Chapter 638 Eight Grand Celestials

“Enemy attack!”

A fierce cry rang out. The tide-like Corrupt experts were all in black robes. Anyone that was in their path was immediately killed, their blood flying through the air.

It was unknown just how many of them there were. With their sharp blades, they killed any Righteous experts they ran into. Whether they were miners, disciples, or guards, they were indiscriminately killed.

The Corrupt experts were like a mass of fiends, their crazy laughter filling the air.

Miserable screams and the sinister laughter from the Corrupt experts alternated. Although it was daytime, people felt a chill as if they had stepped into hell on earth.

“What are they doing? Do they want to kill all the Righteous experts?!” Meng Qi watched this scene with horror.

“It seems so. They’ve completely sealed this region. Even Chaos City is included. That means they’re already prepared to kill everyone from the Righteous path here. Right now, this place is a huge prison, and they’re hunting.” Long Chen curled his lips.

“Have they gone crazy? They’re going back on the agreement between the Righteous and Corrupt paths?” asked Gu Yang.

“Tch, what are agreements? That agreement was just some senseless game they came up with when they were both injured and powerless.

“Back then, they thought Phoenix Blood Black Gold might appear here. As a result, both paths’ core strengths ended up injured, and they had no choice but to make an agreement. But now that all the black gold ore has been almost mined away and not the slightest bit of the Phoenix Blood Black Gold has been found, this place has little value to them.

“Now, it’s simply time for them to squeeze the final bit of profit out from here. The Corrupt path will kill any members of the Righteous path and then take away the last batch of ore. As long as they leave no living witnesses, who will come out to testify that it was done by the Corrupt path?

“The current Corrupt path has also learned from the Righteous path to play the game of evidence. Hehe, they both are truly ridiculous,” sneered Long Chen.

Everyone turned cold. If it really was like this, then these Corrupt experts would not stop until they were all concentrated on Xuantian Dao Sect’s mining site.

“Boss, should we break out of their encirclement?” asked Guo Ran.

“Break out of their encirclement? Don’t you see their huge formation? It’s only there because they refuse to allow us to do that. Do you think the Corrupt path is only full of idiots?” Long Chen was somewhat speechless. Even the smart Guo Ran had become a fool now.

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s experts and miners were all standing there in horror, looking in the distance. Many of them were already completely filled with despair. They knew that they really were doomed today.

However, Zhou Kun was standing at the front, looking icily at Long Chen and the others. There was a faint pleased smile on his face.

“Boss, what should we do? Should we go save them? Each one of them is an extra bit of strength.” Gu Yang looked at the Righteous disciples fleeing from the Corrupt path. The Corrupt path had sent an incredible number of people. They numbered in the tens of thousands. Obviously, they had made their determination not to let a single person escape.

Tens of thousands of Xiantian experts with quite a few being half-step Sea Expansion. That power was truly shocking.

“Do you really think they’d stand by your side to face our enemies? Have you forgotten how those people sneered at us in Chaos City? Did you forget how when we were attacked, countless idiots merely used photographic jades to record the excitement? If we pulled such people onto our side, they wouldn’t be able to help us at all. On the other hand, we’d have to worry about them stabbing us in the back,” said Long Chen.

Now that they thought about it, that was definitely true. These selfish, apathetic people would only cause their total power to drop if they joined.

In the distance, Chaos City was in complete chaos. Countless screams rang out.

The Corrupt experts gradually moved in from the outer region, sweeping through the mining region. They killed anyone they saw.

“Brothers, make your preparations. Warm up a bit. In a bit, we’ll have a fierce battle. Remember our previous battle against the Corrupt path from back in the 108th monastery. At that time, we still had so many brothers. But afterward, many of our brothers ended up lost forever. Now those idiots from the Corrupt path have come again. They want to take more of our brothers from us. Tell me, what should we do?!” shouted Long Chen.




The Dragonblood warriors had all followed Long Chen since the 108th monastery. Many of their close brothers had been killed by the Corrupt path. Thinking of those brothers who had died so miserably by their side, their eyes turned scarlet.

It was as if that tragic scene had occurred only yesterday. That kind of pain could never be forgotten.

The Dragonblood Legion’s roars rang out louder and louder. Their fury seemed like it could ignite the air.

Seeing that, Zhou Kun sneered. In the face of absolute power, anything was useless.

Those Corrupt experts were like a huge wave surging over here. As their circle shrunk, their power grew more concentrated. Every single one of them would reach the Xuantian Dao Sect’s mining region in less than an hour.

