Chapter 641 Shui Wuhen Appears


The Corrupt expert’s words were entirely correct. Long Chen really did have the guts. The Corrupt expert’s sword pierced straight through his back and out from his chest. A berserk energy destroyed all of Long Chen’s insides.

In order to kill Long Chen, the Corrupt expert had given up his chance to dodge Long Chen’s attack. If he had dodged just now, his advantage would have vanished. The sound of flesh and bone breaking rang out as the Corrupt expert was cut in two by Long Chen’s saber.

Long Chen had used a mutually destructive attack several times to reverse the tide against them, causing them to stamp with fury.

The Celestials didn’t believe that Long Chen was actually risking his life every time like this. So this particular one had finally hardened his heart, and he had taken this gamble to see whether or not Long Chen was truly suicidal.

He was shocked but also delighted. Now that Long Chen had been stabbed through the back, since he wasn’t a Celestial, he wouldn’t be able to heal and his death was undoubtable.

The Corrupt Celestial quickly pushed himself back, wanting to get away from Long Chen’s deathbed counterattack.

“Heavenly Dao Recover-”


He was just about to use his core energy to reconnect the parts of his body when a blood-red light turned him into a bloody mist. Not even his corpse remained.


The other three Celestials were all horrified. Long Chen had clearly taken a fatal blow. The fact he hadn’t immediately died was already shocking enough. But he seemed like he completely fine!

They had all thought he was about to die and had lost his combat ability. Their guards had all lowered, and as a result, a Corrupt Celestial was killed just like that. They had no idea that Long Chen had the primal chaos bead and could use the life energy inside it to instantly heal otherwise fatal injuries. It was even more monstrous than their Heavenly Dao Recovery.

“Rank one Celestials are only this level.”

Long Chen shattered the Heavenly Dao runes that appeared in the air, and then lazily rested his saber on his shoulder, shaking his head at the remaining Corrupt Celestials.

When he had fought Yin Wushang last time, he had only been at the third Heavenstage of Meridian Opening. Now that his cultivation base had grown even higher, rank one Celestials—other than soul cultivators—were no longer able to pose such a large threat to him.


The death of another Celestial angered the other three to the peak. Two of them had already died, and no matter what the final result was, their mission would already count as a failure, and an extremely humiliating one.

Out of nine Celestials sent to kill Long Chen, three had died. The first one couldn’t be blamed on them, but the next two had been killed right in front of them. They would have to bear the responsibility for those deaths.

The muscular Celestial roared furiously, and his muscles suddenly increased in size, veins swimming on them. This was one of the Corrupt path’s self-mutilating secret abilities. Unless it was a critical time, none of them would use it.


He smashed Long Chen with his club, and Long Chen’s arm trembled intensely. He was actually unable to block this explosive power and was sent flying.

“Netherworld Ghost Cry!

Another Celestial suddenly began to release endless Ghost Qi, which formed a white bone claw in the air that reached toward Long Chen.

The other took out a human skull. A blood-red light shone in its eyes, and it shot toward Long Chen. 

The muscular Celestial also hit himself in the chest, vomiting blood which formed a fiendish face in the sky. All the energy of his core runes was sucked away by that fiendish face. With a fierce cry, it charged at Long Chen.

The white bone claw, the human skull, and the fiendish face all shot at Long Chen at the same time. Heaven and earth changed color from their terrifying power.

Long Chen was locked down by their power, but his expression was still completely calm. The primal chaos bead slowly circulated, and endless energy surged into Blooddrinker.

“Split the Heavens!”


A saber-image collided with the three attacks, causing the world to shake and terrifying astral winds to erupt in every direction.

An immense crater was blasted into the ground. This hole was a hundred miles deep, and a great deal of black gold ore blew into the air. Those were the leftover ore. After all these years of mining, there was no longer that much left.

When the dust settled, Long Chen had disappeared and the Corrupt Celestials thought that he had been blown apart by their exchange. But then, he suddenly appeared beside them, his saber slashing down.

The Corrupt Celestials were horrified. They hadn’t thought that he could survive their combined strongest attacks. Now, his saber released a domineering aura that completely locked them down.



Suddenly, a large hand viciously slammed toward Long Chen. His heart sank, and a sense of mortal danger filled him. He hastily switched from offense to defense.

BOOM! The large hand slammed into Long Chen’s saber, and Long Chen shot back like a shooting star, cutting a huge ditch in the ground.

He vomited a mouthful of blood which also contained the broken bits of his inner organs. This attack had gravely injured him.

Guo Ran and the others had been struck by the shockwaves from Long Chen and the three Corrupt Celestials’ attacks, and they were heavily injured, vomiting blood.

