Chapter 637 The Powerful Enemies Finally Appear

After Zhou Kun had woken up, he had felt like his head was splitting apart. It was only after asking the Zhou family’s elder that he learned what had happened. He really had never imagined that it was Meng Qi who had saved him.

He had only just gone to express his thanks when he heard that Long Chen had led his people away, leaving behind only Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er. He had almost died from terror at that time.

He had thought Long Chen had run off. If that had happened, then all their plans would have been for naught, and he would definitely not be able to bear the consequences.

Now hearing that Long Chen had returned, he immediately rushed out, seeing Long Chen and the Dragonblood warriors all in high spirits, as if they had just gone for a leisurely stroll.

“Sorry, I really don’t place a maggot in my eyes. And what exactly is a district maggot? A very long maggot?”[1] asked Long Chen.

The Dragonblood warriors might be accustomed to Long Chen’s character, but they still couldn’t hold back a chuckle, especially seeing Zhou Kun’s expression.

“Long Chen, you’re too arrogant!” roared Zhou Kun.

“It’s not like I’ve only been arrogant for one or two days. There’s no need to shout so loudly. You’ll get used to it. Also, we’ve gotten tired of playing around. It’s already noon, so we won’t hold you back from your lunch. Go and find your food. We’re going to rest.”

Long Chen waved his hand, and everyone entered their tents. However, he ended up saying ‘food’ extremely unclearly, as if he had a lisp. Somehow, it ended up sounding a mix between food and crap[2]. Well, in any case, he could eat whatever he wanted.

Zhou Kun was indescribably infuriated, but he didn’t dare attack. He forced down his anger. At the very least, Long Chen had returned.

“Long Chen, this is the Xuantian Dao Sect’s mining site. You should take your mission more seriously. I won’t say anything about it this time, but next time, you definitely have to tell me before you leave.

“Other than that, thank miss Meng Qi for me.”

Long Chen didn’t turn back. “Don’t be so courteous. Meng Qi is too softhearted. Even seeing brutes like pigs and dogs in danger, she’ll still go save them. Although you aren’t as good as them, if you did die, you’d cause a stink. That wouldn’t be good. We were only thinking of ourselves.”

Seeing Long Chen’s figure disappear into a tent, Zhou Kun’s face alternated from dark to white. Suddenly, he vomited a mouthful of blood and fell.

The experts following him all let out startled cries and went to support him. They found that he had already fainted from rage.

Returning to his own tent, he found that Meng Qi was still in seclusion, while Tang Wan-er was guarding her. Tang Wan-er had already fully recovered. Therefore, Meng Qi could focus all her attention on absorbing the Heavenly Dao Fruit.

Long Chen didn’t disturb them, and he set up his own tent nearby. Due to the large battle previously, they were only able to set up temporary tents.

Long Chen had all the Dragonblood warriors enter seclusion. He also didn’t allow Zhou Kun to dig out the mines. He had the mines just stay buried, because then there was no mining, and there was no need to guard them.

To dig out all the ground that had buried the mines was an extremely difficult matter and very time-consuming.

This action of his ended up causing Zhou Kun to stumble. He wanted to take the black gold ore for himself, but Long Chen wouldn’t let him.

Those ores were for Xiantian weapons, and ordinary spatial rings were unable to store them because they were too heavy. As a result, the ore would all be left just above the mine after it was dug up. The Dao Sect would send experts to transport the ore back every few hundred years.

Zhou Kun wanted to take that ore for himself, while Long Chen also wanted to take the ore. That was money, and he was lacking that right now.

So Long Chen didn’t touch the ore, and he also didn’t allow the Zhou family to touch the ore. If they wanted to move the ore, they needed to use carts. But Long Chen didn’t need to do that. He could directly send them into the primal chaos space.

Unfortunately, even if they dug up the mines, Long Chen wouldn’t dare take the ore right now. So it was best to just leave them underground and have them peacefully wait for the day he took them.

Long Chen also entered seclusion. But he wasn’t doing it to cultivate. He no longer needed to cultivate.

After advancing to Meridian Opening, the accumulated energy of the Bone Tempering Pills had caused his cultivation base to rapidly advance.

He was the same as the other Dragonblood warriors, but he had consumed hundreds of times the Bone Tempering Pills that they had, so he had accumulated even more medicinal energy.

The reason the Dragonblood warriors’ cultivation bases had advanced so explosively was because they had accumulated too much medicinal energy. Not only had they fully tempered their bones, but in the Meridian Opening realm, that energy had erupted a second time, almost bringing them directly to the Xiantian realm.

Long Chen was pretty much the same. He had advanced even faster, but the difference was that he had experienced several immense battles during that time, so no flaw had appeared in his foundation.

Right now, he was just patiently waiting. He was waiting for the Dragonblood warriors to completely steady their cultivation bases, and he was waiting for enemies to arrive.

