Chapter 628 My Rules

Entering the stronghold, he saw a vast hall inside. It was extremely simple. The only thing in this hall was an elder resting with his eyes closed.

When Long Chen entered, the elder’s eyes popped open. His eyes were extremely turbid, making him look exactly like an ordinary, mortal elder.

“Sorry to disturb you,” said Long Chen lightly as he appraised the surroundings.

“Long Chen? Hehe, interesting. You’re on the kill list, but you actually dared to come here. Youngsters these days really are brazen,” praised the elder.

“There’s no way around that, as my character is just like that. But the world is always changing. For example, the position of hunter and prey often changes, don’t you think?” asked Long Chen.

This person was definitely an assassin. Although this person had completely reserved his aura, Long Chen’s sharp spiritual perception could still sense endless resentment on his body. That was the resentment left behind by the people he had killed. Now that it had been absorbed by his aura, it was something that would never wash away.

“Oh? This theory of yours truly does exist. But it doesn’t hold water with my Bloodkill Hall. Prey should just hide as best as they can, doing anything they can to dodge the arrow of the hunter. Once the hunter finally gives up, the prey will also regain its freedom. But if a prey walks into the hunter’s room, that’s not in accordance with the rules. Even if the prey manages to bite one hunter to death, it will simply bring on more hunters, and then it won’t have the slightest chance of surviving,” said the elder.

Obviously, he was extremely familiar with who Long Chen was. He had already escaped from bronze, silver, and gold rank assassins. Then he would only have to endure one more wave of violet gold assassins before, in accordance with the Bloodkill Hall’s regulations, the mission to kill him would be marked as a failure.

Once a mission failed, the Bloodkill Hall would never create a new mission to kill that target. That was why he was warning Long Chen. If Long Chen didn’t act according to the Bloodkill Hall’s rules, then no matter what today’s result was, Long Chen would forever have to face this world’s most terrifying assassins until he died.

“Rules? Those are just things the strong force upon the weak. As for the experts, they are both the players and the referees. This kind of game is too senseless, and I don’t like it.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Oh? Then what do you want?”

“I like to play according to my own rules.” Long Chen shrugged.

“Your rules?”

“My rules are: if someone doesn’t offend me, I won’t offend them. If a person offends me, I’ll endure for a bit, and then if they continue, I’ll pull them up by the roots!” Long Chen seemed extremely relaxed as if he was just talking about a game. There wasn’t the slightest graveness to his voice.

But Long Chen already viewed the Bloodkill Hall as enemies. They had already come after him several times, and he was done with this senseless game.

As for him saying that he would ‘endure for a bit’, that was really just nonsense. Other than enduring a bit toward pretty women, it seemed he never exercised any forbearance.

“Pull them up by the roots? Hahaha…!”

The elder laughed heartily as if he had heard the world’s funniest joke. Tears even squeezed out of his eyes.

Long Chen didn’t say anything. He simply stood there with his hands clasped behind his back, a smile on his face as he waited.

After getting tired of laughing, the elder finally said, “Do you know just how laughable your words are? Do you know how enormous the Bloodkill Hall is? Let alone you, even your Xuantian Dao Sect’s patriarch doesn’t have the qualifications to say that he will uproot the entire Bloodkill Hall. Do you want to continue making jokes?”

Long Chen shook his head. “I don’t know how enormous the Bloodkill Hall is, and I also don’t know who the Xuantian Dao Sect’s patriarch is. But I know that your Bloodkill Hall has tried to assassinate me. So you are my enemies, and what I do to my enemies is always the same. As for whether or not my words today are a joke or the truth, you’ll never have a chance to find out. Perhaps in the nine springs you’ll eventually hear the news that your Bloodkill Hall was destroyed. At that time, I hope you can also laugh so heartily.”

“According to the Bloodkill Hall’s rules, I can’t attack you right now. But since you’ve provoked my Bloodkill Hall’s dignity, it goes without saying that I can only kill you here. After killing you, I will confess my repentance to the Killing God.”

After saying that, the elder suddenly disappeared. A dagger pierced straight toward Long Chen’s back, coming incredibly quickly.

Long Chen sneered. He raised a lightning-covered hand.

Just as Long Chen’s hand was about to reach the dagger, the space in front of Long Chen twisted, and the elder appeared in front of him, a dripping dagger stabbing toward his chest.

