Chapter 630 Terrifying Celestial

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s experts all turned cold and took out their weapons, rushing out.

“Now isn’t our shift. Don’t go out. There are disciples to defend!” ordered Zhou Kun.

“District chief, there are too many enemies! I-!”

“If you know I’m the district chief, then you better listen to my orders. Didn’t you hear that they want Long Chen? The trouble that Long Chen causes will have to be handled by himself,” sneered Zhou Kun.

“But, our mines…”

“It’s fine. In any case, this is a trouble that Long Chen caused. Furthermore, he’s in charge of guarding this place. If there are any problems, it’s his responsibility. We’ll just calmly watch.” Zhou Kun stood on a platform to watch the attack with a pleased smile.

You think you’re so amazing, Long Chen? Then I want to see just what you’ll look like when you die. Hehe, the Corrupt path really was fast. They’ve already taken action in just a few days.

Those experts might be masked, but their auras could not be concealed. That disguise was just deceiving themselves.

But in the chaos region, everyone liked to act like this. It had already become something of an unspoken rule. After attacking, people would just refuse to admit that it had been done by them.

There were over a thousand experts attacking now, and they were all in the Xiantian realm. The person leading them was a young man. Perhaps he felt like masking his face was beneath him, but he hadn’t disguised himself at all.

This man was surrounded by runes and led the Corrupt experts to attack. With a wave of his hand, the Corrupt experts split into four groups, going toward four mines. Those were the places the Dragonblood Legion were stationed.

Seeing this, Zhou Kun smiled. Everything was going according to his plan.

No matter what the result was, he would report to the Dao Sect that all the black gold ore in the mines had been taken away by the attackers. Then he would secretly pocket decades’ worth of stock for himself. To the Dao Sect, that was nothing. But to the Zhou family, it was a large amount of wealth.

Not only would they get a favor from the Pill Tower, but they would also cut down one of their enemies and make a huge amount of money. It could entirely be said as to hit three birds with one stone.

Thinking of that, Zhou Kun felt immensely pleased inside. He even had an urge to sing with delight.

“With such a slutty smile, it couldn’t be that you have drawn these people over here on purpose, right?” Suddenly, an icy voice rang out beside Zhuo Kun, causing his soul to almost flee in fright.

At some unknown point, Long Chen had appeared on the same platform as him, indifferently watching the battle unfold.

“You… you… how did you come here? Why aren’t you defending! If anything happens to those mines, then no matter how many heads you have, they won’t be enough for your beheading!” cried Zhou Kun, startled and furious.

“Behead me? A person capable of that hasn’t been born yet. If you once more fart like that, I’ll cut off your head right now,” said Long Chen lightly.


Furious roars rang out from the mines. The Dragonblood warriors charged at the Corrupt experts.

Blood filled the sky; limbs flew everywhere. What shocked the Corrupt experts was that these Meridian Opening brats were like bloodthirsty fiends. Each one of their moves was incredibly ruthless and sharp, and their combat power was too terrifying.

“Brothers, kill! Under boss’s guidance, during the Righteous and Corrupt battle on the 108th monastery, we defeated many times our number. In the first monastery, we did the same against a sneak attack from the Corrupt path. Now, it’s our turn to give them a beating; are we going to let them escape this time?!” Gu Yang raised his spear, charging into the thicket of battle.


The Dragonblood warriors seemed to recall their bloodsoaked figures fighting with Long Chen. Their blood began to boil.

The Dragonblood Legion was clearly outnumbered. But they were incredibly fierce, and in the first impact, they killed quite a few Corrupt experts, instantly reducing their morale.

In their recollection, the Righteous path’s cultivators were a bunch of cowards who were afraid of death. And so they always treated them as sheep for the reaping. But today, they encountered the Dragonblood Legion, a group of fierce tigers who were incredibly powerful. They felt a chill. It seemed their roles had been reversed.

As for the young man leading them, he had been charging straight toward the Xuantian Dao Sect’s main building. He hadn’t believed that Long Chen wouldn’t appear.

But now he believed it. Not only had Long Chen not appeared, but they had also run into trouble. The Dragonblood Legion was too terrifying, and even he was shocked.

According to his original orders, he was supposed to wait for other groups before launching a sneak attack.

But he was a grand Celestial, and he thought that he could dominate the entire mining region on his own. So he had ignored the other members of the Corrupt path, directly coming to kill Long Chen.

According to his style, he would simply trample his enemies, and Long Chen would appear sooner or later.

