Chapter 631 Mighty Fairy


Tang Wan-er’s three-foot-long wind blades slashed at the Corrupt man.

The Corrupt man was forced back, but he managed to block with a saber he had taken out. That saber’s back was sawtoothed, appearing extremely sinister.

“Even you think you’re fit to use a saber? And you want to challenge him? I really admire your courage,” said Tang Wan-er indifferently.

Tang Wan-er’s impression was that no saber user could compare to Long Chen. Only when a saber was in his hands could it release its true power. That kind of true domineeringness was something only Long Chen possessed.

“Shut your mouth, slut! I praise your beauty a bit and you act like this? You’ve really pissed me off!” The Corrupt man’s eyes seemed to spit flames.

He was a Celestial, a heavenly genius. Originally, he had already found it hard to accept that he was to handle someone like Long Chen.

Then when he had learned he was supposed to work together with other Celestials to handle Long Chen, he had gone crazy with rage. So he hadn’t waited for the others and had directly come here to kill Long Chen.

But now, before he even encountered Long Chen, he encountered this female fiend, one who was also a Celestial.

Now thinking of how he had said he would collect her, he felt like he had slapped himself in the face.

“Grand and noble lady Wan-er, this sinister Corrupt brat is trying to use despicable words to blaspheme your purity! We definitely can’t have that! Please use your grand and noble hands to end his soul, allowing this world to be truly purified.”

Tang Wan-er’s expression had sunk when she had been cursed by this man, but then Long Chen’s words came from the distance. She almost laughed. This scoudrel really was never serious.

Tang Wan-er shot forward with her sea of wind blades. Her wind blades slashed down on him, making her appear incredibly imposing. She was just like a cold fairy, albeit a bit fierce.

The Corrupt man released immense saber-images against Tang Wan-er’s attacks. Wind blades and saber-images crazily collided, ringing out explosions into the sky and shaking the ground.

At this point, Long Chen also stood up to watch with rapt attention. He sighed emotionally. A Celestial with their own attribute was truly terrifying.

Tang Wan-er’s wind blades were being supported by her Heavenly Dao runes. That power was terrifying, and their durability had reached an abnormal level.

The Corrupt man was also a Celestial, and he even held an Enchanted weapon. However, he was unable to truly bring out his weapon’s strength. He only cared about the weapon’s hardness and durability, which allowed him to bring out his own strength.

Examining his aura, Long Chen saw that he was slightly weaker than Yin Wushang, but the difference wasn’t too big. And yet, under Tang Wan-er’s attacks, he was unable to retaliate, as his runic domain was unable to affect her.

Tang Wan-er’s own runic domain was too large, almost twice the size of his. The only reason she didn’t immediately crush him was because she had yet to familiarize herself with her power. She was unable to control her runes perfectly; otherwise, she would be able to completely suppress him with just her runic domain.

This made Long Chen feel a great deal of pressure. Tang Wan-er had only just gained an initial control over her power, but she was already stronger than Yin Wushang. She was definitely too powerful.

Originally, attribute cultivators were not that common. They were born with an innate affinity toward a kind of energy, and if they then became Celestials, gaining the heavens’ favor, they would become incredibly powerful.

Now, Tang Wan-er was truly giving Long Chen a great deal of pressure. If she continued to grow and fully attuned herself to her power, wouldn’t he be the one who was bullied?

But there was one thing that made Long Chen feel extremely gratified. That was that when Tang Wan-er used her Cry of the Heavenly Daos, he didn’t feel the slightest bit of disgust or dislike.

Furthermore, he saw that the Heavenly Daos didn’t display the slightest bit of rejection toward Tang Wan-er. She could freely enjoy its benefits.

“What is going on? Was it the primal chaos bead? It can even cheat the heavens?”

Long Chen’s heart shook. As someone rejected by the Heavenly Daos, he had extremely negative feelings toward Celestials. Even from afar, he could feel a dislikable aura from them. He had already made his preparations for that.

Now, he suddenly thought of Mo Nian. He recalled that when Mo Nian had summoned his Cry of the Heavenly Daos, he also hadn’t felt any dislike.

One of Mo Nian’s Heavenly Dao seeds had been given to him by Long Chen. Could it be that after going through the primal chaos bead, those Heavenly Dao runes had also changed? That was incredibly shocking.

Just what kind of treasure was the primal chaos bead? How were there so many unpredictable aspects to it? What did it want?


