Chapter 632 Kill Them All

The ground erupted, and a saber stabbed toward Long Chen’s chest. Long Chen stretched out a hand.

The saber’s point was caught by his hand. Long Chen’s hand was currently covered with lightning runes, looking like a glove that could completely ignore the saber’s sharpness.

“As expected, you really are unsuited to using sabers. How could a saber user act so sneakily? What a disgrace to the name of saber masters.” Long Chen shook his head, looking at the Corrupt man.

The Corrupt man was covered with blood. He had almost been turned into pulp by Tang Wan-er’s attack.

The most terrifying thing about Tang Wan-er’s attack was that after the wind blade slashed onto its target, it would explode, releasing a second wave.

Although this second wave was less fierce than the first strike, the most abnormal part about it was its range. It was essentially impossible to dodge.

Despite having used his strongest move, this Corrupt man had barely managed to block the first impact of Tang Wan-er’s Wind Moon Engulfs Stars. But although he had blocked the crescent moon, when it had exploded, he had almost been turned into a corpse. The only reason he was alive was because he was a Celestial with a powerful physical body. Otherwise, there would have been nothing remaining of him.

Tiny crescent blades had become fiends carving up his body. He had exhausted his core runes in order to continuously heal as he was struck.

When that wave of wind blades finally ended, he had already run out of energy. So he had hidden himself in the ground, waiting for an opportunity and thinking about how he should handle this situation.

And then, Long Chen walked right over to where he was. He didn’t hesitate; he directly attacked.

What he wanted right now wasn’t to kill Long Chen, but to get a trump card. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to leave here alive.

Tang Wan-er was just too terrifying. This attack of hers had exhausted all of his Heavenly Dao runes’ energy. But as a wind attribute expert, a random wind blade from her could kill him. So his sights had been placed on Long Chen.

But this plan of his could not be worse. He had no idea just how strong Long Chen really was.

When Long Chen grabbed his saber, his berserk thunderforce poured into his body, causing his body to stiffen.

Just like that, Long Chen pushed the saber back slightly, and an enormous force transmitted through it. The Corrupt man exploded.

The sound of rumbling thunder filled the air. The Corrupt expert’s soul was about to fly out of his body when endless thunderforce destroyed it. A Celestial fell just like that.

Suddenly, countless Heavenly Dao runes appeared in the air, just about to merge back into the world. That was the Corrupt man’s Heavenly Dao seed. It wished to return to heaven and earth.

“Stay behind,” snorted Long Chen. His saber slashed into the runes.

BOOM! Those runes were instantly shattered. The primal chaos bead wildly circulated, and those shattered runes were absorbed by it.

Within the primal chaos space, the strange Heavenly Dao Tree was taking in those runes, and a fist-sized fruit slowly grew out of it, one with Heavenly Dao runes. Another Heavenly Dao Fruit had been born.

“What are you all staring for? Kill them all.”

The Corrupt experts and the Dragonblood warriors had only just crawled out of the ground when they saw Long Chen kill the Corrupt Celestial. They were all shocked.

A Celestial had been killed just like that? The Corrupt experts were completely dumbfounded.

“Kill!” Hearing Long Chen’s order, the Dragonblood warriors roared, attacking the still stunned Corrupt experts.


The Corrupt experts fell one after another. With the Celestial that was leading them dead, they were finally terrified.

“Don’t let a single one escape!”

The Dragonblood warriors’ morale surged to unprecedented heights, and they chased after them.

Under ordinary circumstances, people wouldn’t chase after cornered enemies. That would cause the enemies to truly go all-out, even throwing away their own lives to take the attackers down with them. That would increase the casualties.

But this battle was an exception. What Long Chen wanted was for the Dragonblood warriors to fight on the border of death. Experiencing that danger would completely solidify their cultivation bases and increase their mental realms.

Miserable screams resounded. They were particularly ear-piercing in the night sky. The Xuantian Supermonastery’s guards and miners all watched this bloody scene from a distance.

“Why do those people look more savage than the Corrupt path?” A Xiantian expert’s shuddering voice rang out quietly.

The Dragonblood warriors seemed like fiends reaping the Corrupt experts’ lives. It had to be known that the Dragonblood warriors were merely at the Meridian Opening realm. But the Corrupt path’s experts were all Xiantian experts, and they were actually being chased down to the point that they cried for their parents.

