Chapter 636 Aura Concealing Pills


The two enormous bodies collided, filling the sky with blinding light.

Suddenly, the lightning serpent released a heaven-shaking roar as it underwent a fierce battle with the lightning monster.

The lightning monster was even larger than the lightning serpent. It had originally been charging straight at Little Snow. But being blocked by the lightning serpent, it was unable to charge through.

The lightning serpent opened its mouth and ferociously bit the lightning monster, forcibly tearing a part of its flesh away.

That wasn’t truly flesh. Its body was made of countless lightning runes. After swallowing those runes, the lightning serpent became even more excited and battled even more ferociously.

The lightning monster didn’t seem to have any intelligence. It simply crazily tried to charge past to get to Little Snow, not attacking the lightning serpent.

However, the lightning serpent blocked it, taking bites out of it with great zeal.

“Little Snow, fall back. Don’t let the lightning monster attack you.”

The lightning serpent still wasn’t a match for this lightning monster, and it was unable to fully block it.

However, the lightning monster didn’t attack the lightning serpent. It seemed as if its unconscious mind told it that it couldn’t attack an existence similar to it.

Of course, the lightning serpent didn’t have that thought. It was like a starving beast that had finally encountered a mountain of meat, and it was crazily devouring the lightning monster.

Each time it swallowed a portion of the lightning monster’s body, its own body would grow. As its body grew, its aura was also becoming stronger.

“Heavens, when did boss raise such a terrifying housepet?”

Guo Ran and the others were all stupefied. They were filled with shock as they looked at the huge lightning serpent.

The lightning serpent crazily devoured the lightning monster, constantly strengthening itself. In just a few breaths, the lightning monster actually began to shrink. As for the lightning serpent, it went from one thousand meters long to fifteen hundred meters.

Furthermore, two protrusions grew out of its head. The lightning serpent was transforming into a lightning python.

Legend said that after a millennium of cultivation, a serpent could become a python, a python could become a drake, and a drake could become a dragon.[1] As for the difference between the serpent and the python, it was based on the two protrusions coming out of the head.

Those two protrusions, if the python ever managed to become a dragon, would grow into horns. Otherwise, no matter how big a serpent became, it would always just be a large serpent. It would not be called a python.

Now that the lightning serpent had become a lightning python, Long Chen’s heart shook. Could it be that the lightning python could later transform into a lightning drake and then into a lightning dragon?

If that was possible, then wouldn’t it also be possible for the flame serpent?

If he properly raised them, then in the future, he wouldn’t even need to do anything. He could just summon two huge dragons to oppress all his opponents. If he could become a mighty Dragon Tamer in the future, flying on dragons through the sky, causing the entire world to tremble before him, just who could oppose him?

Suddenly, a loud explosion rang out. The huge lightning monster was completely entangled with the lightning python. It was unable to resist, while the lightning python continuously grew larger from consuming it. Eventually, the lightning python grew so much stronger that the lightning monster wasn’t even able to resist anymore, and it was completely devoured.

After swallowing the last bit of it, the lightning python grew to a length of twenty-five hundred meters. A fierce pressure came from it as it swam in the air for a few circles before turning into a bolt of lightning that returned to Long Chen’s arm.

The tattoo on his arm had also transformed, looking the same as the lightning python. Long Chen looked up and saw that the tribulation clouds had already scattered. Little Snow’s tribulation had ended.

“It ended just like this?”

Long Chen was a bit bewildered. How could the lightning tribulation go by so easily this time?

Suddenly, he had a thought: could it be that by concealing his cultivation base, the tribulation had been tricked?

But how was that possible? Wasn’t it said that the Heavenly Daos could not be tricked? Any smokescreens were complete jokes in front of the Heavenly Daos.

However, if the tribulation had sensed his cultivation base, it shouldn’t have ended so easily. It should have fiercely attacked him.

Was it the primal chaos bead?

Long Chen pondered it for a long moment. He had kept his cultivation base at the mid Meridian Opening realm the entire time. In other words, his cultivation base had been lower than Little Snow’s. So then, had the Heavenly Daos missed him because of that?

Other than that, he also hadn’t personally interfered with the lightning tribulation. It was the lightning python that had helped Little Snow in the end. Was it that the tribulation still had familiar feelings toward the lightning python?

The lightning monster had only defended the entire time without counter-attacking. The only thing in its eyes had been Little Snow, which was the only reason it had been devoured so easily.

Could it be that the Heavenly Daos themselves were merely a set of laws, and there were also ways to cheat them? Long Chen seemed to have understood something.

“Boss, are you alright?”

Guo Ran and the others ran over in panic.

“Hmm? What could be wrong? Wasn’t it just a nice bath?” laughed Long Chen.

Long Chen returned Little Snow to his spiritual space, allowing him to rest. Although Little Snow had suffered injuries from this tribulation, they weren’t very serious.