But the Corrupt experts had it even worse. Those who had been preoccupied with fighting Guo Ran and the others were all directly blown to smithereens.

In terms of their physical bodies, they were fundamentally not on the same level as the Dragonblood warriors. If the Dragonblood warriors had to be heavily injured by this impact, then there was no way that they could survive.

Of over eighty thousand Xiantian disciples from the Corrupt path, the Dragonblood Legion only managed to kill over ten thousand. But now, over thirty thousand were directly killed by that powerful impact.

Only those fortunate enough to be comparatively far away from the battlefield managed to survive this calamity.


Guo Ran and the others quickly ran over to Long Chen’s side, supporting him. Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi also withdrew to his side.

The Corrupt experts gathered together. There was a black-robed elder at their front now.

“Sea Expansion realm?” Long Chen’s voice was cold.

“Correct,” answered the Corrupt elder.

The Dragonblood warriors’ hearts sank. Wasn’t it forbidden for Sea Expansion experts to appear here?”

The Sea Expansion expert turned toward his Celestials and shook his head. “Your mission counts as a complete failure.”

“Master Gui Zong, we can still fight!” The female soul cultivator was extremely unwilling. Just now, she had already taken the advantage. If she could kill Meng Qi, Long Chen and the rest would definitely die.

“Don’t try any excuses. A failure is a failure. Out of nine Celestials, three died, and half of eighty thousand Xiantian elites also died. Even if you managed to completely slaughter them, it wouldn’t change the fact that it was a failure. When you get back, you’ll receive your punishments from your sects. Hopefully, you’ve learned something, and those people didn’t die in vain.” The Sea Expansion expert’s words caused those Celestials’ expressions to become exceedingly ugly, but they were also helpless.

They had been too careless. If they hadn’t been so arrogant at the beginning and had slowly probed their opponents’ strength before forming a strategy, perhaps this conclusion would have to be rewritten.

But this world didn’t have any ifs. Dead people were already dead. Their immense losses meant they had already failed.

“You little fellows, why don’t you just kill yourselves? Or do you want this old man to do it personally?” The Sea Expansion expert looked at Long Chen and the others.

Here, a Sea Expansion expert was the law. He was capable of truly controlling heaven and earth’s energy, making it so that Meridian Opening Celestials didn’t have the ability to fight him.

“Old ghost, if you boast so much, you should worry about biting your tongue.” Long Chen smiled slightly and a jade plate appeared in his hand.

Crushing the jade plate, space twisted and a figure slowly condensed before him.

“Monastery head!”

Tang Wan-er and the others cried with delight. This person was precisely the Xuantian Supermonastery’s monastery head, Shui Wuhen.

Shui Wuhen looked at the huge hole as well as the corpses that littered the battlefield. She said to Long Chen, “As expected, you really are just a troublemaker. Wherever you go, chaos will follow.”

“Hehe, nothing I can do about that. If others want my life, it’s not like I can just give it to them without a struggle, right?” laughed Long Chen.

Shui Wuhen’s appearance calmed all of them. This was part of Long Chen’s backup plan. He had known the Corrupt path would very likely not act in accordance with the agreement, and before leaving, he had gotten this jade from her. With her present, everything could be resolved. They could just watch the show.

“Shui Wuhen? I remember you.” A cold light shone in the Sea Expansion expert’s eyes.

“You should. You are Gui Zong, correct? Eight hundred years ago, you had a brother called Gui Sha whom I killed. I seem to recall that his soul was sealed inside a corpse and used as a trial for our disciples. I’m sure he had a good life all these years,” said Shui Wuhen.

Hearing this, Long Chen was startled. It seemed they were all acquaintances. Wasn’t Gui Sha the soul in the corpse he had encountered for the disciple trial in the 108th monastery?

From him, he had even swindled the Netherworld Ghost Steps. But that old fellow really had been petty and immediately turned hostile. In the end, he had self-destructed.

It was unexpected for this person to actually be Gui Sha’s brother. It seemed friends really did have destiny together.

“Shui Wuhen, if you’re thinking of protecting Long Chen, keep dreaming. You think a spiritual clone is capable of that?” sneered the Corrupt elder.

“To handle someone only at the peak of early Sea Expansion, it should be enough,” said Shui Wuhen.

She was someone who had reached the peak of Sea Expansion. Although this spiritual clone only possessed a tenth of her true body’s strength, it could be counted as a mid Sea Expansion expert.

“Shui Wuhen, I’m regretful to tell you that your spiritual clone will perhaps have to be thrown away here.”

Suddenly, a voice rang out that caused Shui Wuhen’s pupils to shrink.

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