctuation appeared.

“Not good, they’re running!”

One of the Sea Expansion experts in the sky was the first to react. But a curtain of light enveloped the Dragonblood Legion, and the terrifying spatial fluctuations showed they were just about to be transported away.

“Stop them!”

“How about you don’t.”

Just as they were about to stop them, Long Chen laughed, and the lightning python and flame serpent shot out from his arms.

A terrifying aura filled the world, and the five Sea Expansion experts halted, their expressions ugly. They sensed an extremely great danger from the lightning python and flame serpent.

Both of them roared, coiling together and charging through their midst.

In that instant, all of the Corrupt Celestials felt endless terror. They could smell the scent of death from those two. They had never even dreamed that Long Chen was still holding back such a terrifying move. Such an attack could instantly kill them.

The five Sea Expansion experts extended their hands. Runes lit up on their palms, and they smashed into Long Chen’s attack.

BOOM! It was like a star had exploded. Blinding light filled the sky. Endless flames and lightning made it so it seemed even space was about to explode.

When the light faded, the five Sea Expansion experts’ expressions were dark. They were also filled with shock.

Even with their combined strength, they had still been blown back miles by that attack. Just how could Long Chen possess such power?

After that attack, the two tattoos on Long Chen’s arms turned completely dark.

Long Chen couldn’t help sighing. Sea Expansion experts were truly terrifying. The lightning python and flame serpent had released their full strength but hadn’t been able to injure them.

However, he hadn’t hoped for this move to injure them. Without the support of the green dragon energy, he was merely a slightly larger ant in front of Sea Expansion experts.

But he had at least achieved his goals. The Dragonblood Legion had completely disappeared from here. As expected, the Huayun Sect’s wares were truly top-tier and trustworthy. Zheng Wenlong had never disappointed him.

“Although they got away, it’s fine. Just Long Chen’s life is enough.” The Corrupt Sea Expansion elder’s expression was gloomy

“My life? Hehe, then we’ll have to see if you have that ability. Today, I’ll let you all see what my truly peerless move is.” Long Chen laughed mischievously, and his aura completely erupted.

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