Chapter 640 Fighting the Corrupt Army

The muscular Corrupt Celestial shouted coldly. Two Celestials immediately rushed toward the Dragonblood Legion. Other than the soul cultivator Celestial, his position was clearly the highest.

“Stay behind!”

Suddenly, wind blades filled the sky. Tang Wan-er summoned her Cry of the Heavenly Daos, blocking the two of them.

Millions of wind blades surged behind her, looking like a sea of wind blades that set off her beauty. Following her hand seals, the sea of wind blades streamed toward the two Corrupt Celestials like two dragons.

The two of them had never seen such Heavenly Dao runes. Those runes themselves possessed attacking power and were not purely assistive runes like theirs.

They shouted, erupting with their greatest power to fight with Tang Wan-er. Explosions rocked the land, and terrifying astral winds spread in every direction.

“Quick, kill him! We can’t allow there to be too many casualties, or we won’t be able to give an explanation!”

Seeing that Tang Wan-er was able to block both Celestials, the muscular Celestial’s expression changed completely. A huge golden spiked club appeared in his hands, and he smashed it at Long Chen.

His aura completely erupted, and endless runes swirled around him. His aura was incredibly powerful, and it seemed like space would explode from his attack.

The other three Celestials also didn’t hesitate. They directly released their manifestations, attacking Long Chen.

“Four against one? You really look favorably on me!”

“Divine ring!”

A three-colored divine ring appeared behind Long Chen. A terrifying pressure soared into the sky.

When Long Chen’s saber collided with the muscular Celestial’s club, it caused an incredibly loud explosive sound.

The muscular Celestial’s expression changed. His arms actually felt numb from this collision, and he was forced back several meters. In terms of strength, Long Chen suppressed him.

It had to be known that he was a brute-force kind of cultivator. Otherwise, he wouldn’t use such a heavy spiked club. He had never met someone who was his match in strength, until today.

“Amongst people who use spiked clubs, you’re the weakest one I know,” said Long Chen. Seeing that club, an even larger figure appeared in his mind. He didn’t know where that fellow was nowadays. Long Chen sneered, “I’ll let you all see what true strength is.”

He gripped his saber with both hands, and all his energy poured into it. His saber slashed out like lightning; this slash not only contained his physical strength, but also his undefeatable will. It was valiant and fierce, and incomparably domineering.


The four Corrupt Celestials were actually sent flying by Long Chen’s attack. The weakest one of them actually tumbled to the ground, appearing extremely miserable.

Guo Ran was currently directing the Dragonblood Legion in the battle. Although these Corrupt experts were practically flooding over them, they weren’t able to pose any threat to them.

He was constantly paying attention to Long Chen’s side. Seeing Long Chen send all his opponents flying, he felt like his blood was boiling.

“Brothers, do you see? Do you see our boss?! Even when Celestials see him, they have to cower in terror! We can’t make him look bad! Kill them all! It’s not just for our own glory, but for those brothers who once battled side by side with us. They aren’t dead; they are still by our side as we fight! Kill!” Fighting alongside Long Chen always caused the Dragonblood warriors’ blood to heat up. Along with Guo Ran’s fierce shout, the Dragonblood warriors roared.


Their furious roars came wave after wave, their auras growing even fiercer. They were completely unstoppable. Despite the Corrupt path outnumbering them, each one of them was terrified by their killing intent.

It was like they weren’t facing fellow humans but death gods that had come to reap their lives. They had no emotions. They were simply fierce, domineering warriors.

What they didn’t know was that after undergoing that terrifying heavenly tribulation, the Dragonblood warriors hadn’t just undergone a physical transformation. There was now also an arrogance within them that dared to fight even against the heavens.

Cultivators all tried to comply with the heavens, trying to comprehend the Heavenly Daos. Which madman would dare fight against the heavens?

The sight of Long Chen practically treating heavenly tribulation as a game—not even placing the Heavenly Daos in his eyes, ignoring the fury of the heavens—had been deeply imprinted in the hearts of the Dragonblood warriors. They no longer believed in the heavens. They believed in their boss.

The heavens hadn’t given them anything. The fact that they had gone from ordinary cultivators to unrivaled Xiantian experts was because of Long Chen.

So they trusted that the path Long Chen pointed out for them was the right path. If Long Chen could fight against the heavens, then they also wouldn’t hesitate to fight against the heavens with him.

As a result, they unconsciously became even more domineering, and this kind of formless energy was able to defeat their opponents’ confidence. It was even more terrifying than killing intent.


Suddenly, Gu Yang was forced back by a Corrupt expert, startling Guo Ran. He was startled to see that this elder’s cultivation base was at half-step Sea Expansion.

