Chapter 635 Little Snow’s Tribulation

A huge sphere of wind blades suddenly pierced straight through the tribulation clouds. It then exploded, and a huge hole appeared in the three-hundred-mile tribulation clouds. Only then could they all tell that it was still daytime.

The Dragonblood warriors’ eyes almost popped out off their heads.

“Hehe, brothers, not bad. You can rest. The rest will be Little Snow’s battle,” said Long Chen. He patted Little Snow on the back.

Heaven and earth trembled. A terrifying pressure descended from the sky. The tribulation clouds instantly healed and spread even further, covering an area of three thousand miles.

Terrifying heavenly might caused all the Dragonblood warriors to turn pale. Seeing this, Guo Ran was already lying powerlessly on the ground. Staying by Long Chen’s side required a powerful heart. “Boss, are you trying to play us to death?”

“Little Snow, let’s go. The tribulation has already locked onto you.”

Long Chen rode on Little Snow’s back as Little Snow turned into a bolt of white lightning, speeding into the distance.

At the same time, the tribulation clouds chased after them, bringing down boundless pressure.

Countless thunderbolts were surging within the clouds. That pressure made it so even breathing was difficult. The power of this lightning was too terrifying.

“What is going on?” Li Qi struggled up from the ground, looking in the direction where Long Chen had gone with horror.

“Boss is bringing the tribulation away. Is he also planning on advancing?” Gu Yang struggled up; his whole body covered with blood.

“Will boss be alright?” asked Song Mingyuan.

The Dragonblood Legion no longer called Long Chen senior apprentice-brother, nor did they call him legion commander. Instead, they all called him boss.

That appellation was a bit roguish, but it also gave them a greater feeling of closeness. Another reason for this appellation was because Long Chen’s character was simply not at all like a standard commander. So calling him boss was felt to be much more suitable by everyone.

“Your worries are all for nothing. Who do you think boss is? What danger would befall him? Those who can stand, help me up. I feel like the lightning almost turned me to mush.” Guo Ran needed help in order to stand. There was no way around it, as he was the person with the weakest physical body here, even weaker than the women. His injuries were the heaviest.

“Let’s go see what boss is doing.”

With everyone supporting each other, they all got up. Although their injuries were heavy, there was no way for them to heal with their minds at peace. They had to go and see what was happening.

After getting over a high mountain, they saw the scene clearly. They were all dumbfounded.

Thousands of miles away, the entire area had become a sea of lightning. They couldn’t even see Long Chen or Little Snow’s figures.

“AHH!” Suddenly, one of the Dragonblood warriors held his head and screamed.

Guo Ran harshly chided, “Fool, that lightning tribulation is so terrifying, but you still used your Spiritual Strength to probe it. You really don’t want your life anymore.”

That warrior’s Spiritual Strength was exceptionally strong. He had wanted to use his divine sense to investigate what was happening in the lightning sea. As a result, his spiritual energy had only just touched the lightning region when it was forced back, his soul almost tearing apart.

“I… just worry… about boss.” He clenched his head, his face pale. He really had almost died.

“I’ve already said that boss isn’t someone we need to worry about. If you want to worry, worry about yourselves. Sit down, take your medicine, and heal. As long as the lightning continues, we know boss is still there and alive. There’s no need to worry.”

After saying that, Guo Ran consumed a healing pill. He felt like his body was about to fall apart. The others also hastily sat and consumed healing pills, keeping one eye on the endless lightning sea.

Although it was thousands of miles away, they could all sense how terrifying that lightning was. It was practically apocalyptical.

“The tribulation is shrinking. It should be about to end!”

“I can see boss and Little Snow! Heavens, have my eyes broken?”

They were shocked to see Little Snow facing the lightning tribulation in the sky. His hair was standing on end, and he roared furiously.

The lightning crashing down on his body was unable to harm him in the slightest. As for Long Chen, he was sitting on the ground not far away and sipping tea from a cup. That leisurely appearance made all of them flabbergasted.

Every streak of those thunderbolts would pose immense danger to each of the Dragonblood warriors. But to Long Chen and Little Snow, they were like a light drizzle.

This was just the first wave of Little Snow’s tribulation, the weakest wave. Long Chen and Little Snow could essentially ignore it.

