Chapter 634 Collective Tribulation

Five days later, two huge Violet Phoenix Sparrows that were carrying all the Dragonblood warriors arrived at an extremely barren place. This place was a whole day’s travel from the chaos region.

“This is a good place for everyone to undergo tribulation.” Long Chen looked around and saw the ground here was all hard rock.

“Boss, you really want us to go through tribulation together?” asked Guo Ran.

“What? Now that you have money, you’ve become afraid of dying?” Long Chen laughed. After destroying that Corrupt army, they had obtained over three hundred spatial rings. Unfortunately, the rest had been destroyed in the battle or destroyed by their owners on the verge of death.

But even though it was just three hundred rings, there were over fifty thousand middle grade spirit stones in them. Of course, those spirit stones all ended up in Guo Ran’s possession. So Guo Ran had immediately become a rich person.

“Boss, the tribulation will set its power according to the strongest one of us! With Gu Yang’s terrifying physical body, once the tribulation is set according to his level, I won’t be able to survive!” cried Guo Ran. Just one of Gu Yang’s arms was already about the same width as his leg. The difference was too big.

“Don’t worry, your tribulations are focused mostly on baptism, not destruction. The only ones who ever died to tribulations were just too weak. 

“Heavenly tribulation is extremely beneficial to the physical body. I’m confident in all of you, so I’m sure you can survive group tribulation. You’ll be profiting from Gu Yang; the more powerful tribulation lightning will temper your body even better.

“Once you’ve gone through the tribulation, let alone the fact that your cultivation base will have advanced, just the strength of your physical body will make you feel like you’re dreaming. 

“Of course, in this world, there’s no free fruit. In a bit, you’ll all be very miserable. But don’t worry, I will properly record your plaintive looks with a photographic jade.” Long Chen laughed.

“Boss, you’re too evil! You should go through tribulation with us! That’s the only way it’s fair!” said Gu Yang.

“Go through tribulation with you?”

Long Chen laughed. If he underwent his tribulation with them, this world would no longer have a Dragonblood Legion.

“Alright, everyone stop complaining. Prepare yourselves. You have all reached the peak of Meridian Opening a long time ago. If you hadn’t suppressed your cultivation bases, some of you would have already broken through.

“After going through that baptism of blood and fire, your realms have completely stabilized. In a bit, I’ll leave, and you’ll all consume the Heaven Advancing Pills at the same time. This medicinal pill can allow you to advance perfectly to the Xiantian realm without leaving any flaw in your foundation.

“Once you’ve advanced, you’ll have to face heavenly tribulation. The baptism of heavenly tribulation is now just a test to the physical body. It is also a kind of tempering to your will. When the tribulation comes down, you must take advantage of the opportunity. Use the power of the tribulation to expel the impurities in your bodies.

“The Xiantian realm is the true start of cultivation. It’s extremely important. A flawless body will allow you to cultivate twice as fast with half the effort in the future.

“Alright, I won’t say any more. Prepare the Heaven Advancing Pills. As soon as I leave, consume them.”

Long Chen brought Little Snow away. When Long Chen was standing at the peak of a barren mountain a hundred miles away, everyone consumed their Heaven Advancing Pills.

As soon as the pills entered their mouths, they dissolved. They felt their spiritual qi slowly rising. Everyone relaxed as best as they could, not making any movements. They simply allowed the medicinal pill to do its work.

Their spiritual qi continued to rise, circulating through their bones, then their flesh, then converging in their Dantians. A huge whirlpool formed in their Dantians.

The whirlpool began to spin faster and faster. In the end, a loud rumbling came from their bodies. Their qi, blood, tendons, bones, and meridians all reached their peak states.

The rumbling grew louder, and their powerful auras exploded from their bodies. They had broken through the barrier.

If it was before the Xiantian realm, they would have already advanced. But now it was different. They had to undergo the baptism of heavenly tribulation. Only after that would their spiritual qi transform from Houtian qi to Xiantian qi, and only then would they be true Xiantian experts.

There were only two possibilities once you broke through the barrier. One was to succeed in withstanding the lightning tribulation, while the other was failing and being turned to dust by the tribulation.

Everyone broke through at the same time. Over three hundred pillars of qi soared into the sky, causing space to shake. Endless black clouds filled the sky.

“It’s this small?”

Long Chen couldn’t help being dumbfounded. The black clouds only covered a hundred miles.


A tempest of lightning rained down, crashing down on the Dragonblood Legion.


Quite a few of them let out startled screams. They had no experience with tribulation lightning, and in this first attack, they turned numb and unable to move.

“What are you shouting for? This little drizzle is nothing. It’s fine if you can’t move. Draw the thunderforce into your bodies to temper your flesh,” shouted Long Chen. The panicking Dragonblood warriors immediately calmed down a great deal.

This was heavenly tribulation, and it contained the might of the heavens. To say that they weren’t afraid would be a lie. In front of the heavens’ might, the human race was as minute as ants.