Chaotic battles like this were different from ordinary battles. The winner was not decided by technique. Instead, it was decided by who was more vicious. Each stroke of their blades had to be unleashed with a mentality of either you die or I die.

The Dragonblood warriors were all elites amongst elites. After undergoing so many huge battles with Long Chen, their wills were as hard as steel. They could smile fearlessly in the face of death.

Seeing that over a hundred Corrupt experts were about to escape, Guo Ran suddenly took out a huge crossbow.


A huge arrow shot out, exploding in their midst. A bomb on the arrowhead exploded, and countless razors sliced through their bodies.

These razors were only the size of a fingernail. They were a golden color, and when they exploded in their midst, those Corrupt experts were all turned into a bloody mist.

“Hahahaha, this power really is marvelous!”

Seeing how effective it was, Guo Ran laughed excitedly. Those razors were what he had made out of the Treasure item fragments Long Chen had given him. Today was his first time testing them, and their power was truly shocking.

These Corrupt experts were cut through as easily as tofu whether they tried blocking with shield or weapon. That killing power made Guo Ran incredibly excited.

“Hehe, brothers, don’t just watch. Hurry and clean up the battlefield!” Guo Ran laughed mischievously. In this fierce battle, sixty-seven members of the Dragonblood Legion had been heavily injured. If they didn’t have Meng Qi and Guo Ran to secretly protect them, perhaps dozens of them would have died from this battle.

After all, the Corrupt path was not described as fierce and savage for nothing. The fact that there were no casualties in such a fierce battle was practically a miracle.

Of those who were heavily injured, there were some whose legs had been severed, some whose arms had been crushed, and even some who had been almost cut in two.

But as long as they hadn’t died immediately, then with Long Chen’s medicinal pills, any injuries became minor. Now, after this fierce and bloody battle, there would definitely be a generous reward.

After this battle, everyone’s auras had been retracted. Not the slightest bit of it leaked out anymore. In fact, their auras were condensed to the peak. At the same time, their mental realms had also greatly advanced. This was what it meant to be true experts baptized by battle.

Compared to those greenhouse flowers, they were people who had crawled out of a pile of corpses. They were true warriors.

“Wan-er, are you alright?” Long Chen supported Tang Wan-er, taking out a chair for her. Her face was pale.

“I was careless. When I used that last move, I received a backlash. I still am unable to control that much power,” said Tang Wan-er.

“You went too all-out. You’ve only just become a Celestial. Even though you can summon the Cry of the Heavenly Daos, you’re still just a novice. A Celestial’s power is different from your own power. It relies on being connected to the energy of the world. Your Heavenly Dao runes are just a guide. You still haven’t become accustomed to using Heavenly Dao energy, so it’s difficult to avoid suffering a backlash from such power. Next time, don’t go so all-out. I worry a great deal for you.” Long Chen held Tang Wan-er’s hands, distressed at seeing how pale she was.

Tang Wan-er gently brushed a stray hair behind her ear and smiled. “You rarely say such amiable words to me. What, are you afraid that I’ll put you in your place now that I’m strong?”

“Hehe, actually, I really would hope to be put in my place by you every day. However, I wouldn’t like to do it in such an open place with so many people. It would be best if it was done in a closed room, while lying on a soft bed, with two lit candles. Maybe some rope? Then, you could properly put me in my place.” Long Chen smiled mischievously.

Tang Wan-er blushed and rebuked, “You really are a scoundrel.”

The faint anger on her face and the bashfulness in her eyes was truly a rare beauty. Long Chen’s heart pounded, and a fierce heat seemed to come from his eyes. Looking at Tang Wan-er’s lips, he actually slowly went down to kiss her.

Being looked at like this by Long Chen, Tang Wan-er’s heart pounded. She jumped in fright and hastily said, “Let me go, sister Meng Qi’s coming!”

Tang Wan-er’s had only just escaped when Meng Qi arrived. Tang Wan-er was completely red, not daring to look at her.

Meng Qi smiled slightly. “Congratulations on sister for displaying your divine might, defeating a Celestial. You really brought honor to us sisters.”

“Hehe, Meng Qi, you don’t need to get jealous, because you’ll also quickly become a Celestial.”

Long Chen laughed and a Heavenly Dao Fruit appeared in his hand, causing Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er to jump in shock.

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