Chapter 629 As Many Come, As Many I’ll Kill

Powerful qi waves erupted. Over a dozen figures were blown out of the stronghold, but cold light suddenly flashed, instantly killing them.

Yue Zifeng: “I got eight.”

Gu Yang: “I got seven.”

Song Mingyuan: “I got two.”

Li Qi: “What the fuck, you guys are too fast! I still didn’t get one! Can’t you leave one for me?”

Li Qi was irritated. It was twice now that his prey had been taken from him. These brothers of his really were brutes, not giving him the slightest face.

“It’s fine, don’t you have me to accompany you?” Guo Ran stood calmly to the side.

These assassins had been instantly killed. They were a bit surprised, because they really had been too weak.

“Boss, what’s going on? It’s a bit different from expected,” said Guo Ran curiously. Originally, they had thought this would be a nest of assassins, and that there would be a bloody battle today. But this had been too easy.

Long Chen sighed, “Looks like my expectations were wrong. This is just a place for them to hand out missions. The high level assassins probably don’t stay here. These assassins here are all just silver rank assassins.”

“What? But wasn’t that old man a Xiantian expert? How could he only be a silver rank assassin?” asked Gu Yang.

“Their ranks have nothing to do with cultivation base. It is only determined by their assassination arts. If their assassination abilities are lacking, then even a Sea Expansion expert would still just be at the silver rank.

“Furthermore, the higher their ranking is, then each time their cultivation base advances, there must be an equivalent increase in their assassination ability. If there isn’t, then they’re essentially discarded. That old man should probably be someone like that, and so he had no choice but to be some random worker here.

“Because of the Bloodkill Hall’s rules, assassins won’t attack those with lower cultivation bases than them. And so this old man was most likely washed out. As for the others, I’d guess it’s about the same. Although their cultivation bases were also in the Meridian Opening realm, they were much weaker than the silver rank assassins I ran into last time. This time, it really was a miscalculation. Our strike ended up landing on nothing but weaklings,” sighed Long Chen.

“If it’s like this, then assassins aren’t as hard to deal with as I thought,” said Li Qi. Previously, he had been worried.

“You’re wrong. They are killers in the dark. As assassins, they don’t face their opponents head-on. That’s why if they fail to kill you in an instant, they will flee. Although their true combat strength is much weaker than yours, if they take advantage of when you’re off-guard, then any of you, other than Yue Zifeng, might easily be killed. They specialize in concealing themselves, and when combined with their assassination arts, most people would find it impossible to defend. Don’t look down on any assassin, because any of you could lose your lives,” warned Long Chen.

Their hearts shook. It was true: assassins did not face their enemies head-on. It was their skillful killing techniques that were the most difficult to deal with.

“Why did you say Yue Zifeng was an exception?”

“Because he’s a sword cultivator, and his spiritual perception far surpasses others. Sword cultivators are the most difficult targets for assassins. Not only will the assassin be easily sensed, but a sword cultivator’s weapon also never leaves their side. They’re also the fastest attackers of all cultivators. So none of you can beat him in that regard,” said Long Chen.

“Fine, I admit I can’t beat him. His attack speed really is monstrous,” sighed Gu Yang.

This large movement drew the attention of all of Chaos City. Experts from both paths were watching from a distance. Seeing this, they all sucked in a cold gasp of air.

Long Chen had actually attacked the Bloodkill Hall’s stronghold. Was that a declaration of war against the Bloodkill Hall? How was that any different from asking to be killed?

The Bloodkill Hall had existed for countless years. Although they were all a bunch of shameful fellows, there was no one who questioned their strength. Even the Corrupt path would never incite any disputes with them when they cooperated.

These silent, shadowless fellows were just too terrifying. They were like reapers who had come out of hell. They might appear by your side at any moment to reap your life.

The Righteous path had waged war against the Bloodkill Hall several times in history. But their gains were very limited. The public strongholds of the Bloodkill Hall were not their important bases. The destruction of those strongholds didn’t affect them at all.

However, that kind of conduct did infuriate the Bloodkill Hall. It was said that a few thousand years ago, the large sects that had participated in attacking the Bloodkill Hall had all had their elite disciples assassinated in just a single night.

That matter had shaken the entire cultivation world. The Righteous path had been completely infuriated, but the Bloodkill Hall had released word that anyone who dared target them would never be able to sleep peacefully again.

Those large sects were all extremely powerful with profound foundations. They had countless experts, but they were unable to do anything to the Bloodkill Hall.

After all, no one knew where their headquarters were. No matter how much power they had, there was nowhere to release it. As for those assassins, they would tirelessly kill their elite disciples, and there was no way to defend against them.