He was extremely unconvinced of Long Chen’s power. Although he had seen the photographic jades of Long Chen’s battles with Yin Wushang, he considered himself much stronger than Yin Wushang, strong enough to kill Long Chen.

But now the Dragonblood Legion’s strength caused him to panic. Their casualties were too high. He wouldn’t be able to give an explanation once he returned.

He had already ignored the original plan. If something unexpected happened, it would be troublesome for him. He directly charged toward Yue Zifeng’s mine.

That was because Yue Zifeng was too powerful. Wherever he pointed his sword, experts fell and flesh flew through the air. He had to kill him first.

But suddenly, a wind blade slashed through the air. That wind blade was extremely bizarre, as there hadn’t been the slightest sign before it appeared. By the time the young man sensed it, it was already right in front of him.

He hastily dodged, but he was still injured, a long cut appearing on his face. If he had been any slower, his head would have been cut in two.

“Who is it?!”

“The person who will kill you.”

A clear voice rang out from the distance. The young man hastily looked in that direction, only to see a lithe woman slowly walking over.

Who else could that be other than Tang Wan-er? Long Chen had given her the mission to keep watch for any top experts. This opportunity today was truly rare. A Celestial had actually sent himself to them.

Tang Wan-er naturally wouldn’t give up such a chance. She very much wished to know just how strong she currently was, but Long Chen refused to exchange blows with her. Even she didn’t know how strong she was. Today, she had a rare chance to test herself. She was filled with excitement.

“Hehe, little girl, you’re pretty beautiful, and you have the rare ability to control wind. Good, good, I’ve decided, you’re mine!” The Corrupt man’s eyes brightened. It was actually his first time seeing such a beautiful woman.

In the distance, Long Chen curled his lip. Did this person really think he could subdue Tang Wan-er? Even he didn’t have that ability. Who did he think he was?

“Even Long Chen doesn’t have the ability to subdue me. Who do you think you are?” sneered Tang Wan-er.

That made Long Chen startled. Tang Wan-er’s thoughts had been the same as his. Was this the legendary realm of being mentally connected?

“Sorry, this place is a bit crowded. Can you get down?” Long Chen looked at Zhou Kun beside him and frowned slightly. He directly kicked him off the platform and took out a chair, relaxing on it. He would be a peaceful, handsome man who would just calmly watch the battle.

The four mines were split into two regions. They were less than a few miles from each other. To put it frankly, there were really only two battlefields.

Meng Qi and Guo Ran were both in charge of one of them, protecting everyone. Of course, when there was no danger of lives being lost, they wouldn’t interfere.

Meng Qi was a Beast Tamer with a soul item. She killed people without them even noticing. As for Guo Ran, he had long since placed himself at a high vantage point, and he would occasionally shoot his crossbow.

But although the battle was extremely fierce, it still hadn’t reached the point where they needed to join in.

Long Chen also hoped they wouldn’t have to join in. If they did, that would expose them, and it would also cause the Dragonblood Legion to form a dependence on them. That was not beneficial to the kind of instincts a person needed in the midst of a battle.

There was essentially no need for him to worry about those battles. Long Chen simply sat and calmly watched Tang Wan-er. He also wanted to know just how strong she was now.

“Long Chen? Hmph, a coward who doesn’t even dare show his face can be compared to me? Girl, you’re pretty. I’ve taken a fancy to you. Today, no matter what, I’ll be collecting you. Get over here.”

The Corrupt man suddenly released his aura, and the runes around him brightened. His runes directly enveloped Tang Wan-er, and he charged.

“Cry of the Heavenly Daos!”

Suddenly, heaven and earth shivered as a tide of wind blades appeared by Tang Wan-er’s side. In truth, those wind blades were runes.

But they were different from ordinary runes. Each rune in and of itself was also a wind blade. Millions of runes now formed a sea of wind blades that easily broke apart the Corrupt man’s runes.


The Corrupt man’s runic domain collapsed, and he vomited blood, flying back, filled with shock.

“Impossible! How can you be a Celestial?!”

He didn’t dare believe this. Celestials could sense other Celestials through their connection with the Heavenly Daos. But he didn’t sense any Heavenly Dao fluctuations from Tang Wan-er.

That was why he refused to believe this. He had actually said he would collect her. But when she summoned her manifestation, he was completely flabbergasted.

Tang Wan-er wasn’t just capable of summoning her Heavenly Dao manifestation. The scope of her manifestation was even larger than his and much more terrifying.

“Bring out your greatest strength, or you won’t last even a few moves.”

Tang Wan-er icily snorted. Extending her arms, two wind blades appeared in each of her hands. She viciously slashed them toward the Corrupt man.

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