Chapter 639 Killing a Celestial With a Single Blow

A dark red whip pierced through Zhou Kun’s back and came out of his chest. Zhou Kun was bewildered. He started to turn back to see who had attacked him.

But a powerful force surged through the whip, and he didn’t even have a chance to make a sound before exploding into a bloody mist.

“Who is this idiot?”

The woman in the group of eight slowly withdrew her whip.

“He should be the person to receive us. It seems he didn’t have the slightest use, but he still dared to order us around. The Righteous path really is full of idiots,” said one of the Celestials indifferently.

Zhou Kun’s death horrified the elder from the Zhou family. “You… how could you kill your own people?”

“Our own people? Who do you think you are to be called that? Kill yourself!” said the woman.

What horrified everyone was that as soon as she said that, the elder from the Zhou family took out his sword and cut off his own head without hesitation. His blood splattered over the people around him.

This Zhou family elder was clearly a late Xiantian expert, but a single word from this woman had caused him to kill himself. Was she a devil?

“What terrifying soul arts.”

Long Chen was also shocked. He hadn’t seen the woman use any techniques. But with just a look, she instantly controlled the elder’s mind, causing him to kill himself without hesitation.

She was definitely terrifying. If the Dragonblood Legion was forced to face her, it would be troublesome.

Although the Dragonblood warriors all had stable wills, this woman’s soul energy was too terrifying. Once she used her spiritual attacks, they wouldn’t be able to resist. That made Long Chen’s heart sink.

He had to kill this woman immediately, or the Dragonblood warriors would instantly die at her hands.

“It’s a possession,” whispered Meng Qi. She had sensed that this woman’s body didn’t perfectly match her soul. A powerful expert’s soul had clearly seized her body.

That expert’s Spiritual Strength might be powerful, but it hadn’t reached the point where Meng Qi was terrified. It was just that the expert’s control over her Spiritual Strength had reached a practically perfect level.

Meng Qi was also an expert at controlling the soul. To have this level of control, this woman’s body definitely contained an old monster who had lived for an unknown number of years.

“Leave this person to me,” said Meng Qi confidently. She could see the worry in his eyes.

“Are you sure?”

“Don’t worry. Although I can’t say that I can definitely beat her, I guarantee I won’t lose.”

Long Chen nodded. Meng Qi’s control over her Spiritual Strength was something he would never be able to catch up to. There was no one better than Meng Qi to handle this woman.

“You are Long Chen?”

That woman suddenly turned toward Long Chen, sizing him up.

“Guilty as charged.”

She frowned slightly. “Only in the mid Meridian Opening realm. Those old fellows really made a huge deal out of nothing. Just for someone like you, they made all of us come. Their brains must have been eaten by worms. I hear you once managed to defeat a Celestial?”

“Your information is very accurate,” replied Long Chen.

The woman looked up and down at him, and then shook her head. “I have no interest in this weakling. Who wants him?”

The woman looked at the other Celestials. She was clearly their leader. The others also frowned slightly at Long Chen. Obviously, they also disdained to attack him.

“Fine, I’ll do it. I’m not picky about my food.”

Suddenly, an extremely wizened man walked out. He looked like he was skin and bones as if a light breeze would make him topple over.

But Long Chen knew that many of the Corrupt experts were this thin. This was actually a kind of secret technique to condense the power of the flesh within the bones. That made their bones even harder than Xiantian weapons.

Furthermore, this person’s sinister aura gave off boundless pressure. With each step, the ground trembled.

“Tell everyone that when the battle starts, they’re to do their best to break out of the enclosure and get some distance from the battlefield,” Long Chen whispered into Meng Qi’s ear. He had Meng Qi send spiritual messages to everyone. He then walked toward the wizened Celestial.

“I hear you have a female Celestial here? Once I kill you, I’ll go meet her.” The wizened man sneered and then shot toward Long Chen.

The wizened man’s punch caused a loud rumbling, like a hammer was smashing the ground. His fist was covered in blood-red runes, and Long Chen sensed endless resentment from them.

In that instant, Long Chen understood that this fellow had used other people’s life energy and resentment to condense his own special runes. This attack of his was extremely terrifying.

A thunderforce-covered hand grabbed the wizened man’s fist. The ground instantly split apart, causing dust to fill the air and block everyone’s vision.


Within that dust, people heard what sounded like something piercing through flesh. When the dust scattered, they all saw a stupefying scene.

