Chapter 634 Collective Tribulation (Teaser)

Five days later, two huge Violet Phoenix Sparrows that were carrying all the Dragonblood warriors arrived at an extremely barren place. This place was a whole day’s travel from the chaos region.

“This is a good place for everyone to undergo tribulation.” Long Chen looked around and saw the ground here was all hard rock.

“Boss, you really want us to go through tribulation together?” asked Guo Ran.

“What? Now that you have money, you’ve become afraid of dying?” Long Chen laughed. After destroying that Corrupt army, they had obtained over three hundred spatial rings. Unfortunately, the rest had been destroyed in the battle or destroyed by their owners on the verge of death.

But even though it was just three hundred rings, there were over fifty thousand middle grade spirit stones in them. Of course, those spirit stones all ended up in Guo Ran’s possession. So Guo Ran had immediately become a rich person.

“Boss, the tribulation will set its power according to the strongest one of us! With Gu Yang’s terrifying physical body, once the tribulation is set according to his level, I won’t be able to survive!” cried Guo Ran. Just one...

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