Chapter 641 Shui Wuhen Appears (Teaser)


The Corrupt expert’s words were entirely correct. Long Chen really did have the guts. The Corrupt expert’s sword pierced straight through his back and out from his chest. A berserk energy destroyed all of Long Chen’s insides.

In order to kill Long Chen, the Corrupt expert had given up his chance to dodge Long Chen’s attack. If he had dodged just now, his advantage would have vanished. The sound of flesh and bone breaking rang out as the Corrupt expert was cut in two by Long Chen’s saber.

Long Chen had used a mutually destructive attack several times to reverse the tide against them, causing them to stamp with fury.

The Celestials didn’t believe that Long Chen was actually risking his life every time like this. So this particular one had finally hardened his heart, and he had taken this gamble to see whether or not Long Chen was truly suicidal.

He was shocked but also delighted. Now that Long Chen had been stabbed through the back, since he wasn’t a Celestial, he wouldn’t be able to heal and his death was undoubtable.

The Corrupt Celestial...

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