Chapter 633 Sinister Plot

After the battlefield was cleaned up, Long Chen examined everyone’s injuries. It went without saying that this battle had been extremely fierce.

Although they had all undergone complete tempering before advancing to Meridian Opening, it was still difficult for them to battle Xiantian experts.

But luckily, there hadn’t been that many enemies. They had only been ten times the Dragonblood Legion. If it had been more, Long Chen wouldn’t have dared let them take this risk.

The death of any one of his brothers would cause him great grief. But there was no way around this. They had to take advantage of this opportunity.

The cultivation bases and numbers of their enemies had been perfectly at the limit of what the Dragonblood Legion could handle. If there had been more enemies, there would have been terrible casualties.

Their enemies had been just strong enough and the perfect number to give the Dragonblood Legion the best tempering. Too strong and they wouldn’t be able to handle them. Too few and there wouldn’t be any pressure or feeling of death.

The most gratifying thing was that not a single person had died. Reality was just this cruel. Long Chen had no choice but to make everyone go through this danger.

However, if they didn’t take this risk this time, the Dragonblood Legion’s power would be thrown behind. Next time when they had to face enemies, it would be even more dangerous.

Long Chen’s own cultivation speed was too fast. If he continued like this, the Dragonblood warriors wouldn’t be able to keep up with him. They wouldn’t be able to fight shoulder to shoulder with him.

He understood each Dragonblood warrior. They were all hot-blooded warriors who would rather die on the battlefield than be abandoned, discarded, and thrown away. That was their own dignity.

Long Chen also had never had any thoughts about abandoning them. So the only choice was for them to take on trials and dangers with him.

Those who had been injured would be fully healed in just three days after consuming Long Chen’s personally refined healing pills.

Long Chen had everyone go rest. As for the mines? Fuck, if anyone could find the mines anymore, then they could go steal from them if they wanted to. Long Chen really had to admire himself.

The entire mining region had been destroyed. Who could find the entrance to the mines? Let alone the Xuantian Dao Sect’s mines, even two neighboring mines had been buried.

But it wasn’t so important. The black gold ore was almost depleted; thus, no one had any hope toward that elusive Phoenix Blood Black Gold. As for the miners, they only worked part-time nowadays. During the past few days, there hadn’t been any mining at all, so there was no one buried underground. And so, the mines could just be left buried. This way, they also didn’t need to worry about being attacked for the mines.

The original buildings had been destroyed now, so everyone could only live in tents. Within a certain tent, Zhou Kun lay on the ground, his eyes closed and blood pouring out of his seven orifices. His face was an unhealthy yellow color, and his aura was incredibly weak.

“Long Chen, can you save the district chief? If this continues, he might die!” The elder who had once threatened Long Chen begged him for help now.

This elder was bewildered. Zhou Kun’s cultivation base was the highest here, but then why was he the one to receive the heaviest injuries now?

“I could.” Long Chen rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

“Really? Great! Hurry and heal him!”

“The problem is, why should I save him?”

The elder almost died from rage. “We’re all members of the same sect here! How can you just watch as someone dies?”

“How can I just watch as someone dies? I really have to admire you. Just how did you manage to make your skin so thick? When we were facing those Corrupt enemies, you all just hid in here like tortoises. Why didn’t you think of such sanctimony at that time?” snorted Long Chen.

“That was…”

The elder was speechless. At this time, Meng Qi suddenly sighed, “Long Chen, let it go. After all, we’re all members of the same sect. At this time, we should be united against outer enemies.”

“Right, right, this lady’s words are entirely correct. We should be united!” cried the elder.

Long Chen sneered and didn’t say anything. Meng Qi walked over and examined Zhou Kun. “The district chief’s cultivation base is high, but his Spiritual Strength is too weak. He definitely must have tried using his Spiritual Strength to examine the battle, and as a result, he didn’t retract his spiritual energy in time and received a backlash to his soul.”

The elder’s heart shook. Meng Qi was correct. The Zhou family didn’t have any talent when it came to Spiritual Strength. As for Zhou Kun, his Spiritual Strength was famed for being weak.

He didn’t question her words at all. However, he couldn’t understand why Zhou Kun would use his Spiritual Strength that way. Perhaps only he knew.

“But then how can you save him?” asked the elder. After all, Zhou Kun was their leader. They had to rely on him for everything.

Although the elder was also a member of the Zhou family, he hadn’t been given knowledge about many things. Also, Zhou Kun hadn’t passed anything to him, so it was all too easy for him to mess up. That was why he was so anxious now.

“Ah, fine. I’ll sacrifice a portion of my Spiritual Strength to help heal his soul,” sighed Meng Qi.

“What?! Who do you think he is? He’s not worthy of you sacrificing your Spiritual Strength. Have you gone stupid?!” Long Chen raged, his expression completely changing.

“Long Chen, you have to pay more attention to the big picture. Temporarily put down this enmity of yours,” said Meng Qi.