Suddenly, a loud explosion cut off Long Chen’s thoughts. He hastily looked forward to see that the Corrupt man’s saber was shining like the sun. With a single slash, he had destroyed Tang Wan-er’s wind blades and sent her flying.

Not only that, but he also didn’t pause, flashing forward to continue attacking.

Long Chen frowned and he was just about to interfere when Tang Wan-er formed a hand seal in front of her. Her sky full of runes formed a huge shield in front of her. “Chilling Wind Shield!”


Tang Wan-er’s shield instantly shattered when struck by the saber. But the Corrupt man’s expression suddenly changed, and he hastily retreated.

But he was still one step too slow. Tang Wan-er’s wind blades hadn’t truly shattered, but had been intentionally split apart by her. It only appeared like her shield had been unable to bear his power.

Now, the wind blades that had comprised her shield suddenly struck like lightning, slashing into the Corrupt man. Unable to completely defend, dozens of cuts appeared on his body.

And this was only because he had realized what had happened so quickly. Otherwise, he would have been directly killed.

“Heavenly Dao Recovery!”

Circulating his Heavenly Dao runes, the Corrupt man’s injuries quickly healed. His saber once more lit up with a blazing light, and he attacked Tang Wan-er.

“Unexpected. He actually has a secret technique to activate a portion of an Enchanted weapon’s power.” Long Chen was surprised.

Enchanted items had special runes carved onto them, and normally only Sea Expansion experts could activate those runes. But this Corrupt man was also capable of doing so.

Although he was only capable of activating a trace of his weapon’s power, it was enough for him to reverse the tides. That kind of power was extremely terrifying.

“Ghost Saber Devours Soul!” All the Corrupt man’s energy poured into his saber, summoning an immense saber-image in the sky. His terrifying power caused the void to rumble.

Long Chen was already holding Blooddrinker, prepared to go out. That attack was extremely terrifying. He was worried that Tang Wan-er wouldn’t be able to handle it.

But Tang Wan-er’s expression was still completely calm. Her eyes shone with battle intent.

Hastily forming hand seals in front of her, the sea of runes around her condensed, forming a crescent moon a mile long.

“It’s that move!” Long Chen suddenly recalled how he had obtained a high Heaven class Battle Skill from the Xuantian Supermonastery.

That was something perfect for Tang Wan-er. Only a wind attribute expert could use this move. Furthermore, she had used her Heavenly Dao runes to condense her attack. This attack had already surpassed the scope of power that a Battle Skill should have.

When that crescent moon appeared, the entire world suddenly became silent. It was impossible to hear anything. It was like the only thing in the world was that crescent moon now.

“Wind Moon Engulfs Stars!”

With a final hand seal, that huge crescent moon suddenly turned into a ray of light, slashing at the Corrupt man.

Even Long Chen felt a chill when that crescent moon appeared. The original Battle Skill wasn’t too terrifying. The most terrifying part of this attack was that it contained the power of Tang Wan-er’s Heavenly Dao runes.


The ground exploded as a powerful qi wave spread. The people fighting were all sent flying by astral winds.

Seeing the astral winds approaching his current location, Long Chen suddenly rolled his eyes and shouted, “Everyone, be careful!”

He jumped off the stage and took a defensive posture. Many people knelt on the ground to minimize the force of the impact.

Zhou Kun was a bit bewildered. Although those astral winds were terrifying, he was a half-step Sea Expansion expert, and they didn’t pose any threat to him. But why did Long Chen seem so solemn? He even gave everyone a warning. When did he become so caring about them?

The instant those astral winds reached him, the building was completely destroyed, and Zhou Kun circulated his spiritual qi to defend.


Suddenly, Zhou Kun felt like a mountain had crashed into him, and he vomited blood, his whole body almost exploding.

His vision darkened, his soul entering a slumber. But before that, there was one question that echoed in his head. How were these astral winds so powerful?

He naturally didn’t know that someone had added something special to these astral winds. Of course, that person wouldn’t be announcing himself. It was Long Chen.

After the astral winds passed, everyone saw that the landscape had completely changed. There was a huge crater in the ground. Long Chen smiled and walked over. Looking at a graceful figure, he extended a thumbs-up, praising. “Fairy is mighty.”

Just at that moment, the ground beneath Long Chen’s feet erupted, and a figure stabbed a saber toward him.

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