The large sects stamped with fury, but there was nothing they could do. They could only give in and silently accept this fact. From then on, no one dared to cause any trouble for the Bloodkill Hall. The ones who the Bloodkill Hall set their sights on could only cry about their bad luck.

By destroying this stronghold, Long Chen had done something no one had dared do for the last few millennia. He had once more provoked the Bloodkill Hall, and he was just in the Meridian Opening realm.

“This time, the entire cultivation world is going to be shaken.”

People couldn’t help sighing. Long Chen was really too brazen. Perhaps even the Xuantian Dao Sect wouldn’t be able to help him now. He would have to meet the crazy assassins of the Bloodkill Hall.

Most importantly, the Xuantian Dao Sect wouldn’t even dare try to protect him, because if they did, the Bloodkill Hall would send assassins against their other disciples as well. That was something the Dao Sect did not want to see.

There was no one who could remain guarded forever. Being entangled with the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins was incredibly troublesome. So even the Xuantian Dao Sect wouldn’t want to provoke those madmen.

“Boss, should we leave now?” asked Gu Yang.

“Wait a moment. There are still some secrets here.”

Long Chen examined the rubble and suddenly stamped his foot on the ground. The earth flew up, revealing the entrance to an underground room.

The entrance had only just appeared, and the dust had yet to scatter, when countless lights shot at Long Chen. They came so suddenly that Gu Yang and the others couldn’t even react.

Long Chen’s expression didn’t change. He didn’t even bat an eye. With a single punch, he released a powerful qi wave that blew those lights back into the passageway.

Miserable screams rang out from the underground room. There had actually been people hiding down here. Long Chen walked in and saw it was very spacious. There was a square, three-hundred-meter altar.

Atop the altar was a statue of a red-haired man with a pair of red wings. His eyes seemed to icily look at Long Chen. Although it was just a statue, it seemed to have its own life. Long Chen felt like there really was someone staring at him.

“You are their Killing God?”

Long Chen examined the statue. The Bloodkill Hall believed in a Killing God, and so they had built this statue here so they could worship him at any time.

“With your kind of conduct, you can still call yourself a god? Trash. You are just a money grubber. Whoever gives you money is who you would call master and act as a hired thug for. Just looking at you is nauseating!”


Long Chen directly destroyed the statue with a punch. He then looked around and saw a stone tablet on the wall.

There were many lines of words on it:

Xu Changshou, Seven Star Mountain disciple, bronze rank mission: killed.

Luo Youtian, Mental Fist Gate disciple, bronze rank mission: killed.

Long Chen examined it and saw it was a record of missions. On the bottom of the tablet, he saw his own name.

Long Chen, Xuantian Supermonastery disciple, bronze rank mission: failed. Silver rank mission: failed. Gold rank mission: failed. Dark gold rank mission:_.

There was nothing after the dark gold rank mission. It should be that the mission had been issued, but no assassins had had the time to create a plan.

“The next wave would be dark gold?”

Long Chen sneered. He wiped away the words behind his name, and using a stone, he wrote another line of words on top of it: as many come, as many I’ll kill.

It was a very simple line of words. But they were filled with an unshakeable determination.

“You want to come kill me, but I’m not allowed to retaliate? And I actually have to receive four waves of assassinations before the game ends? Who says I’ll agree to that? If you like to play, then I’ll play with you,” sneered Long Chen.

Long Chen already had so many enemies. At this point, he wasn’t afraid of having more. 

Only once Long Chen and the others had left did the Righteous and Corrupt experts enter the underground room. Seeing the destroyed statue and the line of words Long Chen had left behind, their hearts pounded.

Long Chen was actually unafraid of infuriating the Bloodkill Hall. He had destroyed the statue of their god and left behind such provocative words. He really was trying to get himself killed.

When Long Chen returned to the Xuantian Dao Sect’s mining site, he noticed that the guards had disappeared. Only once he asked around did he learn that Zhou Kun had canceled those posts. In accordance with the orders from the higher-ups, there were four mining sites that were left to Long Chen to guard. So the other guards had been removed. Whether or not Long Chen actually guarded his area, any problems would be his responsibility.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er had discussed it and decided to send the Dragonblood warriors to guard those four sites. After all, if there was a problem, Long Chen would have to take responsibility. And so the only ones present were the Dragonblood Legion now.

Long Chen wasn’t the slightest bit surprised at this situation. He told the Dragonblood warriors to take care during these days. There would quickly be meat to eat.

As expected, three days later, a huge disturbance erupted. Countless masked experts charged toward Xuantian Dao Sect’s territory.

“Where is Long Chen? Get out here and die!” A cold shout rang throughout the entire chaos region, and a terrifying pressure soared.

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