But Long Chen’s shout told them that he was watching from nearby, and it gave them an indescribable comfort. It was as if as long as Long Chen was present, there was nothing to fear.

They hastily acted according to what he said, slowly drawing that thunderforce into them to temper their bodies. They had trained in a high Heaven class cultivation technique, so their physical bodies were extremely powerful.

But even so, they had to block over ninety percent of the thunderforce outside their bodies. Some of them had been too panicked and had drawn in too much thunderforce, causing them to let out miserable screams.

However, in less than a minute, everyone had gotten used to it. They drew the thunderforce in in accordance with the strength of their physical bodies.

“Fuck, as expected, it really is different. This counts as heavenly tribulation? How discriminatory.” Long Chen had never felt that heavenly tribulation could be so gentle.

The heavenly tribulation was coming down gently and slowly, like a maiden gently caressing their faces.

But his heavenly tribulation was like an explosive Magical Beast attacking him with all its power. The difference was truly too great.

“Aowu!” Little Snow let out a quiet growl.

“Bear with it for now. Wait for them to finish, and then you can undergo your tribulation,” said Long Chen.

Little Snow had also sensed that his tribulation was about to come. In the past few days, he had been extremely anxious, unable to stay still. Just now, he told Long Chen his heavenly tribulation was about to arrive.

Tribulations were different for Magical Beasts. The tribulation came first, and only then would they advance. It was the opposite of how humans advanced first and then had to face tribulation.

However, Long Chen still had to keep an eye on the Dragonblood Legion as they faced their tribulation. Little Snow had to endure it for a bit longer.

An incense stick’s worth of time later, the black clouds in the sky began to lighten, a sign they were about to dissipate.

Originally, for a Meridian Opening expert facing their Xiantian tribulation, the tribulation would not last more than five breaths’ time. The reason the Dragonblood Legion had such a long tribulation was because they had undergone it together.

The lightning tribulation had been extremely gentle, never releasing any furious power on them. That allowed the Dragonblood warriors to temper their bodies easily. The Dragonblood warriors were now drenched; their skin was covered in black stains that emitted a disgusting smell. Those were the impurities that had been in their bodies. Within those impurities were also pill toxins.

However, the Dragonblood warriors were all incredibly excited. They felt like their physical bodies had strengthened by over ten times.

Furthermore, their spiritual qi had already started to gradually transform from a gaseous state to a liquid state. In the future, the spiritual qi in their bodies would no longer be called spiritual qi, but spiritual yuan.

Spiritual qi and spiritual yuan were qualitatively different. They were simply not on the same level. It could be said that only after undergoing their tribulation could they count as true Xiantian experts. Each wave of their hands could draw on natural energy. They felt like their whole bodies were brimming with power.

“Gu Yang, release your full aura to provoke the heavenly tribulation.”

Suddenly, a shout rang out that caused everyone to turn dumbfounded. Long Chen wanted Gu Yang to provoke the tribulation? Wasn’t that just courting death?

“Don’t hesitate. If you still don’t attack, the tribulation will dissipate,” shouted Long Chen.

Gu Yang’s face was green. To release your aura like this in a tribulation was sending yourself to your death. That was common knowledge, but he couldn’t ignore Long Chen’s orders. Clenching his teeth, his powerful aura soared straight into the sky.


The black clouds seemed to become furious. Heaven and earth shook. The black clouds instantly spread further than before.

The previous lightning had just been the thickness of raindrops. But now, each bolt was almost a foot thick. Landing on their bodies, their skin immediately broke and blood was flowing out.

“Don’t be afraid! Defend with your full strength. Your physical bodies still have a great room for improvement. Don’t waste this chance!” shouted Long Chen.

As an alchemist, Long Chen could see that everyone’s bodies still contained a lot of impurities. The lightning’s strength hadn’t been strong enough, so he had no choice but to have Gu Yang provoke the tribulation.

Hearing this, everyone understood his intentions. Although pain wracked their bodies, they clenched their teeth, not making a sound.

“Gu Yang, continue,” shouted Long Chen, looking up at the sky.

Gu Yang threw caution to the wind, not holding back the slightest bit of his aura. Out of all the Dragonblood warriors, his aura was the strongest. When he released it, even space would rumble.

The heavenly tribulation became even more furious, the thunderbolts multiplying in thickness.

Guo Ran was the first to not be able to hold on. Vomiting out blood, he cried, “Boss, save me!”

Long Chen ignored him. He also ignored the other miserable Dragonblood warriors whose bones and muscles were being ripped and torn apart by the lightning. He was focused on the clouds.

Suddenly, the black clouds became still, and an unprecedented destructive aura spread.

“It’s over, we’re all dead.”

The Dragonblood warriors immediately despaired. The heavens’ fury could destroy this entire world. They would definitely die.

“Tch, you’re scared from just this? Grow up a bit. Little Snow, cut it down.”

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