It seemed that there were quite a few hidden Elders amongst these young Corrupt disciples who were there to protect them from the unexpected. Seeing how fierce the Dragonblood Legion was, they had no choice but to take action.

“Fourth corps, squad leaders, kill him!” shouted Guo Ran.

The Dragonblood Legion was composed of three hundred and sixty people. They had been split into four corps. The four corps were led by their captains, Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and Yue Zifeng. Each of them was in charge of ninety people, and every ten people also had a squad leader.

The squad leaders were stronger than the others, and under Guo Ran’s orders, the nine squad leaders of the fourth corps immediately took out golden crossbows and shot arrows at the half-step Sea Expansion expert.

This expert had only just forced Gu Yang back when he sensed the danger. He had used his full strength just now, and he was still not recovered from his surprise that he hadn’t even managed to injure Gu Yang.

He was just about to attack him again to ruin the Dragonblood Legion’s rhythm when his scalp turned numb.


Nine golden lights shot toward him, sealing any of his retreat paths. The Corrupt Elder was horrified to find that no matter how he dodged, he would have to take two arrows. As a result, in his indecision, three golden lights pierced through his body.

The half-step Sea Expansion expert immediately exploded. And that wasn’t all; the golden arrows continued past him, cutting lines of deaths in the Corrupt army.

Any Corrupt experts struck by the golden arrows would be killed. After all, these crossbows and arrows had been made out of Treasure item fragments by Guo Ran.

Although he wasted ninety-nine percent of their power, Treasure items were still Treasure items. Even their fragments possessed such terrifying power. This was practically an earth-shattering power.

“Damn, this thing really is powerful! If another half-step Sea Expansion expert appears, directly shoot them!”

Seeing how his inventions possessed such shocking power, Guo Ran was incomparably delighted. This felt even better than personally killing enemies.

The only ones who could pose any threat to the Dragonblood Legion were half-step Sea Expansion experts. But Guo Ran began to point them out before they even came up to attack. They were quickly killed under Guo Ran’s orders.

The Dragonblood Legion was like tigers with wings, charging their way through the Corrupt army. Corpses began to pile up.

In the distance, an illusory figure had appeared behind Meng Qi. That illusory figure was made of countless Heavenly Dao runes, and her terrifying Spiritual Strength caused the space around her to twist.

The Corrupt soul cultivator had also summoned her Cry of the Heavenly Daos. At the same time, her whip cracked through the air rapidly. The whip was actually a rare soul item.

But Meng Qi was surrounded by golden petals and needles. That was the soul item Guo Ran had used all his sweat and blood in order to create. It was finally put to good use.

Although Meng Qi’s soul item was smaller, that allowed it to be more nimble and faster. Furthermore, it was created out of many parts which allowed her to get an advantage in terms of weapons.

Their fierce battle was incredibly dangerous. Soul energy surged and soul items collided.

On Tang Wan-er’s side, even one against two, her wind blades caused her opponents to be completely flustered. They were completely caught within the domain of her wind blades.

Her wind blades were too terrifying. Each one of them posed a fatal danger to them.

But while Tang Wan-er might appear extremely mighty, this was also extremely taxing on her. As for the two Corrupt Celestials, they weren’t idiots. They directly focused on defense, saving their core energy.

Tang Wan-er’s fierce tempest of attacks wouldn’t be able to last long. They were waiting for the moment her core energy ran out to give her a fatal counterattack.

The fiercest battle was Long Chen’s. The muscular Celestial had used some sort of secret technique. A blood-colored mark had appeared on his forehead, and blood dripped sinisterly from its eyes. His strength had immediately risen to a new level.

The other Celestials had also realized that today was no longer some simple tempering. If they didn’t go all-out, then they really might die. They all released their greatest power against Long Chen.

Long Chen’s saber repeatedly slashed through the air, each one of his moves incomparably vicious. Even the Corrupt experts had never encountered such a vicious fighting style. He was practically suicidal; each one of his moves were ones that would cause injury to both sides.

They felt a chill. Long Chen was too vicious. His fighting style was clearly one of mutual destruction, but his expression was still completely calm, making them think he was just faking in order to intimidate them.

Suddenly, one of the Corrupt experts’ swords stabbed toward Long Chen’s back. Long Chen had just blocked one person’s attack, and he had no time to dodge. Instead, his saber slashed toward that person’s waist. It was another mutual destruction attack.

“Fuck, come at me! I’m not going to dodge this time. If you have the guts, then just try it!”

The Corrupt expert roared furiously, deciding not to change his attack this time. His sword continued to pierce toward Long Chen’s back.

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