Chapter 639 Killing a Celestial With a Single Blow (Teaser)

A dark red whip pierced through Zhou Kun’s back and came out of his chest. Zhou Kun was bewildered. He started to turn back to see who had attacked him.

But a powerful force surged through the whip, and he didn’t even have a chance to make a sound before exploding into a bloody mist.

“Who is this idiot?”

The woman in the group of eight slowly withdrew her whip.

“He should be the person to receive us. It seems he didn’t have the slightest use, but he still dared to order us around. The Righteous path really is full of idiots,” said one of the Celestials indifferently.

Zhou Kun’s death horrified the elder from the Zhou family. “You… how could you kill your own people?”

“Our own people? Who do you think you are to be called that? Kill yourself!” said the woman.

What horrified everyone was that as soon as she said that, the elder from the Zhou family took out his sword and cut off his own head without hesitation. His blood splattered over the people around him.

This Zhou family elder was clearly a late Xiantian...

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