Just now, when Long Chen had been ordering everyone, he had shouted so much that his throat had gotten sore. Now was the perfect time to moisten his throat. He hadn’t expected the Dragonblood Legion to see this. He hastily swallowed all the Queen Bee Honey in his cup and threw the cup away, looking seriously at the tribulation clouds in the sky.

“Is it really unable to sense my presence?”

Long Chen was a bit bewildered. He had already made his preparations to undergo this tribulation with Little Snow. Last time, when he had interfered with Little Snow’s tribulation, the heavenly tribulation had immediately grown more powerful and attacked him.

But this time, the heavenly tribulation seemed to not be able to see him. All the power was focused on Little Snow. He was merely affected by some residual waves.

That made him sink into thought. Could the Heavenly Daos also be hoodwinked? Otherwise, how could they not notice him? Or could it be that as long as he didn’t bring out his full strength, they wouldn’t notice him?

Suddenly, the sea of lightning disappeared. The clouds roiled, and huge balls of lightning fell like meteorites.

Each one of them was dozens of meters thick, smashing toward Little Snow and Long Chen.

Seeing this scene, all the Dragonblood warriors’ hearts clenched. How was this a baptism? This was clearly trying to exterminate them.

Compared to Little Snow’s tribulation, their own tribulation had been nothing. Any of these lightning balls could exterminate them in body and soul.

Little Snow roared, shooting out a huge wind blade. Huge explosions erupted whenever that wind blade met a lightning ball.

These lightning balls were different from the previous lightning. The energy within them was even more berserk and filled with a destructive aura. Little Snow had no choice but to dodge and block them.

Long Chen didn’t have to do that though. When those lightning balls landed on his body, they exploded. Their powerful thunderforce merely caused his body to feel a bit numb.

He smiled slightly. His previous lightning tribulations really hadn’t been for nothing. He had an extremely high resistance toward lightning now.

Lightning runes bored into his body, wreaking havoc. But then the lightning snake tattoo on his arm lit up, and those runes were all instantly devoured.

“Hey, don’t get agitated. This kind of thunderforce isn’t even a snack for you.”

Long Chen rubbed the tattoo. It had an urge to charge out and devour all of those lightning spheres.

Previously, the lightning serpent had absorbed the lightning monster’s rune and fallen into a slumber. During that period, Long Chen was only able to borrow a slight amount of its power for some attacks. Recently, it had woken, but Long Chen still hadn’t used it, instead reserving it as a trump card.

The current lightning serpent was filled with a destructive aura. Having absorbed that huge lightning rune, it had undergone a large transformation. Not only had it grown stronger, but its intelligence had also grown. It could directly express its emotions to Long Chen.

Just now, it had been about to charge out and gorge itself. But Long Chen had stopped it. The lightning serpent really wasn’t picky about its food; however, this level of lightning was unable to give it any benefits.

Little Snow’s tribulation was terrifying, but it was still greatly lacking compared to Long Chen’s previous tribulation. Perhaps it was because Little Snow’s constitution wasn’t very powerful, so the lightning’s strength also wasn’t so high.

“Don’t worry, you’ll quickly get an enormous feast,” comforted Long Chen.

Rumbling filled the air. The endless lightning balls continued to fall for an incense stick’s worth of time before finally stopping. In the end, Little Snow was covered with blood.

Little Snow’s strengths were his attack and speed, and his defense was his weak point. So, although Long Chen could ignore this level of lightning, he couldn’t.

However, Long Chen still had Little Snow endure it, hoping Little Snow could continue until the limit of his physical body. Although this heavenly tribulation was entirely destructive, it was also a kind of trial.

It wasn’t something that only targeted the physical body. If that had been the case, then Long Chen would have directly used his thunderforce to help temper Little Snow.

The most important aspect was the will of the Heavenly Daos contained in the tribulation. Only if you were capable of resisting that could you count as a true expert. This was a trial for the will.

This kind of tempering was even more precious than the tempering of the physical body. Many people might not be afraid of death, but in the face of heavenly tribulation, they all felt terror from the depths of their souls.

If you wanted to cultivate, you had to control that innate terror. Only by enduring this kind of trial could you truly fight fearlessly in battles.


In the sky, all the tribulation clouds gathered together and disappeared. The only thing remaining was a huge lightning monster that charged at Little Snow.

“Alright, you can have that fellow.”

The lightning tattoo on Long Chen’s arm lit up, and a ray of light shot out. A thousand-meter lightning python shot over.

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