However, none of them approached. They all stopped a thousand miles away, completely surrounding them. At this distance, Long Chen could see that these Xiantian experts were all very young. Most likely, none of them had reached their thirties.

Long Chen instantly understood that the Corrupt path was using this as a chance to temper their elite disciples.

Slaughter was the fastest way to cultivate for Corrupt experts. It seemed their operation today was to be extremely profitable.

Suddenly, their encirclement opened, and a group of eight people walked out. Seeing those eight people, the Corrupt experts immediately let out a heaven-shaking cheer.

There were seven men and one bewitching woman. Her aura was exceptionally powerful. As she walked, her aura seemed to cause the entire space to tremble, making people feel endless terror.

“Celestials? And eight of them? They really look favorably on me.” Long Chen laughed.

Eight Celestials had appeared at the same time. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples all felt like it was hard to breathe, and even their bodies quivered uncontrollably.

But the Dragonblood warriors didn’t feel any fear. The intimidating pressure of Celestials did not affect them. When they had undergone their tribulations, even that heavenly fury hadn’t been able to do anything to them. This little bit of pressure was nothing.

At the same time, they realized why Long Chen had had them infuriate the heavenly tribulation to temper them. It wasn’t just to temper their bodies, but also their souls.

Ordinary people wouldn’t even be able to summon up the courage to fight Celestials. But they were able to resist that suffocating aura. That was the difference.

Seeing these eight people, Zhou Kun suddenly laughed, startling everyone. Zhou Kun actually walked over to their side and said to Long Chen, “Long Chen, today you’ll definitely die!”

Zhou Kun’s actions caused everyone to be flabbergasted. Even the Corrupt disciples were dumbfounded.

Long Chen indifferently looked at him. “No way? Your Zhou family was so brazen as to collude with the Corrupt path? If news of that gets out, wouldn’t your entire Zhou family be expelled from the Xuantian Dao Sect?”

“If it gets out? Hahaha, how would that happen? Today, not one of you should even think about leaving alive. So what if my Zhou family colluded with the Corrupt path? Long Chen, today, you’ll definitely die. Even if you grow wings, this grand formation won’t let you escape,” sneered Zhou Kun.

“Zhou Kun, do you understand that your actions today are equivalent to betraying the entire Righteous path? Do you really have no qualms?” asked Long Chen.

“Betraying the Righteous path? Hehe, just because you say it, it won’t make it true. Pill Valley is the true ruler of this world, and the Pill Tower is the commander. With the support of the Pill Tower, who would my Zhou family be afraid of? Hehe, you’ll soon die, so I don’t mind telling you. Did you think it was only my Zhou family that contributed to sending you here?

“Hehe, the other three families also received benefits from the Pill Tower; otherwise, why would the Shui family simply allow you to jump into a clear trap?

“Did you think the Shui family are all good people? Keep dreaming. Shui Wuhen’s grace toward you is useless. She doesn’t control the Shui family. In fact, many in the Shui family find Shui Wuhen unlikeable. How is it, is your heart cold now?” Zhou Kun smiled icily at Long Chen, extremely pleased with himself.

Long Chen was also smiling. This fellow’s words were extremely important. He had long since secretly activated a photographic jade just for this.

Although his words couldn’t count as direct proof for the entire Zhou family, it was enough. As long as he transmitted these images out, whether it was the Zhou family or the Pill Tower, they would all have to pay their price.

That was especially true of the Pill Tower. Last time, in the Jiuli secret realm, Huo Wufang had ordered the experts of both paths to attack Long Chen. That was a grave crime, and they had been denounced by countless Righteous experts.

The Righteous experts weren’t the strongest, but their stern declarations and fierce criticizations brought a great deal of pressure to the Pill Tower.

It was unknown how many benefits the Pill Tower had been forced to spit out in order to appease everyone. They were lucky that the fiercest criticizers were not from the large sects, so they didn’t lose too much money before the matter ended.

However, not long after that, the Huayun Sect’s Bone Tempering Pills had appeared, and the matter of their fake pills caused huge waves.

That huge turbulence had made it so that the Huo family hadn’t been able to catch a breath for a long time. It was only months later that they managed to discuss this topic with Long Chen.

As a result, Long Chen hadn’t given them any face, directly provoking the Huo family. As a result, they had decided Long Chen had to die, or the Huo family’s prestige would truly drop to the ground.

“What are you still waiting for? Kill Long Chen!” Zhou Kun waved his hand, his meaning that the eight of them should attack.


Blood flew. A scorpion tail whip pierced straight through Zhou Kun’s chest.

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