This was an extremely exquisite diversionary tactic. When the elder had first disappeared, that strange dagger had come from behind him. At this time, anyone would think the elder had appeared between them and would turn.

But as soon as you did that, you would have fallen into a deathtrap, as the elder had merely used an illusory art to make himself temporarily vanish. As for the attack, it was just his Spiritual Strength controlling a dagger. In other words, before Long Chen had even arrived, that dagger had already been set up behind him.

“What a routine.”

Long Chen sneered. The instant the elder’s spiritual energy had activated, he had sensed it. Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was a hundred times greater than the elder’s. How could he possibly be fooled?

He blocked the dagger behind him with one hand, and then he ignored the dagger in the elder’s hand, instead smashing his fist at his chest.

This fist relied on nothing more than brute strength. But if the elder was struck by it, his body would immediately explode.

However, before that fist reached the elder, his dagger would pierce into Long Chen’s body.

The dagger had countless barbs on it, and the liquid dripping off it was obviously poison.

If Long Chen was struck, then it was possible for the poison to instantly take his life. But then, the elder would also be unable to dodge Long Chen’s punch. Both parties would die.

And yet, despite having lived for so many years, this elder clearly didn’t want to die yet. Stamping on the ground, he was like a phantom, rapidly retreating, dodging Long Chen’s punch.

His body suddenly shook, and he turned into figures that surrounded Long Chen. Those eight figures were incredibly fast, and their afterimages made it look like Long Chen was surrounded by hundreds of people.

Suddenly, one figure shot at Long Chen’s side, but Long Chen’s fist blocked his attack.

“A simple smokescreen. As expected, without preparing beforehand, you assassins are just a bunch of idiots. You actually call yourselves heavenly emissaries of the Killing God? The only thing you know how to do is reap people’s lives in the dark. But in an open fight, your only fate is to die.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Bastard, you dare blaspheme the Killing God?! Die!”


The elder had previously only used a Meridian Opening cultivation base to fight Long Chen. But now, he was truly infuriated, and he fully released the power of a Xiantian expert.

“I’ll let you experience what is true assassination-!


Suddenly, a lightning spear pierced through the elder’s chest. A large hole was left behind by it, and endless thunderforce instantly numbed his nerves.

“Sorry, I tend to be a bit impatient. Rather than listening to your chatter, I’ll borrow your head for a moment.”

Long Chen was actually quite interested in these assassins. But he wouldn’t let go of a chance to kill them.

When it came to killing arts, it was Long Chen who knew the most efficient methods. He was someone who had killed his way out of a mountain of corpses.

As soon as that elder had released his aura and begun preparing to use a powerful technique, he had left himself open for a single breath. As a result, Long Chen hadn’t let that opportunity escape him, and he had killed him with a single blow.

Long Chen pointed his finger at the elder’s head, and his vast Spiritual Strength surged out. 


Long Chen used the most barbarous method to break the elder’s spiritual defenses and examine his memories.

“A spiritual seal!” Long Chen was startled.


The elder’s head exploded, and Long Chen hastily circulated his spiritual qi to block the blood from splashing on him.

The instant the elder died, a dozen black-robed experts appeared in the hall. Each of them held a black crossbow in their hands, and a flurry of arrows rained down on Long Chen.

Those crossbows were strangely powerful and fast as lightning. At such a close distance, and with Long Chen being distracted by the elder’s head exploding, it could be said that this attack was truly perfect.

It went without saying that these assassins’ arrows would all be poisoned. Being struck by this many arrows would definitely be difficult to bear.

“Lightning Shield.” Endless thunderforce surged out of Long Chen’s arms, forming a large barrier.

The arrows all exploded on impact. In front of his thunderforce, these arrows were useless.

“Even in broad daylight, you like to wear black and hide your faces. That really must be miserable for you. Fine, I’ll send you to the other world. I hear that it’s always dark there, and you won’t have to suffer so much during the day.”


Long Chen detonated his lightning shield, and this stronghold was blown to pieces. As for the assassins, they had been prepared, but they were still sent flying, vomiting blood.

“Brothers, they’ve finally come!”

Gu Yang was the first to charge forward, his eyes scarlet. His spear smashed toward those assassins.

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