Long Chen’s left hand was still clenching the wizened man’s fist. But his right arm was holding a lightning spear that had pierced through the wizened man’s chest. His terrifying thunderforce had instantly turned all the wizened man’s insides to dust.

“In your next life, remember not to be careless when you don’t know your opponent’s true strength. That will cause you to die.”

His lightning spear suddenly blossomed with light, and before the wizened man could even react, he was blown into a bloody mist.

He was killed with one attack?

Following the wizened man’s death, his core runes appeared in the sky. Long Chen’s spear was replaced with a blood-red saber that shattered those runes.

Only once they saw those runes did the other Corrupt Celestials react. The wizened man had truly been killed.

Long Chen rested his saber on his shoulder. His hair and robes fluttered. The current Long Chen seemed like an unsheathed divine sword, like a completely different person.

“Does anyone else want to try me?” said Long Chen icily. His voice sounded like it had come from the depths of hell.

The Corrupt Celestials’ expressions completely changed. The woman’s expression was exceptionally ugly.

Originally, a total of nine Celestials had been part of this operation to kill Long Chen. This was actually a trial for the nine Celestials, the main point of which was to practice their cooperation.

The woman was the leader of this operation. This entire plan had been made by her. Furthermore, she had the power to make it so the other Celestials had to listen to her.

This should have been a simple trial without any mishaps. But there had been one idiot who had been closest to the chaos region. And having arrived early, he had wanted to kill Long Chen on his own. As a result, he was slaughtered by Tang Wan-er.

Zhou Kun had sent them the news that it was Tang Wan-er who had defeated the Celestial. Long Chen had merely given him a simple killing blow. That had caused them to become careless toward Long Chen.

As a result, this carelessness caused another Celestial to die before he even managed to summon his manifestation.

“Bastard, you actually acted like the pig to kill the tiger. Everyone, kill him together! We definitely can’t let any more mishaps occur!”

The Corrupt woman’s eyes suddenly lit up with a demonic violet light. Long Chen felt his hair stand on end as if an invisible blade was currently stabbing toward him.

“Underworld Soul Thorn!”

Suddenly, a translucent arrow shot straight toward the Corrupt woman.

“There’s actually a soul cultivator?!”

The Corrupt woman had no choice but to give up her attack on Long Chen. Quickly forming hand seals, a huge shield appeared in front of her.

The two spiritual techniques collided in the air. Ripples appeared in the space around them, causing the people nearby to feel an intense pain in their souls.

The Corrupt woman hadn’t expected a terrifying soul cultivator to also be hiding here, startling and infuriating her.

“This isn’t a good place to fight. Let’s switch locations.” She snorted coldly and suddenly rushed into the distance.

Obviously, she didn’t want her own attacks to affect the other Celestials. She wanted to lead Meng Qi away. Coincidentally, that was also what Meng Qi wanted.

As Meng Qi and the Corrupt woman rushed into the distance, the Dragonblood warriors also rushed away. They wanted to get further away from Long Chen.

The others who had been standing there in shock also fled when they saw the Dragonblood warriors take action. They hoped to take advantage of the chaos to run.

But the surrounding Corrupt army had completely surrounded this region. How could they possibly escape? The Corrupt disciples all smiled sinisterly upon seeing the Dragonblood warriors run.

They were only in the Meridian Opening realm. They were basically cabbages that they could cut down however the wanted.


The Corrupt experts roared, and their weapons shone coldly. Killing people was what they liked the most.


Suddenly, the Dragonblood warriors’ auras erupted, and their terrifying Xiantian auras caused the Corrupt path to be dumbfounded. Their sharp weapons slashed down.

“They hid their auras-!” One of the Corrupt experts’ horrified cry was cut off halfway as he was blown apart by Sword Qi.

“They all underwent complete tempering, or there’s no way their auras would be this powerful-!”

The Dragonblood warriors’ weapons blew apart their enemies. These powerful Xiantian experts were like crops they harvested as they wished. They didn’t have the slightest ability to resist.

Having undergone complete tempering, the Dragonblood warriors had been able to kill Xiantian experts at Meridian Opening. Now that they were also Xiantian experts, they slaughtered them easily. The instant both sides collided, the Corrupt path sustained huge loses, flabbergasting them.

Even the Celestials were dumbfounded. Just what kind of army was this? How could they all have undergone complete tempering? Didn’t only peerless geniuses have the qualifications to undergo complete tempering?

“Two of you, go kill those people! The other four, kill Long Chen!” a muscular Celestial shouted, and summoning his Cry of the Heavenly Daos, he charged at Long Chen.

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