Once Little Snow recovered, he would naturally enter the Xiantian realm, becoming a terrifying sixth rank Magical Beast.

“How do you all feel?” asked Long Chen.

“I feel too terrified. That lightning tribulation was practically apocalyptical,” said Gu Yang with a shuddering voice. The others all felt the same. Little Snow’s tribulation had been too terrifying.

“I wasn’t talking about that. I was talking about your bodies. Last time, I used medicine to help you expel some of the toxins in your bodies. Now, the heavenly tribulation helped you expel them another time. Your bodies should have reached an almost flawless point.

“That creates a practically perfect foundation for you all. Starting now, you’ll all start on a completely brand new journey. The Xiantian realm is the start of a whole new cultivation path. It’s the same as the Houtian’s Qi Condensation realm. The foundation is extremely important.

“I trust that after today, all of you will advance by leaps and bounds on your cultivation paths.” Long Chen cupped his fists toward them. Seeing them all advance perfectly, he was even more excited than them.

“It’s all because of boss’s patronage!” Guo Ran solemnly sucked up.

“Scram. This boot-licking of yours is too disgraceful,” cursed Long Chen.

Everyone laughed heartily as they were all filled with emotion. They had finally reached the Xiantian realm! Furthermore, they were Xiantian experts with limitless potential, and that had all been given to them by Long Chen.

Before they had encountered Long Chen, they had viewed the Xiantian realm as a lifelong goal. There were even some who would have been completely satisfied if they could reach Meridian Opening.

But now, they found that the Xiantian realm was just the start. Long Chen would lead them to even greater heights, allowing them to see a wider sky for themselves.

“If you want to shout to release your emotions, go ahead. Otherwise, you might stifle yourselves to death.” Long Chen laughed.

“Hahahaha, I’ve finally become a Xiantian expert! Let me see just who dares still look down on me!”

“Fuck, now that I’ve become a Xiantian expert, I’ve finally brought honor to my ancestors. It’s already been several centuries since a Xiantian expert has appeared in my family.”

“I’m going to get stronger, so strong that I become the head of the entire Xuantian Supermonastery! The head of the entire world! The-”

“Brother, you’ve gone too far. With boss present, you can’t become the head.” One of them cut off that brother’s cry.

“Oh. Oh, boss, I was wrong,” apologized that fellow.

Long Chen laughed. He could understand these fellows’ emotions. The delight of having one’s strength explosively grow was truly amazing.

“Alright, I’m glad you’re all happy. I don’t want to give you all a blow, but the Xiantian realm is just a beginning. Don’t get too conceited. Although you’ve all advanced, your Houtian qi has only just transformed into Xiantian qi. You’ll still need some time to get used to your new power.

“We gained many Xiantian weapons recently, but those weapons all possess an evil air that isn’t suitable for you.

“But don’t get discouraged, because Guo Ran has already prepared weapons for you. Just go get them from him once we get back. However, this situation came a bit too suddenly, and Guo Ran has many other things to do, so the only available weapons are sabers, swords, spears, and staves, the main most common weapons. Use those for now, and later you can find more suitable Xiantian weapons.”

Guo Ran often forged Xiantian weapons as practice. However, when it came to carving runes, his skills were still extremely lacking. The Ethereal Crafting Secret Record was too high-level and was too difficult to comprehend. For now, he could only use ordinary runes.

Although these Xiantian weapons weren’t crafted so well, the material used to make them was top notch. Their hardness far surpassed ordinary Xiantian weapons.

As for the Corrupt path’s weapons, the majority all had disgusting runes to absorb blood, refine souls, and other sinister things. Their weapons were too evil and not suitable for Righteous experts to use. The weapons they had gained from the Corrupt path would essentially all be tossed into the furnace to be smelted for their materials.

“Everyone, consume these aura concealing pills. That way, your auras will still seem to be at the late Meridian Opening realm. As long as you don’t release your aura, no one will be able to sense your true cultivation bases.”

Long Chen distributed the medicinal pills. This way, when they returned to the mining site, it wouldn’t cause too many waves. Otherwise, seeing that over three hundred people had advanced to the Xiantian realm would be too shocking.

“Boss, have you also consumed an aura concealing pill?” Guo Ran asked suddenly.

They had all noticed that even after all this time, Long Chen’s aura still remained in the mid Meridian Opening realm. Now seeing the aura concealing pills, they came to a sudden comprehension.

“You know too much.” Long Chen winked.

They all suddenly realized that Long Chen had definitely concealed his own cultivation base. But why would he do that?

When Long Chen led them back to the mining site, Zhou Kun had already awoken. But his face was still pale, as if his blood had been sucked by a leech.

“Long Chen, how brazen! How could you take people away from the mines without reporting it? Do you not place this district chief in your eyes?!” roared Zhou Kun furiously.

[1] I will be translating the term 蛟/蛟龙 as drake, as opposed to what you may have previously seen as Flood Dragon or perhaps Rain Dragon.

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