Seven days later, Meng Qi finally came out. Long Chen was delighted to see that Meng Qi had also become a Celestial. That meant the Heavenly Dao Fruits really were one hundred percent effective on anyone that wasn’t him.

In other words, as long as he had enough Heavenly Dao Fruits, he really could create a terrifying army of Celestials.

Furthermore, he found that Meng Qi was the same as Tang Wan-er, and even after summoning her Cry of the Heavenly Daos, he didn’t feel any expulsion.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er were now both at the peak of Meridian Opening. But the two of them were still a bit away from their tribulations.

The thing that made Long Chen speechless was that they actually knew what day their tribulations would come. Celestials could clearly feel what day their tribulations would come. The heavens truly treated them well.

During this time, Long Chen was extremely relaxed. He laughed and talked with these two beauties cheerfully.

But after another few days, he suddenly frowned.

“What is it?

Seeing Long Chen’s laughter suddenly pause halfway, Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er were startled.

“Our enemies have already come. I can feel an extremely great pressure,” said Long Chen solemnly.

Meng Qi was flabbergasted. She looked at Tang Wan-er, and seeing Tang Wan-er half leaning on his body, her chest on Long Chen’s arm, it did seem like the pressure wasn’t little.

“Scoundrel, you’re once more acting immorally.” Tang Wan-er viciously pinched him.

“Aiya, I’m being serious!” cried Long Chen.

“It’d be strange if anyone believed you,” said Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen was speechless. He had gotten so used to teasing Tang Wan-er that now that he told the truth, she treated it as a joke.

He truly sensed a fierce hostility. That feeling should mean there were experts spying on them from a distance. As his cultivation base grew, and since he had condensed the third star, his spiritual perception continued to grow sharper. He could easily sense hostility.

In the past few days, he had sensed hostility as well, and it had clearly been from several different people.

“Long Chen, are you being serious? You aren’t joking?” Finally, seeing how solemn Long Chen appeared, Tang Wan-er’s confidence flagged.

“I really am being serious…” said Long Chen. Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er were startled, but then Long Chen continued with, “Seriously joking.”

“You bastard, I just knew you were a rotten egg!” Tang Wan-er charged forward, reached toward his throat.

Long Chen leaned back, and Tang Wan-er ended up not reacting in time, immediately charging into Long Chen’s embrace.

“Aiya, you female rogue! Hurry and release me! I won’t submit to you…!”

Long Chen cried as he ‘struggled’ to free himself from Tang Wan-er. But no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to escape from her. He pushed against different parts of her body, trying to find the right spot to push her off.


Tang Wan-er suddenly screamed as Long Chen’s roving hands had touched one of her sensitive places, and she hastily jumped out from Long Chen’s embrace, her face as red as an apple, a trace of panic in her eyes.

Even once Tang Wan-er had leaped off, Long Chen seemed to be unaware. His eyes were closed, and he continued to flail, continuously repeating, “I would rather die than give you my purity!”

Meng Qi shook her head and sighed, “Wan-er, how many times have I told you, fighting with Long Chen will always cause you to lose?”


Tang Wan-er was just about to reply when heaven and earth violently trembled. A bizarre pressure suddenly filled the entire mining site.

Long Chen hastily left his tent. He saw a blue dome of light had appeared in the sky, covering the entire mining region. In fact, even Chaos City seemed to be covered by it.

“What is it?!” cried Tang Wan-er.

“A formation. It has sealed off the entire chaos region. Hehe, they’ve caught us.” Long Chen narrowed his eyes at the blue light curtain.

The Corrupt path had truly invested a great deal in this. Activating such a terrifying formation cost a great deal of money.

“Looks like they treat us as a must-have,” sighed Meng Qi. This formation’s range was so wide, and its power was incomparably terrifying. That must have cost an ocean’s worth of resources.

“Don’t worry, I would rather die than give my pure body to them.” Long Chen clenched his fists.

“Dislikable. Even at this time, you’re still not serious,” rebuked Meng Qi. Long Chen never forgot to joke, no matter what time it was.

“Why must I be serious? They don’t have the strength. Now we’re already strong enough, so why do we have to be afraid of them?” laughed Long Chen.

“That’s true. We have two Celestials, and each of the Dragonblood warriors has advanced to the Xiantian realm. There’s also you. We definitely are already extremely powerful.” Tang Wan-er was full of battle intent. It seemed she was also very warlike inside.

All the Dragonblood warriors gathered. Not one of them was panicked or afraid, which made Long Chen nod. After the tempering of the heavenly tribulation, their Dao-hearts had become as stable as boulders.


Suddenly, a tide of people charged through the formation.

[1] Long Chen says 蛆长 which sounds the same as district chief. Means long maggot.

[2] Food (fan) and crap (fen) sound similar in chinese.

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