Long Chen snorted with rage and left.

Seeing this, Meng Qi said to the elder, “Help protect me. Don’t let anyone disturb me. I’ll heal the district chief’s injuries.”

Two hours later, Meng Qi left Zhou Kun’s tent. When she returned to the Dragonblood Legion’s area, Long Chen was already laughing, coming out of his tent. His previous anger had disappeared.

“How was it? Did you get it?” he asked.

“You really are a scoundrel. That act of yours was so real that I even thought you got angry,” said Meng Qi.

“Hehe, quick, get in. Tell me, what are they up to?”

Long Chen pulled Meng Qi into his tent. Tang Wan-er was also present. After resting for a while, Tang Wan-er was no longer as pale as before.

“This Zhou Kun really did have a plot. Long Chen, you really were smart. You even thought of such a plan.” Meng Qi looked at Long Chen and sighed.

“Hehe, overpraise, overpraise!” Long Chen laughed mischievously. When it came to handling bad people, he always had many cons.

Zhou Kun had truly been schemed against by Long Chen. When the shockwaves from Tang Wan-er and the Corrupt Celestial’s attacks had reached him, Long Chen had directly used his Spiritual Strength to force Zhou Kun into a slumber.

But Long Chen hadn’t expected Zhou Kun’s Spiritual Strength to be so weak. This move of his had almost dispersed his soul.

Luckily, bad people always had the protection of the heavens. He hadn’t died. So Long Chen had come up with an act with Meng Qi, having Meng Qi go save him.

Yes, she was to save him. But at the same time, Meng Qi had used a secret technique to rifle through Zhou Kun’s memories.

This was different from soulsearch. It required the target to not have the slightest bit of resistance at all and a comparatively long time to do. That was why Meng Qi had wasted two hours in order to obtain the information that she wanted.

At the same time, she had implanted some memories in him, memories that said that back then, he had used his Spiritual Strength to probe Tang Wan-er and the Corrupt Celestial’s battle. As a result, he had been heavily injured.

As for why he would do something so stupid, that was his own problem. In any case, once he woke up, he would definitely remember that he had done that stupid thing, which had resulted in this. That was enough.

“Long Chen, perhaps we’ve really fallen into a huge trap this time,” said Meng Qi worriedly.

“It’s fine. I was aware of that. But to raise the Dragonblood Legion, we had no choice but to enter the trap. Otherwise, the Dragonblood Legion would require a long time to stabilize their foundations, and only then could they advance. But we don’t have enough time for that,” said Long Chen helplessly.

How could he not know this was a trap? But he had no choice.

“The Zhou family intentionally leaked the information that you’ve come to the chaos region to the Corrupt path. From Zhou Kun’s memories, I also learned that their attacks won’t stop here, nor will that Celestial today be the only one. In fact, the attack today was entirely not within their plans. They were supposed to gather multiple groups before giving us a thunderous strike.

“Furthermore, behind this matter is also the Pill Tower. Although Zhou Kun isn’t aware of the whole plan, he has had interactions with the Zhou family’s experts, and they implied their intentions. The Zhou family originally had enmity with you. Now they can even get a favor from the Pill Tower’s Huo family, and they are using the blades of the Corrupt path. They don’t even have to get their own hands dirty to cut you down.

“Then when the time comes, they’ll announce that the mine was sneak attacked, and all the ore in the mine was stolen. Then that ‘stolen’ black gold ore will enter the Zhou family’s pockets. It is truly a marvelous scheme,” sighed Meng Qi. She was extremely shocked by this plot.

But Long Chen’s expression was extremely calm. He wasn’t at all surprised by this kind of trap. He asked, “How much did Zhou Kun know?”

“He doesn’t have much information about the Corrupt path. All he knew was that they won’t just send one Celestial. They want to kill us in one, sudden strike. However, according to his expectations, the attack should have come between half a month to a month from now. As for these fellows today, they were a complete accident,” said Meng Qi.

“Not just one? Half a month to a month from now? Hehe, not bad, not bad. They’re giving us a lot of valuable time.” Long Chen smiled. “Two days from now, I’ll bring all the members of the Dragonblood Legion away from here. As for Meng Qi, you focus on refining the Heavenly Dao Fruit, and Wan-er will protect you.”

“You’re going to leave? Could it be…?”

“Yes. You’ve also seen that the Dragonblood warriors have already steadied their auras after this battle. In truth, they’ve long since reached the peak of Meridian Opening. I had them suppress their cultivation bases, not letting them advance, but now I’m prepared to give them the Heaven Advancing Pills. They’ll be able to advance perfectly to the Xiantian realm. In other words, once we return… hehe, we’ll give those Corrupt experts a nice surprise.” Long Chen laughed.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er looked at each other. If all the Dragonblood Legion advanced to the Xiantian realm, then they would be a pack of wolves and tigers. Who could possibly defeat them?

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